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Role switch

by xxx3135

Chapter 1 -3

Chapter 1
It was on craigslist where Scott found her ad. She was an adult baby looking for a daddy and he was an adult baby looking for a mommy.

After being married for a while and not having his deepest sexual desires being met by his wife, and discovering, as time went on, that he and his wife weren't as compatible as they had both thought, it was determined that dissolving the marriage was the best thing to do for themselves and for the children.

He was still lonely after the divorce, not really finding what he was looking for. He had a couple of friends who would, at times, help him meet the normal sexual urges but he never felt comfortable telling them about the kinky desires he had and figured, better to avoid the topic rather than risk losing the camaraderie that had been built over the last couple of years.

So now Scott was on craigslist again, looking through the casual encounters and her ad, though it wasn't exactly what he was looking for, peaked his interest. The last line said "willing to switch roles for the right person."

He sent off an email telling a little about himself, his background, experiences and desires and thought that he wouldn't get a reply, that it was just another spam address that he had wasted his time and typing on.

Scott was pleasantly surprised when he got an email from her the next day.

Her name was Kim and she wrote that she felt that his message was the most authentic she had received, and even though he didn't really have a lot of experience being a daddy to an adult baby, she considered the years that he had spent changing diapers to be an attribute that put it over the top for her, as she had said.

After a couple of days of emailing, Scott got up the courage to ask her for her phone number and she was hoping that he'd ask for the information since she wanted to get his number almost right away. They set up a time to call each other and talk and after that first conversation about nothing in particular, they didn't want to talk about adult baby subjects on the phone, better for that to be in person, he was starting to fall for this woman who sounded more and more like the kind of friend he was secretly hoping to find.

Kim wasn't comfortable giving him a picture which was okay so he asked her what she looked like during one conversation on the phone.

She had long red hair, green eyes, stood around 5 11 and was quite proud of her top assets which were, as she put it, an amazing pair of g-cup breasts. She revealed in a subsequent email that she was lactating and found the breast pump to be a cold replacement for the real thing.

Scott was a boob man to the max and had never felt anything bigger than a double d so fantasies of Kim's g-cups and the hope of nursing from her haunted his masturbatory activities until they met in person.

Kim arranged to come over to his apartment one night after she got off work so they could just hang out, have a drink and just talk. He was hoping they would be able to get intimate since he hadn't had his true urges met for many years, even 4 or 5 before the divorce.

Scott had gotten a couple of bottles of their favorite wines and made sure that he had drank plenty of water, something he advised her to do as well since alcohol can dehydrate the body. Not that he was looking to get drunk but it was a good reason to drink a lot of water so they'd have to pee a lot that evening.

when Kim walked through the door, he saw a vision of beauty, piercing green eyes, long red hair flowing down to her enormous breasts which were falling out of the top she was wearing and Scott's eyes were inexorably drawn down to where a disposable diaper was being worn under her clothes.
When they gave each other a warm embrace and kissed passionately, Kim could feel his hard cock poking into her diaper. He could feel those giant tits pressing into his chest and he wanted to take her clothes off and fuck her right there. She wanted the same thing but they also didn't want to rush the excitement and wanted the sexual tension to build a bit.

After some conversation, a little drinking and a good bit of making out, she asked where the bathroom was.

He said "I'm the daddy and the bathroom is off limits so you might as well use the diaper that I know you're wearing".

She seemed a little uncomfortable with this so he told her that he had to pee and that if it would make her feel better, he'd also wet a diaper.

She got up, walked over to him, took his hand and put it on the front of the diaper. She said in a naughty voice, "I need you to feel me wet my diaper." And then she started to pee. Feeling the front of her diaper get all warm made him so hard, and even though he wanted to pee with her, he couldn't because of the erection making a tent in his own diaper and rubber pants.

she noticed this and, switching roles almost instantly, she said, "suck on mommy Kim's big tits so mommy can take care of that big cock of yours and you can drink all my milk".

They went into his bedroom, undressed as quickly as they could, except for the diapers, and once in bed, his mouth found the big nipple of that huge g-cup and he started suckling like he had never suckled a breast before.

Kim hadn't pumped for a while, anticipating that Scott would nurse from her so when he started suckling, her milk came out in full force and as he got caught up in suckling, it ran down her tits and over her mid-section and this made her even more horney.
She was rubbing his cock through the diaper, getting him even harder and when he felt like he was going to cum, she stopped, pulled the front of his diaper down, and engulfed that hard cock in her mouth, giving him the most fantastic blow job he'd ever experienced. He came in seconds,, a little disappointed that he came so fast but she said that she loved it but now she needed a change and would he put a diaper on her?

Scott pulled Kim's diaper down and just loved that it was near to capacity with her pee. He left her naked for a moment while getting another diaper, she had to use one of his since she didn't think to bring any, which he told her was very naughty. He told her to lift her legs and it took her by surprise when he lightly spanked her ass for being such a naughty girl, forgetting to bring a change of diapers with her.

he put the cloth diaper under her bottom and abandoning all constraints, he licked her pussy, not caring if it had pee on it, finding her clit, he started to suck on it a little bringing her to the brink of orgasm. He then quickly put her diaper on and efficiently put her legs through the foot holes of the rubber pants she had to wear.

He didn't know it but she had to pee again but she told him to suck her tits again because she really needed to cum.

He hungrily sucked her again, still not having had peed like he had mentioned earlier and while he was sucking her enormous breasts, he had his hand on her crotch and felt her piss uncontrollably as she was getting more and more excited. He rubbed her through the diaper, starting the connection in her mind with pissing and cumming and soon, she had an explosive orgasm in her wet diaper.

chapter 2

The next morning Scott awoke to find Kim not in bed with him, the last thing he remembered last night was they gave each other a diaper change after sex and fell asleep in each other's arms. Scott was afraid he scared her away but he heard a sound coming from the bathroom. He came in and saw Kim completely naked, diaper on the floor with her rubber pants in a puddle, clearly she had an accident before she woke up and was looking for a new diaper.
Scott waited a moment and decided to speak up.
"If you're looking for disposable diapers I don't have any at the moment. The cloth diapers are on the shelf above you, but babies aren't supposed to change themselves or take off their diapers." Scott said startling Kim she turned around quickly scared out of her wits. Kim was so surprised by Scott she started peeing, the liquid ran down her long legs to pool at the floor around her.
"I'm sorry I just didn't want you to know I had an accident. I was scared if you knew I was really a bed wetter you wouldn't like me. " Kim said looking away in shame.
Scott embraced her wet naked body, he only wearing his diaper. "It looks like you have day time accidents too." Scott said looking at the pee still gently streaming down her legs from her pussy.
Kim nodded her head yes burying her face in his strong chest. "It happens more often than I'd like to admit." Kim said blushing but soon seeing Scott grow hard as he heard Kim talk about her accidents she blushed less. She slipped a hand inside his diaper and gently began caressing his rock hard cock. "So...does this mean you think it's a good thing?" Kim asked knowing his arousal gave her the answer. "I'll let you in on a little secret" Scott said as he got more and more aroused. "Sometimes I like to wet the bed myself and it turns me on."
Kim stimulated his cock until he came into his diapers. They both looked into each other's eyes and knew they didn't want to be apart. Kim was starting to lactate like she did every morning, instantly she went into mommy mode. Breast milk slowly seeped out of her nipples and rolled down her breasts. "Who's a hungry baby boy?" Kim said in her mommy voice putting her nipple to Scott's lips to suckle. Scott suckled each breast for several minutes and soon was full, Kim still held him close. Scott lay with his head on her breast and relaxed he wet his diapers and the warmth spread in his diaper.
"What do you say we take a shower get in some fresh diapers and go see a movie?" Scott suggested smiling at Kim.
"I've been waiting for you to ask all morning. Kim replied.

Before they left his apartment, they made sure they were both well padded. Scott just loved that Kim had to wear his thick cloth diapers with the rubber pants and it turned him on greatly.

Kim was discovering that she liked the feel of the cloth and that when she wet, it was a lot more noticeable against her pussy. She thought to herself "I'll have to find out where he gets these diapers from and order some of them for myself".

Kim wasn't very good at making decisions about simple things so Scott decided that they'd go to see a comedy film.
They got into her car and drove to the movie theater which wasn't too far away.
On the way there, Scott said "I have an idea. Whoever can't get through the movie without wetting has to do whatever the person who didn't wet asks. How do you like that?" Kim was visibly shaken and a little scared inside because of her incontinence but she didn't show it and said "I like it".
On the one hand, she was excited about accidently losing the bet on purpose but on the other, she was a little worried. What would this person who she had met such a short time ago ask her to do if she couldn't control herself? So far, it seemed that they had a lot of the same sexual fetishes in common. She enjoyed the little spanking he had given her the night before and, having the ability to switch roles in an instant, she also enjoyed administering spankings, if they were necessary. That was a discussion for a later time. They were at the theater now and were intent on enjoying the film that Scott wanted to see.

After he paid for their tickets, they walked up to the concession stand and bought a big bucket of popcorn to share as well as sodas. He got a large for himself and a medium for Kim.

The woman at the counter who cashed them out took notice that both of her customers were wearing diapers and she got excited by this prospect.
She took a long look as they walked away, noticing that they both wore cloth diapers. She could always tell because they were so much thicker than disposables. coincidently, she was about to go on break so she discretely followed them long enough to figure out which movie they were going to see.
She was looking for new adult babies to take care of and she may have just found them.

Once inside the theater, Kim and Scott found seats closer to the exit. They didn't want to be in a huge throng of people when the movie was over in case one of them really flooded their diapers. he was secretly hoping that Kim would flood her diapers and she was hoping that Scott would fill his to capacity.

As the movie went on, they shared the popcorn, and every so often, each would put a hand on the front of the other's diaper to see if any warmth could be detected. Scott drank his soda pretty quickly and after a while, excused himself to get a bottle of water. "you know Kim, you should drink some water too. All that sodium and caffeine can dehydrate the body." He said. "Go ahead, I still have soda to drink so I'm fine but thanks anyway." she said as he got up to leave.

When Scott walked out to the concession stand to buy a bottle of water, he noticed that the same woman was there who had been there when he and Kim had bought their popcorn and sodas.
"Hi". She said cheerily, "Back again for another drink"? she asked giving him a knowing look.
"Yeah, the popcorn and soda make me thirsty". he said, noticing that she was staring at him.
"well, don't drink too fast or you might have an accident in the theater". She said softly.

Luckily no one else was around to hear her comment. As he took his bottle of water, she took his hand quickly and slipped a card in it.

"Call me if you need a diaper change" she said almost inaudibly. She didn't want to embarrass him any further than he already looked.

He hurried back to the theater, making sure to put the card away so he wouldn't lose it or so that no one would notice it.
When he got back to his seat, he noticed that Kim was wiggling a lot, crossing and uncrossing her long shapely legs.

"Did I miss much of the movie"? Scott asked.

She didn't say anything because she was concentrating on not wetting her diaper but it was beginning to become a losing battle.

He sat back down next to her and sensing that something was wrong, he took her hand softly, trying to be supportive of whatever was going on. Scott knew, and so did Kim, that she was going to be the one to lose the bet. After he took her hand, he could feel her relax a little and saw a change on her face, a look of resignation as she wet uncontrollably. that look turned to sadness and she started crying right there in the theater.

Not wanting to draw attention to the situation and not to make her feel more embarrassed than she already was, Scott and Kim left the theater and went back out to her car.

Neither one of them noticed the woman who was following them to the parking lot and when they got in and started driving to Kim's house, the woman from the theater was discretely following them so she could learn where they lived.

"Kim, what's wrong/" Scott asked. "It's okay that you wet your diaper and it didn't bother me that we had to leave the theater early". he said sympathetically. he took her free hand in his and stroked it trying to comfort her.

"It's not that" Kim said, still crying a little. "I was just scared of what you'd have me do if I lost the bet and that was my first reaction."

"Kim, sweety, I won't have you do anything you're not comfortable doing." he said reassuringly. This is just all in fun but I can understand why you'd react that way. We're still strangers in a way but I'm hoping that we won't be for long." he said.

They were now parked inside the garage of her home, the place he instinctively knew she wanted to go to be comforted.
When she turned off the engine they embraced and kissed deeply, passionately, not wanting the moment to end.

Finally, after a moment, Scott said "Home is a comforting place. Let's get inside and get you out of that diaper okay"?

She said yes and they went into her spacious home.

Chapter 3

Now that Scott and Kim were comfortable in her home and they had changed each other into new disposable diapers, Scott needed time for Kim's bladder to fill so he could have her do what he wanted her to do. He assured her that it was going to be something she would really like so finding the biggest cup he could, he gave her a lot of water and encouraged her to drink at least a couple of glasses while they learned more about each other.

Scott asked Kim about her history of wearing diapers and how she had come to lactate so she told him the story.

Kim had always been somewhat attracted to babyish things, she thought sucking a pacifier was cute. She never knew where this interest came from or why she felt this way. Now on her 18th birthday, she finally decided to buy some diapers. Kim wasn't potty trained until she was almost 9 and she still occasionally wet the bed but she hasn't been in diapers in almost 10 years and the prospect of wearing them again made her giddy. By age 13, Kim already had Double D breasts and they continued to grow eventually filling out into a full g-cup which she was very proud of. She was breast fed by her mother until she was 14 at which point her own breasts started lactating daily. Since then she had to use a breast pump to express the milk. It wasn't until later that she would learn of adult breastfeeding and fine partners to help with this life altering situation.
Kim took the purchases she had made from a local grocery store out of their plastic bags and laid them out on the bed. Since she still lived with her mother, she locked the door as a precaution before putting on the thick disposable diaper. It crinkled loudly as she sat on it. She took out the pacifier she bought and the baby powder. She gently powdered her pussy and pat it gently in. Carefully she taped the diaper on herself. Kim slipped the pacifier into her mouth, she suckled and couldn't help but smile, she felt warm safe and loved. She giggled and started watching cartoons. Soon Kim was fast asleep and didn't wake up until the next morning. She was shocked to find her diaper completely soaked. Kim thought she should be scared or worried about wetting her diaper overnight but it only made her more wet. She started gently rubbing her pussy with her soaking wet diaper. The warmth felt amazing and only made her draw closer to an orgasm. It shocked her she was so turned on she came in seconds. Kim gasped and writhed and kept going until she came again. After her second orgasm she laid there reveling in a pool of pleasure and her soaking diaper.
"I think I can get used to this diaper thing." She said laughing to herself. "Well I don't want to get a rash better get a fresh diaper." Kim said changing her diaper for the first time of many more changes to come.

After Kim told her story, Scott noticed that she began fidgeting just a little. She had drunk 2 glasses of water already and he offered her another while he began to tell her of his experiences, also being sure to drink plenty of water himself.

Scott had been fascinated with diapers and bedwetting for quite some time. It started when he was 12 when he and a friend would casually talk about his friend's sister who still needed to wear diapers and rubber pants every night because she still wet the bed. That wasn't exactly a common thing for 12-year-old boys to talk about so it always stuck in his mind.

When he was in his early 20's and taking a college course in the study of abnormal psychology, he ran across a section on paraphilic infantilism and thought it would be interesting to wear a diaper just to try it out.

He went to the store and purchased some diapers and went back to his dorm room. Luckily he didn't have any roommates so he put one on and peed in it. It felt really good and he loved it.

He had a number of girlfriends up until he got married and only 2 of them would have anything to do with his diapers. One of them even introduced him to watersports when she peed on his cock while they were in bed. It took him by surprise but years later, he would always remember that one encounter and wished he had the courage to reciprocate the same. The other girlfriend, who would wear diapers and pee in them as well, was an alcoholic so that relationship didn't end well at all.

He had one online encounter with a woman who wanted her own adult baby and it was during that time that he developed a desire for nursing. As quickly as he had found her on the internet however, she, just as quickly disappeared from his life, leaving a loss and a void that he had never been able to fill for a very long time.

When he met his wife, she thought his enjoyment of diapers was inappropriate but eventually, she at least accepted it and was okay if he wanted to wear them. She just wasn't interested in really participating, though she often said that she would change him if he wanted her to. He knew she would just do it out of obligation and that never really felt right for him so he never really pursued this desire much during the marriage.

Kim had stopped listening a few minutes ago because she was desperately trying not to wet and it required all her concentration and willpower not to have another accident.

Scott noticed her condition and suggested they go to her kitchen where there was no carpet so they could have some fun. It was closer to the living room where they currently were than her bedroom and he hoped it would be easier for Kim to walk with her very very full bladder to the chair that he had set up in the middle of the floor when he was in the kitchen getting their water.

Scott sat in the chair and had Kim sit on his lap.
When she sat down, she felt his hard cock through his diaper which turned her on. He began to fondle her huge breasts through her shirt and that got her more stimulated. That was all it took and in seconds, she was flooding her diaper on his lap. It was so much pee, that she started to leak all over him and onto the floor. Scott's bladder was full as well and since they were already in a very wet situation, he just let go and flooded his diaper as well.

"wow," he said, that was amazing, I never felt someone pee so much so fast. I loved it".

Kim loved it too and she was so turned on that she took his cock out of his diaper, sucked it to another erection, and sliding aside her own sopping diaper, she faced him, impaling herself on his hard shaft. She bounced and moaned as they fucked until they both had mind blowing orgasms. They slid their diapers back into place and just went to bed that way, knowing they'd wake up to flooded sheets but it didn't matter.

While they were laying together in wet diapers in the softness of her sheets, Scott said "Kim, I hope this isn't too forward but I think I'm falling in love with you".

She rolled over to face him, arms wrapped around each other with legs intertwined and she said "oh, I've love you too, more than I've ever loved anyone". With their diapers pressed together, they both wet at the same time for the first of many times that night. Neither of them had been this happy or felt so complete until this moment.


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