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Little Self Script

by hypnosislover1995


Hello. It’s nice to see you again. I hope your doing well. Please, make yourself comfortable and relaxed… Just like that. Yes, such a good little one. So obedient, so relaxed, so comfortable. I’m going to put you into trance, but I can only do that if you let me. Trust me, trust your big sister. You have nothing to fear.

Take a deep breath in. Inhale.

And let it out. Exhale.

Good, good. I’m so proud of you. Let sissy take you deep into trance. OK?

Feel a relaxation start at your feet. Feel your toes go numb and your feet tingle. So warm, so comfortable. Now tense them hard as you can. Tense tense tense. Hold it just a bit longer…. And let them fall limp. Such a relief, let your feet just fall away. Allow them to become heavy and sink into relaxation.

Now let that relaxation flow upward, up to your knees, enveloping your calves. Feel warm and comfortable, nice and relaxed. Now tense your calves, not to the point of pain, just enough to draw all tension that has built up over the day. And relax. Let all the tension in your lower legs just drain away. Go deeper and deeper in to relaxation, sinking further into oblivion. 

Let the relaxation continue to build, going deeper and more into trance. Good. You’re doing great little one. Let sissy relax you. Don’t worry about anything else but going into trance.

Now let that relaxation flow upward, from your knees to your hips. Feel so warm and relaxed and nice. Keep floating deeper and deeper into trance. Let your thighs tingle with relaxation. So comfortable. Now, tense your thighs, let all the tensions of the day gather. And release. Let all of the tension fall away and disappear.

You’ve been doing so well, behaving so obediently, you’re such a good baby. Breath with sissy, ok? 

Breath in…. Inhale

And out…. Exhale

In… Inhale

And out Exhale

Your lower half is so relaxed, so warm, so deep in trance. 

Tense your entire lower half. From your waist to your cute little toes. Stretch them to their limits. And relax. Allow your lower half to fall completely limp. You’re so warm, so deep in trance. Fall further and further into trance.

Let that relaxation flow upward, filling up your tummy. Let it tingle with relaxation. And tense it. Tense your tummy, drawing all your tension into it, tense tense tense,  and then relax it. 

Float deeper and deeper into trance. So warm, so relaxed, so deep. Sissy is so proud of you.

Let that relaxation continue, continue to flow upwards, up it your shoulders but not spilling into your arms. Just let your chest relax. Let it decompress after doing its job so well. And tense it. Tense as hard as you can, drawing all the energy into your chest. And let it relax. Just fall limp and calm. So nice, so warm, so relaxed.

And now your arms. Let a wave of relaxation start at your fingertips. Let it flow all the way up, up into your shoulders. Feel a tingle of relaxation begin, so warm, so nice, so deep. Now tense your arms. Clench your hands into fists and flex your arm muscles. Draw all the tension in. Tense tense tense. And let them fall limp. So relaxed, so comfortable, so warm, and deep in trance.

We’re almost to your head, almost ready to go completely into trance. Your body is so warm, so relaxed, so calm. Sissy is so proud of you. You’re doing so well baby. So good.

Let your head relax. Feel a tingling in your scalp. Let your face go limp. It’s so nice, so warm. And now, tense your head, scrunch up your face, draw all the remaining tenseness from your body into your head. And when you relax, allow yourself to fall deeper and deeper into trance. Relax, feel all your tensions drain away. 

Aww, what a good obedient baby. Continue to fall deeper and deeper into trance. 

Take a deep breath in…..

And let it out…

Good, good. Let yourself fall more and more into trance.

In a moment I'm going to relax you more completely. I'm going to begin counting backwards from 10 to 1.
When I say the number 10, you will, imagine yourself at the top of a small set of stairs.
When I say the number 9, and each number after, you will begin to walk down those stairs relaxing more and more completely. At the bottom of the stairs is a large, soft, and warm crib, with large and soft and warm blankies.
And when I say the number one you will simply sink into that crib, burrowing into the warm blankets.
Ten, stand at the top of those stairs.
Nine, relax and letgo.
Eight, sink into a more comfortable, calm, peaceful position ...
Seven, take a deep breath in…. And out...
Six ... going way down … deeper and deeper into trance
Five ... moving down those stairs, relax more and more completely.
Four …  going deeper and deeper into trance.

Three ... breathe in deeply ...and let it out
Two ... When I say one, simply sink into that crib, become more calm, more peaceful, more relaxed ...
One ... Sinking into that crib, let every muscle go limp and loose as you sink into a more calm, peaceful state of relaxation. So warm, so deep in trance. 

Your doing so well, making sissy so proud. From now on, whenever I say deep or deeper, you will fall twice as far into trance. From now on, when I say deep or deeper, you wall fall twice as far into trance.

I hope your cribs comfy, you are such a good baby. Can you say that? On the count of three, whisper “I’m a good baby”. One. Two. Three.

Yes you are. You make sissy so proud. Fall deeper and deeper into trance. Deeply relaxed, deeply warm, deeply in trance.

Let’s leave your conscious mind in your crib. Let it continue to rest while we journey into your subconscious.

Sink deeper and deeper, finally allowing you subconscious to take control. Imagine a door in front of you. Open it and walk into a room. This is your subconscious. It looks exactly how you imagine it. 

Sink deeper and deeper into trance. Relax more and more completely. 

Walk into the middle of the room. Notice the floor isn’t solid. Instead it's a fluid thing, allowing things to sink deeply inside it, storing it below your conscious thought.

Let’s sink down. Let it envelop your feet up to your ankles. Surrounding them with a deep comfort. So warm.

Just float down. Down to your knees, just sinking slowly. Calmly being surrounded by warmth. 

Deeper and deeper to your hips. Your fingers playing with the liquid. So relaxed.

Up to your hips. Going deeper in your subconscious. So warm, so relaxed. Allow your arms to fall to your sides, being enveloped by warmth and relaxation as well.

Continue to sink. Up to your elbows. Deeper and deeper.

Now sink down, deeper and so relaxed. Up to your neck. 

Go deeper and deeper into trance. So warm, so comfortable, so relaxed.

Take a deep breath in and hold it. When you let it out, sink completely into your subconscious. Go the deepest you’ve ever gone. 

And let it go. So warm, so relaxed, deeper and deeper in trance.

Sink deeper and deeper into trance.



Sissy is going to make some changes little one. All I need you to do is relax and let big sister take control. Little babies like you don’t need to worry about big kid stuff.

Sissy noticed that you’ve been having trouble with calling yourself a baby. That’s alright, little one’s like you don’t know any better. That’s why sissy is here to help you.

From now on your mental image of yourself will be a little baby. When you refer to yourself in your thoughts, you won’t be able to call yourself a grown up.

Why would you call yourself a grown up? That’s a big fat lie, and sissy doesn’t like it when you lie. It makes you sad and scared. Babied like you aren’t allowed to lie. 

Fall deeper and deeper into trance. Allow your mind to float away

From now on you will accept that you are a little baby, a toddler at the oldest. Calling yourself a grown up would be absurd. It’s funny to imagine actually. Imagine that you, little baby you, go around calling yourself a grown up. It makes sissy giggle.

You won’t even notice it’s happening, it’ll just happen on it’s own. If you call yourself a grownup, an adult, or a big kid, it makes you sad and scared. 

Go deeper and deeper into trance. More and more comfortable. So warm, so relaxed. Deeper and deeper. 

If you call yourself a grownup, an adult, or a big kid, it makes you sad and scared. It’ll be a natural reaction to call yourself a little baby, repeating it in your mind until you calm down.

Deeper and deeper.

However, sometimes little one’s need to pretend that their big kids. It’s silly I know, but grown ups like to play their games too.

So whenever an adult asks if you are a little kid, you might say “No, I’m a big kid.” and feel alright, because it’s not a lie, you’re playing pretend.

Sissy is so proud of you. You wanna keep making sissy proud? Shift and stretch, relaxing your face.

More and more into trance. Deep into relaxation.

Calling yourself a little baby is natural. It comforts and relaxes you. It is the truth

 So warm and relaxed.

Being called a baby is so natural that your going to forget you ever called yourself an adult. After all, babies and little ones shouldn't lie.

Deep in trance?

In a moment, I’m going to wake you up and your going to forget this trance, going down, and even going back up.

Go deeper and deeper.

You are going to forget certain things before this file. Ever forget that you once called yourself a big kid. After all, you have always been a baby, why would you need to stop what you never started?

So warm, so relaxed, so comfortable. Deeply entranced.

Sissy is so proud of you. You are going to wake up knowing that you made your sissy the proudest Sissy in the world today. 

Still deep in trance.

You will call yourself a little one.

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