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The Subliminal Training Of Julie.

by IB_Sub2Females

The Subliminal Training Of Julie.

Julie and Kenny had been married since shortly after graduating high school. Each one was the other ones first and only sexual partner. As odd as this seemed to Kenny, it never bothered Julie. They were sweethearts through high school so the opportunity to try sex with someone different just never materialized.

Julie was the conservative type, the girl next door with the cute face. Her strawberry blonde hair went with her pretty face and her pale, bright white skin like peaches and cream. She was a cheerleader in school and had always been popular with plenty of friends. She was the type of person that was fun to be around with a magnetic personality. She had the near perfect body at 5'7" and a sleek 130 pounds. Her 34 B cup breasts were perky with some bounce and the exact same bright white skin color as everywhere else on her body. There was not a tan line to be found anywhere from her neck to her toes.

Kenny was more of an average type guy with average looks and build. Most thought Julie could have done better and could have had any man she desired. Kenny however, was extremely lucky to latch on to this highly desirable blue eyed trophy. Through 13 years of marriage and at age 31, both were relatively inexperienced at sex. They both new only what they had learned from each other. Their sexual activity was slight in comparison to most married white couples, as they averaged having sex about once per week and sometimes longer.

This was not by accident though. Kenny had a secret fetish and a plan to pursuit it. His longtime secret, fetish/fantasy, was to somehow arrange it for Julie to have sex with a black man. He had imagined it happening for many years, but was always afraid to bring it up to Julie because of her conservative ways. Even with the perfect set of titties, she never left the house without a bra. Kenny is the only man to ever see her naked and he knew she wouldn't do it with another man, a black man. During sex with her, Kenny would imagine himself as a black man as he entered her creamy warm slit. He would try and think like a black man as he was inside her but he couldn't treat her like a black man would because she controlled the relationship. She was the dominating type and Kenny was a sub to her demands.

Kenny knew that a black man would dominate and control her. He knew that a black man would make Julie do what he wanted and what he said, possibly even in a degrading way. These thoughts got Kenny hot as rocket fuel during ignition every time he thought about it. He could keep a hard on almost all day by imagining his trophy white wife being dominated by a black man, humiliated, degraded, and treated in ways she had never seen before. Made to do things she had never done and then sent home to dominate her white husband, Kenny.

Kenny wanted this. He had to have it. But how? Then he realized the answer. Subliminal tapes with the message hidden but active. All he had to do was buy the tapes and make sure Julie heard them as much as possible. Kenny was like a kid at Christmas as he rushed the purchasing of the tapes and the plan of action that followed. Within 24 hours, Kenny had the tapes in hand and were playing them for Julie and himself.

He went overboard on the amount of times he played these because he could feel himself changing as he started desiring time with a black man also. He could see the changes taking place in Julie as well. It had been two weeks since he first started playing the tapes and he knew they were working. He had played them way more than he should have and now he was like addicted. He wanted to hear them more each time he listened to them. He wanted to be dominated by a black man more now than ever before. He knew Julie was close to ready for action.

Kenny decided to try a little test on Julie. He had pulled a an interracial porn site on the computer and left it minimized so she could see it. The keylogger program was set and ready, so he left her alone all day. That evening, he came home sort of late and she was already asleep. He couldn't wait to get on that computer and see what Julie had done that day. To his satisfaction, she had surfed many sites with black men on them. His plan was working.

He was finally going to have his trophy white wife carrying a black mans cum inside her. With his own desires subliminally instituted also, he wanted to go down on her immediately after the black man had shot his cum in her. He wanted so badly to taste the combination of her juices and the black mans together, right from her freshly fucked white cunt.

He got out the paperwork that came with the tapes and began reading a little more in depth about what all was included. As he read further he got harder. The tapes not only caused the desire to fuck black men but they also were programmed to lessen the desire for white on white sex. It had an added bonus for strengthening the powers of domination over whites, while increasing the submissive desires to black. That explained her rejection of Kenny's advances for sex. Kenny knew then that she was ready for her first black dick.


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