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A couple gay foxes

by hypnoderg

Ryuki looked down from his pillow fondly at the slim fennec licking at his paws. This is where he belonged. In charge, controlling others. Not cruelly, but firmly. His boyfriend didn't mind at all, and even less so when Ryuki utilized a bit of his kitsune magic. The roughness of the tonuge between his paw pads brought him back to the deed at hand. He reached down and rubbed behind his boyfriend's ears lovingly. "You like that boy?" he cooed. Rad didn't look up from the paws demanding his attention, but he whined playfully to affirm his enjoyment. "Would you like to suck on something sweeter?" he said with a slight grin.


The fennec looked up from his task, his attention immediately recaptured by the foxfire floating just in front of his nose. "Yes please, sir," he replied drowsily, not looking away from the glowing blue ball of light.


"Go ahead then," he commanded as he pulled down his underwear. Ryuki put a touch of power behind his words, and he felt it take swift effect on the fennec's mind, deepening his lust. No sooner was his cock revealed than his slave's muzzle had covered it again, working his rough tongue over the shaft. As that tongue slid over his sensitive tip he arched his back into the bed, letting out a soft moan of pleasure. He closed his eyes and let his hips thrust lightly into Rad's throat, trying not to disturb his rhythmic bobbing as he obeyed his orders. Ryuki let this continue for a time, enjoying the obedience of his fox and the attention to his cock, while he let his mind wander to his other escapades with his darling grey fennec boyfriend.


Contrary to outward appearance, he wasn't always in charge. Yes, Rad had some skills of his own, and when he had a mind to use them Ryuki found it hard to resist. He remembered one time in particular the grey fennec had been quite persistent.



"Just relax and watch the colors shift."


"No, Rad, I'm really not in the mood for this." Ryuki moved his gaze away from the shifting runes hovering between his boyfriends hands. They were gradually changing color while twisting and forming barely readable shapes, and were easy to just stare at and lose yourself in. But the kitsune knew better than that. He was experienced with this sort of magic, and had trained to be resistant to all but the most powerful displays. Ryuki was laying sideways on their bed, browsing through articles on his laptop, and was simply not in the mood for what Rad had in mind.


"Aw come on, you know you enjoy it once you let go of your ego," Rad persisted, standing there in his underwear. He did have a point. Even though the kitsune was, in fact, asexual, being under the spell of another was a relaxing experience. And if it involved a little playing around, well that was all part of the obedience right? Still, Ryuki was always a little reluctant to give up the control he enjoyed so much, regardless of the pleasure involved.


Either way it was not an experience he wanted right now. His partner, however, felt otherwise. The runes flashed out of existence as Rad dropped his arms and hopped onto the bed, straddling the kitsune's midsection and carefully avoiding his bushy tails. Leaning over, the fennec nuzzled into the fox underneath him. "Do it for meeee," Rad begged, looking woefully into the kitsune's eyes.


"No." He replied resolutely, "Not tonight. I just want to chill, okay?"


"Fine then," he responded despondently, looking a little put out. "But just one thing first." Saying this, the fennec crept up his side slowly, shutting the laptop and sliding it to the side.


Ryuki looked up at the grey fox on top of him in irritation. "Rad I-" His speech was slienced as a warm crotch was shoved up against his muzzle. Instinctively he took a breath, though he knew that to be a mistake. His nose was assaulted with a rich musky smell that permeated his thoughts. He forced his head up out of the intoxicating scent and glared at his partner, who was smiling down at him. "Please get off me," he directed at the fox on top of him, though he wasn't sure he really meant that anymore.


"Shhh, just enjoy it my little kit", Rad said as he lifted his body slightly and put the bulge of his crotch directly onto the muzzle beneath him. Ryuki bristled at the use of such a indignant term for a regal kitsune such as himself, but any attention he had paid to it vanished as the Fennec musk was forced back onto him, filling his senses. How bad could it be? He hadn't been doing anything important, his dazed mind thought. No, that's what Rad wanted him to think. Extricating himself from the scent, he tried to focus.


"Rad-" he gasped, as he tried to put power into the words, to force the fennec off him. He was cut off by another advance onto his muzzle. It was too late. His body wanted more of the scent, and as his cock became more erect it became harder to keep his mind clear. It would just be so much easier to obey the scent. Had he thought that? He nuzzled back into the delicious pouch in front of him and decided it didn't matter. Clearly Rad needed him. Needed him to obey. Needed to obey the scent. To get more of that delicious musk. He dug deeper at the sack, his nose slipping underneath to get more of the pure scent. Gradually the kitsune's hands and arms shifted to a more feral form, his lower half following suit. His concious mind was gone, replaced only with an instinctive desire to please his master.


"There, isn't that better?" Rad smiled down at the powerful kitsune, rendered helpless by his musk.


Ryuki took a deep breath before gazing up at his master. "Yes, sir" he sighed contentedly. He wanted more of that smell. Even more, he wanted to taste his master's cock, though he knew better than to get ahead of himself. The spot of pre forming on the fennec's underwear didn't help that desire, and he whined with anticipation, waiting for a commmand.


"Such a good little kit aren't you. Look how patient you're being." Ryuki wagged his tails as much as he could from his position, overjoyed to hear his master compliment him so. He especially enjoyed the cute name his master gave him. "Would you like some of this?" the fox asked, revealing the tip of his bright red member, glistening with drops of pre. The kitsune let out a begging whine as the smell hit his nose. Instinctively he lapped at the scent, but the prize was just out of reach. "Hmm, such an eager kit. Okay then boy, enjoy yourself."


Ryuki practically dove at the fennec's crotch, excitedly licking up any moisture gathered there. He then nosed the pesky underwear out of the way and began lapping up and down the delicious member springing up in front of him. Tasting every inch of it, he gradually made his way back to the tip. As he did, his master let out a light groan, reminding him of his true purpose. He slid out from under the fennec, who was now seated on his knees, and stood in front of him, spreading his tails behind him on the bed. With this new angle, he lapped again at the tip, then proceeded to slide the length into his muzzle, carefully avoiding his teeth. He heard the gasp from his master as he did this and smiled internally. Anything to please him. With a slow intentional motion, he slid his muzzle up, then back down, then up again, messaging the length with his tongue as he went. He felt his master start thrusting, and stopped his motion, letting the fennec face-fuck him freely. As he felt his master's knot swell, he pushed down to envelop the full length. This had the desired effect as he heard his master groan in ecstasy. The fennec did not, however, cum as expected. His master pulled the length out of the back of his throat, dragging the sweet, musky taste of pre along the roof of his mouth. Preoccupied briefly trying to get at as much of that taste as he could, Ryuki looked up at his master confusedly.


"You'll be getting this, don't worry. Trust master. Now spin around." The kitsune caught his meaning immediately, facing his rear towards the waiting fox. He presented his ass, lifting his tails over his back, making room for Rad to mount him properly. The fennec lined up his cock, briefly smearing pre across the tight opening. "Let's see if you're still as stretchy as I remember," his master said, as he carefully slid the tip inside Ryuki's anus. He felt his anus widen again as his master slid the rest of his sizable length into him pressuring his prostate and making his cock twitch in excitement. Slowly the fennec began thrusting, picking up speed and pushing the obedient kitsune quickly to the brink of orgasm. He was flushed with the pleasure of being mounted, of being obedient, of being held as his master claimed him as his own. All this pleasure could not overcome his inherent orders to wait for master to cum first. The fennec was wrapped tightly around the fox spirit beneath him, muzzle lost in the fluff of his tails. At just the right moment, Ryuki pushed backwards as Rad thrust forward, and slipped his tight hole entirely over the fox's knot. Trapped as he was, Rad shortened his movements, moaning loadly as he edged closer to release. In a sudden burst, orgasm wracked the grey fennec as he emptied his load into the kitsune beneath him. Ryuki smiled pleasantly as bowels filled with the warm seed of his master.


As Rad came down from his orgasm, he put more of his weight onto Ryuki, a pleasant weight mirroring the still-present pressure on his prostate. "Hmm," he mused, stroking the kitsune's belly, "you seem to still need some help." He coyly slid his hand over to the base of Ryuki's cock and gave it a slight squeeze. Already on edge, the kit whimpered in excitement as he enjoyed the attention of his master.


"Alright, you've been a good little kit. Now, let's see if i've trained you right." The fennec leaned closer, and whispered into Ryuki's ear, "Cum." The kitsune gave a yip of excitement as his body burst with pleasure. He sprayed his seed into the bedsheets, dousing them thoroughly, spasming beneath the weight of the fennec atop him.


Ryuki snapped out of memories and back to the present as Rad forced his throat to accept the kitsune's cock. The slippery maw enveloped the sensitive tip of his cock and he groaned as the fennec's tongue slid over his knot. Slowly, he withdrew from the grey, bringing the foxfire back to within Rad's range of sight. As it caught the fennec's attention, Ryuki floated it around behind the fox. The entranced fennec followed obediently, oblivious to all else. Driven by his memory, Ryuki lined the tip of his cock up with the tight anus before him and shoved into his fox. The tight ring of flesh gave easily, and he gave a light bark of pleasure as he buried himself up to the knot. With a thought, he bid the fennec to drive backwards, and as he did Ryuki drove forwards, knotting him to the fox underneath. The pleasure of his knot being enveloped combined with the warm feeling of his fox's insides quickly brought the kitsune to orgasm, his body tensing every muscle. As he relaxed, he let himself collapse slowly onto the fox beneath him. Rad supported him, his member still twitching in anticipation of release. Ryuki smiled looking at it.


"You may have learned a few tricks," he whispered into his slave's ear, "but you'll never outdo me." With that, the kitsune snapped his fingers and the foxfire burst. Beneath him he could feel as his fox came, shaking with the pleasure released, then came again, soaking the sheets in the same spot that had received this treatment a week ago. "Such a good little fennec," Ryuki doted, "and so obedient." He shifted, laying down next to the fennec and cupping him in his arms, still knotted inside him. As he did, Rad turned to him and licked his muzzle. "I love you too cutie. Now, sleep."


And they did.


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