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by Triggernewbie


Beth woke to find herself naked, gagged, and bound. She took it in stride. She and her ex-husband had been into bondage. When they split she got most of the equipment. She had put herself in bondage occasionally, even overnight. The only thing was, she could not remember doing it this time and she never used this position. She always put her hands in front of her when it was for the night. Otherwise her shoulders got too stiff.
This time her hands were behind her and she was hog-tied for good measure. Surprisingly, her shoulders were not stiff yet. She tried to remember how she had gotten like this. Her friends had taken her out to dinner for her birthday the night before. They had gone to a club that featured a hypnotist. He had asked for volunteers and her friends had sent her up. Things got hazy after that, but she thought that it had somehow gotten out that she liked bondage. Was that how she ended up hog-tied? Did her friends do it as a favor? Some favor if they did. How was she to get out?
She was bound with leather cuffs padlocked together. She looked around and spotted the keys on the bedside table. She was able to slide off of the bed onto her knees. She was careful to keep her balance, if she fell over she might not be able to get back up. Knee-walking, she inched over to the table and picked up the keys in her mouth. She dropped them in the middle of the floor and flopped over beside them. A minute later she was free.
Beth had somehow slept through the alarm so she had to hurry. She showered, dressed, and started breakfast. She put on an egg and set the timer. Three minutes later it dinged.

Beth was naked and bound again. This time she was on the kitchen floor. Her hands were cuffed together in front of her and attached to a short chain leading to a collar. Her legs were doubled over and strapped together. The keys were nowhere in sight and Beth had a sickening feeling that they were back in the bedroom. It was slow going, inching across the floor. It took fifteen minutes or more to get back to the keys.
Free again, she took stock of what had happened. There was no sign of anyone else in the apartment and the chain was set on the door. She must have been binding herself. Why was she doing this and why didn't she remember doing it? She thought back to the hypnotist. He had given them drinks to relax them then he had put them in a trace. The next thing she remembered she was on stage with the two other women. The hypnotist had said something about releasing the women's greatest desire. He had blown a whistle and the first woman got up. Music started and she did a strip-tease. When she was naked she sat down again.
The hypnotist blew a duckcall and the second woman ran behind the curtains. When she came out she was dressed in a corset, stockings, and high heels. She made a show of touching herself and rubbing her crotch before taking her seat. Beth had wondered what type of show her friends had gotten her mixed up in. She was afraid of what she would do, but it was too late to run. The hypnotist rang a bell.
The next thing she remembered she was naked and tied to her chair. Her hands were cuffed behind her. The spotlight was on her and she wanted to cover herself up, but she couldn't. The other two women reacted the same way, covering themselves and squealing in embarrassment. The only difference was that they could cover up. All three got over their embarrassment after a minute and seemed proud of themselves. Beth was definitely aroused.
The hypnotist addressed the audience and said, "I'd like to remind these ladies' lovers that they can do this at home. All you need is a whistle, a duckcall, or a bell."
Beth remembered little about the rest of the evening. Her friends had untied her from the chair, but had left her in handcuffs the hypnotist had provided. She had to sit naked at the table while they fed her. They pointed out that it was her birthday and she was in her birthday suit. She had too much to drink, they saw to that. It was a wonder that she just had a mild headache. Eventually they had released her and brought her home. She went to bed and woke up bound. What happened in between?
It was obvious that she was binding herself, just as she had on stage. The trigger the hypnotist had used was a bell. The timer had rung and set her off. What else had triggered her?
Her alarm clock was an old kind with a bell. She reset the time and set it off.

Sure enough, that was it, she reflected as she surveyed her newest bonds. The alarm had gone off and she had bound herself this morning just as she did when it went off the second time. This time she was spread-eagled on the bed. Her wrists were tied to the bedposts and her legs were held by leather cuffs and straps. This one looked impossible to get out of. She started to panic. A simple experiment had turned serious. How long would it be before someone came to check on her?
She took a few deep breaths and forced herself to think clearly. While entranced, she seemed to be careless. This might be partly her subconscious keeping her out of trouble. She didn't really want to be trapped for hours or days. On the other hand, the hypnotic compulsion made her want to be truly bound. The result was a compromise. She bound herself, but left a way out. It just wasn't an easy way. It had been different when she had bound herself on stage. Then she knew that someone would let her loose so she went all out. By that reasoning, there must be a way to get loose. She just had to find it.
She was tied. If she was chained and the keys were anywhere but in her hand that would have been it, but ropes could be untied. The knots were too close to her wrist to reach with her fingers. The other end of the rope was wrapped around the bedpost and tied to the bed leg, well out of reach. She wasn't gagged so she could use her teeth if she could get her hands close enough to her mouth. This wasn't possible because her legs were bound, causing her arms to be stretched out wide. She raised her head and studied her legs. A leather cuff went around each ankle and was strapped to the bedpost. The end of the straps stuck out and she realized the ends hadn't been threaded through the keepers. She reached out with her right foot and caught the end between her toes. She pulled and let go. the strap came loose.
The next one was easier. She could use her right foot to pull the left strap. Once her legs were free she was able to scoot her body up so that she could use her teeth to untie her right hand. Nearly free, she lay back and relaxed. She had been scared for a while but the eroticism was catching up with her. Part of the hypnotic command must have included arousal. That or the act of surrendering her freedom thusly was very exciting to her. Either way, she couldn't resist any longer. With her left hand still bound she used her right to climax.
Feeling more in control of herself, Beth freed her hand and considered what to do next. She thought about trying to contact the hypnotist, but she didn't trust him. After all, he had left her with a potentially dangerous command still active. He had made three women expose themselves without their permission. Who knew what he would do if he found out how vulnerable she was to his power? Fortunately for her piece of mind, she didn't think about what other commands he might have planted.
She also suspected him of drugging them before hypnotizing them. Beth was no expert, but she was sure that the performance they had been put through was more than simple hypnosis could account for. Probably they had been given something that made them extremely suggestible and overrode their natural resistance.
So what should she do in the meantime? Eventually the command would wear off. A hypnotherapist might be able to help, but could he do anything against a command assisted by drugs? Without using more drugs? Especially since the hypnotist had tapped into the secret desires of the three women? Drugged or not, Beth wouldn't be stripping and binding herself if she didn't like it - if he hadn't tapped into her exhibitionist/masochistic streak. She could call the police, but she was afraid to. It wasn't her fault that she was in this fix, but it was still embarrassing. If she called them it might get out - she could end up on a national news service. That could lead to TV follow ups. She could just see one of the TV tabloids ambushing her with a bell so they could have a live report of her self-bondage.
Besides, what could they do to help her?
She thought about calling in sick. She could make sure she avoided bells and stay home. Of course, she had no way of knowing when the command had worn off until she tried it. Who knew how many times she would end up bound? How long before she got herself into a position she couldn't escape from? What would happen if she went to work? Presumably her subconscious wouldn't put her naked in the street. If she did hear a bell she would probably at least hide somewhere before she did her routine. At least she hoped so, remembering last night on the stage. Staying home would be safest. At least for the day. She put on a robe and turned on the TV.

A few minutes later she found herself sitting on the floor looking at a mass of handcuffs. There had been a bell in a TV add. Beth owned six pairs of handcuffs and was wearing all of them. Cuffs joined her wrists, her ankles, and each wrist to each ankle. She had even used the hinged cuffs although at least they were on her ankles. If they had been on her wrists she would have been trapped for good. She never used those cuffs by herself, ever. It was even harder this time to inch back to the bedroom where the keys were. She had to stop occasionally to rub her heel against her moist crotch.
She went back to the TV just in time to hear the same ad.

Apparently it was one of those products that saturated the day. At any rate, she ended up kneeling with her hands cuffed before her, her elbows cuffed behind her, and her ankles attached to her elbows. A chain went from her cuffed wrists to a collar. This kept her hands away from her crotch. Her subconscious was getting mean. At least she had used leather cuffs this time.
One more long crawl back to the bedroom and she was worrying about rug burn. She had to throw herself on her side to reach the ground and then wriggle on her belly to get the keys. At least the keys were on the floor. Staying home was out. If she couldn't listen to something she'd go crazy. She would try it at work. At least there her friends knew what had happened to her and could help. Just getting past the TV was going to be a problem. She didn't want to get caught by the ad again. She had an idea. Maybe the compulsion would not work if she was already naked and bound. She locked handcuffs back on her wrists and dug out some leg irons.
Rather than waiting for the ad, she set off her alarm.

Nothing happened.
'That's something,' she thought. Now I can keep myself out of trouble in emergencies.' Still chained, she turned off the set and got ready to go to work.
'What will happen,' she wondered, 'If I hear a bell and I don't have any bondage equipment? What if I'm bound but not naked? How much do I have to be bound?'
She decided to experiment. First she removed her cuffs, pulled on a sweater and slacks, and reattached her cuffs. She set off the alarm.

She was still in the bedroom, still wearing the chains, but she was naked. Her clothes were not in the room
with her. Neither, it turned out, were the keys. The search for the keys was worse than creeping on the floor. She finally found the sweater in the bottom of the clothes hamper. The keys were in the pocket.
She had a good idea what would happen with no bondage equipment, she would just improvise. There were any number of things around the house that could be used. Beth had no desire to loose a pair of hose or a scarf to an experiment and there was a good chance she would have to cut herself loose. In fact, there was no way she could keep herself away from her bondage equipment outside of chaining herself in a different room or mailing the whole mess. There was nothing to stop her entranced self.
She still did not have a good idea how many restraints she had to wear before her tranced state was satisfied. She guessed that hands and feet were the minimum and if she tried anything less her subconscious would get back at her. It was enough to go on. She called in to let them know she would still be in and packed to go. She had fixed herself differently each time so she provided enough equipment to give her subconscious a choice. Everything locked so getting out was just a matter of getting the keys. Nearly everything opened with the same keys, too. There was no rope. She didn't want to chance the long struggle getting out of rope could be. There was too much room for error. A knot pulled too tight and she was stuck.
For good measure she hung a key on a chain around her neck.
She had no problems getting to her office building. It was only after she pushed the elevator call button that she remembered it rang when it opened. She leaped for the stairs too late.

The next thing she knew she was sitting on the bottom step. Her hands were cuffed together around the stair rail. Her ankles were handcuffed and the leg irons attached them to her wrists. She was naked, of course. The key from her neck was on the landing beyond her reach. Her purse and clothes were at the top of the stairs, two stories up. Here it was! She was naked and bound in a public place. She had no idea what would happen it she was caught. The only thing she had going for her was that most of the company was too lazy to use the stairs.
As quick as she could she worked her way up the stairs. Her heart was pounding with exertion, fear, and excitement by the time she reached her purse. She had to pick it up with her teeth and hold it near her hands until her fingers could locate the keys. Just as she got free the door at the bottom started to open. She snatched up everything and ran up the stairs, staying far enough ahead to stay out of sight. When they were gone she dressed and recovered the key from the first floor. There was a chorus of catcalls when she finally got into the office. Nearly everyone there had been at the show the night before.
"I'm surprised you're showing your face today," one said.
"That's not the only thing she showed last night," another said.
Beth was mentally counting over the things that could ring. The phones buzzed. They used computers instead of typewriters and they beeped. The radio was off so that annoying ad would not be on. She should be safe. One of her co-workers named Carol came over to her cubicle. "My husband took me there once and got me to volunteer. I couldn't believe the things I did. It was so exciting."
"Was it your idea to take me there?"
"Well, you could use a thrill since the divorce."
"And does your husband still ring a little bell for you?"
Carol blushed and said in a small voice, "It wasn't a bell."
"How long before it wears off?"
"You mean you're still doing what you did last night?"
"It's sure spoiled my morning."
"I've never been triggered except with my husband. I had no idea it could just happen."
"There's a lot of bells out there," Beth replied.
Carol left without saying anything else, but later some of the other women came back to Beth.
"Beth... remember this?" one named Ruth said holding up a bell.
"No, please," Beth started.

She found herself bent forward over a table. Her legs were spread and cuffed to the front legs. Her wrists were cuffed to the back legs. The keys were nowhere in sight. She couldn't get herself out of this one. Her subconscious had handed control to her co-workers.
"I don't believe it," one of the women was saying.
"She looks ready for spanking," an other said.
"We never spanked her on her birthday," a Ruth pointed out.
"Let me go," Beth asked.
"First we have to spank you," Ruth said. She produced a ruler and made good her threat.
30 swats later, Beth groaned and said, "When you're through playing with my anatomy could you let me loose. I still have work to do."
They let her up, but came around again at lunch time.
"Don't ring that thing," Beth said. I'll do anything you want.
"It's more fun this way," Ruth replied. The others quickly agreed.

As Beth spent her lunch break begging for food from the typing chair she had chained herself to, she realized that the others had always resented her a bit. She was easily the prettiest and, even at thirty, was one of the youngest. She had not had to work while she was married. They were having fun embarrassing her. That must be why they set her up in the show the night before. On the other hand, she couldn't be too angry. She was doing it herself and in some ways she liked it. She just didn't like so much of it.
Deep within her she found that she was enjoying the exhibitionism and the helplessness. She was the best looking, now they were making her flaunt it. She had to agree that it was more fun this way. If they let her bind herself without the bell she would never do as daring a position as she was in now with her legs spread and drawn back. Of course, she would have tried for a more comfortable position, but that was a part bondage. If you were going to be too comfortable, you might as well not be bound.
When they released her she tried to go home but they threatened her with the bell. She resignedly went back to work.
At afternoon break they pooled their resources and gave her more to work with. She barely had time too look up from the pile of scarves and belts they dumped at her feet before they rang the bell.

Her subconscious was cooperative. She was creative with herself this time. Scarves went around her waist and crotch. Belts went above, below, and around her breasts making them bulge. She was gagged and blindfolded with more scarves. They had found some sash cord from somewhere and she was hog-tied with it. For good measure, the leg irons attached one wrist to her desk. Beth was past embarrassment by now. She was like this because these women wanted her to be like this, and she wanted to be like this. She decided to give them a good show.
She started struggling to get free. She was sure she couldn't, but she must have put on a good show of it. Someone added a few cinches to her bonds. She continued rolling around for a while before they realized she was working her crotch ropes instead of her bonds. Her climax was impressive for someone gagged and immobile. They let her lie there for a while and cool off before untying her. They didn't give her back her clothes or let her wrist loose. The woman whose scarf had been in Beth's crotch complained, but the others told her she only had herself to blame.
Beth was able to get back to her work, although her left arm was not much good for anything. While no one was looking she snapped a pair of handcuffs around her ankles. Around quitting time she asked to be released. They refused and told her, "You still have some time to make up." Carol had the bell this time and rang it loudly. After nothing happened she rang it again.
"I guess it wore off," Beth suggested. Can I have my clothes and the key now? I'm pretty tired."
They let her go and she hurried out before they realized that she was already naked and bound when they rang the bell. She took the stairs and hurried to the club she had been at the night before. She still didn't trust the hypnotist, but she had to have something done fast. She was waiting in front of his dressing room when he arrived.
"Can I help you?" he asked.
"Yes, you can undo what you did to me last night," she answered.
"You are having problems," he asked as he let her in.
"You bet I am. Every time I hear a bell I end up naked and bound. There are bells everywhere and most of the office thinks it's funny to set me off."
"I can help you," he poured a glass of wine. "Drink this and relax."
"No, I'm not having any more of your wine."
"All right, let's see how strongly you are reacting," he picked up a bell and rang it.

Beth found herself in the most uncomfortable position yet. Her arms were cuffed to a beam in the ceiling and her legs were spread wide and cuffed to different ends of a desk. She was not suspended, but much of her weight was pulling on her wrists.
"You do have a problem," the hypnotist said. He put the glass of wine to her lips. "Go ahead and drink. Relax as much as possible and I will help." As helpless as she was, she couldn't resist.

For once she became aware of being clothed and free instead of bound and gagged.
"Your problem is solved," the hypnotist told her. "Now that I have done you a favor, would you do me the favor of being my subject again tonight?"
"OK," Beth answered without thinking about it. She sat quietly while he brought in two more volunteers, gave them drinks, and hypnotized them. It was interesting how he drew out their secret desire and convinced them to share it with the audience.
It wasn't until he had led them on stage and had her sit down that she realized she didn't know what she was supposed to do. If the command had been removed then she would just sit there when he did his trigger. On the other hand, he might have commanded her to do something else while she was under. He probably even commanded her to consent to be here. Why else would she have agreed to be in a show in which she would be stripping before a crowd of strangers?
Even knowing this, she found she couldn't leave her seat. She had to stay as the two women performed their deepest fantasies. The first one stripped, put on a costume of a few veils, and paraded around as a harem slave. The second put on a costume that was something like an X-rated version of Cats with furry gloves and boots, a tail tied to her waist, some ears, and some body paint. She pawed around the stage like a cat in heat. Then it was Beth's turn. The hypnotist rang his bell. It happened again. She found herself hanging spread eagle from a wooden frame. She was wearing a corset and stockings and had tied a crotch rope. When she became aware she was working the rope for all it was worth. In front of everyone she came.
There was probably something very deep here. The image of a woman dressed for sex, turned on, but unable to do anything about it was powerful. She would have given it more thought, but working the crotch rope was more rewarding. She came again as they closed the curtains.
"You bastard!" she told the hypnotist. "You said you had removed the command!"
"No, I said your problem was solved," he told her. He raised his bell and rang it. Nothing happened.
"But if I don't react to the bell then what was I doing hanging up there?"
"You accepted the command on a very deep level. Removing it might be harmful. It would involve making you dislike several things you obviously love including sexual stimulation. I was afraid to tamper with the command so I changed the trigger."
"But I still reacted to the bell."
"No, you reacted to the bell after the duckcall. I gave you a two part trigger. Neither will trigger the command without the other. That solves your problem of accidentally being triggered. If you ever want to be triggered, you will know what is needed."
"Oh," this seemed reasonable. She might be agreeing because of another command though so she decided to get away as fast as possible.
That should have ended things, but somehow word of Beth's second appearance got back to the office. She got some ribbing about being an exhibitionist but she pointed out that she didn't do anything that they hadn't set her up for first.
One night, about a week later, the phone rung. She answered it and a woman's voice asked her if her keys were in the mailbox.
"What?" she asked.
There was the sound a duck call. "Put your keys in the mailbox," the voice repeated. She did it and came back. A bell rung.

The command still worked. She had herself bound with her legs doubled over and her neck strapped to her knees. Her wrists were cuffed behind her and she was blindfolded and gagged. She spent about 25 minutes in bondage before someone came in to her apartment. A vibrator was inserted between her thighs. Her visitor watched her come twice before putting the keys in her hands. She was gone before Beth could free herself.
This became a routine. At odd intervals she would get a call that would trigger the command. It even came when she was on a date.
The first time it happened it scared away her date and she had to be released by her mysterious visitor. The second time her date came to see what happened to her. He found her naked, her ankles fastened together, and her wrists fastened behind her to the ceiling. She was bent over, presenting her rear to him, an invitation too good to pass up. It was her first real sex in bondage since well before the divorce and it was great. She still didn't know who was calling her with the trigger. It didn't matter. The hypnotist was right, she did like having the trigger, knowing that somewhere out there someone could reduce her to bound sensuality with two noises.
If she had a date, it was likely to end in bondage. If not, she still got bondage in her life. She loved it.
Here is what Beth could not remember:


Beth was still sleepy, but she knew she had to bind herself. It was too early in the morning to be creative, she thought to herself. She put some leather cuffs on her wrists and ankles then dug out some locks. The key went on the bed-side table where she could get to it. She locked her ankles together, also attaching a short chain. Holding the chain in one hand, she attached a padlock to it and to her wrists cuffs. It took a few tries but finally everything was snapped shut.
Beth sighed with relief. Now she could relax into the sexual haze that had been with her since she woke.


Beth was wide awake now and feeling more creative. Dropping her robe in the bedroom, she fastened a collar around her neck and hung some cuffs from it by a short chain. Taking some straps back to the kitchen, she knelt down and strapped her legs double. She regretted that she would not have time to eat first, but the idea of having to crawl all the way back to the bedroom was even more urgent than food. As an afterthought, she took the egg off before she fastened the cuffs.


Since she was back in the bedroom, Beth decided to do something with the bed. Spread-eagle was the most obvious, but how to escape? Maybe she could do a poor job on her feet. That way she would be able to get to use her mouth to get her hands free as soon as she got her legs free.
First she tied a pair of ropes to the legs where they would be well out of reach. She used straps to attach her legs to the bedposts. These would be secure, but she could unbuckle them with her toes. She used her right hand to tie her left, then made a single knot with the other rope and stuck her right hand through. She added and extra knot to keep it from slipping and she was done.


Just sitting around watching the tube. How boring. Now it was time to get really creative. She pulled all of her handcuffs out of the box and wondered what she could do with all of them. To start with, the hinged ones fit well on her ankles. They also held her more immobile than the others. A pair for her wrists, now what else could she do? Two pairs to connect her wrists to her ankles, but that left two final pairs. Too late to put them away. She was already wearing the other four pairs and she didn't want to have to get herself loose just to tidy up and cuff herself again.
She put a cuff on each wrist and wondered how far they would reach. Sure enough, she could close them around the opposite ankle which made her wrists and ankles look really great and made it really hard to move. Too late she wondered how hard it would be to get to the keys. Oh well, she would manage.
Now if she just hadn't locked her hands so far from her crotch...


It was so frustrating, trying to give herself relief while crawling along. Beth just had to do it again. She had to keep her wrists away from her crotch. The easiest way was to attach them to her collar. Since she had already done that once, she decided to change the position slightly by fastening her elbows behind her back and having her hands held tight against her waist. Just to make it a difficult trip, she cuffed her ankles, then ran a chain from them to her elbow chain. Now that everything was planned, she knelt in front of the TV and fastened the ankle and wrist cuffs.


Let's see. She was naked. Her hands were chained in front of herself and she wore leg irons. Not anywhere near as much as she would have liked, but acceptable.


No fair, she was willing to let her normal self get by with minimal chains, but she drew the line at the sweater. Dress sexy or wear nothing at all she told herself. The chains had to come off. That bothered her, having to unchain herself just to strip. There was not going to be any fun this time. She removed the chains then her clothing. She put the keys in the pocket of the sweater. She made sure that she had gotten all of the keys, even the extra sets. Now, where to hide clothing? In the clothes hamper! It would take her forever to think of that hiding place.
Back in the bedroom she replaced the cuffs.


This was exciting, even more so than last night. then she had known that people would see her, but she also knew that nothing would happen. Now she didn't know if she would be found or what would happen if she was. The extra fear gave her such a sexual blast she thought she would come before she was secured. She didn't have much to work with. The clothes went first, of course. She left them at the top of the stairs. There was a key hanging from her neck. That would never do. It went on the landing. Now what? Just handcuffs was too little and she wanted to work the stairs into her position. At the same time she wanted to get herself secured quickly before someone came. Being caught naked and chained was one thing, being caught naked while chaining yourself was downright humiliating. She sat on the bottom step and started working; handcuffs on her ankles - after all, where was she going to walk? The leg-irons reached from her feet to the railing. That was good. She fastened the leg-irons to the other pair of cuffs, then cuffed her hands around the railing.


All right, now she had an expectant audience. She had to do something good for them. Also, with someone else to hold the keys she could make herself completely helpless. No more need to wriggle across the floor. She looked around for a good place to secure herself. A table looked promising. She got the cuffs from her purse and put them on the table. Next she stripped, slowly, knowing that everyone was watching. She had the best body in the office and she wanted everyone to know it. The last thing she removed was the key from around her neck. She handed it to Ruth, Ruth would leave her chained for a while, Beth was sure. Almost done, She faced the table and cuffed each ankle to a leg. She put a cuff on each hand and stretched across the table. She could barely reach the other side to snap the cuffs to. Good. She was spread out, presenting her ass to the world. Now if they would just take the hint...


Ruth still had the keys so all she had to do was fasten herself down. She guessed that Ruth wanted to keep her bound for the whole lunch hour so she had to pick a long-term position. Her chair looked like a good bet. All she had to do was chain her ankles to the center pole with leg-irons and use a pairs of cuffs to fasten her wrists to the back. The back-spring would keep her pushing back to ease the pressure on her wrists, but that would force her to spread her legs wide in order to scoot as far back as possible.


Beth looked up from the pile of scarves and belts and realized that this time she wasn't going to have to do all of the work. The other women were going to help instead of watching. Still, there were several things that the other women were not likely to do so Beth started with these. She wrapped belts around her chest, squeezing her breasts and made ran a scarf through her crotch.
"You'll have to help me," she told them as she lay down next to her desk.
She used the leg-irons to attach her left wrist to her desk. Now, even if they did a bad job tying, she would be held. She used some more scarves to blindfold and gag herself then she put her hands behind her back and pulled up her legs in an approximation of a hog-tie. They got the idea and a few minutes later she was helpless.


She was naked, her left wrist was still attached to the desk, and her ankles were cuffed together. It was enough.


Beth wanted to force her normal self to trust this man. After all, he had freed this side of herself. She had to make herself so helpless that she couldn't resist the hypnotist. She would make it uncomfortable enough to add urgency to the position, also. She looked around and got an idea from the support beams in the ceiling. She pushed a desk underneath and cuffed her ankles to each side. She threw the leg-irons over the beam and fastened her wrists in it. She had to stretch to do it and the cuffs bit into her wrists immediately.


She was on stage again and it was time to put on a show. Any inhibitions that had held her back the night before were gone by now. So what if a group of strangers saw what excited her after she had revealed herself to her co-workers?
The hypnotist had given her a lot to work with this time. She started by slowly stripping and putting on a corset. The audience thought that this was all the further she would go, but she was just getting started. The crotch rope came next. She tied it around her waist and brought it up between her legs. She gave a test grind with her hips - the rope worked just fine. Now came the hard part. She found some leather cuffs and put them on her wrists and ankles. She tied lengths of strong nylon rope to each cuff. A wooden upright frame had been brought on stage and she moved her chair under it. Climbing on the chair, she spread her legs as far as she dared and tied her ankles to the sides of the frame. Next, reaching carefully up, she tied the ropes from her wrists to the upper corners of the frame. Finally prepared, she took hold of the wrist ropes and pulled herself up a bit while kicking back with her feet. The chair tipped backwards. Now she let herself down as gently as she could. Her legs were spread further until she was in a hanging spread-eagle. Using what play she had, she started working her crotch rope.
The audience went wild.


It had been so long and with someone else giving the triggering command, Beth did not have to worry about getting free. This time would be a secure one. She started by strapping her legs double. She put on a gag and readied a blindfold since her mobility would be greatly reduced in a moment. A strap went behind her knees and around her neck, wrapping her in a fetal ball. All that was left was to cuff her hands behind her back.
Too late she realized how hard it would be to stimulate herself from this position.


How to invite someone to take you? There was the standard spread-eagle, but she wanted a different position. She didn't have much time so she settled for something simple. She hung a chain from a ceiling hook and locked some handcuffs to it. A second pair of cuffs went around her ankles. She bent over and reached back and up, fastening her wrists in the cuffs in a position that forced her to remain bent over.
The first date was scared away. She couldn't believe it. To prove that it was an inviting position, she used it the next time she bound herself for a date. This time it worked like a charm.

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