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A new vacation part 2

by azimiut

Chapter 1

A new vacation part 2

As John and I stood there or as for now Mary stood there looking at me with an errection thinking of what happens next. I looked at her and asked so do I need to go play with this or are you going to help me out? "Hell no! We need to go get this straightened immediately" John replied. In normal jokes I have heard him say I told him this thing down here needs to be straightened out. He didn't think it was very funny. I started playing with my new found toy in front of him and started to get angry asking me to stop that. But the look on his face was different. I think he, well she now blushing a bit and noticed her nipples were getting hard. I walked over and before she knew it I gave her a light flick on her left breast. She gave off a little chirp of a squeal and jumped back. "Don't do that again!" She shouted as her face turned very red. "That felt weird. Just weird. We need to go to the front desk" she said. "Are you going naked or going to put some clothes on? I'm putting some shorts on but that's it" I told her. "Hell no I'm not going naked, I'm wearing my clothes. I can't wear that sexy stuff you brought." She put on a shirt and tried her best to wear some of his clothes but they were just too big and I could tell her nipples were definitely turned on rubbing on the shirt. She put on a bikini and wrapped a towel around her as we headed out to the lobby. 

The manager is there and John in my body starts getting more and more upset. The manager explains that we will both be this way for the rest of the vacation and need to find each other in each other. She explains how the process worked and how it has to be undone. "It is not as simple as waving a wand, well one of you will have you wand waved" the manager giggled. "For you to change back you will have to have sex everyday while you are here, no exceptions." 


The look on John's face was of terror. I was shocked as well and a bit worried. "Now go back to your room, your lunch is there. Sit, discuss, and relax. " as we walked back through the lobby john wanted to find some new non sexual clothing for his temporary body. I pointed out oh look the have the silver bikini for you. As I looked at it I was imagining what it would look on me, but on him as me. I could feel another erection coming on. I was a bit embarrassed and John knew what was going on. "We have to do this" I told him. 


We got back to the room and had a great lunch and john didn't say a word. I asked him to come over and sit next to me. He slowly got up and walked over then sat down and grabbed my hand. "I can't do this, it is just too weird" he said. Let's go take a shower together and try to relax I told her. He agreed. 


We go and get the water running and get ready. I told him with a smile he is going to have to take care of my body while he is using it. Shave your legs and no sunburns and keep it nice and tidy down there. I got that look, the same one I would give him. We got in the shower and I immediately had an erection. I couldn't help it. As we did our usual shower stuff I leaned in and put my arms around her waist. This time she didn't jump, she leaned back into me. I told her this feels good. She didn't reply. I slowly move my hands up and cupped her breasts. As I did that she tilted her head back letting the water run down her chest. I began kissing her neck just the was he would kiss mine. I slowly caressed her nipples which were quite hard, not as hard as my cock. I slowly grabbed her hands and turned her around. I could tell the look of passion on her face. I took her hands and guided them down to my cock. She hesitated for a moment but then grabbed a firm grip on it. I said woah there a little tight there babe. She said, "don't worry I know how this thing operates". I reached down between her legs and said  "I know how this thing operates too. lets go and show each other how to work it."

We got out of the shower and went to the bed. I told her she is going to be on top. That's the way we have always done it when we were ourselves. We have done many different positions but I figure start of slow this time. I laid down and she got up on top of me. As she guided me in could see the fear in her face as she bit her lower lip and let out some faint moans. I was very vocal before.  She slowly started thrusting as I penatrated more and more and she started getting a bit louder. It was an amazing feeling totally different from before. I didn't realize how little work I had to do and she was doing everything. I reached up and grabbed her nipples and gave them I little pinch. In the moans there was a little chirp of pleasure. As I came she was right there with me. The orgasm wasn't the same over pretty quickly. But she was all in. A few tears came down her cheeks as she finished. She was exhausted. We laid on the bed and quietly stayed there for almost an hour. We did not say anything. I slowly caressed her body and she slowly rubbed my penis. 


When we finally got up we got back in the shower to clean off. I asked if it was as good as you thought. "It was better than I could have imagined " she said.  We stood in the shower just letting the water run over us. We both had an glow of happiness. As I stood behind her rubbing her shoulders my erection was coming back. as she felt it poking her she was like "not again". I told her you should know, this is your dick that is always poking me. It has a mind of it own it seems. "yea you're right, I remember poking you all the time. Did you like it?" kind of, sometimes I just wanted to sleep, other times I was interested. are you interested? "not yet. this is a lot for me to take in. Maybe just the one time for today. I am exhausted" she said. 

We got out of the shower and went to go get dressed. again she complained about the clothes I chose to bring. Very small dresses, bikinis, only thongs for underwear of course. as she dug through my suitcase she found some other stuff. "what the heck?" Oh yea about that. I wanted to wear it for you, maybe you will wear it for me? "no way, this is really kinky". I was going to wear it for you, if I was still me and you were still you I would wear it. would you like to see me wear that whe we get changed back? "well kinda, but I couldn't wear this". I will help you put it on, you will need some help. It was a hot pink latex zipperless latex catsuit. I had tried it on with some help from my friend Sara who got me into secretly wearing latex. "perhaps later I will try. I still have to get over these clothes you brought that I need to wear infront of other people here." We both finished getting dressed. I had a t shirt and board shorts and she finally decided to wear the little flowery skirt barely covering her butt like a short school girl skirt and a bikini top. as she walked in front of me from the room I could not help it. here it came again. she turned and said you are doing it again and swatted at my penis. she hit it right on the tip, Oh god that hurts I yelled. 




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