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The Life-Changing Dare

by Chinchy

The Life-Changing Dare

Joseph sat at his computer, with a blank Word Document open. To be quite honest, this was all a bit of a shock to him. His friend, Kyle, had sent him a file earlier. The file was named “Curse Enchanted Keyboard”. Kyle had said that he'd used his editing skills to add in a certain clause that wasn't actually in the original file. Joe hadn't thought anything of it, so he accepted Kyle's dare.
He was to listen to the file twice a day for a week, and then he had to do anything he wanted. A strange dare, although Kyle was a bit odd. But now he felt like he was on his way to understanding why this was a dare. Although he still wasn't quite certain.
So he continued to stare at the blank page, so shocked and surprised that a spell had given his computer the power to turn any sentence that he ended with “the end” into a reality. Suddenly, Joe slapped himself on the head.
“Wait, I'm so retarded!” he said to himself, suddenly realizing what he wanted to type. He cracked his knuckles and typed in “I am a tiny bunny boy. The End” He practically jumped out of his seat as he felt something on his head. As horror and arousal washed over him, he glanced into the mirror-plated doors of the closet next to him. The skin on his head was getting... furrier! And it wasn't the color of his hair, either. His entire face was growing white fur! Not only that, but his ears were changing their shape. They lost the flat cup shape of a human ear and began to form into long, thin rabbit ears. “H...holy shit!” he said, now more aroused than ever.
And why wouldn't he be aroused? He'd always dreamed of this change! He'd always wanted to be a bunny boy! And if this file could turn him into an anthro rabbit... imagine how he could use it to change his personality! Joseph dove back into the chair, saved the file and began typing more, even as his fingers became less and less human.
“I have an obsession with turning into a female. The End”
Suddenly, Joseph felt another lurch. It wasn't just from the fact that his face had pushed out into a snout. It wasn't from his front teeth growing to form two adorable buck teeth. He now felt like his identity had changed....and he liked it! He felt a new need inside him. Why on earth was he male? Why on earth was he ever happy with being male? Good thing he'd at least changed that, for now he was no longer under the delirious impression that being male was fun.
He saved the file again, but practically fell forward as his feet grew into enormous rabbit feet. His hands flew forward to break his fall, accidentally moving the arrow onto the “X” button at the top and clicking it. “God damn it!” Joe said, rubbing his new feet. He reopened word and began browsing for the file he'd closed.
“Wait, what's this?” Joe asked himself as his eye came across a file he didn't recognize. It was named “Read After Hypnosis”. Joe opened it and began reading.

"Didn't recognize this file, did you, Joseph? Good! That means my dare worked! Remember that clause I said it added in? Well, you don't remember what the clause was. Basically, it rewrote your mind, making you think that you've always wanted to be a bunny boy. It also made you think you've always wanted the desire to be what's called a “sissy”. Well, this will surprise you, but you've actually never wanted any of that. Before you listened to this file, you were actually an anti-gay anti-furry. To be honest, I got fed up with that. But it doesn't matter now! Now we can be the best of friends! Oh, and just so you know, everything you type that ends with “The End” is permanent. Not that you're going to care.... anymore. Be sure to talk to me next time I'm online! I'd love to get to know the new Joe!"

Joseph blinked, his mouth agape. “Really?......Cool!” he felt a bit of anger come into him. He wasn't angry at Kyle, though... he was angry at his past self. That is, if he really DID used to be anti-gay and anti-furry. But that didn't matter now. All that mattered now was making himself more girlish.


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Very fun read :) Keep it up!

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