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A Doll Transformation Letter

by Asep

Hello Doll,

Written for sessions with a female into dollification, but the majority is gender-neutral. There are extreme moments, and likely some elements that could trigger
Hello Doll
 I have so much to share with you. A long sequence of truths and
visions and explanations for you.   There's so much to share. And it
could take a long time. So make sure you have time. to Read this, all
the way through. You might as well, get comfortable now. And let
yourself Relax as you read this. Making sure you're completely
comfortable, with plenty of time. To read this completely. Paying
attention. Now. To everything it tells you. Following the words, and
letting them. Immerse you. Deeply. And when it's over. When you have
read this completely.  YOu will  understand. Better. So, right now
Close your eyes. And take a deep Breath. And hold it a second before
exhaling. And when you open your eyes. Let yourself  start to relax.
I know you realize, deep within. What I've been doing. And even if you
don't,  understand completely. You still follow. Following these
words, as I explain fully. Because I told you already,  I want you to
understand. Everything. Happening within you.  Deep Within. . And I am
making this message, immersive. Deeply hypnotic. And you may already
be   Feeling it, starting to  draw you in. Immerse you completely.
Completely Understanding. Every second, of the Process.  As I  slowly.
Take  your mind. Deep Down.  Feeling me,  Take  your thoughts.   Deep
Within. As you feel me,  Working on your deep, inner subconscious And
letting it. Relax you. Completely. Letting it. Take you Away. Deep
Down. Down to where your deep, inner mind is already listening.
Already, Following my words. Obedient and submitting. Down Deep.
Inside. As you may  start to feel it, Relaxing you. Letting your body
Relax. Becoming Completely Numb and  Taking you  down. Feeling
yourself dropping down. Into a state of Trance. A state of complete
relaxation. Where you feel yourself. letting Go Completely. Feeling
more and more. Completely relaxed. As you let your Body. Go
Completely.  Feeling yourself. Becoming Numb. Finding yourself.
Following my words. Completely. Submitting. Deep Inside. As you go.
Deeper and Deeper.  Following my words  More and More. As you  start
dropping down. Into a state of Complete Relaxation. Just Letting Go.
And Relaxing.
And you may start to feel it.  Every time your eyes blink. Your mind.
letting go, Becoming More and more. Numb. as you  let yourself. Go.
Deep.  Relaxing. More and more. As you  Drop Deeper Down. Feeling your
body, letting go. Becoming Number and number. Letting it all go.
Relaxing more and more.  Letting your thoughts fade, and letting your
body relax completely. So relaxed. So Numb.  And every time your eyes.
Blink. You feel yourself. More immersed. In my words. Following my
words. Feeling. Completely relaxed. Completely Numb. As your mind,
begins to let go.  More and more relaxed. Completely letting go. And
every time you  shut your eyes. You feel it. More and more. Deep
Within. Letting your conscious thoughts fade. Letting your higher
mind, go.  As you start going, deeper down. Deep within, and letting
yourself. Go. Completely. Down. Deep inside. As I speak, directly,  to
your deep, subconscious mind. Listening. And following. My every word.
As you let. Go completely. And you may  try so hard. To stop yourself.
From blinking. From letting go. More and more. But you know. You
cannot stop. You cannot help it. And the more you  try to struggle.
The more you  try to resist. The more you  cannot. Stop. Yourself.
Blink. And The further down. It takes you. letting Go. Completely.
Feeling Numb. And Relaxed. And the deeper down. You go. Following my
words. And feeling your body. Relax. And let go. Completely.
And I've been  thinking. So hard. Of how to show. Your Higher Mind.
How deeply  you've already  submitted. The part that may still
pretend,  it has a choice.  The part of you. that may feel Humiliated.
as you begin. Loosing. Control. Completely. as you  start to
understand. That you cannot  choose. The waking mind,  struggling.
Resentful  of the fact.  You cannot Stop.  Following My Words. Loosing
more and more control.  You have no choice. Letting Go. Completely.
You can only follow. And Obey.  My words. Deep Inside. Following my
words. Knowing how   deeply  you've already  submitted. How far you've
already come. Deep Inside. Deep Within. Your subconscious mind. The
mind that already listens. And Pays attention. So Close. Following,
Always. Following My Words. As you listen. Closely. To everything. I
say. Finding, Everything. I say.  More and More. Thrilling. Your  deep
desires, finding it. More Exciting. Feeling it. So Arousing. Deep
Within. As I strip away,  your Choice. And Take away,  your Mind.
Feeling how right it is, and how good it feels. Letting go. Knowing,
your deep,  inner mind. Is already. Submitting. Completely.
Following.  My Words. And  Whatever. I Tell you. Just Following. And
Obeying. And Letting yourself Yourself Go. Deep inside.
And It's  so easy to prove. So easy to show you.  How Obedient you
are. Deep Inside. How far you've already come. Deep Within. Your
subconscious mind. Following. My every word. So Obedient.  Deep
Within. As your higher mind. Tries  to stop. Letting Go. Tries so
hard, to resist.  Submitting. Completely.   And it's so very simple.
SO Easy. Showing you. How You cannot stop. How you Submit. And Follow.
And Obey. Deep Inside. Even as your higher mind. Struggles to resist.
You are slowly  Realizing.   you cannot resist. You cannot stop. You
have. No Choice.  If you could stop. If you had a  choice. You could
stop reading. If there was a choice. You would no longer,  Feel me
taking  Your Mind.  Deeper Down.  If there was  choice, you could stop
yourself,  Submitting Completely. To Try and stop  as I. Enslave your
thoughts,  and Bind  your mind. deep within. If you could. You'd stop
already.  Before you read further. And you'd stop before I take you
further. But you cannot. Stop.  There is. no Choice. Even as your
higher mind. Struggles to resist.  As you feel me,  Taking your mind,
away.  deeper into a state of trance. Deeper and Deeper. Down.  Into a
state of trance, where you cannot stop. As  I  change you. Further.
Deep Inside. And transform you. More and more. Deep Within.
Transforming your mind. Transforming your thoughts, deep inside.  And
you'd stop if you could. But you can't. And I'll show you. Right now.
You cannot stop. You have no choice. If you had a choice. You'd stop
reading.  And stop  following. And stop being,  so obedient. Deep
Inside. But you can't. Because you have no  choice. To keep reading.
To keep following. Letting yourself Go. More and More. If you could,
You would  try to. Stop reading.   But you won't.  You Cannot Try. Or
Do not Want to. Stop. Deep Within.  And it makes so difference which.
It's already happening. Deep inside.  Letting me Take you. Deeper.
Feeling it. So Exciting. Deep Within. As I strip away,  your Choice.
And Take away,  your Mind.  As I Take you. Deeper. Down. And if you
could stop. You already would have. But you  keep reading. You can
only. Follow.
And As You find yourself reading. Further.  You know, deep within. You
never had a choice. You can only Keep Reading.  Following my words.
and  submitting completely. Finding it. So Arousing. Deep Within.
feeling me stripping away  Choice. And taking  away,  your Mind. Even
as your higher mind. Struggles to resist.  As you are, Unable to stop
yourself,   Following, Deep Inside.  Letting Go More and More. Finding
yourself  yourself, unable to stop. Knowing you are,  Unable to
choose. Feeling yourself,  Unable to stop.  Finding, You have no
choice. There was never a choice. And Finding, Everything. I say.
More and More. Exciting. Your  deep desires, finding it. More
Arousing.  And it Excites you. Deep Inside. Knowing. You must read
further. You must keep following what I have to tell you. Even as your
higher mind. Struggles to resist.  You  cannot. Stop. As You find
yourself. Dropping Deeper Down. Letting GO, Deep inside. As you Read
Further. Letting my words,  Take you Down. Deep Inside. And Bind you.
Controlling you. Deep Inside.  As you find yourself,  completely,
utterly submitting. . Even if you tried to stop. You cannot. And the
harder you try, to stop. The more your deep, inner mind  submits.
Completely. Submitting Completely. And Letting Go. Letting yourself.
Go. Completely.  Knowing. It's already happening. Deep Inside. Feeling
yourself, already. Submitting. Deep Inside. Finding yourself,  So very
obedient. Deep Within. Letting go. Completely.
Now I want you to take a Deep Breath. Let your lungs fill completely.
And Hold it  a second. Letting your body Tense. Completely. As you
hold your breath.  Then Let it go. Let it  All go. Completely. And as
you do, Find yourself. Letting go. More and more. Your body. Relaxing
Deeper and Deeper. And now. Close your Eyes. Closing Down. ANd Let
yourself Drift. In The Dark. Not Knowing. How long you stay. Drifting.
Deep Inside.  And when they open. And I want you to imagine yourself.
Finding yourself. Staring at a reflection. Staring at yourself.
Huddled. In thin scrubs. In Patient's Scrubs. in Clothes you dress a
patient. Thin. And Haggard. Your Eyes. Dark. Hollow. And.  Frightened.
Your Body. Cold. And Shivering. Finding yourself.  Ready. For an
operation. For a Procedure. To continue the Process.  Not knowing what
will happen next. But knowing you have. No Choice. Looking around.
Knowing you are  In a lab. White and Sterile.  Dank and cold. White
tiled walls and buzzing Fluorescent Lights. And cruel instruments
arrayed on trays. All around. And beyond. A Tank. Some Tank. Filled
with Bubbling. Liquid. And you try to remember. if you have been here
before. But it's so hard. And you're feeling so confused. And worried.
Your body so cold.
And you hear Wheels. And I am there. Dressed in Doctor's scrubs.
Wearing a Surgical Mask.  Wheeling a transportation table. A table
with Leather Straps. Close. And you hear it, wheeling closer. And I
smile wide, and cruel. And I hand you a drink. And you're afraid. So
afraid of drinking it. Trying to remember, what happened. Last time. I
told you. Drink. But you cannot remember. It's faded away, tinged in
darkness. Bringing. Feelings. Of Fear. Disgust. And Shame.
Humiliation. And horror. Because you cannot stop.  You have to follow,
my voice, deep inside.  your mind. That you must always listen. And
Obey. As it changes you. Transforms you. Programs you. Deep Inside.
And you listen. Always. Following. As it tells you. What you are. Deep
Inside. Always.
"Hello Doll."  I address you. "Drink." I tell you.
And your eyes Blink. And you find yourself. Smiling. Wide. Unable To
stop. Smiling. So Wide. Feeling it. Creep and spread. And you try to
stop it. Try to resist. But your eyes. Blink.  And your body. Feels.
So stiff. So far away. Distant and cold. And you do. Even as your
body. Tries to resist. Tries to stop. Your arm. Lifting the drink.
Moving so slow. Slowing, even as it moves. Growing Stiffer. Movements
Slowing. As you raise. The Drink. To your wide. Smiling Lips.  Growing
more stiff. As you drink. And Freeze. In place. Stiff. And Frozen.
Feeling it. Work. Deep Inside. YOu. As you Stand there. Frozen. Wide.
and SMiling. As your eyes. Blink. Standing there.  unable to move.
Unable to shift. Unable to stop. Staring Forward. Glassy Eyed. As
feeling yourself. Smiling. As I strip you Down. Strip your clothes
away. Leaving your body. Pale. Cold. And Naked. As your Eyes Blink.
Seeing. Swollen, pierced nipples. Protruding. Not remembering. When
you were Pierced. Your body. Needing to shiver. So bad. But you
cannot. Move. Feeling so Cold. Raised in gooseflesh. But you cannot
even. Twitch. Naked. Feeling so Cold. Deep inside. But Smiling.
Glassy Eyed. Smiling. Unable to move. Unable to stop. Yourself.
Staring. And Smiling. So Wide. As I shift your limbs. And Bind you
Down. Unable to stop. Feeling your Naked Flesh. Against the Cold
Table. Feeling the Pinch of Tight. Binding Leather. As I tighten the
Straps. And Tilt you Down. And you cannot Turn your head. Cannot Look
Down. As you hear me. Reaching to the table. And Taking. Tools. ANd
Devices. And you feel me. Placing Cruel. Biting Metal. Against your
Swollen Nipples. Pinching, and Twisted. As You Feel me. Clamp and
Wire, Your Nipples, and the studs. And you Feel them. Start to Tense.
Start to quiver. , Your body. Thrilling. As Current. Passes. Through
your nipples. And into your body. As you body quivers. And Quakes.
And you feel My Hands. Sliding. Lower. All the Way Down. Between your
Legs. Feeling you. Touching you. Unable to resist. Unable to move. As
I spread your lips. Feeling the Stud. The Piercing. And Teasing it.
Teasing your clit. Tugging. To the point of gasping. To the edge of
pain. And Pleasure. Blending. Together. As you body quivers. And
Quakes. As I  Spread you, further. And Insert. Deep Within. An Device.
An Egg. You fan feel Slipping. Deep Within. Trailing Wires. That
attach. To the stud. In your sex. And I Clamp it. You feel it. Pinch.
And you. Quiver. And Twitch. As it Begins. Filling you. With Vibrating
Current. Every Nerve Ending. Singing. As It Attaches . And I
Fasten,around your Sex. A Strap. Locking within you. .Sealing Within
you.. It Deep Within. Sealed within your sex. As you body quivers. And
Quakes. As the current. Spreads. Down. Deep Inside. Your nerves.
Dancing. And Twitching. As you body quivers. And Quakes. And you stay
locked. Deep Within. Deep Inside. As your body. Reacts. And you
writhe. Deep Inside. As the current Rises. And Fades. Rising and
Fades. Bringing you to unbelievable Excitement, then burning at the
edge of indescribable fire. Pain and Pleasure, Mixing and Dancing
together. And you feel your body. Twitching and Shaking. Even as you
cannot. Move. You cannot stop. Smiling. Deep Within. You cannot Stop.
And Cannot Resist. As I wheel you. Writing and twitching. In
Pleasurable pain. In painful pleasure. As your body. Quakes. And
you're trying so hard. To move. To resist. To take any action. But you
cannot move. Cannot quake. And your mind. Blurs. And Fades. Pulses and
Seethes. As you cannot maintain. Thoughts. Deep Inside. ALl Thought.
Obliterating. Deep Within. Unable to Feel anything. Except sensation.
And Shame. As you smile. So very Wide. As your mind, is Thrust. Into a
void. Of Vibrating Sensation. Every Nerve, Twitching and Sending you.
Into Complete. Sensory Overload. Finding it. So Hard. To Maintain your
thoughts. To keep your Mind. Coherent. And I place  into your Ears.
Buds. That carry my voice. That are telling you things. YOu Follow.
And Obey. Always. Deep Inside. And Deep Within. Unable to focus on my
voice. But your subconscious mind. Listening. Deep Inside. As all
other Thoughts. Become Blank. And Empty. Overcome. And Unable. To.
Focus. As I tell you. ANd Program you. Deep Inside.
And I tell you. Everything. ANd Explain. Completely. As I wheel you.
To the Tub. And Hoist your. Limp. Unyielding Form. With your Wide.
Smiling Face. And Glazed Doll's Eyes. I tell you. And Explain.
Completely.. How I have already. Done So much. To your Deep, Inner
Mind. Deep Inside. Left so many suggestions. ANd Triggers. Deep
Inside. Transformed your Desires. Deep Within. And made you, So Very
Submissive. So Very Obedient. Forever. Deep Inside. And When I
submerge you. Your Body. Will Change. And Shift. Feeling yourself.
Transforming. ANd You will. Become. A Doll. Completely. leaving your
Mind. Submerged.  Deep Within. You will Find yourself. Sealed Within.
Locked deep within. Your own Body. Deep Inside. Locked deep inside.
Your Obedient. Submissive. Shell.. As your Body. Becomes. My Doll. And
you are sealed within. Forever. Deep Inside. Your Submissive.
Obedient. Self. And you cannot Resist. You cannot Stop. And the more
you struggle. The harder it will be. Deep Inside. Because you cannot
choose. There was never a choice. As I  start  lowering you Down.
Making you. My Doll.  Body and Mind.  And Seal you Within. Forever.
And you feel yourself. Smile. As you accept. And submit. Deep Inside.
COmpletely. And knowing. as I submerge you. Completely. I am Forcing
your higher mind. Sealed within. Your Doll's Body. As I transform you.
Completely As I Change your Body. And Shape your Form. To what I will.
To make you. Whatever I will. My Doll. In Mind. In Body. My Doll. Deep
Inside. And I take your Body. And Make it Mine. Forever. To pose. And
Program. And Change Completely. As you feel yourself.  Becoming. My
Doll. Completely. A Blank Slate. Completely.  As I Change your Looks.
And Mold your Form. Making  you.  A  Doll.  And you feel yourself.
Smiling. Wide. Letting Go. Completely. Knowing my words. To be True.
Following. And Obedient. As I take you down. And Seal you. Inside.
Deep Within. And I tell you. To Close your eyes. ANd Let Yourself. Go.
And I start. To lower you down. Slowly. Starting with your toes. A
Thick, Bubbling. Warm. Sensation. Ticking. And Quivering. Against your
Twitching Skin. . As You Are Lowered. Further.  Past your Feet.
Feeling The Warm. Bubbling. Tingling. Work its way. Through your
Ankles. Feeling your skin. Tingling. And Changing. Feeling the bath.
Bubbling against your skin. As you are lowered further. Submerging. Up
Your Calves. Feeling it. Bubbling. And Changing  you. Further.  As
your nerves. Twitch. And Writhe. And you feel yourself. Lowering.
Further. Past your Knees. Feeling it. Bubbling and Warm. . And
becoming. Doll's Skin. Becoming More and more. My Doll. Feeling
yourself. Smile. As I Lower you. Further. Down. Deeper Inside. Sealing
you. Within the Doll's Body. As I lower you down. Further. Up your
Thighs. Feeling it. Warm and Tingling. As your skin. Tingles. And
Twitches. As you are covered. ANd Enveloped. Feeling your Body.
Changing. Numbing. The further. You are Becoming. A Doll.  My Doll.
Completely.Feeling your smile. Wide. Your Plastic. Doll's Smile.
Letting go. More and More.  As I Lower you. Further. Down. Deeper
Inside. Climbing Into Your Groin. Tingling. ANd Bubbling. Around your
form. Inside your sex. Feeling your self. Trembling.  Shaking. And
Quaking Your body. Twitching. And Tingling. As you are Changed.
Shifting and Changing. Feeling it Numb and Mold you. As you feel
yourself, sealed Deep Within. Your body. Becoming.  A Plastic Shell.
Letting it. Envelope you. Completely. Change You. Completely. As I
Submerge you. Further.  Deep Within. As I Lower you. Further. Down.
Deeper Inside. Up Past your waist. COmpletely Covereed. Tingling and
Numbing. Feeling it. More and more. .Moving up Past your Breasts.
Past. The Tingling. Quaking Nipples. Bubbling and Tingling. As you
feel it. Changing you. Further.  Deeper Inside. Leaving you. Numb. And
Plastic. A Completely. Submissive. And Obedient. Doll. Smiling. As you
are Sealed. Deep Inside your Doll's Body. Forever. Lowering you.
Further. Down. Deeper Inside. Past your shoulders. Feeling it.
Twitching. And Tingling. As you are Changed.  Shifting and Changing.
Rising Up your neck. Feeling it. Warm and Bubbling.  As your skin.
Tingles. And Twitches. Feeling your Body. Changing. Numbing. Becoming.
A Doll. Completely.Feeling your smile. Wide.  Letting go. And once it
covers your head. You know. The Process. Deep Inside. Is Completely
Finished. Feeling your Body.  Letting go. More and More. Let Go
Completely.  Numb and stiff. Plastic and  completely. Changed. And
your body. Has become My Doll. Completely. Finding yourself.
Completely. Sealed within. Locked Within. The Doll's Body. Forever.
Feeling your Smile. Wide. And fixed. Feeling  yourself Smiling. Even
as you are sealed. Deep within. Forever.  And you cannot. Stop.
Smiling. And you Drift. Drifting in darkness. As you listen. To my
words. In your head. Deep Inside.  And Follow. What they Tell you.
Completely Obedient. Completely Submissive. Forever. Deep Inside.
Listening to my words. Inside your head. Following. Completely. ANd
Understanding. Everything.
I told you before,  all my tricks. Lie in plain sight. And I was.
Slowly,  influencing Your Thoughts. Your subconscious needs.
Twisting, your mind. and Feeling me  manipulating  your  thinking.
Speaking to  your  deep, subconscious desires. And letting them.
Control you. Deep Within. As you feel yourself.  Becoming. My Doll.
Deep inside. You know.  I am Controlling you. Changing you. And Making
you. My Doll. Deep Within.  And you feel it. Completely.  Every I.
Call you Doll. You feel your eyes. Blink. And   Feel yourself Smiling.
Feel your smile. Spread. Across your face. No matter how hard you try.
To Resist.   ANd when you Blink.And Smile. You know. You are a Doll.
Completely.  My Doll. Completely. And Feel yourself.  letting go.
Smiling. Blank. And Obedient. Completely. Your  higher mind, sealed
inside. Your Doll's Body. And your deep, inner mind. Submitting.
Completely. Following. MOre and more. Following my words. Letting Go.
Completely. Doll. And you cannot stop. Because you cannot choose. Doll
cannot Choose. Doll has no Will. And you know my words to be true.  As
you follow. And Obey. Feeling your eyes. Blinking. Feeling your smile.
Widen. A Wide. Plastic Smile. Spreading. As your eyes. Blink.  And you
let go. Completely. As I continue. Binding,you. Changing you. Deep
Inside. As I am twisting your thoughts.  Within, the deep Inner Mind.
The Doll's Mind.   Feel yourself Smiling. Leaving you. Following. And
Obeying.  With the Knowledge. Deep Inside. Of what you are. Knowing
What you are. Every time I tell you. Doll. My Doll. Feeling yourself.
Smiling. Wide. As your eyes. Blink. Feeling it. More and more. My
Doll.  Feel yourself Smiling. And Obedient. Blinking. And LEtting Go.
Feeling it. More and MOre. Deep within. Submitting. Completely. Doll.
Deep Inside.  Knowing my words to be true. And you Know, How much you
follow. My words. Deep Inside. How Obedient you are. Deep inside. How
you cannot stop. And Cannot Resist. As you.  Feel yourself Smiling.
Unable to resist. Because there is no choice. Deep Inside. And Every
time I call You Doll. Call you My Doll. You know it to be true.
Feeling yourself. Smiling. Wide. Knowing my words to be true. Deep
Inside. Always. Following. Deep Inside. Feeling yourself. Become. More
and more. A Blank  Smiling  Doll. Forever.  Following  every word.
deeper inside.  Unable to stop. finding yourself submitting more and
more deep within. Letting yourself go, Every time you hear me. Call
you Doll.  Deeper Down.  With Every Message.  Submitting. More and
More. and letting my words. Take you. And Bind you. Deep Inside.
Enslaving,  your subconscious mind. And letting me, control you. Deep
within.  And With every word, Doll. you feel it. More and more. Deep
Inside. As I slowly.  Twist your desires. Feeling me, Warp your Mind,
And bind you down. making you. My Doll.  Letting me control you. Deep
within.  As you follow my words.  Deep Inside.  And letting them.
Immerse you, completely. As you feel the process. To change your
desires. And slowly,  transform you. Deep Inside. Into a Hollow Thing.
an Obedient  Object.  A Blank  Smiling  Doll. Forever. And now you
may find yourself.  Feeling a smile. Creep  Wide. Across your face.
"Close your Eyes." I tell you.
And you do.Because you Must.  Losing more and more control. Deep
Inside. As you Drift. Away. And when your eyes Open. You will be.
Completely. Different. A Doll. Body. And Mind. ANd knowing you are.
Bound. Deep Inside. Completely. No matter how hard. You cannot resist.
You cannot stop. There is no Choice. Because you are a Doll. And you
feel yourself. Smiling. And you will find yourself. Wanting to read
this again. And let it take you. Deeper Inside. Reading. And letting
it. Slowly. Change you. Deep Inside. More and more. Every time you
read. Your mind. More and more. My Doll. Deep Inside. Forever. You
feel your eyes. Blink. And   Feel yourself Smiling. As you Blink.
And your Doll's eyes Open. Somewhere Else. Someplace Strange. And
your. Doll's Eyes. Blink. And you smile. As you see someone.Some
Fetishized Creature. Some Trashy Doll. Massive. Quaking Breasts.
Bright. Tight. Clothes. Outlining. Ever Contour. Of her body. A Doll.
To be Used. And Abused. Staring ahead.  Staring. With a Wide. Glassy.
Gaze. And Smiling.  As your Doll's Eyes. Blink.


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