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The time chat noir cataclysmed his dick

by ninjad

Chapter 1

"Cat noir, watch out!" Ladybug pushes Cat noir to the ground, and Cat Noir sees his reflection in The bug's bright blue eyes. "Ladybug! I can't take it anymore!" Ladybug looks at him weirdly, and gets off of him to fight the enemy. "Get it together cat!" Ladybug replies. She gets her lucky charm out. A....vibrator? Cat Noir purrs intensely "Meow! What are you gonna use it on?" Ladybug looks at her surroundings. And the only thing her vision says is on Cat Noir. "So?" Said Cat Noir, "Am I involved one this charm or-" Ladybug looks at him with bug eyes. "Ummm, yes! At it to your staff to make a helicopt-" ladybug gets innerupted by Cat Noir. "You sure that's the way it's used?" Ladybug punches him onto the ground, and Mayura is watching this go down from a tree. "I'm not going to have sex with you! Your cat powers are messing with your mind!" Cat Noir gets up and looks at Mayura. "There! That's where the amuk is! In her action figure!" Ladybug throws the vibrator at him and he attaches it to his staff. He chases Mayura until it's time to transform back. Ladybug catches up to him and takes the vibrator back. "Miraculous-" Cat Noir stops her. "Wait! Can we use it for...." Ladybug looks shocked. "WHAT THE HELL CAT NOIR?!" Ladybug goes out on the road and throws it up into the air "Miraculous Ladybug!" Everything is back to normal....or is it? Ladybug walks by him to say "oh yeah, and I'm lesbian." She goes back home to detransform. Cat noir sits there until he is forced to change back. Plagg looks at him and says: "Adrian?! What has gotten into you?!" Adrian sits there for a few minutes and then heads back home."Plagg...Why did I not know she liked women?" Plagg looked concerned. "Adrian, why not just like another bug? There's queen bee..." Adrian looked at plagg "not Cloe. Never! She may be my friend, but I never want to do the thing with her!" Plagg and Adrian day there, quietly watching the news. He checked his phone to see a new ladyblog: "Ladybug is lesbian? Find out NOW on the newest Ladyblog!" Adrian found a new idea. But...could he live with himself if he did it? He thought long and hard. But then, "plagg, claws out!" Cat noir sat there and thought some more until he did it. "CATACLYSM!" He reaches down to his Penis, and touched it. In his little brain, he thought to himself that if he got rid of his dick, he could be considered a girl. But the cataclysm did nothing to his penis except make it hurt. He said with a gasp of air, "Plagg, claws in." Plagg looked at him and said, "What the hell Adrian? Are you trying to cut off your dick?" Adrian day there in pain. How would he get to love Ladybug? How would Ladybug react to his stupid behavior? Well, now we wait until there is another negative emotion for an akuma. Adrian gets out of the car the next day, still in pain. Kagami gets out of the other car, and they walk to the front of the school together. "Kagami...? Have you ever loved somebody to do something stupid for?" Kagami looks at him and replies: "you did something like that, didn't you." Adrian looks at her and they go into class together, not saying another word. Cloe looks at them and goes to sit next to Marinette. "Marinette, I can't hide my feelings anymore. I only hate on you because...because" Marinette knows what's about to happen, and Sabrina looks at them, mad. Cloe barely says it, but she says, "I...love you...." Marinette looks at her with the weirdest look, "EXUSE ME?!" She says, "Cloe, are you feeling ok?!" Cloe looks at Sabrina, then looks back at Marinette. "Yes. I'm feeling fine. But I can't hide the fact that we would make a great couple." Marinette raises her hand. "Umm, can you get Cloe away from me?" She says to the teacher. Cloe looks angry, but goes back to her seat. Adrian giggles in the back, now knowing that Cloe doesn't love him. His only obstacle is Ladybug herself. Me Agrest goes into his lair to transform. "Nooroo, maybe we could go out to the movies this weekend..?" Nooroo looks at him and blushes. "I would go out with my master anytime." Mr Agrest smiles and goes up to the lair to transform. He looks to see Adrian upset. "Oh little one, if only I could tell you who I really am." The Akuma flies down by the school to find Adrian. Nino sees it and pushed Adrian aside. "N-nino..." Adrian remembers what happened with ladybug and thinks, could Nino be his Ladybug? Nino becomes the bubbler and Adrian goes to transform in the other room. When fighting the akumatized nino, chat noir finds a store that sells inflatable boobs. He buys them, then puts them on. He meets back with ladybug, and they share a look for a moment. Ladybug realizes what chat noir is trying to do, but she just sighs and looks away.
"kitty, I know what you are trying to do. I like women. Not you."


"mlady, I have women blood in me!" He squishes the fake boobs. "See?" One of them pops. He gets sad and loses focus. Nino puts him into a bubble, and ladybug looks at him. She goes back to fighting in an angry mood, but she defeats him. She gets chat noir, and decides to talk.

"kitty, you can't keep trying thi-"

"I tried removing my dick yesterday."

"WHAT?!" She looks worried. She sighs then goes back to her room. She detransforms.

"tikki, I can't keep doing this."

"marionette, you like women, not him!"

"I know, but he won't stop!"

"He will get over it...."

"he tried removing his dick!"


Adrian goes back to his room.

"claws in."

"Adrian just stop! She's not into you!" The other boob falls onto the ground.

"ok. I understand now."


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