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Avril's sex life is taken out of her hands and to her work place.

by devilsfucktoy

Avril's sex life is taken out of her hands and to her work place.

The Soft Sub – Part 2


Avril woke and rolled over to look at Bobby who, was still asleep, and all the events of last night came flooding back. Avril lay there reliving the pleasurable torments after they arrived home where Avril had cum as the car rolled up the drive way, and was made to relinquish her clothes and give Bobby a blow job naked on the front steps with the balls on high, threatening to make her cum again. As she swallowed Bobby’s cum, he pulled her inside, removed the balls and led her to bed and tied her arms to the bed board. He ate her out till she shook all over and fell into a blissful sleep. Now Avril realised her arms had been untied and she felt clean, which meant Bobby must have cleaned her as well as servicing her last night. As Avril remembered the entirety of last night, Bobby awoke and as he set his eyes upon her spoke, “hi babe it must be breakfast time” while gently pushing her head down to his ridged cock.

After Avril swallowed Bobby’s seed she looked up at him with a grin and asked what she should wear to work. Bobby advised with a slight grin he would pick as she had a shower and, with that, gently pushed Avril out of bed and towards the shower.

After Avril got out of the shower she looked at what was laid out on the bed for her, a black knee length skirt with a satin under lay and a dark purple satin blouse. She slipped into both a put on light purple makeup and black high heels. Bobby smiled as Avril walked into the kitchen, but said, “Add black lip liner”. As she turned around he stepped up behind her, reached around and undid one more button on her blouse reached in and pinched one of her nipples. As Avril applied a thin line of lip liner and glanced at her full reflection she realised these small changes made her look more sensual then what she would normal do for work and without, the safely of underwear, made Avril feel somewhat exposed.

As Avril sat down to eggs on toast, Bobby put his knee between Avril’s legs and told her, her legs either had to stay like this or crossed if she was at her desk and he would contact her later. With this, he swept her into his arms for a deep kiss and pinched her nipples till they were noticeable bumps and bid her fair well.

Avril just sat down at her desk after lunch at which she felt some of the guys taking longer looks at her cleavage and standing slightly behind her so they could get a better look down her top, to which Avril realised, to anyone slightly taller then herself (which is most people), would include everything down to just before her nipples. And having her legs parted meant that if anyone bent down and looked her way if they not able to see her pussy they would certainly see more then they should, so she kept her legs crossed a lot; if anyone had seen although could not see pussy, it would be quite clear that she was not wearing underwear. As she looked at her email she noticed one from Bobby and began to read:-

Hi Sex Slave,
I imagine with the extra attention you are receiving today rule no. 4 may be becoming a little bit of a struggle. But I’m going to be evilly nice and let you satisfy yourself but you have to do it at your desk. So slip your hand down to your lap and caress yourself with the satin. I will call you in 30mins to tell you how to stop and IF you can cum.
Master Bobby

As Avril finished reading this she realised with a shock that she was hornier then she had even noticed and her hand was already sliding the satin slowly over her clit. Thankfully no one asked anything of her, until the phone rang; Avril nearly breathed “Hello” into her phone in her aroused state, only thinking of Bobby. It was another colleague. Avril managed to pull herself together and get through the conversation, though talking to someone unaware (she hoped) of what she was doing just made her shiver and her body jumped to the edge as the phone rang again. This time it was Bobby and Avril sighed in relief. In little over a whisper Avril told Bobby about the looks and the phone call which made Bobby grin, “when the next guy who is below your rank starts walking your way, bite your lip and pinch your clit and let yourself cum”. Bobby hung up without another word leaving Avril trying not to gasp for breath at what she was going to do.

Right then one of the newer guys Dan appeared and headed towards her she bit down and started to cum she did not make a sound but started to shake just a little. As Dan reached her desk she was composed enough to speak but still felt totally spaced. And as they talked she did not even think to care that her nipples were hard and showing through her blouse and as Dan finished talking he walked off behind her and took a good look down her top to where he could clearly see Avril’s nipples.

The rest of the day passed in a blur. Finally Avril stepped through the front door, stripped, and continued through to the lounge. Bobby slid up behind her pinned her arms behind her with one hand and slid his other hand around her to just under her tits and pulled her tight to him. Avril just relaxed and lent into him and let him squeeze and pinch the under side of her tits as she rapidly got wet.

As Avril relayed what occurred after Bobby hung up, she felt Bobby get hard at imagining the display she put on for her co-worker and her embarrassment. As Avril started to grind back against Bobby he pushed her away and spun her around to face him, “Please fuck me”. “After that little display of dominate behaviour I feel a punishment is in order” Bobby says as he grins down at Avril. She whimpers a little and smiles shyly back at him. Unknown to Avril, Bobby came home early to set up a few different surprises for them to play with and decided now would be a perfect time to show off the first device he installed.

He walked forwards forcing Avril to walk backwards to the centre of the room. Bobby reached over to the couch and picked up what looked like a fine fishing rod with a hook on the end. Letting Avril go, Bobby used the stick to reach up to the roof and release a little catch, which released a jumble of ropes and what looked like a pulley system. Bobby positioned Avril’s arms straight out in front of her and attached thick leather cuffs to each wrist, “this is a new toy I found today which I thought we could enjoy. It has many options, features and attachments. He “grins” simply, I can restrain you in many different ways, including the tightness of restraints”. At this, Bobby began fiddling with one of the pulleys which forced Avril to raise her wrist straight above her head. Bobby tucked the pulley close to the roof with the rod so it was out of Avril’s reach. Bobby slid away the rug under Avril’s feet which cause her to stand perfectly straight so her feet could still be flat on the floor and he revealed a couple of hooks with stiff ankle cuffs attached to them. At a comfortable standing width, Bobby locked them around Avrils ankles. Avril was astonished at Bobby for setting up this elaborate device and her mind was reeling at all the possibilities, for which she felt that she was still totally in the dark.

Bobby slid his hands all over Avril and inserted two fingers into her wet pussy and just held them there, which make Avril moan and try to sway to feel some friction. Bobby’s reaction to this was to pull away “ok, now to the punishment”. Avril’s eyes widened and Bobby exclaimed, “this not the punishment, this is just the setup”. Bobby pulled down a thin black plastic tube and attached it in a circle 30cm from Avril’s middle. He connected to it a metal ring with a motor and a long thick feather and set it to random. The feather started to go up and down, from her chin to knee. On the first circle it didn’t touch her pussy on the first pass, but reached both nipples and just touched her pussy from behind. Though on the second pass it swept directly over Avril’s clit, which made her moan. Bobby stepped up behind her and slipped a blindfold over her eyes so she could not prepare for where the feather was going to sweep over next. This increased Avrils gasps and moans two fold as Bobby walked out to the kitchen and started to prepare dinner and left Avril to enjoy her “punishment”.

As Bobby came back to lounge room just before dinner he was met by the delicious view of his slave with her head thrown back and her body slightly shaking while emitting a continuous moan. Bobby reached past the feather circle and inserted two fingers into Avrils dripping pussy, which was continually pulsing with orgasm. Bobby supported Avril’s head so she could see him and faintly whisper, “Can I service you”. With a smile Bobby whispered “that’s a good slave, but now I think it’s your turn”. And with that he disconnected the feather circle and stepped up to Avril and jammed his cock to the hilt and with vigour slammed in and out of Avril, whose pussy was still pulsing. As Bobby got closer the trembling turned to shaking and just as he started to cum Avril screamed and her pussy gripped his cock, milking it as Bobby held her close.

As they both came down Bobby released the binds and laid Avril on the lounge and went out to serve up dinner. Avril had composed her self enough to eat the chicken carbora penne pasta that Bobby placed on her lap. After dinner Bobby ran a bath for them had her wash him, then he left her to relax. Bobby was already in bed when Avril got out of the bath. As she slid into the bed Bobby reached out and pressed his fingers to her slit finding her still wet as she settled into a spoon position he slowly slid his cock into her and mumbled in Avril’s ear “don’t move, I want to feel you all night”.


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