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A Game For Two

by joesalmon

Sara and Fiona were exactly where I left them, doing exactly what I had told them to do. The two girls – one my girlfriend, and the other her best friend – were lost in hypnotic bliss of my unintentional doing. But it seemed to be working out quite well so far; I didn’t bother hiding a grin as I took a seat on the chair opposite of them.


“Are you still there, girls?” I asked.


“Yes, Master,” one sigh of pleasure escaped both of their lips.


Alright then. To business.


“Fiona?” I started. “Tell me how you feel about Sara.”


“…I think she’s cute,” she smiled, and blushed a little. “And… I thought about doing things with her…”


“Describe these things, Fiona,”


“I wanna kiss her lips,” she moaned, Sara moaning with her. “And I wanna feel her hair and her… her neck, and all of her…”


“Go on.”


“Then I wanna take her clothes off,” her back arched again, before settling down again. “And I wanna feel her chest… and her hips… and her clit…”


“…That’s very sweet of you, Fiona. I’m glad you shared this fantasy with me.”


She sighed, slumping into her seat. Her face was flushed, and some sweat was starting to bead on her brow. Fiona was very worked up by now.


“…Sara?” I looked to my girlfriend. “Describe your feelings towards Fiona.”


“I, I like her,” she hummed. “She turns me on.


“Describe what you want to do with Fiona.”


“I wanna kiss her neck, down to her chest… I wanna take our clothes off… And I wanna feel her bare body on mine…”


Sara’s hand wandered to her crotch, and a finger buried itself where it needed to go.


“I wanna get her off…” she continued. “And I want to, to taste her as she cums, while I cum…”


They both arched their backs again, gasping for air, before returning to the couch and moaning in sync. Their seductive touches never relented.


I blinked at the bare girls before me. It was a bit astonishing, frankly. I figured that Sara had some feelings towards Fiona, but I had no idea they were this intense, or that Fiona shared that intensity for Sara.


The girls should be open in their feelings. Open to expressing them.


“Sara, I want you to turn to Fiona, and look her in the eyes,” I commanded. “And Fiona, I want you to turn to Sara, and look her in the eyes.”


They turned their heads. Their eyelids fluttered open, and they stared at each other with eyes glazed-over. Sara rotated her hips and grinded into her hand, more intensely than before. Fiona matched her rising fervor.


“Now, Fiona and Sara, I need you to listen to me carefully,” I kept my voice low, calm. “When I say ‘go,’ you are going to kiss each other. It will be a passionate, enthralling French kiss, tongue and all. You will touch each other’s bodies as you do; each other’s hips, each other’s breasts, each other’s everything. And it will feel so amazing, that it will suck you deeper into the kiss that you’re sharing, which will pull you deeper into each other’s touch. Do you understand?”


“Yes… Master…” they murmured, staring at each other with half-open eyes.


“Good. Good. …And then, Sara, when I say, ‘Take off Fiona’s corset,’ you will take off Fiona’s corset. And Fiona, when I say, ‘Take off Sara’s corset,’ you will take off Sara’s corset. Do you understand?”


“Yes… Master…” they replied. I couldn’t tell if it was I who had them hypnotized, or each other.


“Good. Now, are you ready?”


They nodded, an afterthought compared to the magnetic pull of their shared gaze.




They nodded again.




Sara and Fiona moved as one, locking lips as if they were trying to steal each others’ tongues. Their hands followed to each other’s bodies; Sara’s hands desperately felt at Fiona’s hip and neck, and Fiona’s traced up Sara’s sides, up to her chest, causing my girlfriend to moan through her new partner.


I leaned back in my chair, simply enjoying the view. Truth be told, I didn’t think I would enjoy watching my girlfriend get intimate with someone else. It was hard to picture her with anyone but Fiona, though – not when Fiona looked so good…


“Take off Fiona’s corset,” I said a little louder, just to make sure Sara heard me.


And Sara did hear me. Her hands traced Fiona’s hips as they worked their way to her backside. Without breaking their kiss, my girlfriend untied her new partner’s corset and pulled it down. And still without breaking the kiss, Fiona shifted her hips and her knees to discard the corset, leaving her completely shaven body bare for all to see.


“Very good, Sara… Take off Sara’s corset.”


Fiona’s hands found Sara’s back just as my girlfriend began to squeeze her exposed breasts. After a moment of moaning and fumbling, Sara’s corset slumped and fell away, and my brunette was just as quick to shuffle her knees to discard the last of her clothing, exposing her own shaved body.


“Very good, Fiona. Very good…”


The girls still hadn’t broken away from their kiss, though they shared another moan as they sunk further into each other. By this point, they had completely turned to face each other, pulling each other so close that their breasts squished together. The sight was just perfect. And by now, there was no reason not to take it a step further.


“Sara, Fiona, I need you both to listen to me,” I spoke. “You are now going to act out a hidden fantasy for me. When I say, ‘go,’ each of you will take turns bringing the other to orgasm in different positions, until both of you have came three times each. Do you understand?”


“Yes, Master,” they broke off the kiss for only an instant, before jamming their tongues down each-other’s throats again.


“Very good… are you ready?”


Their shared moan was the loudest yet – they were begging me to give them the order.




Sara shoved Fiona backwards, and the latter landed with her head on the couch. Fiona moaned as she spread her legs. Before she could sit up, Sara was on top of her, and forcefully kissed her again. They continued making out as Sara’s left hand held her face, and her right hand stroked the front of her neck, down her breasts, over her naval…


Fiona’s eyes shot open as she arched her back, and a loud moan of pleasure escaped from the core of her being. Sara’s middle finger thrusted in and out of Fiona’s vagina. She stared up at my girlfriend with glassy, half open eyes, who returned the stare as she fingered her.


Passion and pleasure enveloped them completely. Fiona grabbed for Sara’s hips, feeling around to her behind, and gave it a squeeze, causing Sara to moan and finger her faster. Fiona’s free hand found itself on Sara’s shoulder. Their stare had to be unbreakable at this point.


With no warning that I could see, Fiona’s body began having a spasm. Her hips moved wildly forward and back, sliding her pussy on Sara’s fingers. A long, droning moan fell out of Fiona’s mouth, still staring into Sara’s eyes, as a small line of drool escaped her lips.


As the spasms faded and more coherent moans returned, Sara put her lips over the saliva, sucking it all right off of her cheek. Fiona grabbed Sara’s face and brought her lips to hers, sharing another passionate kiss.


One down, five to go.


When Fiona’s lips finally broke away from Sara’s, they fell to her neck and kissed that instead. Moans fell from Sara’s lips this time, who held her partner’s head as she kissed her neck, her breasts, her navel…


Now it was Sara whose eyes shot open and back arched. As Fiona’s tongue buried itself in Sara, my girlfriend’s eyes rolled back into her head as the moans and hums began to pour from both of them.


Sara’s hips started rocking back and forth, thrusting her pussy into Fiona’s mouth. Fiona stuck her tongue deeper and licked her inside, before turning her attention to her clitoris, while sticking her fingers back where her tongue was moments ago.


Sara was quicker to reach a climax. Her entire body started shaking, and she was incapable of producing a single sound in the mist of her ecstasy. Fiona fingered Sara harder, and lapped at Sara’s mound with the tip of her tongue.


That would be two.


Air finally returned to Sara’s lungs with a gasp, as Fiona pulled away. Sara’s gasps turned to deep, hard breaths, and Fiona began crawling up the couch to meet Sara’s lips for a kiss.


But Sara grabbed the back of Fiona’s thighs, pulling her up and herself down. Fiona gasped in surprise as she adjusted her hips, to put her vagina right over Sara’s mouth.


The wet sounds of tongue-on-pussy filled the room. Sara licked and sucked, and enveloping her entire face in Fiona’s genitals. Fiona hummed, closed her eyes and bit her lip. She sat upright on Sara’s face, her hips rocking rhythmically, one hand on Sara’s breasts, the other in her hair.


Sloppy licking. Slapped rears. Moans and hums from both of them. The two girls went at it like sex-starved lovers who haven’t gotten off in weeks. It felt like hardly a moment before Fiona’s thrusting peaked, with another long moan forcing itself from her mouth. Both hands clenched the couch tightly as she whipped her head back, tossing a mess of long brown hair with, and hummed inarticulately to the ceiling. Sara didn’t hold back, digging into her rear with her fingernails and driving her tongue deeper.


Fiona’s orgasm faded after many long moments of ecstasy. When she eventually returned to her world of trance, she raised herself off of Sara’s mouth, and bent down to lock lips once more. Her round rear raised high in the air, uncaring if anyone saw – Sara was her world right now.


Halfway there.


The girls turned, tossed, slid in each others’ arms, until Sara was on top of Fiona, spooning. And Fiona was already fingering her again. Sara’s legs were spread to a near 180-degree angle, and Fiona had three fingers inside – just when I thought they wound need a break, they crank up the intensity further. After moaning and breathing heavily for many moments, she turned over her shoulder, and they attempted to steal each other’s tongues again.


Sara’s and Fiona’s hips began rocking back and forth, in sync with one another. Moans and screams of pleasure were muffled by each other’s lips. Fiona’s free hand squeezed one of Sara’s breasts, then the other, before stroking its way down to her clit.


With both hands on Sara’s privates, Fiona continued sucking her face. Sara’s legs began to spasm and she screamed, straight into Fiona’s mouth. Fiona screamed right back, as if Sara’s pleasure had morphed into her own. They rocked their hips faster, shaking the couch slightly.


Two remained.


After who-knows-how-long in pure ecstasy, their bodies began to relax, slowing their hips and lessening their sounds of pleasure. Fiona’s hands left Sara’s genitals, bringing them up to her face. They finally broke away from their kiss and stared at each other blankly, still rocking their hips faintly.


Sara turned around, straddling Fiona, and put her hips down, pressing her clit onto Fiona’s. Both of them yelped, and started thrusting and moaning all over again.


Another long, drawn-out moan of bliss escaped the both of them as they rocked against one another, humping each other’s clits. And Fiona tried to catch the words dribbling from Sara’s mouth by locking lips again. That just pushed my girlfriend into grinding faster.


Their moans reached higher and higher, the humping got faster and faster. Both of Sara’s hands held Fiona’s face, and Fiona dug her painted nails into Sara’s ass. And as one, they hit a fever pitch, their legs, rears, chests, entire bodies began to shake uncontrollably, staring at each other as they shared their final orgasm.


The shaking must have lasted well over a minute. But after Sara thrust her clit onto Fiona’s a few more times, and they pulled each other in for another kiss, my girlfriend fell off her partner and nearly fell off the couch. But Fiona caught her and pulled her in, snuggling up beside each other as their kisses became softer, gentler, calmer than before.


“…Very good, girls,” I spoke softly, the first words I said since they began. “That was very, very good.”


“Thank you…” they kissed again, “…Master.”


“Can you still hear me?”


“Yes, Master,” another kiss.


            “Good. …Now, I need both of you to listen to me very carefully. This is extremely important. …I am going to take you home soon. You will not remember me putting you in this trance. You will not remember coming to my house tonight. And you will not remember that you had sex here. All you will remember is that you spent some time together at Fiona’s house, and then you went to bed. Do you understand me so far?”


A nod, through another kiss.


“Good. Now, when I take you home, you will immediately go through your bed-time routines, and go to sleep. As you sleep, you will remember the sex you just had as a dream, not as reality, but only as a dream. You will remember this dream vividly, and it will make you want to experiment with one another in a sensual manner. And by the time you wake up tomorrow morning, you will no longer be in a trance. Do I make myself clear?”


“Yes, Master,” they responded with two voices, but one mind.


“Excellent. Fiona, you said you left the clothes in the car?”


“Yes,” she moaned.


“Tell me where you left the car keys.”


“In the bag, with the clothes,” another kiss.


“And the car is unlocked?”


A nod.


“Thank you, Fiona. Now, I want you two to wait here, as I get your clothes.”


They nodded through a soft kiss on the lips, as I stood and started for the stairs.


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