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The Master I Just Met

by Chinchy

The Master I Just Met

“No! Of course not! Why would you even ask that?” Andrew shouted at the woman sitting across from him. The woman, who was dressed in a very skin tight outfit that barely covered her, shrugged.
“Just asking. I ask all my friends that.”
“Friend? I'm not your friend. I just met you a half hour ago!”
“True, however I've got a feeling that you'll grow to like me. Man, it's so quiet here. Want some music?” The woman got up and put a CD in her stereo. However, nothing seemed to come out of the speakers. “Ah, damn thing must be busted again. Anyway, where did John go, again? I was hoping he could introduce the two of us a bit more.” The woman walked back over to the couch, sat down and stared at Andrew, who didn't even notice that she had left her stereo on.
“Didn't he say he was gonna go pick up the pizza? I'm Andrew, by the way.”
“Oh, that's right. Silly me. I'm Levetta.”
“Levetta? Is that even a name?”
“Well, let's just say I had interesting parents. Anyway, how are you feeling about that request I made a moment ago?”
Andrew blinked, a bit weirded out that she'd be asking again so soon. “Uh... no, I'm still not gonna do it. Why do you ask?”
“I always like to know what my friends are willing to do.”
Andrew laughed a bit, taking a sip of his Sprite. “I told you, I'm not your friend.”
Levetta laughed back. Andrew wasn't quite sure how he was being funny, but he didn't really mind. He felt like she had a right to get a few chuckles from him. He looked up and noticed her cup was empty. “Oh, can I get you more water?” Levetta nodded, and Andrew grabbed the cup and walked over to the sink to refill it. “Do you always drink water?”
“Nope. Just when I have guests around. Can't have anyone thinking I'm able to keep this figure without workin for it!”
“But then why tell me?”
“Well, I've got a feeling we're going to be quite close, and I want us to be upfront with each other. By the way, about that request.... still no?”
Andrew thought for a moment about his answer. “Umm..... nah. No thanks. Sorry.” He shut off the water and came back over to Levetta.
“Oh, it's okay!” Levetta took the water and set it down on the coffee table. “So, will you at least tell me a secret or two?”
Andrew sat down and pondered what to say. “Like what?”
“Anything. Just tell me about yourself.”
“Hmm... well, when I was little I wanted to be a hypnotist.”
Levetta perked up. “Really? Does it still interest you?”
“As a profession? Naw. And I never really wanted to be on the receiving end of it, either. Although....”
A moment of silence hung in the air. Levetta cleared her throat and took a sip of her water. “Although what?”
“Well, I was just thinkin... I'm a bit curious how hypnosis will affect me nowadays.”
“Oh, I'm sure you'll find out soon.” The woman sat back in her couch.
Andrew looked up at Levetta. “Really? How do you know?”
“I just have feelings for this sort of stuff. Anyway, remember that request? Wanna try it out?”
Andrew thought for a moment. “Hmm... sure, why not? What do I gotta do?”
“Oh, just relax and listen to me. Before you know it, you'll have given me your free will, and it won't even hurt!”
“Alright, if you say so.” Andrew sat back and watched Levetta. The woman got up and went into the other room, returning with some sort of weird, O-shaped circle. “What is that?”
“This? Oh, it's something I had custom made for my hobby.” She turned on a switch on the back, and a light began spinning around the inner rim of the circular device. Levetta walked up and lay on top of him, being sure to let his pakage feel her body.
“Now, just watch the light. Watch it. Soooo peaceful. Soooo carefree. Just spinning. Just repeating a cycle. That's it. Feel yourself relaxing. The warmth of sweet, sweet bliss entering your body as you watch the light. Just sitting there, watching the light spin. Focusing all your attention on the light as it spins.” He voice was softer now. Much softer. And yet, it felt more familiar with every word. Her voice had no stress in it... no anger... only love. And as she spoke-he wasn't sure if this was because of some suggestion she'd given or not-he felt as if this woman could offer him a special comfort. A comfort that no other person could give. A comfort that he needed. And she was willing to simply offer it up to him for free! Suddenly, everything began to fade. Everything, that is, except her voice. Her sweet, sweet, soft voice. All the voice was asking was for him to comply. So inciting. So welcoming. It deserved obedience. And so, he began to give it what it asked for. He wasn't even sure what he was doing. All he cared about was the voice, and whoever the voice belonged to.
“......One. Fully awake now.”
Andrew blinked and woke up. “Wow... that was amazing, Mistress! How long was I under?”
“Umm.... about....” Levetta looked at the clock. “30 minutes. Normally, one 30 minute session wouldn't be enough for this, but thanks to my secret recipe, it's all I need.” Levetta got up and turned the stereo off. “So, how are we feeling?”
“Great, Mistress! Thanks!” Andrew jumped up out of the chair and hugged Levetta.
“Good. Now take off those clothes.”
“Take them off!”
“But... John should've been back a long time ago! He could walk in on us at any moment!” Suddenly Andrew's eyes began to tear up. He felt something inside him. All his pleasure had instantly turned into despair. All his excitement had turned into pain. He felt as if a rose branch coiled down his throat, through his stomach, all the way to the end of his small intestine. “Ow! OOOOOOOOW!” Andrew fell to the ground in a fetal position. Levetta laughed.
“Firstly, I locked the door, so he'll have to knock in order to get into this apartment. Second, please forgive the pain. Obey me and all the pain you feel will be replaced with pleasure stronger than anything you've ever felt in life. That's how I took your free will. You can still choose, however the odds of you disobeying are infinity small.”
Andrew took his shirt off as fast as he could, the rose thorn inside him slowly beginning to turn into joy and pleasure. “Of course! Brilliant!” Andrew chirped with glee once all his clothes were off, standing up proudly so his master could inspect him.
“Hmm... very nice, slave! Now, kneel down and kiss my feet.” Levetta kicked off her shoes and took off her socks. Andrew nodded. “Of course!” As he looked down, he felt more and more attracted to Levetta's feet. He knelt down on the ground, picked up her left foot and began kissing it.
KNOCK KNOCK “Crap, John's here!” Levetta said. “Put your clothes on!” Andrew jumped up and grabbed his clothes, fumbling with excitement.
“Levetta, get your ass over here and open this door, bitch!” John shouted from the other side of the door.
“Coming!” She grabbed her socks and began putting them on. Once she had her socks and shoes on, and once Andrew had all his clothes on, she ran to the door. Too bad she couldn't get him to relax enough to put him under. He'd never trusted her. “Hey, wait a second..” Levetta whispered to herself, with a grin on her face. She opened the door. “Hey, John! What took you so long?”
“I had eight fuckin people in front of me at the pizza place. They couldn't figure out WHAT the fuck they'd ordered. What the hell took YOU, you whore?”
Levetta almost jumped at him and punched him, but she held her ground. She'd have her revenge soon. “Oh, nothing.” She walked over to Andrew and whispered into his ear. Andrew nodded and strolled over to the stereo.
“Come, John. You sound like you've had a hard day. Let's just relax a bit, huh?” Levetta closed the door behind John and gently took the pizzas from him.
“Gimme a break, Levetta. You're not pulling any tricks on me!”
“What? Tricks? John, come on!”
“Yeah, John! She's your friend, for God's sake! You can trust her!”
John glared at Andrew, then sighed. “Fine, whatever. You guys wanna team up on me? Fine. We can talk, I guess.”
Levetta chuckled, a slight grin on her face. “Good!”


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