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The story of Paul part 2

by drunkjockfucker

The story of Paul part 2

I am sure you have heard or read that when someone is under hypnosis, they will not do anything that is against their will. This is true. However, this idea becomes far less true when hypnotic drugs are involved. And, even without hypnotic drugs, in some situations there are ways around this that eventually lead to the subject doing something they would not normally do.

Dr. Lew hypnotized Paul using a formula of drugs which was Dr. Lew's own creation. The main reason that Paul came to see Dr. Lew was to improve his energy which, for some unknown reason, had diminished in the 3 months prior to his first visit to Dr. Lew.

Male patients prior to being hypnotized would strip completely and recline on a small bed under either a sheet or a blanket. Female patients would strip and then wear a gown and then recline under a sheet or a blanket. Women could wear their undergarments if they wished. The physical and psychological comfort of the patient was very important to Dr. Lew. He once told me that men are the most comfortable when they are naked whereas women are the most comfortable when they are dressed lightly. He went on to say that there are certainly some exceptions to this idea. And, if someone was uncomfortable they could wear whatever they liked. The problem with wearing clothes is that clothes diminish the intensity of the trance in most situations. This was especially the case when hypnotic drugs were not used.

Based on what I witnessed at Dr. Lew's, I would say that male athletes are the least modest of the different types of people in the human race. Not one of the male athletes ever once argued about the idea of being naked and lying under a sheet. Paul was no exception to this.

On one particular occasion, I attended a triathlon that Paul was involved in. During that event, Paul and the other athletes changed clothes right in front of a crowd of people who were about 100 feet from them. And, when I say they changed clothes I mean that the athletes were either fully or mostly naked for a few seconds during their change.

I had a ritual I did every time Paul came for an appointment. Paul usually came around 2:30 in the afternoon. During the last part of my lunch break which was one hour and ended at 1 pm, I would masturbate and cum twice and sometimes three times. Most of the time, doing this kept me from getting a hard on when I saw Paul later. Even in his clothes, he could get me excited.

So that I don't mislead you here, I want to let you know that not once did Paul ever do anything to make me think that he was interested in having sex with me. Paul was straight and he had a live in girl friend. My lustful fascination with him was all hidden in my mind and Paul never suspected that I was attracted to him.

After I talked with him a few times I realized that Paul was a really nice guy. This made me want to get into his pants even more. I had it bad over him. I used to sit out by the pool and watch him swim. I didn't do this with any of the other athletes who swam in the pool. Watching him glide through the water was a hypnotizing experience in itself. And, when he would come up out of the water he would usually run his hands through his hair pushing it back and then dry off with a towel.

I don't know why, but it is somewhat common for male athletes to fondle themselves when they are naked. The first time I saw this I wasn't with Paul but, instead, another athlete who played with and stretched his cock as he stood talking to me beside the pool. At first, I thought he was signaling me but I wasn't getting a gay vibe from him and I wasn't attracted enough to him for sexual purposes even though he was a very good looking guy. A couple of days later, another athlete also fondled himself as he was sitting on the side of the pool talking to another guy who was in the water. I began to realize that this was something that some straight athletes do. Apparently, this fondling of themselves is not meant to be construed as any type of sexual invitation but just a male macho thing.

I was sitting on an outstretched lounge chair with my knees drawn up to my chest with a large towel covering my legs. Paul stood in front of me with a towel over his shoulders and in typical macho jock style, he played a short time with his cock and then scratched under his scrotum as he stood talking with me. While seeing this behavior with the other male athletes had either no effect or almost no effect on me -- depending on the athlete -- when I saw Paul do this, it was instant boner time. I was glad that my legs were drawn up to my chest and the towel was covering them and my my ballooned-up cock.

During one of those sessions Dr. Lew planted a post hypnotic suggestion to which Paul still consistently responds to this day. Because Dr. Lew made it so that Paul would not remember what happened in the sessions, Paul is completely unaware that he has this p.h.s.. This p.h.s. has two primary effects on Paul. It makes him feel as though he has a lot of energy and it causes him to feel extremely horny. Dr. Lew believed there was a connection between sexual excitement and general physical energy. During his sessions with Paul, Dr. Lew installed in Paul's subconscious thoughts that were reflective of this connection.

The very first time that Paul swam after this p.h.s. was installed and used, he swam faster and for a lengthier period of time than he had before. Prior to that time I had never seen him or anyone else swim so fast. And, when he came up out of the pool as he stood beside the pool drying off, I noticed that his cock was fuller and a little longer than I had ever seen it before. As he stood there with the towel over his shoulders and fondling his cock, his girl friend walked through the sliding doors which led out to the pool area. I new for sure right then that Paul was not trying to signal me for sex because he kept fondling his cock as his girl friend walked toward him and kissed him. He stopped fondling himself to put his arms around her as they gave each other a deep open mouth kiss. As they pulled away from each other Paul's cock was fuller and longer but it wasn't completely erect. It was probably about 30% erect. Paul then went in the house and put on his clothes. A short time later he and his girlfriend left.

Paul's personality is very friendly. It seems to me as though he thinks of other guys as being members of some type of imaginary sports team. I think this because, for one reason, he is the type of person who treats people as if he has known them all of their lives. This causes him to be a little more forward than some people might prefer. A friend of mine after meeting Paul and after Paul had walked away, leaned toward me and asked "What's he up to?" to which I responded "What do you mean?" and then he replied "He's too damn friendly!". I then laughed a little and said "That's just Paul and the only things he's up to are about 6 feet or about 8 inches depending on what's being measured." My friend then smiled and chuckled a little as he lifted his eyebrows.

To be continued...


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