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The Smoking Gum

by Jackstock

The Smoking Gum --Story



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Female-Male sex




Roommate sex

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Dubious Consent



I’d been hot for my roommate ever since she answered my ad. There were always problems hitting on roommates, but the kicker was: she was a smoker. The apartment had a balcony, and she agreed to smoke outside, but even the hanging smell on her clothes was enough to turn me completely off. I couldn’t imagine kissing her; it would be like licking an ashtray. 

She was gorgeous. 23 years old, long red hair, a few freckles to keep her looking real, and a smouldering hot body. I knew she was promiscuous from all the men she brought home; and the walls weren't thin enough to hide how great a lover she was. I think she’d even hit on me once when she was a little high on weed, but even that smoke bothered me a little. I was no teetotaller, but I preferred edibles.

Then, one Friday, everything changed. I was visiting a friend in Chinatown and, as I was leaving, I decided to grab some chewing gum. I’d never been to the Chinese grocery near his place, but I assumed they’d have some.  Entering, I spotted a cashier who looked like he was a hundred years old. He smiled at me as I approached, looking for gum. I spotted a pack by the counter, but I didn’t recognize the brand.

“What’s this?” I asked him.

He replied, with only a trace of an accent, “Anti-smoking gum.”

“Oh, I don’t smoke.”

“Regular gum is over there,” he pointed, “but maybe you want that for someone else?”


“Sometimes it’s good to stop an addiction, even if it’s replaced by another.”

“How does it work?”

“Give them a piece, they won’t even think about smoking for hours.”

I was sceptical. I grabbed some Trident, and then looked at the original pack.

“How much for both?” I asked.

“Three twenty-five.”

“Sure, why not.”

I got home before her. I was thinking about the gum, and if I should even bring it up. I waffled back and forth, until she burst through the door. She had a stressful job, and usually came home wired.

“Hi,” she said with all the happiness she could fake. “What a day. I need a smoke. I know it bugs you, but I need one.”

“Have you tried chewing gum instead?”

“Yes. It doesn’t cut it.”

“Give it one more try. I’ve got gum, right here. Chew for two minutes, and if you still want a smoke, I’ll never bring it up again.”

She sighed, clearly not pleased with my offer. But she had always been polite, so she reluctantly agreed. I passed her a piece of the grocery store’s special gum. She promptly started chewing, lightly and slowly, so she didn’t sound like a cow. She plunked down on the sofa and I took the recliner beside it. I watched the clock as a minute ticked past.

“You know,” she said, “it’s actually working. I don’t want to smoke right now.”

“That’s great,” I replied.

“Did you turn the heat up?” she asked.

“No, why?”

“I just, feel hot, that’s all. I better take off my sweater.”

She removed it quickly, revealing a tight, collared shirt that clung to her breasts and showed off just a tease of cleavage.

This was odd behavior for her. It almost seemed like she was flirting with me.

“Mind if I put some music on?” she asked.

“Nope,” neither of us were big TV fans, but we had a good wireless sound system set up. She pulled out her iPod and started searching for music. After a few seconds, she started up a playlist. The Rolling Stones were up first, with “Let’s Spend the Night Together.”

“I think I’m going to have some wine,” she said, “Want a glass?”


She headed to the kitchen, while I tried to puzzle out what was going on. She was acting strange ever since… ever since she’d tried that gum. Could that be it? 

She returned with two glasses of wine. She had always been a wine snob, and one of her sticking points was not to fill the glass. Here and now, the wine was close to spilling over it’s brim.

“Here you go,” she said, handing me a glass, “Let’s have a toast.”

“To what?”

“To… trying new things.”

We clinked glasses. That’s when I noticed, she wasn’t wearing her bra anymore. She must have taken it off and left it in the kitchen. I could see her nipples, which looked rock hard, jutting against her shirt. Then, she drained her glass in one go. I took a big gulp, but left most of it in the glass, for now.

“Lightweight,” she giggled.

“Are you trying to get me drunk, and take advantage of me?”

“I always find it’s better to take advantage of people who are mostly sober. Too much booze, the sex sucks, wouldn’t you agree?”

“Uh… yes, yes I would.”

“Good,” she said, with a look in her eye that was making me horny, and hoping I was reading her signals right. She moved in close… then stuck her hand down the front of my jeans to grab my, already hard, cock!

“Nice,” she said, “But do you know how to use it?”

“Oh hell yeah.”

She took hold of my cock with her one hand, and opened my jeans with the other. I pulled my shirt over my head as she pulled down my pants, and underwear with them. I stepped out of them as quickly as I could and, almost as quickly, she was on her knees.

“Here, hold this,” she said, passing me her wad of gum. I took it, gross as it was, because I knew what was coming next. She leaned in close, then stuck her tongue out and ran it up the bottom of my cock head. It felt amazing. I’d often dreamed of having sex with her, but the real thing was looking to be even better than I’d imagined.

Opening wider, she took my cockhead fully into her mouth. Clamping her lips tight she started swirling her tongue, all around the head. It felt so warm, and soft, my dick was already twitching. Then, with a sexy slurp, she drew my entire cock in, well into her throat. I’d known she was good, now I was getting a proper demonstration. Her mouth was like velvet, warm, soft, and she was damn talented. She kept going, sliding almost completely out of her mouth, and then bobbing forward to take me deep inside her once again.

“That feel so good,” I managed to say as my mind started surrendering to the pleasure of her mouth. She looked up to me, as she sucked, with beautiful, lustful, maybe even slutty, eyes.

I could feel the pleasure building, as she sucked me like a pro.

“I’m gonna cum,” I gasped, “You want it?”

She looked up and managed to nod a little, then sped up even more. I moaned. She made an “mmm” sound as I did. It was so good… so good…

I exploded in her mouth. Cum pumped out of me hard and long, just like my cock. I had to lean against the recliner to keep myself standing. I was breathing hard and my eyes closed involuntarily. It took me a few moments to recover…

“That was…” I tried to say, “that was… wow.”

I opened my eyes, then opened them wide. She was standing before me, naked. I’d seen her in a bikini, so I knew how spectacular her breasts were. But seeing them in all their glory was enough to start me drooling. And her pussy? It was shaved into an airplane strip, and I could see her juices flowing down her legs. My cock was still rock hard. I tossed the gum she had given me in the trash and just stared at her for a moment, drinking in this incredible site.

“Would sir like to fuck me?” she asked.


“God yes,” I replied.

“Shall we go to my bedroom, or yours, sir?”

“Yours,” I decided quickly; mine was a mess.

She beckoned me with her finger, then turned and headed down the hall, swaying her ass deliberately, then turning back and flipping her hair. I hurried after her.

Just moments later we were in her bed and, for the first time, we were making out. She tasted of me, but I didn’t care. I caressed her spectacular breasts with my hands first, then licked and sucked on both nipples in turn. Her flesh was delicious, ever so salted with sweat. I moved my tongue between her breasts then licked down, moving as I did, to run my tongue from her breasts to her belly button. I gave it a kiss, then jumped straight to my goal. I stuck my tongue into her pussy and began lapping and swirling. I was rewarded with a long, soft, moan.

“Oh sir, do whatever you want with me, please, I beg you.”

Now she was begging? I pushed my tongue into her cunt, as deep as I could, then released the pressure and slid up to her clitoris. She let out an “ooh” of joy as I lapped against her bud, then swirled my tongue all over it.

“Oh god,” she said, “I need to cum, please sir, may I cum?”

Why was she asking?

“Uh yeah, of course, go ahead.”

“Please make it an order, sir.”

“Cum, cum now, I order it.”

She suddenly howled with pleasure, her head bucking back as she temporarily lost control of her body. She shuddered all over her entire body and let out a long moan of pure pleasure. She panted, then made some incoherent sounds that were probably meant to be words.

“Did you enjoy that?” I asked as she wound down a little.

“With sir’s permission, yes. Would sir like to fuck my pussy now? Please, sir.”

“Of course.”

She grabbed a bottle of lube from her bedside table and applied a generous dose to her vagina.

“How would you like to take me, sir?”

I considered for a moment.

“Face down, ass up,” I replied.

“As you wish.” She climbed on the bed and turned, putting her head into the pillow, leaving her legs, her ass, and her pussy, on display. I quickly kneeled behind her. My cock was still rock hard and ready to go. 

“Oh sir,” she said, almost pleading, “I need your cock inside me.”

She didn’t need to ask me twice. I slide forward, planted my cock at her opening, then thrust in, hard. I wasn’t much for starting slow, so I started thrust, balls deep on the way in, then almost totally out. She oohed in pleasure, so I thrust again. A louder ooh this time. Now was the time to really give it to her. I started pounding her pussy, hard and fast, driving her like a jackhammer. 

“Oh yes, oh god, oh wow,” she gasped, breathing hard.

“You like that?” I asked.

“Fuck me hard, sir. I love it when you fuck me hard.”

I obliged, immediately. I grabbed her hips for leverage, and slammed my cock into her well lubed cunt, as hard as I could. I thrust in and out, over and over, as her moans came louder and faster.

“May I cum, sir?” 

She was asking permission to cum, again? This was turning into some kind of crazy dream, but I sure didn’t want to wake up.


“Go ahead, babe, cum.”


Her 'ohs' and 'ahs' sped up even more, until they merged into one continuous litany of lust. At last, she pushed back on my cock and let out a cry of utter joy.


“How was that?” I asked.


“Amazing,” she said between pants. She continued, “Now sir, take my ass, too.”


I’d only fucked one girl up the ass, ever, but it had been awesome. Now I had a gorgeous, willing, beauty ready to open for me. I figured I had enough lube on my cock already, but I knew I’d need to take this one more slowly. I placed my cockhead against her rosebud. 

“Yes, please, fill me up, sir.”


I slowly pushed forward, parting her. My cockhead broke her sphincter and poked inside. It was so tight, and so warm, I almost came right there. But, I wanted this to last.  I started inching my cock further up her asshole. 


“Oh yeah,” she said, “That’s what I need.”


Deeper and deeper my cock went in, feeling better and better with each inch. She was so tight, but I lubed up enough to slowly, gently, push more and more of my cock inside her.


“Oh yes,” I whispered, “You are so hot.”


“Hot for you, all for you.”


I reached almost balls deep inside her before I slowly pulled back. It was like her flesh didn’t want to let go and I slid slowly out, then a little faster back in. I fell into a rhythm, sliding in and out, a little harder and faster each time. 


“Fuck my ass, fill me. Make me your fucktoy.”


I swear, my cock grew even harder as she said this. I kept thrusting into her final hole.


“Cum in me,” she said, practically begging for it.


“I will.”


“Cum in me, make me yours, complete me.”


Her words kept making me even hotter for her. Here I was, shaft deep into her ass, and somehow, she was making me hornier still. 


“Please cum sir, I want it, I need it, I love it.”


I could feel it getting closer. It was rare for me to cum twice in one day, but I was damn certain I was about to.


“Oh yeah,” I breathed, “I love your ass.”


“Then cum, please sir, please cum. I need to please. Please let me please.”


That was all I needed as an orgasm washed over me so hard I almost fell over. My cock was spurting cum like a firehose. Then I heard her cumming too, just seconds after I did. The spasms that rocked her body only made her ass contract wonderfully on my, still hard, dick.


“Thank you Master,” she said, “Thank you for making me yours.”


“I…” What was there to say.


“Usually I smoke after sex,” she volunteered, “but I don’t need cigarettes anymore, I just need your dick.”




“May I clean your wonderful cock, Master.”


“Grab a washcloth and you can scrub me down.”


“As you wish,” she said and sauntered to the bathroom, showing off her well fucked ass as she went.


His head was a blur. Could the gum have done this? Was it magic or something? There was only one way to find out. There was an anti-smoking help group he’d suggested to his roommate, or perhaps sextoy was now a better description. Perhaps he should attend, and see if any of the woman there would like some gum.



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