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The Chat Genie

by furryfan1234

Chapter 1

Luke was an average, 30-year guy with his head in the clouds… he spent most of his time fantasizing. Whether about riches or just his somewhat unusual interests… if he wasn’t daydreaming, he was online, chatting and occasionally RPing.

One day, Luke — or as he was known online, dreamer69, was in a chat room on his favorite fantasy site. A user with the name “thegenie" joined him - a name which Luke got a chuckle out of, and after chatting a bit, they decided to RP a genie scene…  or so Luke thought.

[11:43 PM] dreamer69: OK, I'll start simple: I wish to grow more muscular!
[11:44 PM] thegenie: Alright, you feel a tingling throughout your body, as your abs harden into a 6-pac
[11:44 PM] thegenie: your pecs inflate and grow to fluffy pillows, your legs thicken more and more, looking as
[11:45 PM] thegenie: though they were tree trunks. Your biceps and triceps grow to the size of bowling balls
[11:45 PM] thegenie: your pecs push out a goot 2 feet from you
[11:45 PM] thegenie: Your abs ar so muscular that they begin to push out into a muscle gut
[11:46 PM] thegenie: Despite this, your genitalia shrinks drastically, as your intelligence drops to sub human
[11:47 PM] thegenie: There you go, you got your wish
[11:47 PM] thegenie: with some minor reprocussions to your manness :P

Luke felt stranger with every sentence thegenie wrote… and as he looked own at himself, seeing exactly what the genie described, he was shocked to find his actions appearing on his computer screen:

[11:47 PM] dreamer69: *I look myself over, trying to find the right words* What the…!

As he sat there, looking over his body in disbelief, Luke heard his computer ding; a new message had arrived. Luke was almost entranced by it; he had to reply, no matter how strange the situation was.

[11:58 PM] thegenie: Alright, dreamer, are you gonna make another wish?
[11:59 PM] dreamer69: *glancing at my tiny cock* Yeah... for my next wish, I'd like to be better endowed!
[12:00 AM] thegenie: I think I can make that wish come true! you know what they say about big feet! *smiles*
[12:00 AM] thegenie: *Your pittaful cock starts to spring to life it's being pumped up to it's proper size*
[12:01 AM] thegenie: *you feel the extacy running through you as your feet start to twitch, your toes start to*
[12:01 AM] thegenie: *Strain against your shoes and you feel the leather slowly buckle under the preasure*
[12:02 AM] thegenie: *All the while your cock is rock solid against you tight calvin klien underwear*
[12:03 AM] thegenie: *Stretching the fabric as it trys to escape, your dick started at 3" has now doubbled in*
[12:03 AM] thegenie: *Length and almost trippled in girth, your cock head peaks out the waist band and you*
[12:04 AM] thegenie: *start to hear a ripping sound, You look down at your feet and see that they now have*
[12:04 AM] thegenie: *Shot out and grown to 12' and bursted out of your shoes*
[12:05 AM] thegenie: *your mind fills with sexual images of past lovers as your hand reaches down to your*
[12:05 AM] thegenie: *Foot long meat stick and you smile because you've become the man you've*
[12:06 AM] thegenie: *always wished you could be*

As Luke looked himself over in awe, his computer once again magically typed out his actions for him.

[12:06 AM] dreamer69: *I grin, checking my new, bigger dick out* Awesome
[12:14 AM] thegenie: You have one wish remaining! I do hope you make it more interesting…
[12:23 AM] dreamer69: More interesting? OK, how about making me furry?
[12:24 AM] thegenie: Alright, *Suddenly, hair starts to grow from your hairless bod*
[12:24 AM] thegenie: *Your chest is becoming covered in thick dark hair*
[12:24 AM] thegenie: *your legs and arms are similarly covered*
[12:25 AM] thegenie: *You would look like an animal, were it not for the beard, which reaches down to your
[12:25 AM] thegenie: *navel. Your hair grows down to your ass, No skin can be seen under all that fur*
[12:33 AM] thegenie: *Your face pushes out into*
[12:33 AM] thegenie: *A muzzle, that of a husky. Your feet, still huge, become like those of a dog, forcing*
[12:34 AM] thegenie: *You to stand on your toes, Your hands and feet grow pads and claws.*
[12:34 AM] thegenie: *Your large penis turns into a sheath, leaving a large red member staring me in the face*
[12:34 AM] thegenie: *Your ears move to the top of your head coming to a point*
[12:35 AM] thegenie: There ya go
[12:35 AM] thegenie: Who's a good doggy?

Luke tried to say something but all that came out was a bark... what the…. He couldn’t talk?! And he couldn’t type with those clumsy paws….meanwhile, the genie sent hime one last message.

[12:36 AM] thegenie: Haha, you are, and you’ve used all your wishes… enjoy your new life, mutt-man!
[12:37 AM] thegenie has left the room

Luke looked down at himself, blinking, confused… was there any way out of this situation? Or would he be a furry freak forever?

Luke frantically tried to type, but all he could do was mash at the keyboard with his pawlike hands. He was losing his balance, too, falling onto all fours; although he was still anthropomorphic his digitigrade stance was too new and foreign for him to remain standing normally

He tried to yell for the genie - to call for help - but he just kept barking. He looked down at himself, looking at his new body, blushing as he saw how massively muscular he had become but all those muscles were helplessly covered in embarrasing fur... his face was so canine; he coudn't even speak normally.

Luke pondered what to do next... looking helplessly at his computer... but the genie was gone. There was nothing he could do. It would seem he was stuck like this forever.....



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