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Daddy's Good Girl (diapered male in a dress)

by diaper_cat

Chapter 1

Wet Boi

"I feel stupid."   Sky blushed, cheeks pink as the magenta hibiscus flowers  by the boardwalk bench.  Seagulls screeched overhead, occassionally dive-bombing the tourists on the beach to steal their food. Sky watched as one little girl dropped her ice cream and went screaming to her mommy.  Several gulls swooped in to devour the tasty treat. 
"Nonsense, baby. You're adorable."  Sky's boyfriend Gene flashed a white grin.  Gene was tall and broadshouldered, a handsome man with tousled brown hair and slanted brown eyes.  He wore a short sleeved, white and blue striped cotton button down shirt and tan khakis with navy loafers, looking every bit the posh young man he was.
Sky didn't reply; he just ducked his head, too shy and self conscious to reply.  Sky was almost the same height as Gene. He was long and slender, adrogynous looking and pretty with a heart shaped face and blonde hair in a short pixie cut. Today he looked very girly- and kept getting clocked as a girl- in a pastel mint green gingham sundress with lace along the bodice and hem. The skirt flowed out in an A-line cut, taking his boyish frame and giving it the appearance of soft girly curves.
The extra padding around his waist helped with that, too. He squirmed, feeling the dry, thick diaper press against his genitals, swaddling his crotch in comfort and reassurance. He shivered at the sensation, not used to going out in public diapered. Especially in such a thick, noisy diaper. The diaper itself was plain white, and it was so thick it forced his legs apart, making him waddle. And it crinkled and rustled loudly with every small movement. Even if the skirt hid the bulk from view, there was no disguising the awfully loud noise.  Even the cute diaper cover that matched his dress didn't make Sky feel any better. The diaper cover was plastic lined on the inside- which only added to the noise level when he moved- but would help prevent leaks. He didn't think such a titanic diaper could ever leak. And the butt was covered rows of white lace that matched the hem of his dress.
All in all, Sky felt like an overgrown girl toddler. Which he didn't mind in private but he'd never gone outside in public dressed like this.  Gene's birthday was today, and what he wanted for a present was to take his baby boy to the beach for a boat ride on a dolphin and whale sighting tour.  They'd just got off the boat and were walking along the boardwalk. So far, Sky had managed to avoid using the toilet around his tiny waist.
Sky was so nervous, especially in a crowd of people. All he could do was cling to Gene's arm, head down, and waddle at his side, praying no one heard his noisy undergarments.  There would be no toilet for him today, not even for number two. Gene insisted. Heck, if Gene had his way, Sky would never sit down on a toilet again.  He wanted his baby diapered and in dresses 24/7.
"You did so well on the boat, baby. Daddy's proud of you. And everyone thought you really were a girl. You got so many compliments on your pretty dress."  Gene praised, making Sky blush more and hide his face in his hands.  Gene beamed, his heart melting at how adorable his boyfriend was.
Sky whined, embarrassed and wanting to hide from the world.
Gene leaned in, wrapping one arm around Sky's waist and stepping so close their bodies touched. He lowered his head, whispering in one ear, "But tell me one thing, baby? Did you go potty yet like a good girl? I know all those drinks you had in this heat must be taking a number on your bladder." 
Sky buried his face in Gene's shoulder, whining softly.  "D-daddy. I-I c-can't." 

"Sure you can, baby. Just like you do at home.  Close your eyes. Deep breaths. Concentrate. Come on, you can do it. Do it for Daddy."  Gene urged.  He pulled Sky behind a cluser of palm trees and hibiscus bushes. None of the boardwalk crowd could see them here. He carefully looked around to make sure no one was around. They had privacy. 
Sky shook his head.  "It's t-too hard. I tried on the b-boat."
"It's easy. Come on, baby. Be a good girl. Wet your diapee. That's why you have a diapee on. You're just a silly baby girl who can't control her pee-pee. "  Gene's gentle coo urged him. He slipped one hand under Sky's skirt, large palm cupping the front of Sky's dry diaper. He pressed the dry padding into his crotch, making Sky whimper and his legs shake. 
Sky fisted his slender fingers in Gene's shirt, wrinkling the cotton. He screwed his eyes tight shut, took a deep breath and concentrated. Between Gene's gentle encouragement and his full, aching bladder, Sky finally managed to relax his bladder muscles. Warm wetness washed over his crotch and hit the once-dry padding. It immediately started to swell as he flooded his diaper, but the enormous padding absorbed it all. Nothing leaked out into his pretty, plastic panty. The diaper padding swelled, forcing his legs apart more.
Gene felt the diaper grow warm through the plastic panty. He smiled, filled with pride.   "Such a good girl. Daddy's best girl. I'm so proud of you, baby." 
Sky blushed. He couldn't believe he just wet himself for the first time in public. Humiliation washed over him at the realization and he buried his face tight in his boyfriend's neck, hiding from the world. Under the shame, a small thrill ran down his spine at his daring. He wet himself, and no one around them knew. His wet diaper was safely hidden under his dress, so he could pee himself in the middle of a crowd and no one would know. He smiled a little and his trembling stopped.
"I'm a good girl?"  He asked softly. He just wanted to hear Gene praise him some more. It made his insides feel warm and fuzzy.
"Yes. The best. I'm so proud of my baby girl. You were so brave, going potty in your pants in public. You made Daddy very happy."   Gene's large hand patted Sky's padded rump. His diaper crinkled loudly, making him blush.
Sky moved and the wet padding clung to his crotch. He scrunched up his nose.  "Daddy, my diapee feels icky. It's wet and squishy."  He whined.
Gene gently squeezed the wet padding.  "Honey pie, you gave it a good soaking but this diapee can hold some more. Your diapees are expensive, and you're going to be spending a lot of time in them. I don't want to waste one. Besides, you need to get used to being wet."  
He cut off Sky's protesting whine with one gentle finger to his pink lips.  "For being such a good baby, I'm going to get you a special treat. There isn't a game on this boardwalk I can't beat, so you just pick the plushy prize you want and Daddy will win it for you."
Sky's eyes lit up like an excited toddler being offered candy or a new toy.  He still wasn't happy about being stuck in a wet diaper, but a new plushy to add to his massive collection certainly helped him forget about it.  "Yes, Daddy! Let's go!"  He grabbed Gene's large hand with both his small ones, tugging impatiently. His soggy diaper and dry plastic panties rustled loudly as he waddled off with his daddy in tow towards the carnival games.


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