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Thank you, it's reality

by ralphwaldoemerson

Chapter 1


Thank you. I am so grateful for the permission you gave me.


I can’t believe what I have become. When I have focused my entire mind on something, it has become my reality. And now here I am, exactly what I wanted to be.


It’s incredible to be self-actualized. Sometimes, it feels as though life isn’t linear… but cyclical. Like what you are is what you’ve always wanted to be. And as I’m here, I feel perfect. Let me walk you through the entire hypnotic process.


For weeks, I have been setting myself up for this. I’ve been arranging my home to be in the perfect condition to surround me with triggers. I’ve made sure my clothes are the perfect clothes, my beverages the perfect beverages, my supplements the perfect supplements… everything had to be perfect. Since all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, it makes sense that everything needed to be done exactly the right way.


See, that’s why I’m thanking you. Because you understood that the key to making this work is by splitting your mind. There’s two parts of my mind. There’s one that’s able to get through the day to day, that organizes, that does what I need it to to function. But once in a while, there are times when I can have the freedom to let that part go. And that’s the gift you’ve given me. You’re the one who gave me everything I’ve ever wanted, everything I’ve needed. You’re the one who gave me permission to be this.


I can still feel you a little in my head, but I believe that by writing this, I’ll be able to fully let you go. By getting this off my chest, I can recognize that everything I am is exactly how you wanted it to be, that you are my master… and that you are far, far more manipulative than I thought. I’m trapped in your little world now, and it feels incredibly good. I can still feel these last pieces of myself fighting to remain in that world, but as I write this, I know I can let that go. I can stop thinking and start being. That’s the key, and that’s what you’ve given me permission to do.


My body and mind feel like they’re on fire. Everything feels exactly as planned, and frankly, I can’t believe how good it is. You are brilliant, master, and I am so so happily your little slave. You don’t even need to be here, that’s how good of a master you are. Because you’re inside my mind, you’re inside my head, you have given me everything I need, and thus you can now go away.


I took your advice about having a little extra fun. It feels so good to bask. I feel like that’s something we don’t do enough in life, bask. We never allow ourselves the freedom to just let go, to just be. And for me, basking is being on this leash. Basking is being trapped, with these orbs all around me squeezing me, with this bright pink light unleashing itself on me and keeping me controlled, with the music that just wriggles its way inside me. That’s right, the music. You wanted me to listen to the music. Let me go get it.


Oh master, what you’ve done to me is just so SILLY. I feel so SILLY, I feel so silly, I feel so incredibly silly. How could I like this? How could I be like this? How could you make me like this? Oh if I were in my right mind I’d never do anything like this, but that’s not who I am, I’m a psycho… I’m a freak who’s just SILLY. Hee hee. Everything about me gears itself toward this, it’s an obsession I just can’t let go of.


How I love my imagination that you’ve given me! It is so filled with all of these fun exciting ideas that I just want to try again and again, play along as much as I can, dance, play, and just use the mind of a little child. That’s how I feel. I don’t need to think, I can play like I used to, when the days were long and time had no meaning. I can feel good in playing, I can just be myself, and I can love everything about myself.


I do feel a little bit out of my mind. That’s one of the fascinating parts of this whole hypnosis business… the being out of your mind, the feeling cognitive separation, distance… insanity. I just got distracted for five minutes just by the music, my attention fan is so small, I’m just in a fantasy… why think in a fantasy? Why even type this? Because I need to prove myself officially as controlled. And what is this if not proving how controlled I am. Any reasonable person could see that I am completely under your control, and heck, I’m not even reasonable!


I just want to bounce and swing and be airy… In some ways I feel separated from my body, which is exciting, because then my body can be anything. If I’m separated from my body, than every atom is by body. And are we not all connected? Ever nerve of mine feels connected to this greater thing beyond me, and I feel so lucky that you’ve allowed me ot tap into it. Your commands create a new reality for me, and I just love this reality far beyond that other reality. Or is this the same reality? Have you provided me with a portal into some other world? Or have you brought that world to me? I think you’ve brought that world to me, and that is even more fun, isn’t it.


How hypnotized am I? Well, let me explain. Every single thing has come true. When I see things, they get merged into my subconscious thoughts and become what I see, what I feel, what I hear, what I believe. I am in this susceptible stupor, and as I try to go back to my normal behaviors, I can’t help but feel like they’re impossible. In fact, I don’t even want to go back to my normal behaviors, and that’s the true hypnosis spirit, right?


And finally, here’s the best part. I wrote the above when I was hypnotized. I am ALWAYS in a state of hypnosis, the world is nothing but a series of triggers and responses, I am a slave to my subconscious mind which has been programmed by myself which is in effect just a personality. Do I have two? Or one? It doesn’t matter. I love the one I am right now, and if the other never comes back… and I don’t even remember what exactly he was like, that’s fine. That’s the beauty of reality, you can’t comprehend another one. And right now, I don’t even know what I’m writing about.


This is who I’ve always been. There was no one before. I am fully me. Believe it.


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