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The Pantswetter Hypnotist

by pants421

Chapter 1

This story takes on some inspiration from The Hypnotist by TheUnthinker on DeviantArt, but changes some of the elements so that I like them more. I might write a part 2/? later if I’m up to it. This is already pretty long for what was supposed to be the first little bit of the story. I also know it’s not the most realistic hypnosis story, but whatever. Anyway...


“Oh, fuck.” Ashley woke up to soaked pants, and a saturated towel on her desk chair. 

This had been another successful run on a file she’d been working on, this one’s purpose was to take the subject down—with or without their consent—with a spiral pattern, and force obedience towards whoever shows the file to the subject. As a built-in test for the obedience, the file makes the subject wet themselves before waking up. 

Clearly, this file was working. 

Ashley liked that, she liked that a lot. 

Ashley is what you’d call an ADBL, having turned 20, she was still studying from home, but in the privacy of her room she’d been able to engage in her fetish she’d been growing more aware of in the past few years. She only half noticed her hand slipping it’s way down the front of her pants. 

A little moan escaped her lips as her fingers found the spot she likes, and she barely caught her sister standing across the room through her half closed eyes.

“Eve!? I—“ Ashley’s hand retreated and she squeezed her legs together to desperately try to hide her soaked pants, but her desk was small and made of glass, it would’ve been a miracle if Eve hadn’t seen what she was doing. 

“Did you...piss yourself? Are you...getting off on it? Oh this is rich.” Eve’s lips curled into a smile as she connected the dots. 

Eve loved to torment her younger sister. She usually never meant to mean her permanent harm, but an opportunity like this would be too good—too sweet—to ignore. 

Ashley was in full panic “I—no—I—” she saw Eve turn back to yell something down the hall. Only one idea came to her; in a panic, she reopened the file she’d just played and spun her laptop to face Eve “Eve wait, look!” 

Her sister turned to face Ashley, and to her relief, Ashley watched as Eve’s face softened. “Oh...” Eve whispered as her control was ripped from her conscious mind. 


She continued to stand there for a few minutes, frozen but relaxed. Meanwhile, Ashley remained equal and opposite. She watched and waited, tense and fighting back down her panic, until she saw a wet spot forming on Eve’s pants. 

“It worked,” Ashley breathed. 

Eve was less pleased. She blinked once, then went to move and looked down after feeling her newfound wetness. “What the ever-loving fuck!?” She screeched in panic. 

“Excuse you!” Ashley heard her mom call from downstairs. The sound of footsteps took her out of her frozen panic, and she quickly grabbed a blanket off her bed to cover her own accident. 

 Eve wasn’t so discreet. Turning towards their mother and fully displaying her accident for her to see. She began to speak but her mother cut her off. “Eve! We do not swear in this house! And why were you screaming to begin with?” She fumed. 

Eve was now stuttering worse than Ashley had been moments ago, but still never managed to get any words out before her mother glanced down and her fury rose. “And you’ve WET yourself? What’s gotten into you Eve? Grow up. Clean this mess up.” Her mother looked exasperated beyond belief. “I’m not afraid to put you back in diapers you know.”

Ashley’s mother didn’t even see her sitting at her desk before turning and going back downstairs. Had she, she might’ve noticed Ashley shiver at the mention of diapers. 

“Eve, come here.” Ashley said lowly. 

Eve heard her, and though she still looked incredibly embarrassed, found her legs moving towards Ashley. “You! You little brat, what did you do to me? I’m gonna put my foot so far up your—”

Ashley cut her off, “you’re going to forget you ever saw me in me room today. You’re going to forget about the spiral I showed you on my computer and any commands I give you, and,” Ashley noticed how close her voice was to cracking, and steeled herself. “And, you’re going to forget how to control your bladder.” 

Eve looked at her for a minute, then a wave of calm seemed to wash over her face. “Are you cold Ashley? You’re wearing a blanked in June.”

Ashley began to smile, and beneath the blanket, touched the wet spot between her legs. “I’m fine Eve, now go clean up your mess.”


“Piss your pants for me.”

The boy’s face contorted, very confused, before growing panicked as he realized he was, in fact, wetting himself. 

Ashley laughed. She kept touching her breasts toward the camera and kept going.  “Oh you only thought I was going to make you cum?” She teased, “oh no. In fact, I think from now on you’re only going to be able to cum if you empty you bladder in your pants first.” She cackled and ended the call as the boy looked on at his webcam with terror written across his face. 

Ashley had been growing bolder with her hypnosis. This was her latest enjoyment: finding horny men on chat roulette, giving them the bait, hypnotizing them, then cursing them. It was devilishly fun. It was almost as fun as her other new pleasure. 

“Mom and Dad just left,” Eve said through her thumb as she walked into Ashley’s room. As if on cue, Ashley heard her car pull out and drive off for the day. “We’re alone now.”

“Great. Baby grows up.” Ashley said turning to face Eve. 

Ashley loved this part. She loved watching all the commands and changes lift off Eve as she realized how to be a complete adult again. The only thing she loved more was taking it all away. 

Over the past week or so Ashley had been making Eve’s bladder problems progressively worse. After two days of accidents her mom bought Eve pull-ups. Soon she was wearing them full time. After a visit to the doctor (who assured them both it was “just stress”) Eve was recommended to be put in diapers to make sure she didn’t leak on her bed, or worse, her pants. Ashley guessed Eve had less than 2 days before Mom put her in diapers full time. She had also made Eve feel compelled to keep her thumb in her mouth whenever she was alone or with Ashley. It was adorable to tease her new baby sister, but whenever Eve was allowed to remember, Ashley had to be careful she didn’t get strangled. 

An intelligent shine retuned to Eve’s eyes as she remembered that Ashley’s the reason she’s been acting this way. “You little bitch I’m gonna rip you in half for this you better get me out of this stupid diaper right now I am not a baby you—” 

Ashley was only half listening, “thumb,” she said, feigning disinterest. 

Instantly, Eve’s mouth closed around her thumb, though her muffled words kept going for a second. She looked down, slightly panicked at her sudden silence. 

“Haven’t you learned yet? I’m the one in control here. If I want you to pee yourself, you will. If I want you to forget how to count, you will. If I want you to forget how to walk, I only have to say the word. So speak carefully.” Ashley smiled up at Eve. “You can take your thumb out of your mouth again if you’re going to be nice now.”

Eve slipped her thumb out and opened her mouth uncertainly, then began to speak. “I’m sorry I’ve picked on you, but you’re the younger one, I’ve never done anything like this to you. Ashley, please,” Eve looked pleadingly at Ashley now. Ashley loved it. 

“That’s more like it. But actually, I’ve got a better solution for now, look at the screen sis, I’ve always wanted to see what it’s like having a real baby sister.” 

Eve yelped at the last bit but couldn’t resist turning to the screen. A bit of drool immediately begin to drip down her chin as Ashley got up and slid a chair beneath Eve, who slumped into it, eyes glassing over. 


Peering carefully at her computer screen, Ashley saw that the program had completed. 

“Perfect,” she said. “How’re you doing, baby?” She turned to look at Eve, who had turned glassy eyed and was sucking on her thumb. 

Eve looked up, that sparkle of intelligence was very much gone again. She mumbled unintelligently through her thumb. 

“Wow, she really is totally gone now, huh,” Ashley thought to herself. “I hope her pull-up isn’t too full; I’m not cleaning it for awhile.” 

Ashley helped Eve down to the floor, then laughed to herself and she watched her crawl around as if the world of Ashley’s room was a brand new place to her. Ashley relished this power she was discovering. She had reduced her sister to a helpless baby, and with barely any resistance. The file was designed to strip them of all their thoughts and memories, leaving them with essentially the brain of an 18 month old. This was the furthest she’d ever gone with regressing Eve—or anyone for that matter. The power that she held was tantalizing, it was...hot. She glanced down at Eve’s pull up. It was so cute, stretched across her sister’s butt; it looked like it was still fresh, though Ashley wasn’t sure how long that would be the case. 

As if on cue, she saw some of the padding darken, until a thin stream of pee ran down Eve’s leg. “Wow,” Ashley thought. “I really took it all away from her. She really has no control.” Small tingles wormed their way through her body at that thought. 


Ashley began to bounce back and forth from watching Eve, to working on her files. She’d improve her obedience tracks, how quickly she could pull the subject into a malleable trance, stick a hand in her pants, check up on baby Eve, then go back to the file, up until she heard the door open. “Shit. They’re home early.” 

Ashley turned back to Eve, who was currently very intently sucking on her smallest toe. “Baby grows up.” She commanded Eve. 

Eve didn’t seem to hear. 

“Baby grows up,” Eve said, a little louder. 

Eve looked up, a drooling grin on her face. 

Ashley was a touch dumbfounded. Every command had worked on Eve, why wasn’t she listening now? Was this a prank? Had Eve been pretending the whole time and was now messing with her? No, there’s no way. Why wasn’t she listening now? Had the file not worked? No, the file had clearly worked—she’s been acting like a baby all day, she has the mind of a—

She has the mind of a baby. A baby of less than two years. Helpless, drooling, and definitely unable to understand words. 

Ashley had returned her sister to babyhood, seemingly permanently. 

And now her mom was headed up the stairs. 

Ashley couldn’t react fast enough as her mom entered the room, and saw a very wet Eve, sitting on the floor and a increasingly panicked looking Ashley. 

“Eve? Ashley? What’s going on?” Mom asked, looking a little frightened. 

“I, um” Ashley began, stuttering. Mom couldn’t find her out, especially not after what’s happened to Eve. “Shit, I—I guess Mom’s gonna have to be like Eve.” Ashley though, quickly clicking on her obedience file and ducking so that her mom would be looking straight into her screen. 

“Oh,” Ashley’s mom’s jaw became slack as the screen took her. 

“Great, at least Eve’s got a babysitter now,” Ashley thought. “Time to go get Dad too.”


A day later, Ashley was wondering why she hadn’t hypnotized her parents earlier. They never bothered her. They made her food. They still went to work and were just told to act normal. They took care of baby Eve when home, and Ashley had their credit cards, whatever she wanted off the internet was hers. Speaking of which, some of the more ABDL diapers she expressed ordered had just come in the mail. 

Ashley plunked the pink plastic diaper bag down on the kitchen table, and brought one over to where Eve was playing with a (very old) dolly. Ashley had tried for the rest of yesterday to bring Eve back to some semblance of normal, but to no avail. It seemed Eve might be looking at growing up all over again. She’s been acting like an unusually safe toddler, as if her instincts on not doing dangerous things are still intact, just that she’s forgotten all use of words, sense, and the toilet. Unfolding the diaper, Ashley admired the pretty pinks and whites that would certainly last longer than the pull ups her baby sister had blazed through. 

Finishing up, Ashley looked at the package of diapers, and back at Eve who was now changed. That was her dream. She had looked over the pull ups her mom had gotten for Eve, but had never tried them on. She had been too afraid of getting found out, even though she realized how unlikely that would be. But now, who was going to find her out now? 

Gingerly, she went over and reached out and ripped the plastic open further. A few diapers spilled out onto the table. Ashley found herself picking one up. She had spent so many nights touching herself, thinking about what it’d be like to be back in diapers—how humiliating, how intoxicating. 

Then, right there in the kitchen, she began pulling her pants down, and opening up the diaper. Kicking off her panties she sat down on the diaper and began to tape it on herself. Each sound it made, the crinkle, the tear of the tape, sent those same electric tingles all through her body. Here she is, a grown girl, pulling up a massive, crinkly diaper onto herself. Her heart is racing. It’s so puffy when she squeezes her legs together—they can’t touch like they normally do.  

With her ears burning bright red, Ashley stands, wearing nothing but a crop top, and taped into her first diaper since she was in elementary school. Then she realizes she needs to pee. Her ears feel like they’re on fire, could she do that? Oh, how she wants to. She begins to feel a different kind of wet just thinking about the idea. 

Ashley shifts her weight around in place—she’s never peed standing up before. But no sooner than as she started to relax herself, the doorbell rang. 

“Huh?” Ashley wondered, then it hit her. She had made a study date with her friend Daisy a week ago. She had been so preoccupied with her newfound circumstances that she’d completely forgotten about school altogether—let alone studying. Conflicted, she decided she’ll have to hypnotize her friend too. Hastily, she pulls up her pants as best she can, leaving an incredibly telling bulge (and a very noticeable waistband peeking out over her belly), and heads to the door. 


Letting Daisy in, Ashley quietly locks the door behind her. 

“Hi Daisy!” Ashley says a bit too loud, beckoning to her laptop sitting on the kitchen table, and trying to hide her anxiety about not just the padding between her legs. “I uh, have something to show you.”

“What is it? Our midterm is on Wednesday and we really need to get studying. Are—are those diapers?” Daisy asked, starting to move across to the diapers laying on the other side of the table.

“No! I—it’s uh, about those actually—” Ashley panics. “I need to hypnotize you!” She blurts out, panic rising in her chest. 

Daisy spins towards her. “You need to...what?” She exclaims, then looks past Ashley and sees Eve patting her fresh diaper, drooling in the living room. “Ashley! What’s going—ohh...”

Daisy sighed and her whole body started to relax as her eyes settled on the laptop screen, completely drawn in to the spinning shapes. 

In Ashley’s panic, she had—again—not had enough time to pick the right file, and spun her laptop around with one from her obedience folder, not completely sure what it would do. 

Ashley looked back to Daisy and saw her eyes looking heavy, and a wet patch growing on her pants. Startled, Ashley, shielding her eyes from the dangerous part of the screen, read the title of the file: “obedient_dumb_pantswetter.hyp”

“I guess the study date won’t be going through,” thought Ashley. But that wasn’t all she started thinking. 

Looking at her once prestigious and academic friend, now reduced to a pantswetting little girl, Ashley began to feel her own diaper grow warmer. She had just reduced her friend to nothing, and she was excited by it. Her hand found it’s way to the front of her diaper, overcome with lust.

Standing there, Ashley looked as Daisy, dumbly staring at her laptop screen. Her thumb had found its way to her mouth. Ashley’s eyes drifted downward towards Daisy’s pants, which were now soaked with her accident. Ashley was further reminded of her own diaper, and began to let herself relax. 

As her diaper filled with her first accident in well over a decade, Ashley was overcome with the most incredible sensations she’d ever felt. All the power she had, she could take from others their very will, and yet she was just a girl still having accidents in her diapers. As the rubbing of her soaking diaper came to a climax, Ashley realized what she wanted to do next. 

“Go put on a diaper, baby Daisy,” Ashley commanded. “You’re not going to be the last person I hypnotize today.”




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