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Euphrates Pharmaceuticals: Back-Door Medicine

by nickynoxville

Euphrates Pharmaceuticals: Back-Door Medicine

Euphrates Pharmaceuticals: Back-Door Medicine

Nicky Noxville


All my stories take place in a parallel world, very similar to our own, where STI’s do not exist, so my stories are filled with practices that are highly unsafe in this world. I’m not going to say don’t try this at home, but take care of yourself.

All my characters are of legal age, and you should be, too—do not read my stories if you are under the legal age in your country/area. Any resemblance to real persons, locations, or events is entirely coincidental.

This story is brought to you by my wonderful Patrons. I love you guys!

And now, our feature presentation…


“Ooh, here’s one he’s qualified for!” My older brother, Randolph, said in excitement, allowing his fork to clink onto his plate as he focused on his phone screen.

“What is it?” Mom asked, her interest piqued.

“It’s with Euphrates Pharmaceuticals,” he began, making it clear that he wanted us to go after the details.

“That’s a good company to work for,” Dad spoke up between bites of mashed potatoes.

“Is it full-time?” Mom asked.

They were doing it again—I just went on eating as they planned out my future for me, making little fork-sized nests with my potatoes and tipping a few peas into each one, like little eggs.  Randolph noticed and gave me a disgusted look—he hated mixing food.  I scooped a nest into my mouth; mixing food didn’t bother me in the least.

“No, it’s a temporary position assisting with a medical research study,” he answered vaguely, his grin spreading wider, wicked, in response to my silent mixed-food taunt.

“Just read the damn advertisement and stop making us dig for it,” Dad finally snapped.

“Yes, sir.  Following the legalization of cannabis,” Randolph quoted, “Euphrates Pharmaceuticals is seeking volunteers for a medical study on a variety of cannabis products.  Participants will receive room and board for the duration and will be compensated $500 per day at the completion of the study.”

Silence fell as he finished reading.  My face had gone red—I knew exactly what Randolph was doing.  After I’d turned eighteen and graduated, I started smoking pot. 

It was legal, why not?

But Randolph had caught me, and he’d been holding it over my head.  He was twenty, and I was pretty sure he’d at least tried it, too, but I hadn’t been the one to catch him at it, and it was clear that he had no intention of letting me forget about it any time soon.

Dad’s face was red, too, though in his case it was for different reasons.

“Legal or not, this is a Christian household and we will have none of the Devil’s Lettuce under my roof!” He ranted.  I could see Randolph struggling not to laugh at the mess he’d intentionally stirred up.

“Yes, sir,” Randolph said, letting the joke go, but he barely sounded apologetic at all.

“Besides, if they’re paying that much money, you know it’s sinful,” he said in a calmer tone.  “What Roscoe really needs is a good, hard-working, minimum wage job.”

“Be serious, you two.  Roscoe needs a real job now that he’s an adult, and since he decided not to go to college,” Mom interjected, politely spinning my lack of a college future to a choice, and not rejections from everywhere I’d applied.  The conversation went on without me as Randolph found a few real job listings to read aloud.

After dinner, Randolph and I were cleaning up in the kitchen.  He stepped up beside me, fiddling with his phone for a few seconds before turning off his screen and slipping his phone back into his pocket.

Right as my phone buzzed in my own pocket.

“You’re welcome.  I just sent you that ad.  I could tell you were interested, pot-head.”

“Cut it out,” I said, irritated.

“Haha, your face is so red.  Come on, bro, think about it.  We both know you didn’t decide not to go to college—you couldn’t get in anywhere.”

“Shut up!” I barked.

“Think about it.  You need to take advantage of your marketable skills.  You might never have another chance to make money like this.” He started cackling and walked out of the room, leaving me to finish cleaning up on my own.

I stared up at the stars, sitting on the roof outside my bedroom window, and took a hit from the little glass pipe I kept hidden in a tin next to the windowsill—Dad did always say not under his roof, so I went over it.

I couldn’t believe Randolph had done that to me in front of Mom and Dad.

I couldn’t believe they were paying $500 a day to test out cannabis products.

I didn’t want Randolph to win, but there was no way I could pass up on this…

“But where are you going?” Mom asked, her eyes dewy, at breakfast the next morning.

“I have it planned out,” I said, putting the map with an imaginary route highlighted.  “I just need to get away for a while and figure out what to do next.

“How are you going to pay for all this?” Dad asked.

“I’ve been saving money, and I’ll find work along the way.  I found a whole website about ways to make money on the road,” I kept spinning my tale.  “I need to do this.”  Randolph clearly didn’t buy it, but Mom and Dad did, so I packed up in my car and headed downtown to the Euphrates building.

The beginning of things was not at all what I had expected.  I’d filled out the paperwork, and they’d brought me down to a basement room.  It was a nice room, but I’d been stuck here for twenty-four hours with nothing to eat because they needed me to fast before the first trial.  I had a TV but laying in a hospital bed and watching TV gets old fast.

I wanted to do this!

The elevator dinged, and the doctor I’d met briefly the day before walked in, the light shining on his silver hair.

“Uh, Hi, Doctor…” I struggled.

“Delaney,” he reminded me politely.  Two guys about Randolph’s age had gotten off the elevator behind him, both dressed in blue scrubs.  “These are my assistants, Chance and Bryson.”

“Pleased to meet you,” they said together.

“They will be conducting todays experiment under my supervision.  Now, it looks like all the T’s have been crossed and the I’s dotted, so let’s proceed.  For this study, we plan to investigate several cannabis compounds and delivery methods.  Today we will be checking the effectiveness of delivery via suppository—”

“Suppository?” I cut him off.  “Like, in my butt?” I asked, wide-eyed.

“That is correct, Mr. Brooks,” he answered my question.

“Can you even do that?” I questioned, incredulous. 

“It’s actually one of the most effective and efficient delivery methods, and let me reassure you—going by the look on your face, I can guarantee you that what we are talking about is much smaller than you are imagining; I assure you that there will be no pain.”

“Still… I don’t know if I can do that…” I hemmed.

“You are, of course, still free to withdraw from the study,” he reminded me.  “But you will not be compensated unless you complete the trials.  If it helps, every other subject has described the experience as highly enjoyable, once they got past the psychological discomfort.”

“I…  I don’t know…”

“The choice is yours, but please choose.  I need to move on to the next subject if you don’t want to proceed.” He tapped his foot and looked down at me.

It had to go up my butt, but $500 a day!  If I went through with this, I was guaranteed at least $1000 for my two days…

“Okay,” I caved in.  “I’ll do it.”

“Excellent.  Gentlemen, you know what to do.  Roscoe, I’ll see you again this evening.  You’re in good hands with these two.”  He walked over to the elevator and swiped his card to open the doors, leaving me alone with the two younger men.

“Don’t worry, it really isn’t bad at all,” Chance reassured me, smiling warmly. 

“They’re tiny,” Bryson expanded.  “It’ll be over in no time.  Just roll over onto your side,” he grabbed my shoulder and rolled me away from them.  “Good, and bend your leg like this,” he positioned my upper leg so that it was bent at the knee.  I gasped as I felt one of them lift aside the back of the open hospital gown they’d given me to wear.

“You’re so nervous,” Chance said sympathetically.  Let’s take a few breaths together, okay, buddy?  In.” I breathed in with him.  “And out.”

I let the breath go.

“In, and out,” he repeated, and as I exhaled, I felt a little pressure at my hole, and before I could react, I felt my butt pull it inside.  “There you go, buddy, see?  Not bad at all.”

Hands guided me back onto my back.

“You just lay there and relax,” Bryson reassured me.  “We’ll be back in a few minutes to see how you’re feeling.”  I watched them cross the room and swipe their cards for the elevator.  I was starting to feel it before they even left.


It was starting to feel really good, like someone had put a little cartoon sunshine up my butt that was sending warmth out in all directions as it sang a happy little song.

“La, la, la,” I lazily sang along, relaxing into the bed.

“Haha, enjoying yourself there, buddy?” Chance chuckled as he and Bryson came into view.

“Huhuh,” I recognized my own stoner laugh,” Yeah.” 

“Yeah, I thought so.  It’s about to get better, too.  Ready for your second dose?”

“Second?” I questioned, my speech sluggish.

“Yeah!  It feels good, right?” Bryson asked.  “Why not feel even better?”

“It didn’t even hurt, remember?”

“Yeah,” I agreed, rolling onto my side and hooking up my leg.

The gown was lifted.

Hands spread my cheeks.

The pressure began, and this time the finger kept on pushing, slipping inside me to push the suppository even deeper.

“Whoa!” I objected, and the finger withdrew.

“Don’t worry, buddy,” Chance reassured me.  “It’s better when it’s deeper.”  I spaced out, staring blankly forward as I felt the happy little sun in my butt grow bigger and start moving deeper into me.  Waves of pleasant warmth were radiating through me.  It felt so different than every other high I’d ever experienced.  Different, and better.  I pulled my vision back into focus and looked around the room, noticing how colors looked strangely more intense.  I watched the doors to the elevator open as Chance and Bryson walked back into the room.

“There he is!” Chance said, like a teacher happy to see her favorite student.  “Feeling good, buddy?”

“Sooo gooood,” I purred.

“Yeah, we can see that,” Bryson chuckled, and I followed his gaze down to my crotch to discover that I was not only hard and tenting the hospital gown but had actually started to leak through it.

“Wanna feel better?” Chance asked, the voice of temptation.

“Yeah!” I agreed, rolling over into position.

“Sure thing, but we need to get it deeper in there this time, okay?”

“Yeah! Put it in!” I begged, feeling my cock throb and burn against my thigh.

The gown was lifted.

My cheeks were spread.

The suppository was pressed into place, slipping effortlessly inside me, and then something thicker than a finger started pressing against my hole.

“Yeah, get it deep in there,” Bryson said, and I could tell that he wasn’t talking to me.  I just relaxed and let it happen, eager to feel even better.  The pressure intensified, and then it started sliding into me.  On and on it went, slow, smooth, and then I felt one of the guys press against my backside.  I looked groggily over my shoulder to see Chance grinning down at me.

Did he push it into me with his penis?

My head fell back to the bed, and it started to withdraw.  Once it was out, and the hands were taken away, I rolled back onto my back just in time to see Chance stuffing his erection back into his scrubs.

“Huhuhu, your penis was up my butt!” I observed.

“It sure was, buddy!  We had to get that medicine in there nice and deep, didn’t we?”

“Yeahhhhh,” I sighed.  “Deeeep.”

“Take it easy.  We’ll be back soon.”  I watched them leave and then lay there.  The heat had spread so deep inside me, and it was still spreading through my body in waves.  I could feel it swirling up my erection, keeping it rigidly tenting the gown I was wearing.  I just sighed and sprawled on the bed, watching my erection bob with each beat of my heart, watching my precum soak through the thin gown.

Time seemed to crawl as I waited for them to come back.  I lifted the gown so that I could watch my erection jerk and bob in the air as heat from that happy little sun inside me stroked me from the inside, warm tendrils licking up and down the length of my erection, sending precum squirting from the tip.

“Roscoe!” Chance’s voice snapped me out of it, and I looked up at him, unconcerned that my erection was on display.  “You didn’t hear me, buddy,” he chuckled.  “It’s time for your last dose of the night,” he explained, reaching down to push his scrub pants to the floor.  “We’re going to get this one nice and deep in there.  You ready?”

“Ready,” I gasped, rolling onto my side again.

“Hold on, let’s get this off you,” Bryson said, roughly jerking the gown off over my head, not even bothering to untie the knots.

“Here we go,” Chance said, and I felt another suppository touch my hole only to quickly be sucked inside, immediately followed by his penis.  There was no ceremony this time; he just shoved it up there and rocked his hips a little.  “Hmm, Bryson, I’m not getting it as deep as I want.  Take over for me.”  I felt a second penis press against my hole and moaned.  Chance pulled out, and as soon as the head of his cock was free, Bryson drove his hips forward.

“Ohhhhhhhfffff,” I grunted as a bigger penis squished even deeper into me, pushing the medicine deeper than ever before.

“That got it deeper,” Bryson commented.  “Check for yourself.”  He started to pull out, and Chance pressed against my stretched hole, driving in as soon as Bryson had slipped out.

“Yeah, that is deeper, but I think we need to keep working at it, don’t you?” He withdrew, and Bryson was pushing in a split second before Chance made it out.

“Guyyyyssss,” I crooned.  “Careful… You almost both…”

“Both what?” Bryson asked, sliding out as Chance increased the pressure, and for a few moments I had the head of both their cocks inside me at once.

“Both penises!  Ohhhhhh, two inside me!” I babbled.

“That’s a great idea, Roscoe!  We can get it a lot deeper if we use both our penises at once!  You’re so smart!”  Bryson kept the same pace, but this time Chance stayed buried inside me and as a result Bryson’s penis squished into my ass right alongside his.

“Ohhhhhhh, so deeeeeep!” I squealed.”

“Yeah!” Chance panted.  “Now we just need to add some moisture to, ah, help with absorption,” he explained as he started rocking his hips,

“We’ll put some cum in there to make it feel even better,” Bryson reassured me, rocking his hips in opposition to Chance.

“Cummmmmmm innnnn meeeeeeeeeeeee!” I squealed as I lost control.  They were using their dicks to play tug-of-war inside my asshole, and it was the best thing I’d felt in my entire life.

“Here you go, buddy!” Chance gasped  “Ohh, fuck, it’s tight!”

“I can feel you cumming!” Bryson gasped, trailing off into moans of ecstasy as he jerked inside me.  Finally, they both pulled out, and I rolled over onto my back, naked on the hospital bed, to look up at them.

“That was good, wasn’t it, Roscoe?” Chance asked me, breathing heavy as he pulled his scrubs back on.

“Yeeeeeahhhhhhh, fuckin good!” I drooled, having trouble focusing my eyes on them.

“Well, looks like another successful trial,” Doctor Delaney spoke up from behind the two men who had just cum inside my butt.  They stepped aside and he walked over to stand over me, smiling down at me with a fatherly expression.  “And we are just getting started.”


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