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Terri the CamGirl

by dannyspeeno

Chapter 1

Terri was brand new to the camgirl scene, but had experienced more scenarios than she could count.

While many women prefer one genre of sex, she had a love affair with all types, and the camming world provided her with a good outlet for the sexually deviant.
Having sex with strangers in front of a camera was more than a sexual release for her; it was a rush.
It was a rush to create a fantasy of a woman, and have it come to life.
It was something that she could do that would never be in real life, and she could see the physical changes that it created in her lover.
This was when the real fun began.
After a few days of video chatting online, Terri knew that she was going to have to take things to the next level.
She knew that she would never be able to do more than she had with the camgirl.
She never even discussed money with her.
They chatted for a few minutes, and Terri told her that she was lonely and that she was looking to make friends.
Terri was just eighteen, and felt a bit awkward at first, but when she found out that Susie was a mature woman, who seemed to be open - minded about anything, Terri began to relax.
Terri liked the fact that Susie sent photos and videos of herself to their conversations, and she loved the way that Susie could show her emotions.
Susie was a very caring camgirl, and if Terri had found a better - looking camgirl, she probably would have taken the position.
Terri's love of BDSM pushed her to play a part of the role - playing for more exposure.
Terri would let her have her way with her, with more domination and spanking.
Terri was curious as to what it would be like to be tied up.
She was tied up often in the camming community, but she never allowed it to be recorded.
Susie noticed the hard on that was obviously noticeable when Terri saw the first photo of Susie taking off her bra.
"Your turn," she said.
Terri's hand rubbed the bulge of her hard on.
It's getting big, she thought.
Terri looked at her digital clock.
They had been chatting online for about forty - five minutes, and this was the second photo of Susie wearing a short skirt, panties and bra.
Terri continued to rub her hard on, and could feel that she was getting very close.
She was feeling excited, but still wasn't sure about what to do.
She decided to ask for Susie's permission.
"Please?" she said.
Terri played with her nipples for a bit longer, while wondering what she was going to do.
Finally, Susie's favorite fantasy of the day became a reality for Terri.
Terri was standing at the bedroom door, and as Susie's fingers wrapped around her hard on, she felt the familiar feeling of an orgasm beginning to build in her body.
Terri looked into the camera and saw Susie's eyes looking back at her, looking lustfully into her eyes.
The sight turned Terri on, and she gave in to her sexuality, as she had never done before.
Her knees were shaking, and she could feel the moistness between her legs.
Her breathing became deeper and her movements became faster.
She could feel the muscles in her legs tightening up, and she knew that she was going to cum very soon.
When she finally finished, her body and face was covered with a thin layer of sweat.
Terri was in awe of the effect that the orgasm had on her body, and almost wanted another.
Her cock was now completely hard again, and had leaked a small amount of cum.
Terri quickly closed her legs, and lowered her head.
She didn't want to look at Susie, as she knew that her face was covered with her juices.
Terri decided to look over the camera, as she didn't want her to see her cum on the cam and be turned off by it.
The first thing that Terri saw was Susie smiling and motioning for her to come over and talk to her.
Terri stood up and crossed the living room and went into the bedroom.
Terri stood by the door and didn't say anything, but made sure that she didn't move.
Susie moved to the bed and sat on the edge of the mattress.
Terri watched as Susie's hand moved between her legs and began to rub herself.
Her fingers reached up to her nipples, and twisted them, while her other hand rubbed her pussy.
"You look so hot," said Terri.
"You look like you need a hand."
Terri was a bit nervous, but she wanted to be a good cam girl and show Susie how much she liked what she saw.
She reached down, pulled her long skirt up to her waist, and stepped out of it.
"There's a sexy lingerie shop across the street from here.
Why don't we go look for some sexy stuff, "she said.
Terri figured it was her best bet for getting close to Susie, and seducing her.
Terri left the cam off, as she didn't want Susie to feel any guilt over exposing her.
They spent almost two hours at the lingerie shop.
As they made their way through the aisles, they kept finding other interesting pieces of lingerie to try on, and to look at in the case.
Susie touched all of Terri's boobs, and brushed against her hands, squeezing them and groping them.
When they stopped in the middle of the aisle, Susie unzipped her skirt, and pulled it off of her, then kicked it to the side.
With her panties on the floor beside her, she pushed her skirt up, bending over a little bit, showing Terri her bare pussy.
Terri looked at Susie and saw her raise up slightly, so that she was facing Terri with her bare ass sticking out at Terri.
Susie's legs came apart, and her toes curled a little, as she spread her legs just a little bit more.
"I want you to fuck my pussy from behind," she told Terri.
Terri loved the idea of pleasing Susie, and she slipped her hand inside Susie's panties.
She squeezed a nipple, and felt the heated skin.


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