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Robbery Gone….Stinky

by theameris

Part 1

“Bradley” Vladimir Kirtinrov

As we ran out of the bank, the adrenaline crusised into my veins. I spun around and aimed over at the band guard pointing a gun at my head. I fired a few shots into his chest, resulting in him falling down the flight of stairs onto the pavement. I heard the sound of a car woosh over and watched the escape car drive into view. It drove past the nearby buildings of the giant city and stopped to a halt at the front of Starling City Bank and Trust, the bank we just robbed.


I ran over to one of the back side doors and pulled it open. I threw my rifle in, an high-tech assault rifle with a bullet counter and a smoke, night vision, and thermal reflex scope on top. I clambered in next to it and two of the 3 others part of the inside-bank crew climbed in behind me. Our team leader, “Outback,” a man in his early fifties, who had strikingly dark brown hair, climbed into the passenger seat up front beside the escape driver. His face was obscured by some shade operations mask he picked up from a contact, which looked like a cool evil villain mask, even to me, the Russian of the group.


“DRIVE, DRIVE, DRIVE,” he shouted to our escape driver, “Road Runner,” in a heavy Australian accent. Road Runner slammed his foot on the gas and we sped away away from the bank and the 3 police cars that responded to the robbery. We drove quickly through an highrise area, with several skyscrapers owned by industry firms and tech giants. I peered between the front two seats and out the windshield to the road ahead, where a couple thousand meters in front of us, a blockade of police vehicles stood parked.


It consisted of about eight police cars and one Special Weapons and Tactics police van. Because of the many vehicles that, the vehicles blocked the road in front of us, and the only escape venue was a small alley to the side. Road Runner navigated the armored sports car into the narrow valley, between one brick building and one standard concrete building. I could make out Road Runner’s stressful Italian features on the side of the head including the iconic black hair that people of Italian descent intended to have.


The car followed the alley around and soon, we could see an opening to the street. When we got close to the exit, a police car blocked our exit, it’s blue and red lights flashing against the starry night sky. Road Runner reversed the vehicle and tried to navigate around the bend again, but to our misfortune, the street access we entered the alley in was blocked by a swat van, with dark clad figures climbing out.


“Get your weapons and get the fuck out,” Outback yelled as he quickly climbed out of the car and aimed his scoped semi-automatic tactical rifle over to a swat officer and fired at the officer’s head. The bullet went between the helmet and neck brace and dug into the officer’s face. The officer fell to the ground and his assault rifle clattered down. One of the other swat officers saw this and aimed over at “Cowboy,” a member of our team, who was barely known amongst the boys, other from the fact that he came from southern Texas. The bullet hit his leg and he fell down. “Red Raven”, an dyed bright red haired woman rushed over and pulled up, while waist-firing her shotgun into a swat officer, who was propelled back.


“In here, “ Outback shouted as he entered the door to a brick building on our left. Roadrunner followed close behind, brandishing an Vector style submachine gun. I ran over to Red Raven and Cowboy and grabbed the cowboys other arm. Me and Raven then pulled him towards the door, away from the highly armed swat officers. I managed to make off a couple shots, one which hit the grill of the swat truck and the other hit an swat officer in the shoulder.


Me and Raven pulled Cowboy inside, and I saw the small trail of blood coming out of his leg. “Red, go grab the money from the back of the car, “ Outback said to Red Raven as he barked orders to our group.


“Ruskie, cover Red”

“What about Texas over here,” Red asked as she stared down Cowboy’s bloodied leg.

“Cowboy will be getting attention from Road Runner,”

“The Italian, are you serious?” she said, with a worried look and tears streaming down

her face. As I knew everyone on this team, their real names, personalities, and so on, Red and Cowboy had a serious relationship. And from what I knew, it had been going on for years. I understood why she was arguing. If I was in her situation, I would do the same, especially if it was for my partner. The thing is, she also had a bone to pick with Road Runner, something about an argument over Cowboy and Red’s effectiveness on the team.


“Eh, what’s that supposed to mean?” Road Runner yelled.

“You know what it damn well me-” Red was cut off by Outback.

“All of you, shut the fuck up and do your job.”


    With that, we began doing our assignments. Red clambered out the door, wearing an exoskeleton and heavy kevlar armor. She was armed with a minigun, something that made her the kind of support gunner on the team. She aimed the gatling style weapon at the police responders who had reached the car. The machine gun lit up like a firecracker on the fourth of July, and bullets whizzed into the officers cutting them down. I kept my aim over some swat officers by the back of the armored truck, I fired over, hitting one of them in the right arm.


    By now, Red had reached the trunk of the armored sports car and she pulled the trunk up. She quickly grabbed the duffel bags filled with cash and pushed the trunk close. She walked lighty, as if the weight didn’t really affect her, and that was probably because of the exoskeleton she wore. She reached the door and bolted inside. I slammed the door closed behind her and put up the door’s barricade bar built onto the wall next to the door.


    I turned around and noticed where we were. We were in a back hallway of the building and I immediately noticed the pink wallpaper with princes on the wall. Red had made it to the end of the hall, carrying the 4 duffel bags of money without help, all due to the strength provided by her exoskeleton. I followed close behind, carrying my signature rifle. I noticed the rooms we passed on either side of us. I peered inside and noticed what looked like cribs in the room. A sign on the wall read: Toddler Sleeping Room.


    “This looks to be some sort of Daycare, “ I said, my voice without a Russian accent, due to years I spent studying English.


    “It’s too pink in my opinion. This much pink gives me nausea,” Red responded somewhat dryly.


    We reached a set of wooden double doors and Red turned the handle. The room on the other side was large and had the same pink wallpaper. The floor of the room was covered in different colored foam puzzle piece matts. Towards the back corner of the room, toy kitchens and restaurants were set up, which I assumed were for the entertainment of the Children that came here during the day. On the other side of the room, a large playpen with a white cushion mat on the floor was set up, with building blocks, rattles, stuffed animals, and other objects inside. I assumed this area was for babies to have fun in. I walked over to where Roadrunner and Outback were. Cowboy was propped against a massive stuffed bear, red blood smeared across it’s chest.


“It’s about time you two showed up,”  Road Runner said with a smiteful smile as he stood up to face her.. A scowl appeared on Red’s face and she put down the minigun and walked up with anger.


“I was just grabbing the money I helped rob, while you were sitting in your car. Ruskie here was covering my ass from the new arrivals,” she practically shouted at him. When she spoke like that, she had the emotion to back it. “How is my boyfriend doing? Did you make him suffer like I am about to do to you?”


“Yeah, Mr. Texas here is fine. He can probably even ride bulls again. Right, Andrew?”


Andrew/Cowboy looked up from the bear. “Why did you use my real name, Leo?” Leo/RoadRunner smiled with sarcastic intent.


“Cops ain’t going to hear us yet. And anyway, we’re all friends here.”

“Me and him are much more than friends. As for you and me, you are more like an annoying acquaintance,” Red sneered, eager to attack Leo’s ego.


“Yeah well-,”


“Will all of you shut up, “Outback interrupted.


“Yeah, listen to George; he knows when to shut up,” Andrew piped up from the ground.


“Anyway, I was checking Police Comms. They seemed to have left, for some reason. I don’t know why, as they saw us come in here, but that gave us time. “I suggest we stay here for now until things blow over. Even though the cops chasing us had left, other cops are still searching us in the city.” When George spoke, his Australian voice had always seemed to command attention. Possibly because we all knew he had more experience than the rest of us combined at evading police, regardless of our skill set.


“Anyway, I’m gonna go find us places to sleep. Possibly some food as well, “ Leo said with a light voice.


“Food would do well on you, judging by how I can see your ribs, “ Red attacked quickly.


“Well my body doesn’t have the best metabolism. And you are one to talk, Alena, using exoskeletons as a substitute for pure muscle.”


“I work out a lot, I’ll have you know. And the gear I carry is heavy, even with muscle. Anyway, I’m going to stop feeding this argument,”


I sighed as I watched the two of them go in opposite directions. Leo, to the next hallway on the other side of the room, off to find food and places for us to sleep. Alena, to a beanbag chair that she moved next to where George and Andrew were. I decided to go watch the door at the back, just in case any police came back.







30 minutes later, I got a call on my radio from George. I picked it up and his gruff voice sounded a little tense, and I could hear some panic. 


“Bradley, Leo hasn’t checked in 20 minutes. He said he was looking into something he found. Come back to the main room. We are going to go search for him.”


When I got back to the room, the group minus Leo, was gathered around the bear Andrew was laying on. Everyone had their weapons with them, minus the minigun that Alena had, who was using her shotgun.


“Alright, Bradley is back, let's do a sweep, “ George said with a strained voice.


Everyone filed towards the double set of doors opposite the hallway we entered the building on the other side of the room. I turned on my rifle’s laser sight and followed everyone through the set of doors.


    The hallway on the other side had the same pink wallpaper with pictures of princesses. There were several rooms like the first hallway, each labeled for a different use. Up ahead on the right, a bright pink glow was flowing out of a doorway. We creeped up to the doorway, on the wall the label read: Stairway to Basement. I peered inside seeing a stairway with similar wallpaper to the halway. George went first, sweeping his rifle towards the landing. He then followed the landing to the stair leading down. I peeked over the railing, which was one of those half wall railings. The stairway continued down for about 4 stories and then came to one final landing. I noticed that the floor we stood on wasn’t covered in carpet but rather, tiles.


    “What the fuck, why does it go far down, “ Alena said as she too peaked over the side.


    “Who knows I said,” keeping a straight face. This building did seem normal, going down this far.


    “Why does a daycare go this far underground, especially in a city, where you can only go up, if you want to avoid utility lines?” Andrew said in his southern twang.


    “Quiet all of you, I hear something,” George said, possibly a little too loud. I could tell he was irritated by Alena’s demeanor, and I could say that I was as well. I shrugged it off and returned to my thoughts, keeping my ears peeled for a sound and then I heard it. It was the voice of a woman.


    I couldn’t make out much, other than a sentence.


“You are going to turn. out so cute, my beautiful Leah. Mama’s going to get you a fresh diaper and make your concerns go away.”


Everyone stayed still until the voice stopped. When the voice went away, Alena was the first to speak.


    “Hell was that? It sounded like a person. I thought you said that no-one was here, George.”


“I said that it appeared that no one was here.”


“Well it appears you thought wrong. Anyway, we need to find Leo. We might be able to get this person to talk. Kinda weird that the name she was referring was close to Leos.”


“I’m sure it’s just a coincidence, Alena. Now let's get our asses in gear.” He proceeded down the staircases and we followed suit.



Chapter 2

Several minutes later, we reached the last landing of the staircare and a metal door stood in front of us. It looked out of place, given the interior decor, but then again, this building didn’t seem normal. George was the first one to go in, pushing the door open.The room inside was small and painted bright purple with yellow flowers. On the ceiling, a light in the shape of a flower gave bright pink light off. Under us the floor was now a comy carpet, purple in appearance and felt good under my boots. On the other side of the cramped room, a pink painted wood door stood, with the words: Induction room, stenciled on in cute letters. I could hear sounds coming from the other side, but they were gone an minute later. George motioned us to get ready. I did the same and my rifle’s barrel was pointed towards the words on the door. George pulled the door open, revealing an unoccupied room. I stepped inside first, peering around the room. The room had the same bright pink princess wallpaper as the hallways several stories up. In the center, covering a lot of the carpet, a purple rug with images of cartoon babies, cartoon pacifiers, cartoon rattles, cartoon diapers, and cartoon teddy bears was sprawled out. On the ceiling pink LED starlights casted the room in a pink glow. In front of a corner, a pink plastic toy looking reception desk stood with a plastic toy looking computer on top as well as other stuff. I walked over to the desk and reached the computer, which looked like it actually worked, judging by the screen. I sat down on the pink plastic chair behind the desk and reached down and pressed the button on the front of the computer tower, causing the screen to light up.“What the fuck,” I heard Alena yelp from across the room. I walked over to where she was. She stood in front of a window on one of the walls nearest to the reception desk. She had drawn the blinds, revealing a massive room with an arch ceiling, in which the top of it was the top of the room we were in, only separated by the wall. The room itself was made of concrete painted in bright pink. At the bottom of the chamber, the entire floor was padded in bright pink padding, this padding reached up the wall partially until it capped not even ⅓ of the way up the ceiling. In the center, different play areas were set up, including larger-than adult sized play sets, play pens filled with building blocks, rattles, and teddy bears. These play sets were occupied by human looking creatures.The creatures varied in size, with the smallest size being close to the size of an average adult human. They had pudgy hands, arms and legs, with stubby fingers and toes. What appeared to be baby fat was all over their bodys. They had chubby faces that resembled that of a baby’s, with big eyes staring in innocence. Their mouths were pronounced like babies and some had what appeared to be large pink pacifiers that they were sucking on. The smaller ones were almost bald, with small tufts of hair, while the larger had full blown babyish haircuts, including braids, pigtails, pony tails, and other haircuts. Their hair also varied in the normal human colors. They all appeared to be female as well.They wore a variety of clothing, depending on the size. The larger ones wore t-shirts and pants, ruffled and unruffled dresses of varying colors, shirts with overall, cute dresses with skirts and many other clothing. The smaller ones wore onesies, rompers, and creepers of varying color, bonnets, and many other clothing.Some seemed to have noticeable bulges under clothing, while others had their massive diapers of varying colors and designs in plain sight, with the obvious cushiony look. Some didn’t even wear pants, and just had a diaper and a t-shirt. Some could be seen wearing a diaper behind their skirt.My attention was caught on one walking on the floor, tottering around. She wore a bright pink dress with ruffled parts on the bottom. Her bright blonde hair was styled into pigtail. The more and more I watched here, she reminded me of a 1 year old. She stopped tottering and paused for a second. She tipped over onto her hands and pointed her butt out. I could see a massive thick disposable diaper with what appeared to be images of princesses on the diaper. Suddenly, the diaper began puffing out and I realized what was happening. She was using her diaper. The diaper kept puffing out and I could see it turn from white to a darker, yellower shade. When she was finished using her diaper, she pushed herself up and continued tottering on her way. Another one, smaller than the first was crawling in the playpen. She wore a pink-shirt with writing I couldn’t make out. Her hair was on the shorter side with an upstanding ponytail above her head. A thick diaper was evident as she crawled around on the floor. She stopped crawling and did what the first humanoid did, and messed her diaper. “Man, this is fucked up,” Alena said, turning to me. “They are literally giant babies. How can they even exist? There is no birth defect on this scale.” I spoke up to answer. “I have no clue, but anything is possible for a reason. Take the mutations in the affected area of the Chernobyl incident in the 1980’s, though that was strictly non-human animals.”Stepping away from the window, I saw George peeking through a doorway on the same wall next to the window.“There’s a hallway here, and it’s empty. I suggest we continue looking for Leo,” he suggested sincerely, while looking back to us.“ You actually want to help find the asshole?” Alena asked with a stare.“As much as Leo is irritating, he is a valuable member of the team. Not to mention that you are just as irritating,” George spat back. “Anyway, we should get searching”He stepped through the door, and Andrew followed close behind. I turned to Alena seeing her reaction, and she just shrugged, easily seeping with irritation. I turned myself back around and followed behind, and I made out the footsteps of Alena tailing me.The hallway we entered had windows to the left that gave easy view to the man-baby daycare place down below. On the right side, the wall was painted a bright pink with pictures of cartoon animals. Artwork hung on nails, and when I peered at it, I could see that it was evident that it was drawn by a child. Or at least a creature with the motor skills and the intelligence of one.A small distance down the hall several light brown doors stood inside the wall, and I was curious to find what lay behind them. We began walking down the hallway at a slow pace, swiveling the barrels of our military grade assault rifles around, searching for any movement in the hallway. George walked up to the first door and grabbed his rifle with his left hand, aiming it forward steadily. He slowly turned the knob and pulled it open, revealing a brightly painted pink closet. Wooden storage shelves rose almost to the normal height ceiling, which had a pink heart LED light fixture. On the shelves, large white boxes were arranged neatly, with every box almost touching each other. I walked inside to get a closer look and noticed the strange imagery on the front.The box appeared to be a box of diapers, but not any kind that could fit an adult, much less a toddler or infant. The brand of the diapers appeared to be Pampers, complete with the cute yellow lettering and blue background. The diaper was very peculiar, as it was named Big Messers. I looked below the diaper and noticed a model wearing the diaper, but not the normal baby model you’d find on diaper packages. No, this model, or creature was probably also a man-baby, the term that I was calling the humanoids in the daycare room. The man-baby in the image was on the smaller side with only a blondish tuff for hair. She wore a bright pink pampers logo shirt that stopped just above her waist, showcasing the massively thick white disposable diaper wrapped around her waist and tush, which had a cute picture of a heart on it. Her chubby cheeks gave way to her big toothless smile and seemed to go along with her chubby legs and arms and stubby toes, which were all filled with tubby baby fat. What I didn’t notice before because of the distance was the evidence of fully grown breasts, probably D-cup, creating an obvious rounded shape in the center of the shirt fabric. It didn’t surprise me at this point that it was getting weirder and weirder.We were all silent because of the discovery of the diapers, and no one dared to make a peep. Not until Alena started talking.“So they have special diaper brands as well? As well as tits that have gone through puberty. I thought Adult Babies were weird, but this puts on a whole new perspective. These things are massive. Clearly not designed for any adult either. What the fuck is going on?”“We are in the same boat as you. I can even begin to comprehend everything we just saw. Giant babies, with full breasts, wearing almost cartoony abnormally large diapers. How can this even realistically happen,” Andrew spat out in a questioning mental implode.I decided to not offer my thoughts, as I’ve lived in Russia for 31 years, ending a while back, and I’ve seen a lot there. Who’s to say this can’t also happen there. As I pondered this, George began speaking in his coarse Aussie accent.“Look, this is weird, but I suggest we continue looking for Leo. We can take some photographs if you want to investigate this yourselves. Until then, I suggest we-“ He was cut off by a loud crying sound that sounded like a baby’s, though it was a little deeper, but not by much. In truth, it made me a bit scared.George motioned us to follow him as he filed out of the room, rifle aimed. I soldered right behind him, aiming the rifle weapon up. The four of us stepped into the hallway, heading towards the source of the sound, which had stopped a second ago. A moment later, it echoed through the hallway, shrieking louder than before. We reached the end of the hallway and came to a bright pink door adorned with images of cartoon bunnies marked Inductees Changing Room. The shrieking had stopped when George had begun reaching for the handle, and suddenly, a second later, we were met with a peering darkness and a nose-wrenching smell.“What is that smell,” Alena struggled to whisper as her face turned over in disgust. We began combing through the darkness and the smell. A few seconds later, someone literally had the bright idea to turn on a flashlight and the room was revealed to us.The room was on the medium side in terms of volume, with bright pink wallpaper with princess imagery printed on. The lights were some of the heart shaped ones, which I assumed cladded the room in a purple glow. The room had a rug in the center with imagery of baby styles on it, including images of pink rattles, pacifiers and diapers. The room was sparsely furnished, with the only furniture being a few larger than adult sized wooden pink painted changing tables, which a few had open packs of those Pampers: Big Messers diapers. Another piece of furniture was a large pink dresser. Alena stepped over to it and opened the first drawer, revealing massive pink baby style dresses and onesies, which looked the correct sizes to fit the man-babies. The final pieces of furniture, if they even counted as furniture, were massive pink and purple carseat looking seats, which were complete with hearts all over them. There were 7 in a row, and at the far right, one was occupied. Inside the seat, a man-baby sat cradled. She was a larger variation, unlike the ones that looked like giant infants or newborn babies. No, she had jet black hair and a big chubby face. Her large eyelids were closed tightly and accompanied by short eyelashes. Her chubby torso wore a bright pink pajama t-shirt that had a picture of a yellow cartoon duck. Her limbs were chubby, with tufts of baby fat and her fingers were stubs. She wore bright purple baby girl pajama shorts and I could see the massive bulge of the diaper stick out through the clothing at the sides and I could see the tabs of the bright pink and blue diaper lay above the top of the pants, in a spot where her shirt was pulled up a little. Her chubby legs, like her arms, ended at rounded feet and stubs for toes.I noticed that the purple straps of the chair kept her locked in tightly. I turned away from the creature and felt my boots hit something. I crouched down and peered at a Kriss Vector 45 ACP, a favorite weapon of Leo’s.“Over there, “ Andrew exclaimed as he quietly pointed out an object of interest. In front of the occupied car seat filled with the sleeping man-baby, I spotted a lone printed photo laying on the ground. Alena walked over and picked up the photo. After a second of studying it, a horrified expression was on her face. I walked over to see what the photo had.As I studied the photo, I could see why her face lit up like that. In the photo, Leo stood next to who I assumed was his wife, the woman holding a small baby girl dressed in a pink onesie. I instantly connected the dots and turned to look over at the creature in the car seat.When I began studying her, I instantly noticed features dead similar to Leo’s. The very Italian olive skin tone. The jet black hair. It was even down to the shape of his jaw, even though it was now covered in layers of baby fat. The big baby girl before us was in fact Leo.My thoughts were interrupted by big baby girl Leo, who had shimied his bulgy behind to the side, giving us a good view up it, not that we wanted to see it I suddenly watched as the diaper under the soft-looking pajama shorts puffed out slowly, and I knew he/ or really she was pooping in her diaper. Turning away, I looked over at my comrades who each had a horrified/disgusted look. It was Alena who broke the strenuous silence.“Looks like we found Leo. Or what he turned into,” Alena said almost sarcastically. I could tell that she was truly confused and horrified. And I admit, under the hard Russian exterior, I felt the same. There was no scientific explanation for this shit. And it felt like some horror movie, though the horrifying part was a heavily altered beautiful thing. That beautiful was still beautiful, but was now much bigger and unnatural.The creaking of a door to the left of the car seats put us on edge as a strange woman walked through, carrying oversized bottles of what looked like baby formula in a plastic basket. She was tall, with pronounced curves and large, perky breasts, with only the cleavage showing behind the bright red dress. Her godlike platinum hair hung down past her shoulders, creating a sense of awe in the room. The bright smile tucked between her beautiful cheekbones complemented her bright blue eyes perfectly.I have to admit, for someone in her thirties, she really did look diehard beautiful. I could see Alena blushing at the appearance of this woman. I watched as the woman walked farther in the room and turned to us.“Nice to finally meet you all,” she said in a warming tone. She looked friendly enough and could sense sincerity in her voice. But something troubled me about her. It felt to me that she was releasing an aura of some kind, though I couldn’t pinpoint why I felt this way. “I see you all met little Liah here. Cute isn’t she. She is one of my many pride and joys. And I certainly mean many.”We all watched her as she walked over to the big baby girl who was formerly Leo, now Liah. She unstrapped Liah from the carseat-like seat and crouched down. She slowly pulled down the comfy looking short with what seemed like motherly grace, revealing a massive, thick and white disposable diaper with pink hearts printed on it. She brought her hand over and lightly pressed on Lush’s diaper bum, checking it with motherly intuition. The woman then brought her face down, and I watched in disgust and she sniffed the soiled diaper.“Pee yew,” she exclaimed in a cartoony tone. “Someone made a messy and stinky poopy. Better get my cute baby girl into a fresh diaper.”She snapped her fingers, and I heard the sound of large bare feet walk on the wooden floor of the room. One of the big-babies waddled in through the door the woman had just walked in from. She wore a bright pink onesie decorated with Disney princesses and had her auburn colored hair tied into pigtails, with pink scrunchies keeping the hold. She was on the larger side, probably being a toddler variant of the large-baby species.“Maggie, dear.” the woman addressed her in the sweetest tone. “ Can you take your new sister for a diaper change, please”The giant baby girl smiled cutely and nodded. “Suwe mwa mwa,” she responded in a voice that was pitched almost like a toddlers. She waddled over to where Liah sat in the chair, and I noticed a bulge similar to Liah’s under her pink onesie.As she began lifting Liah up, a loud fart erupted from her butt; it was immediately followed by an expansion of the bulge.“Sowry mwa mwa. I mwade a pwoopy,” she said in a sweet apology.“It’s alright dear. Deliver Liah to the changing area and then get yourself a change.”“Awight mwommy.” the big baby said as she effortlessly lifted up Liah and waddled her out of the room.We all waited until they left and Alena, surprisingly, was the one to break the silence.“What the fuck did you do to Leo, you bitch?” Alena yelled in questioning anger.“You need to learn some manners,” she said in a mocking but serious tone. She turned away from Alena and peered at the group.“It seems you are all in need of some changes,” she continued, “and that doesn’t stop at the diapers you’ll be wearing soon enough. No, no. It will be something more...literal. By the end of tonight, you’ll all be cute, little big babies, wearing thick diapers. And you already are aware they are a special kind of diaper, you know, the big messing kind. Now let’s get started, as soon you’ll be joining your friend Liah.”I suddenly felt my body locked in place by some invisible force. I was literally using all my might to move an inch, but to no avail, I was still in the same spot. I peered through peripheral vision and noticed the others were in the same fate. The woman walked closer to our group and stepped over to Alena.“Baby Alena is going to learn some manners,” the woman said eerily as she pulled out a pink baby bottle filled with cream colored baby formula. She brought the rubber nipple up to Alena’s mouth and pushed it in.“Drink up, my soon to be cute werebaby,” the woman said in a creepy tone. As if on cue, Alena began to suck on the rubber nipple downing the liquid. A moment went by and she drank the last drop. I suddenly noticed her eyes slowly closing, as if the drink made her tired. Her knees buckled and she fell to the floor. The woman displayed a malicious smile as she lifted Alena up effortlessly. She slowly carried her over and placed her in a car seat, strapping her in in the process. Turning back, She surveyed the remaining three of us. She turned to me and our eyes locked.“What a cutie we have here,” she said in a sweet voice though I could sense underline maliciousness in it. She stepped over to me and gave me another once-over. A smile slowly wedged itself in and I saw a look of satisfaction. “Yes, this will do nicely. This will do very nicely.”She grabbed another oversized baby bottle and slowly brought the nipple to my mouth. Slowly, my lips worked around, and the air began to move inside my mouth. I suddenly felt the taste of something sweet and creamy. A second later, I had drunk the entire container and my eyelids felt like they had weights on them. As I struggled to stay awake, I let out a loud yawn and my world now became shrouded in darkness.


Wall of text. - theameris

Sorry for the wall of text guys. I originally wrote this in Google Docs, and for some reason it turned into a wall of text when I pasted it over.

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