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Truckers Parking Area involves (male to male piss & shit)

by sweetsandnuts

Truckers Parking Area involves (male to male piss & shit)

It was a hot night in summer mid July 2002, we have a very notorious toilet
here in our area with overnight truck drivers using the lay by the toilets
are open 24 hours not what you would call clean but great for picking up
sex. It was about 2.30 in the morning I had been out to a party and had
quite a bit to drink in fact I should not have been driving but I lived too
far away to get a taxi so I took the chance. When I got there there were
only 2 trucks parked up for the night and I thought it was just too late
for anyone to be awake but as I passed the trucks heading down to the car
park where the toilets were I noticed both lights in each truck were on. I
approached the toilets and there was no one in at all but I was so horny I
would have just settled for a one off the wrist by myself. I sat back in the
car and waited just in case, and sure as eggs are eggs out of the truck came
this guy in shorts, no shirt, trainers unfastened, as though they were just
put on as slippers. He walked towards the toilet as he passed me he groped
his crotch. I smiled at him to let him know I was interested. Within seconds
he had took off the shorts and trainers and he was stood at the door
beckoning me to join him. I did not hesitate to when I got to the toilet he
was on his knees with his mouth open licking his lips I dropped my cock
directly into his mouth. He sucked it in and his tongue began to do its work
licking across the shaft and under the foreskin a true professional
cocksucker his tongue was like velvet. I hate it when people grope your cock
roughly and suck it hard and have no respect for gentleness. I undid my
trousers and let them fall to the floor his tongue was on my nuts sucking
them as softly and thoroughly as I have ever had them done for ages.

He was between my legs and his tongue was invading my shit hole he managed
to get really deep inside cleaning me out so well. It's too clean he said I
like them so dirty on my mouth and I can feast on what is there, what you
mean by dirty the dirtier the better he said I use my tongue to clean
anything he said. If you need a crap I could help you he said use me as your
toilet it's a bit messy I promise you will not leave in a dirty state I will
thoroughly clean you up. I stepped out of my trousers and proceeded to the
toilet, I dumped my guts and did not flush he was laying on the floor at the
base of the toilet he said come and lower your arse on my face and let me
clean you out. I was so unsure about this but I thought well I can always
clean myself and go if it turns me off, so I squatted over his mouth and his
tongue shot up my shitty arse. He was eating so fast he was sure to choke he
did not come up for air but I was so horny by his expert tongue that I
nearly came without touching my dick.

I looked down at him and his face and chin was smeared with shit from my
arse, suddenly I looked opposite and a shadow approached the door it arrived
without notice and it was too late to move and get away. This big figure of
a man stood before us and looked at us, the guy up my arse had not noticed
our company but I was frozen to the spot crouched down on this shitty face,
suddenly the new guy dropped his trousers to the floor and this enormous fat
cock fell forward absolutely stiff and erect he just started to piss on the
guy on the floor. Some of it was splashing on to me so I took off the
t-shirt I was wearing and tossed it towards my trousers. The guy on the
floor just noticed the guy who had joined us and he looked up and shuffled
from underneath me his face was coated with shit but my arse felt so clean
he leaned straight forward and engulfed the prick in front of him. He
swallowed the shaft deep back to his throat he was just so wet and the floor
around him was a puddle of piss the guy pulled out of his mouth and the new
guy told him to roll in the piss wash his face in the puddle and the 1st guy
did just as he was told.

Come on bill you can do better than that the new guy said, you know him I
said yes we have had sex many times and earlier tonight he drank from me at
the side of his truck. I knew he would be due for another drink before I
went to bed and as he was not in his truck I presumed he would be here.

He said his name was Adam I told him my name was Mark great he said now what
shall we do with this piece of shit he said dirty scumbag he is. I was so
horny that I would have done anything, although I don't mind a bit of water
sports, shit and all this was new to me. Adam was stripping off at this
stage although he did not have much on to start with just a tracksuit
bottoms and t shirt, he had a beautiful body all muscles he was say mid
thirties and a beautiful tanned body what I did notice was he had no hair at
all on his body not even on his legs or cock they were completely hairless.
So you dumped for the bitch did you as he was eating your shit hole, yes I
said, well Adam said to Jim I see there is more food for you down there as
he looked into the toilet bowl come on scumbag get down here for treats and
he pushed bills head into the toilet bowl where my shit was laying. bill was
gurgling in the water with Adams force of his head into the water bowl eat
it shit head he said eat it pick up a log between your teeth he demanded.
Jim came up with a turdy log between his lips now sit there in that corner
and be quiet and chew it down. Jim sat in the corner and chewed my shit like
a bar of chocolate. Now how can we have some fun do you like cock? He asked
me. Love it I said well get down here because I need to blow a load.

I put the thick humongous cock in my mouth but I could not get it all in, he
pushed the back of my head onto it and I nearly gagged on it nearly choking
me it was he humped and humped me as I knelt naked on the floor in front of
his prick. Ok. Cocksucker time for it to go up inside you or shall I fuck
shithead over here. I will ram it up him dry watch this bitch get fucked he
cries like a baby. Here shitface bend over to get fucked bill stood up and
bent over grease me first please as you always hurt me with that big thing.
Do you want fucking or not shitface? Yes came the reply but I need to be
lubed first, ok? Bend over and let's lube you up first. As bill bent over
Adam said I have some precum on my dick end I can lube your hole first
before I slip it in as he rubbed his wet cock against the hole he just
rammed it up in. The scream should have been heard from miles around as it
was deafening as Adam tore away at bills arse shut up bitch as the screams
became louder bill was pushed against the wall tears in his eyes your
tearing me he said it is too dry please no more no more take it out

Adam fucked him really hard and I was getting off on the pain of what bill
was suffering it was I presume being high but without the drugs. Oh god I
thought that could so easily have been my arse if I let Adam fuck me, I'm so
glad that I never offered but I nearly did. Bill's face was wracked with
pain is he all right I enquired of course he is this bitch loves it don't
you shit face. Are you ok? I asked bill yes its fine it is getting easier
now. Adam heard what he said well clench your butt cheeks then so you can
feel every vein in my cock invading the walls of your arse. Suddenly a large
smack on his arse cheeks altered his stance and you could see his arse
cheeks grip that stiff cock, that's it you good for nothing shit faced
bitch. Meanwhile I was wanking my cock as I watched this heavy scene before
me I could see bill and Adam were really get off on each other I noticed
bill was pissing from his dick and I engulfed his cock, as he was being
rammed by Adam and started to drink from his man fountain of piss.
It was delicious salty and pure as I lapped his piss down my throat. Adam
was really into fucking bill as it was being pulled out of him and being
slammed back up him, Adam was close to Cumming as his breath was getting
very heavy his eyes were rolling as he slammed the cock harder and harder
inside bill and suddenly the shout from Adam said take this hot load you
whore take my thick cum up you bitch I'm shooting man I'm shooting as he
came inside him with forceful thrusts there must have been a heavy load of
spunk coming out of his cock because the amount of thrusts pushing the spunk
out went on forever.

After he had finished humping him he pulled out and dragged him by the hair
to his knees and he said clean it and bill sucked the badly shit covered
cock into his mouth to be cleaned by bills mouth. I was bursting to cum, and
I could feel the orgasm throbbing up my dick. I went over to bills mouth to
empty my load, Adam stepped aside for me to use bills toilet mouth to empty
the cum, which was the biggest and longest cum I have ever had. This
pathetic man was covered in dried shit on his face and also cum drops on his
chin and lips and we both in unison Adam and I emptied our bladders onto him
we both picked up our clothes and left. I got to the car and got dressed it
was a very light night and not a sole about. I saw bill leave the toilet
naked and disheveled and he limped back to his truck to settle down for the
night he had cleaned himself up a bit he was limping from the big fucking he
had had. I left the car park past their trucks and they both waived as I
passed Adam was still naked outside his truck having a smoke. What a fucking
great experience.


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