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my diaper story

by bbyjay

how it all began

as far back as i can remember (age 6 or 7) i've been a bedwetter.my mom always got upset when i would tell her i wet my bed, even worse if i tried to hide it. it only happened once or twice a week until i was about 11 or 12 yrs old, it was then that it increased to 3 or 4 nights a week. mom took me to the doctor to see what was wrong with me medically, doctor said no medical issues were causing it, he said that i was just a deep sleeper and too lazy to get up to go. it wasnt long after that that my mom began to tell me "only babies wet the bed". i remember being embarrased about this and crying that i wasnt a baby. it wasnt long after that mom was watching my cousins an the younger one still wore diapers. i remember watching her change him and wondering what it felt like to get put in a diaper. it was then that my interest in diapers started. i remember not long after that that i foung a bag on top of the hamper in the hallway between me and my sisters room, i opened it up and found several pairs of nylon panties. i began to feel them and i loved how soft and nice they felt, so i snuck a pair of them to my room and put them on and that is when my panty fetish began. not long after i found the panties mom was watching my cousins again and i saw a bag of pampers next to the diaper bag. during the that day i managed to sneak 2 pampers to my room, and just before bedtime i got a pair of panties from the laundry basket in the hallway and went to bed. i remember taking my shorts off under my covers and putting the panties on around my ankles. then i got one of the pampers out an opened it and put it under me then pulled it up between my legs, oh how good it felt, i was instantly hooked. i pulled up the panties and went to sleep. the next morning my pamper was wet but my bed was dry. i snuck the wet pamper into the bathroom trash with the other ones from my cousin. that night i did the same as the previous night but when i woke up the next morning the diaper had leaked. mom came in and checked my bed while i was in it(like usual) when she hit the wet spot she pulled her hand out and told me to get up and strip the bed sheets and wash them. i tried to wait till she left the room but she was mad and yanked the blanket off of me and saw everything. there i was laying there in panties and a wet pamper. as i lay there crying she pulled me out of bed and put me in the corner so i couldnt get out of the room. she yelled at me to not move out of the corner or everyone would know about this and went downstairs but returned quickly. as i looked over my shoulder she pulled the sheets off my bed then put my dry blanket over the plastic mattress cover and told me to get on the bed. once i was laying on the bed she grabbed the diaper bag from just outside the door and told me i must be a baby because i was in a wet diaper and only babies wear and wet in diapers. as i lay there crying she put a pacifier in my mouth then pulled down the panties and changed my diaper like a baby. when she was done she told me if i wet again that she would tell everyone about this. that was the first time she put me in a diaper. over the next several months i found ways to hide my pants wetting, but also found that i wanted to poop my pants. that was a lot harder to hide, and a couple of times she found underpants i had wet and pooped in but cleaned them before she found them. eventually i began to buy small packages of baby diapers and would sneak them into my room to wear and use. when i was fifteen i was dog sitting for neighbor while they went on vacation. i went into the basement to get dogfood and saw a bag of huggies for her size 5 and got all excited. i fed the dog and then snuck upstairs to the babies room and put a diaper on and wet myself. over the next couple days  spent a lot of time "dog sitting".on the third or fourth day i got brave enough to put a diaper on and go out to play with the dog. while outside playing i had already wet my diaper and felt the urge to poop, the dogs play area was pretty hidden with a privacy fence so i pooped my diaper, it felt great to just go without hiding it. after a few minutes of playing in a poopy diaper i decided to go get cleaned up. after cleaning up i got redressed in my clothes and took the dirty diaper to the garage to hide it in the garbage and when i went in there, there was my mom, i was busted with a dirty diaper in my hand. she began to yell at me then asked if the diaper was just wet or did i poop my pants like a baby too, i admitted that i pooped in the diaper and cleaned up my mess. she then made me pull all the diapers i had used out of the trash, there was 5 or 6 in there, 2 were pooped in. she then took me back to the babies room, put me on the floor and diapered me like a baby. i walked back home in a diaper hoping no one would notice the diaper. when we got home she immediately grabbed her keys put me in the car and went to the store to buy diapers to replace the ones i had used at the neighbors, but she also bought 2 more bags for me to wear along with a baby bottle and pacifier. the next three days were spent being diapered like a baby, no toilet use allowed. after those 3 days i was still diapered at night for several more nights. these struggles with bedwetting, diapers, and being treated like a baby on occasion continued till i moved out when i was 18. i have lived on my own ever since, and mom and i have never talked about the diapers or acting like a baby again. i still wear diapers to bed every night, and occasionally during the day. i really enjoy the hypnosis for diapers,wetting, and age regression, they are a great way to relive stress and accept my diaper use and baby feelings. i hope you enjoyed the glimpse into my life, looking back while writing this made me think about regrets, though i have a couple minor ones, i wouldnt change anything,,,except my diaper.


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