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Nanotech III

by eaglenest

Chapter 3

I am laying there in excruciating pain my groin my head I hardly could think of anything else.

Doctor A Jimmy I have a confession to make to you while you are still you. This is the 3rd treatment of the nanobots. The first one was at the gym to make you sleep and forget our meeting. The second was in your apartment this treatment caused you to wet the bed. I had to get your attention to get you in here today.

I don't understand all this so I wet myself ?

Doctor A no Jimmy you are going to be my new friend we are going to have so much fun together.

But doctor Alex I am not gay.

Doctor A don't worry about that you belong to me now

Just then I realized the straps where not just for the pain.

Doctor A you see Jimmy I work for the governmen on a secret pr piogramYou mean like Mkultra ?

Doctor A Mkultra was like baby steps we can get anybody do anything we want. I have neeI ds and you are going to help with that

I am sure if I was not in so much pain I would be really scared.

As doctor A keep on talking about what he does for the government O felt my bladder let loose. But unlike last time when I was in control it was almost like someone else was wetting the diaper i had no co tell at all. I now know why I was out in such a huge diaper must ave owed for minutes, not surprised I was in so much pain. The diaper looked like a baloon ready to pop. The pain in my groin was a little better.

Doctor A continued to talk about his work in the secret project and the things he would get operatives to do almost super human.his went on for another  5 or 10 minutes or so when I felt my bowls let loose with out any control. I was horrified, but the pain was a little better.

Doctor A what wrong Jimmy I know you are in a lot of pain.

I just s..t myself that not what I ever wanted

Doctor A it not what you want Jimmy I am going to give you the full AB/DL  and a whole lot more. That good you s..t pissed  yourself means the nanobots  are taking over. Unfortunately the brain bots take longer and if I keep you awake it will mean much more pain, I will give you something to sleep.

All this was very disturbing to me but the pain was preventing me from thinking straight. Most of the pain was now in my head but my penis and testicals where feeling like they where on fire.

Doctor A I am going put  you out now Jimmy I will see you on the other side. So looking forward for our play time. Oh you will not remember this just too painfull for you


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