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The Sleepover

by judedaniel

Chapter 1

When Jenn has a sleepover party, she doesn't fool around. Her parents spring for pizza and a full gallon of ice cream, everyone goes into her huge (and practically empty) basement, she makes sure she has all the top 40 hits ready in her dad's stereo, and she always had a new game for her friends.

      This time, they were going to try hypnotism. Everyone would get a turn except Kelly, because she was the one who knew what she was doing. Kelly was her future coffee-house poet friend. When they all graduated in the summer, she already knew what all her friends were going to do. She had a way of reading people like that. She could tell about Kelly easily. She was average height with light brown, straight hair, Lisa Loeb-style glasses, and part of their high school's drama club. She always dressed in drab colors and occasionally shared an extremely depressing poem with their little group. Kelly was headed straight to the coffee house scene in college, no doubt about it.

      But that wasn't important right now. What was important was that she knew how to hypnotize people. That would be the theme for this slumber party. That and the pizza. And her nightly ritual of throwing someone's underwear into the freezer. Usually whoever fell asleep first.

      Her parent's didn't mind her slumber parties. Her mother was glad she had so many friends. She didn't have many friends when she was in high school. She didn't have the right sweater. That made her an outcast. She understood how important it was to keep her daughter "in," and made sure she didn't make the same mistakes her mother made with her, little girls could be so unnecessarily cruel.

      Her father on the other hand was glad she had so many cute friends. Most of them were either 18 or would be turning 18 soon, too. Not that he was going to do anything mind you... he just liked having all those cute girls in his house. And neither parent really minded the loud music either, since the bedrooms were on the second floor and the party was in the basement, it didn't bother them too much. And besides that fact, with her father's lust reawakened by the young sexuality in the house, the music helped hide the fact that her mother was a very loud lover.

      Anyway back to the party. Any teenage boy would have found it a complete buzz kill to find out what really went on at a sleepover. Everyone wore comfortable flannel or sweat pants and a loose T-shirt. There was no lingerie. There were no pillow fights. When Jenn's friends had finished all the pizza, got bored ignoring the movies making noise in the background, and finally decided that they'd heard Sugar Ray one too many times, they got down to business. It was time to start hypnotizing everyone.

      "Stop giggling! This won't work if you're not relaxed." Kelly tried to tell Sara.

      "I can't. I'm nervous. I've never been hypnotized before." Sara replied.

      "Hey, let Michelle go. She's the only one who's calmed down enough." Jenn said.

      "All right, Sara, get up, Michelle, sit down. No look at the watch and concentrate. Just relax. It's late at night. We just had a party. It's over. It's time to go to sleep. You're getting very, very tired..." Kelly went on like that for about five minutes. Finally, she saw Michelle's eyes begin to droop. Moments later, she was under.

      "All right! It worked!" Kelly said excitedly. "Okay okay, let's see if she's really under. Um... Okay. Michelle, when's your birthday?"

      "January fifth, 1981." She replied dreamily, as if she was talking in her sleep.

      "Okay, and who do you think is cutest?"


      This sent everyone into a giggling fit that wouldn't stop for a long, long time. Everyone was making fun of Anna for a while, then they calmed down. "No, Michelle, what guy do you think is cutest?"

      "Jason." Michelle replied.

      "Hey! I'm going after Jason!" Carmen protested.

      "Hey hey hey, calm down. She's going to be taking everything literally for a while here, and she's going to answer honestly. Carmen, she can think Jason's cute and still not be trying to date him, right?"

      "All right, all right. But I still don't like it. Let's do someone else."

      "Okay then, let's do... Jenn." Kelly turned to Jenn and Jenn started to protest, then decided it was only fair. After all, it was her idea to do this in the first place.

      "Hey Michelle, wake up!" Kelly snapped her fingers and Michelle came out of her sleep. She noticed everyone was looking at her kind of funny, and Anna wasn't looking at her at all.

      "What's going on? I didn't say something stupid, did I?" Everyone started giggling again, except for Anna.

      "Okay, okay everyone, let's calm down. Jenn, it's your turn." Jenn got in the chair and tried to relax. "Just watch the watch..."

      Jenn didn't take as long to go under as Michelle did. "Okay everyone, what should we ask first?" Kelly asked.

      Sara answered "Ask her if she thinks Anna's cute too!" And everyone went into hysterics. Especially Anna who got embarrassed again and Michelle who realized she had, in fact, said something stupid.

      Somehow Jenn managed to remain under hypnosis during the giggling fit and Anna screaming "It's not funny!" at everyone. When everyone calmed down again, Katie asked her "What do you think of Anna?"

      Jenn replied "I think she's a talent less bimbo who got my part in the cheerleading squad because her breasts are bigger."

      The whole room went silent. No one was expecting that out of sweet, sweet Jenn. Jenn who has never said an unkind word about anyone. Jenn who held the best sleepover parties in the whole school. Not Jenn!

      "Well what do you think of me?" Katie asked.

      "I think you're destined for the coffee house scene in college, reading depressing poems every weekend and you're going to get laid for the first time by a geek who thinks you're angst is sexy."

      "What about Sara?"

      "Sara needs to lose 5 pounds and get a better haircut. She's had that same hairstyle ever since I met her and it doesn't frame her face right. She must be blind not to see it."

      "And Carmen?"

      "Carmen could be really really pretty if she'd get some sun, take off the cheap silver jewelry, and dress in something a little more flattering. She wants to be an individual, but right now she's just another vampire wanna-be."

      "What do you think of Michelle?"

      "Michelle is too butch. She scares guys off. And I think she's bi."

      "And what do you think of Allison?"

      "Allison is a mean, snobby bitch who get what she wants no matter what, if her parents can't buy it for her, she steals it. She always has to be better than everyone else and that usually means she has to tear them down to do it because it would be too much work to build herself up."

      "Oh my God. I can't believe she said all that about us! That bitch! Wake her up. I have a few things I want to say to her!" Carmen was fuming. She had never been so insulted in her life.

      "No wait, I have a better idea." Allison said. The evil little gears were turning in her head. She turned to Sara and looked her up and down like a piece of meat. That made her extremely uncomfortable.


      "You look like a 36B to me. I know Jenn is a 36C. I have a great idea. Come on, Sara. We're going to take my car to your place real quick. Kelly, make sure she doesn't wake up please. We'll be right back."

      No one had any idea what Allison was up to. They never did. But they knew that they'd regret it if they didn't do what she'd say. She could be so mean sometimes. But that's exactly what they needed right now. A mean, vindictive bitch to get back at Jenn.

      Kelly asked Jenn some more questions about her birthdays, her happy memories, things like that. Finally Allison and Sara got back. Sara had all her bras with her. "Okay girls, this is the plan. We all know the guys at school are breast freaks..." Everyone mumbled in agreement. It was so embarrassing. "... and we all know how embarrassing it is. We all know. Anyway here's what we're going to do. We'll use post-hypnotic suggestion to embarrass her like she embarrassed all of us tonight. Kelly, the watch please... thank you."

      Allison turned to Jenn, with an evil glint in her eyes. "Jenn, you haven't finished developing yet. Your body is still changing. Your breasts are still growing. And its noticeable. All the guys at school are staring at you. Every time you see a guy you're going to think you're nipping out. And that makes them stare harder. Oh yeah, and there is absolutely nothing unusual about your bras. Nothing at all. Do you understand?"


      "Okay, what are the boys at school doing?"

      "They're staring at me."

      "And why are they staring at you so much?"

      "They know my breasts are still developing. They can see them growing. And I'm nipping out. Oh my God... I just want to die. I just want to crawl into hole and die. I can't go to class like this." The whining sounded a little off in a monotone, but Allison knew that she has succeeded.

      "And what's wrong with your bras?"

      "Nothing, nothing at all."

      "Perfect, everyone, we have our revenge." Allison stood proudly.

      "Isn't that kind of mean?" Kelly asked.

      "After what she said about us? Absolutely not. And we'll let her in on the joke in a while. Come one, it will be fun. I have to see her face at lunch tomorrow. Now come on, Sara, we're going to replace all her bras with yours. She'll put them on tomorrow and they'll be too small. If nothing else convinces her, that will."

      "But what'll I wear?" Sara protested.

      "Just wear Jenn's. Stuff the extra with tissue paper or something, I don't know. I can't hurt your chances with Brian." she said, almost mockingly. "Now come on, we have to find all her bras and switch them."

      While Kelly kept Jenn under, the other girls ransacked the house for any bra with a 36C on the tag. When they were done, they stuffed Jenn's bras into Sara's sleeping bag so she wouldn't find them, and they woke her up.

      "Whoa, wow. That was relaxing." Jenn said. "I fell really good right now, like I just let a whole bunch of stuff of my conscience. I could use about 10 more hours of sleep though. How long was I under?"

      "About two hours." Kelly said.

      "Two hours! What was I doing, telling you my life story?"

      Allison butted in. "We just wanted to see how long you'd stay under. I don't know about you guys, but I'm really tired now. I need to get some sleep."

      Everyone else quickly agreed. Mostly because they were embarrassed about what they just did to Jenn and didn't want to have to talk to her all night. They all curled up in their sleeping bags and went to sleep.


      Sunday came and after Jenn's mother made blueberry muffins for breakfast, everyone went home. Jenn took a shower and noticed something a little odd. Were her breasts this big yesterday? She panicked for just a second and checked them over for lumps. None. At least she didn't have breast cancer. They seemed a little more sensitive too. She felt them over, weighed them, cupped them, yes, they were definitely bigger than yesterday. Or at least bigger than the day before. She must still be developing.

      Jenn got out of the shower and started to get dressed. That's funny... she thought, my bra feels tight. She looked in the mirror and noticed how much her breasts were squeezed into her bra, pushing the breast flesh up and out. Not sexy. Not comfortable either. She checked the tag. 36B... I must be a C now. She tried on a few more bras, with the same results. Dammit. This is just great. Then she remembered her other bra.

      Jenn kept a sexy black lacy bra hidden from everyone in the back of her bookshelf. She bought it on a whim just last week and was still looking for a chance to use it. She was going to wear it for that special guy sooner or later, but the opportunity hadn't come up yet. She remembered that it was the most comfortable bra she had ever tried on. It fit perfectly. She tried it on and it still fit. Oh good. This will at least hold me until I can buy some new ones.

      Sunday passed by pretty uneventfully. Monday came and she woke up early, pretty much forgetting about yesterday's events. She showered and once again, she thought her breasts had gotten a little bigger. Oh great. she thought, They're still growing. Damn that's fast.

      She tried on one of the 36B bras again but found it much too small. She looked at herself in the mirror and thought it looked even more ridiculous than yesterday. "Dammit!" She dug through her laundry and pulled out the black lacy bra again. She washed it quickly and put it on. "A little snug... but it works." She decided. "I'll have to get some new bras tomorrow. I wonder how long this is going to keep going? I thought I finished developing last year."

      At school she thought she was going to die. Everywhere she looked it looked like guys were staring at her. Even her platonic friends. It made her so embarrassed. She was getting very, very self conscious about it. She found herself putting her books against her chest to hide her breasts. Guys were still looking. Everyone was looking at her. Everyone knew her breasts were still growing. She wanted to crawl into a hole and die. And worse yet, her sleepover friends noticed how self-conscious she was and were making fun of her behind her back. She knew the look in their eyes. It was the same look she got in her eyes when she was making fun of someone behind her back.

      Chemistry was the worst. She saw guys glancing over at her every few minutes. Maybe it was the clock... they're looking at the clock... I'm sitting right by the clock. She tried to convince herself. It didn't work. She knew they were looking at her. She looked at herself just once, quickly. Oh shit, no wonder. I'm nipping out here... She propped her book up on her desk but it didn't help much. She wanted to die.

      Lunch time. She couldn't do anything right. Her huge freakish growing breasts were bumping into everything. She got a Pepsi from the vending machine and when she bent down to pick it up, her right breast pressed against her knee. She knew everyone must have seen it. She dropped some ketchup on her shirt, right over her left breast. That wouldn't have happened if she was still a B. The drop would have missed. She leaned forward to get some more fries and noticed her breasts rested on the table. Oh my God, I must be on the high end of a C by now. Wait a minute, my lacy bra is a C... why would I have bought a C when I'm a B? Maybe I was a big B and it's a little C. It is kind of snug right now.

      The worst part was that she knew her friends were enjoying her discomfort. It was like they knew it was going to happen. They must have known something she didn't.

      After school she went to the mall and got some new bras. 36C was a little too snug. Wasn't it? Yeah, it is. She decided. She wasn't quite big enough for a D though, not yet anyway. She went into the dressing room and took off her shirt. She looked at herself in the mirror. Everything else looked normal. She wasn't gaining any weight. Her waist was still slim, her legs were still long and sexy and perfectly shaped. But her giant freak breasts... well they weren't the biggest in school, not yet anyway. But she knew they were still growing. She felt them for a bit, to make sure. She was convinced they were getting bigger. There was no doubt about it. She'd be a D in two days at the rate she was going. Maybe she should just buy a couple of Cs, just to hold her over.

      Jenn got home and did her homework. She realized something in the middle of a Pre-Calculus problem. She didn't feel embarrassed at the mall. Or at home. And because she wasn't embarrassed she wasn't nervous and bumping into things with them anymore.

      Next day. In the shower she thought her breasts had grown again. Did they? She was pretty sure. Were they firmer too? She turned the water off and stood straight. They seemed to be sitting a little higher than before, a little less affected by gravity too. They were a lot bigger than a few days ago, she'd grown nearly two cup sizes, but they didn't seem to be any more affected by gravity than before. That was strange.

      She dried off and noticed a little electric tingle through her body every time she passed the towel over her nipples. It felt good. It felt really good. She finished drying off and laid down on her bed, nude, thinking about Jason. All her friends thought Jason was the cutest guy in school. Not just Carmen and Michelle. And she knew it. She thought he was cute too. And she thought about him, and between that and the brushing against her nipples got her turned on. She imagined him going down on her as she massaged her clitoris, and she spent the next ten minutes masturbating.

      She looked at the clock after her third orgasm and realized that she was going to be late. She also realized that she's never masturbated to more than one orgasm before. She snapped out of it and got dressed quickly. The C cup she bought just the day before was already a little more snug than yesterday. When was this going to stop? At least it fit. She threw on a blouse and a skirt and ran downstairs, had a pop tart, and caught her carpool to school. Allison took her, Carmen, and a girl named Sally who she didn't like to school ever morning.

      Allison had a whole witty repartee planned for the ride to school. It was the single most humiliating twenty minutes of Jenn's life. "Hey Jenn. How's it going? Anything big happen yesterday?"

      "No, nothing." Jenn replied, already embarrassed.

      "Hey I saw you at the mall yesterday. But I was waiting for the pay phone and didn't want to lose my place in line. What did you buy?" Allison knew what she was buying. She just wanted to see how far the joke had gone. The hypnotism was working, she knew that just by watching Jenn yesterday.

      "Just some clothes." Jenn replied.

      "Cool. I haven't grown out of anything in a couple years now. Not even shoes. Everything still fits. I just buy clothes now to keep up with styles. I think I stopped developing my sophomore year. How about you, Sally?"

      Jenn's problem with Sally was that she was too open. She'd talk about anything. And today was not the day to be talking about just anything. "Yeah, I think I stopped my sophomore year too. Late sophomore anyway. I'm a 34B now. And it ain't gettin' any bigger." Sally stuck her chest out for effect.

      "What about you, Jenn?" Allison asked. "Where did you stop?" Allison was having the hardest time not laughing out loud.

      "I really don't want to talk about this, guys." Jenn said.

      "Oh come on, there's no guys around, we can talk. What are you, 36D?"

      Jenn turned bright red. 36D? Did she look that big? Everyone would be staring at her. She didn't know anyone else in high school who was a D cup. Well, except for come of the really overweight girls. She looked down and noticed how her seat belt shoulder strap was pressing her shirt in, making her breasts stand out.

      "Jenn? Are you okay? You don't look right." Sally said.

      Finally they were at school. Jenn asked to be let out of the car for some air and she walked across the parking lot while Allison and Sally laughed their asses off in the car as Allison was explaining what was going on to Sally. She thought switching bras with Sara was the funniest thing she'd heard all year.

      School was hell again for Jenn. She felt every eye on her, and not just the guys this time. The girls, the teachers, the animals in the biology lab. She knew she was nipping out. She knew it. She didn't have to look. Somehow she got through her first few classes. Study period.

      Study period would help. Bill was had the same period free. And she could tell Bill anything. He was the best listener she'd ever met. She was her best friend, purely platonic, but her best friend. She walked into the student lounge and was greeted with a big friendly hug. She felt her breasts squash against his chest and it turned her on, because she was so sensitive over the past few days. She ignored it. This was Bill after all, her friend. Not her boyfriend.

      "Bill, I need your help. Would you come with me?" She asked. They had to go somewhere private.

      "Well, yeah." Bill said. "Sure, anything. What's wrong?"

      "Just... just come with me. Please." Jenn knew someplace private they could go. Woodshop was closed this week because the only qualified instructor had cut a finger off last week. Morbid, yes, but it worked to her advantage.

      "Bill, do you notice something odd about me?" She asked.

      Bill looked her up and down, over and around. "Well, you didn't get a haircut. I think I've seen you wear this outfit before. You haven't lost weight. I give up."

      "Don't be embarrassed. Just say it." She said. "Be blunt. Please."

      "Well... that pimple on your chin from last week is gone."

      "Didn't you notice something when you hugged me? Anything about my breasts?" She asked again, trying desperately to get him to say it. He had to be thinking it. Why wouldn't he say it? Was he afraid of offending her?

      "Well, not really. Maybe you seemed a bit... well... firmer up top. Did you get a new bra?" Bill was running out of ideas.

      "Dammit, Bill! Just look at these!" She took her shirt off, exposing her bra, and the breasts on the verge of spilling out of them.

      "Jenn! Why... what..." Bill was flabbergasted. He had no idea what to say or think. Jenn had never shown any interest in him before. "I don't..."

      "Don't they look bigger to you? Just last week I was a B cup. Now I'm almost a D. I've started growing again and everyone's looking at me and it's so humiliating! I can't take it anymore!" She started tearing up.

      "Hey... Jenn... I don't see any difference. And I thought you were a C cup." He walked behind her and checked the tag on her bra. "Yeah, you're a C cup. Just like I thought. When did you start thinking you were growing again?"

      "Sunday. It was the day after my last sleepover party."

      "Well, what did you do during the party? Show off lingerie? Get into pillow fights?" Bill asked.

      "Dammit Bill, you watch too many movies. I'm being serious here. We rented some movies, had pizza, listened to music and Kelly hypnotized Michelle and me."

      "Kelly hypnotized you? What did she do?"

      "I don't know, I guess they asked me stuff like we did with Michelle."

      "Have you ever heard of post-hypnotic suggestion?" Bill asked. "Maybe they played a trick on you, and you just think you're breasts are growing."

      "That doesn't explain why my bras don't fit. All my B cup bras are too small for me now."

      "Jenn, I'm telling you, you've been a C cup ever since I met you."

      "You're no help. I thought you could help me."

      "Jenn... don't do this. Come here." Jenn stood there with her arms crossed and her shirt in her hand. "Come here." He said again, holding his arms out. "That's better." He held her in a big friendly hug. And she felt better. "Look, Jenn. If you grow out of your C cups into a D, then we'll know something is wrong. If not, then hey, we don't have to worry about anything. Okay?"

      "Okay, I guess. I just can't deal with everyone staring at me like that."

      That's when the bell rang. "Oh shit. Not now." Jenn said.

      "Well I have to get to Gym. If I'm late to Gym Coach will cut my head off and let everyone else use it as a soccer ball. Gotta go. If you grow into a new size, call me. I'll help you out."

      "Thanks Bill." She said. Bill smiled and left.


      After talking to Bill, she was able to ignore or explain away the changes in her bust line. But three days later she found herself unable to squeeze into her C cup bra anymore. She was a D now. There was no getting by that. After school she had to go get some new bras. But for now? For now what? She had to go without. There was no other way. She would look ridiculous in a bra that was too small.

      All that day she was more embarrassed than ever. There was no shadow of any doubt anymore that she was getting bigger again. She had to be. Even if she really was a C before and not a B, which she found impossible to believe anyway because all her old bras said so, she was a D now. She had grown at least a cup size. Probably two. And she still thought everyone was staring at her. And this time she knew she was nipping out because her nipples kept rubbing against her bare shirt with no bra to keep them where they're supposed to be.

      At free period again she practically dragged Bill out of the student lounge and into the woodshop. "Bill. Listen. I am still growing. You told me to come to you again if I grew out of the C. Well I did. They don't fit anymore. I'm a D now. I am definitely a D. And I can't pretend this isn't happening anymore. God... I can't even wear my bras anymore. I have to go buy a whole new set. Just look at this and tell me you don't see a change!" She almost ripped her shirt off of herself as Bill stood in disbelief at the first pair of bare breasts he had ever seen. And they were big.

      "Bill... I don't know what's happening to me. This isn't right. Something's wrong. Maybe I should go to a doctor."

      "Hey hey now, Jenn... I'll help you through this. I don't think you need to go see a doctor. Look, I've got a car. I'll help you out. I'll take you to the mall and you can get some new bras. Then we'll go back to my place and, I don't know, we'll talk. Okay?"

      "Okay, Bill. Thank you. I just don't know how I'm going to get through the rest of the day." She gave him a big hug. "You're such a good friend." She sniffled.

      It took a lot of doing, but she made it through the rest of the day. She met Bill at his locker after last period and they went off to the mall. Bill waited in the shoe store looking for some new boots while Jenn bought her new bras. It bothered her how well that huge D cup bra fit her. It was way too big to be for her. It had to be. But when she put it on there was no denying that it fit. She met Bill at the shoe store and they left, her with new bras but Bill bootless.

      On the way back to Bill's house Jenn changed her mind. "You know, Bill, I wouldn't feel right going back to your place with a bag full of new bras. It's kind of weird. I'd rather go to my place."

      "Well just give me directions." He said. They went to her house and he met her parents, who had to leave for a party. They took Jenn aside and gave her the obligatory "We're leaving you alone in the house with a guy" speech she knew they would have to give her before they left though. Fortunately, they trusted her. She was a good kid.

      They went upstairs to her room and she put her new bras away and threw out her old ones. She was about to ask Bill to leave the room while she put one on but, what the hell, he'd already seen them once. She took off her shirt, put on a new bra, and put her shirt back on.

      Bill meanwhile was trying not to look. Why was she doing this to him all of a sudden? She'd never expressed an interest in him before. They were just friends. And now this. They talked for a while, and she told him about everything. The staring. The nipping out. The embarrassment. She buried her face in his shoulder and cried. She cried and cried for a long time. "It's just not fair. Why is this happening to me? I'm going to have huge freak breasts pretty soon. Then everyone will be staring at me, in school or not. I'll be a freak."

      "Hey hey now, Jenn." Bill started. He was having trouble concentrating because of the two huge breasts pressed against his chest while she was crying. "I don't think you're a freak. I think you're beautiful."

      "Do you mean that?" She looked up at him with teary eyes. "Or are you trying to make me feel better? Tell me the truth."

      "I mean that. You're beautiful, Jenn. And if I can tell you something too?" She nodded. He whispered "I like your new breasts."

      Jenn was shocked. Bill had never expressed an interest in her before. She always wished he had. But why now? Why when she was turning into giant breasted freak? "Do you mean that?" She asked. "Do you really mean that? You like them like this?"

      "Yes I do. I really do. They're wonderful!"

      "Thank you Bill. Thank you for everything." She buried her face in his shoulder again and he put his arms around her. "I'm glad I can turn to you."

      They talked for a while longer and Jenn was feeling better. On a whim, she kissed him. He kissed her back. She was ecstatic! He really did like her! She pushed into him a little harder, but the new weight of her breasts threw her off a bit and she fell forward. She was laying on top of him now, her big breasts resting on his chest. Her nipples stiffened harder than she could ever remember them being. They were on fire. She realized for the first time since she met him, that she wanted him. In the worst way.

      She straddled his waist and got up on her knees, and took off her shirt and her bra. There they were, those big D cup breasts, staring him right in the face. "Bill... I want you to have these. If I'm going to have them, I want to share them with you."

      By this time Bill had a raging hard-on. He sat up and put his arms around her, and she put her arms around him. Her breasts were at the perfect height from this position. He took one nipple into his mouth and sucked it like he'd never done before... because actually he hadn't before. He licked and sucked on her nipple and held her breast in both hands while he was doing it. When he'd brought her to an orgasm she told him to do the other one. He did so happily.

      "Now I want to do something for you." she said. She laid down. "Take your pants off." he couldn't do it fast enough. "I don't think we should have sex, but if you want, you can tit-fuck me."

      "If I want? What kind of question is that?" He asked. He got on top of her and she squeezed her breasts together around his cock, and watched him pump into her deep cleavage until he came all over her chest and neck. She had no idea there would be so much.

      He took a tissue from her nightstand and wiped her off. Then she propped herself up against her headboard and he curled up with her, resting his head on her breasts like a pillow.


      As the week went on, Jenn's breasts got bigger and bigger. Her friends eventually told her what happened, but she surprised them all by showing off her new DD breasts to them. She never did hold another sleepover with them, but Bill slept over a few times (thankfully, a few times her parents never found out about), by sneaking in through the window at night.

      "How big do you think they are now?" She asked him, playing with his hair as he rested his head on her now beyond big breasts.

      "I don't know... do they make an E?" He asked.

      "I'll have to find some place that tailors to people like me now. Maybe a big and tall store or something." Her breasts were so big now that her shirts were too small for her. Everything showed off too much cleavage, and her button-down blouses didn't button all the way up. "I wonder if I'll get much bigger." She wondered out loud.

      "I hope so." He said. "The more the merrier."

      "Hey... much bigger and I'm going to start having some back problems!"

      "That's okay, I'll help you carry them around." He laughed.

      "I just, I just want them to start growing some time."

      Bill rolled over and took her giant left breast in both hands, with plenty of breast left to spare. "Hmmmm... nope, not big enough yet. They should be bigger than my head. Each." He smiled.

      "Hey!" She protested. Then she rolled over and buried his face in her cleavage. He could hardly breathe, but he could a little. It was a comfortable kind of discomfort, and he'd really rather not move at the moment.


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