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A new identity

by lullanok

Chapter 1

I could feel it; not all was as it should have been. I'd just gotten into the locker room after football team practice. A shower turned on near me: I could feel the hot steam, radiating from the nearby wall. Walking towards it, I saw him - James Evans, the quarterback - ass naked in all its glory. Something inside me stirred - my cock sprang up. I started rubbing myself - but then he turned around.

"Hey, what are you doing man? Jerking yourself off to me, faggot?"

That's the last thing I heard before it went dark. I don't remember much of what happened afterward, only that I was in a pitch black room, tied down to a cold, unwavering table through my ankles, arms, thighs. I was completely naked and helpless, even more so when the door at the other end of the room opened and a man came in wearing a white lab coat. Though it was pitch black, I could somehow see clearly; enough to see the man grab a drip back and unceremoniusly plunge a catheter into my right arm.

The pain was excruciating, though quickly dulled by a sort of fluid flowing out of the man's IV drip bag. It felt insane, and I had only the strength to produce unintelligable moaning sounds from my lips. Everywhere, my flaws began to disintigrate; hair follicles fell out and were destroyed out of all places on my body with the exception of my hair, of which the colour bleached itself slightly. My once crooked teeth instantly changed themselves and became pearly white. However, the most sudden change of all happened in my crotch area - my cock began to grow, lengthening and growing in girth, becoming far too big to ever fit into what I fit into before.

A screen at the opposite end of the wall begin to light up and play some sort of video, which I was helplessly fixated on. A boy, probably my age, was depicted on the TV, wearing nothing but a tiny thong which barely covered his hole and cock. A fluid dripped from the IV bag into me, and my cock sprang up to full attention - this was so horny to me.

Three men quickly joined him, each fully nude, sporting washboard abs and massive cocks, each fully erect. I couldn't stop watching, albeit a little confused, as the boy took the most masculine looking man's massive cock into his mouth. He began to suck, bobbing his head up and down in an effortless sort of dance. Meanwhile, the other two took turns eating the boy's ass out and fingering him.

This situation seemed extremely familiar to me, and then I realised - the masculine guy was James Evans, and the other two were Blake Cooper, the tight end, and Oliver Histrens, the offensive guard. The cocksucker - was me.

Oh fuck, I'm watching my own sex tape, I thought to myself. I hadn't even realised it, but I was intensely horny from this, leading to the realisation that perhaps I'd like James, Blake and Oliver to do this to me too. My lust over the unfolding situation was so intense that a single line of drool formed in my mouth and dripped onto the table.

It really was an artform; I watched as the men's bodies moved as one, emptying their seed into the boy one at a time, their bodies partially entangled in order to maximise the pleasure from themselves and keep the boy as hungry for their monster cocks as possible. Soon after they were teasing the boy's hole and entered.

Something about this eperience made me feel a little different; it was like I was becoming more ditzy as I watched, wanting this experience to be real. "Mmmmm"...

No sooner did I accidentally utter those words aloud did the video stop and the doors open once more. 

It was James, fully nude, totally hard on, just like in the video. I felt no shame, only an increased and steady horniness from seeing possibly the hottest boy on my football team come up to me with the intent of using me. His washboard abs and slightly stubbly chin were the fucking sexiest thing I'd ever seen in my life, and I couldn't help myself; 'Please', I uttered. He nodded, producing the tiniest pink thong and sliding it onto my large cock and bubble butt. As soon as he did so, I felt waves upon waves of pleasure ripple through my body.

He nodded, crouching over me. In one swift motion, he rammed his cock into my ass and began pounding my fag prostate. Instantly I knew that this was my destiny; to be used and fucked. My legs unconciously widened, desperate to let more of him in. All he could do was moan as the jock finally nutted in my and left, leaving him with cum oozing out of my asshole. I was so close to coming myself, but wasn't close enough. Arms still restrained, I couldn't finish myself off.

The next man entered, my best friend Robert. A recognisation glinted onto his face, but he didn't act upon it. He knew exactly that it was me, and I loved it, especially when he sensually whispered in my ear that i'm a 'fucking cock slut, man whore sex doll' before spitting in my face and gagging me.

Soon it dawned on me that this was a direct recreation of the video that I saw previously; there was no difference. I was the cum slut. I was being fucked. I couldn't help myself, cumming at least thrice. On the third time, the man who was dumping his load on me stopped observed collected it up with his fingers and began to finger myself further with it. Cum oozed out of my asshole, increasing my pleasure and devotion to him. Soon he too cummed, this time in my mouth and was on his way.

It felt too good to be true, all I wanted and was ever going to want was a hot cock within myself and up my asshole. It formed the bane of my identity; cock, cum, and the pink thong.

It was a part of me - the thong whore.

Chapter 2

I love eating cum


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