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The Music Stopped

by oatmeal

Chapter 1

Darren had a problem with authority. He always had. He'd been fired from three jobs, he was kicked out by his parents when he was seventeen, he was expelled from high school for selling weed, and today, Darren hated his landlord. The kid was always bothering Darren with new rules he needed to follow, increases to his rent, excuses for why maintenance to the building couldn't be done, and he was an entitled brat. His name was Alexander and he was barely 25. Darren wasn't sure how many properties Alex owned, but he knew that this house was just a rental property that the kid had inherited, and he didn't seem to actually do any work of his own. Judging from how often Alex dropped by, Darren was pretty sure he didn't have a job.

Darren didn't make too big a deal of it though. The house he rented was good for him. He was able to use the space to construct a number of different sets that he used to film himself naked. The camshows he did online didn't provide enough to live off of, but they did provide enough for a high-end camera, a decent lighting setup, and some cheap costumes and props. Both men and women enjoyed his shows; his particularly dark hair and fair skin made him stand out, and his lean frame and chiseled abs kept viewers entertained. Darren worked as an electrician most of the time, but performing for an audience was fun. He wasn't the best performer, but he loved to fulfill every audience request. It made him happy.

Until an unexpected knock came on the door, as it always did. Alex had a talent for showing up at the wrong time, and this time was no different. Darren suppressed his burst of frustration for long enough to put on a sheepish grin for his audience. He had been trying out a new toy that he'd been gifted, and Darren was in no state to answer the door. He reached down to unplug himself, but decided his audience might like it more if he kept it in. They were used to seeing him have to get up and answer the door quickly every once in awhile anyway. Maybe Darren would even get an extra tip for this. So he shifted his hand to his underwear, moved it up over the plug, gave a slow wink to the camera, and moved across the room to where he'd put his pants. Slipping them on, he rushed over to the door right as the fourth knock was sounding. He opened.

Alex's head was cocked to one side, a slight grin on his face. He was a lot shorter than Darren, so the top of his blond hair gleamed pleasantly with the reflection of the sun. He opened his mouth to speak. "Why Dar-"

"What the fuck are you doing here right now? I've told you not to come at this time before." Frustration bubbled beneath the surface of Darren's voice.

Not taken aback, Alex just continued to grin. "And I told you that I'd come as soon as I could have that home security system of yours fixed. Turns out the part that broke doesn't cost a whole lot." He held up a slanted piece of plastic with his left hand.

Darren continued to scowl, the frustration seething from his voice now. "I told you what times work for me. Why the fuck is that so hard to understand?"

Alex's grin widened a little. "I did understand. I just know that you want me to come inside now." He twirled the piece of plastic.

"Fuck off," Darren called out as he slammed the door. He turned and walked back to his set. The pompous little shit never seemed to be doing anything at all, but loved pretending that he had a tight schedule. That stupid boyish smile never failed to make Darren angry. Alex was an insufferable annoyance. Typing a few replies to comments in his camshow chat with one hand, he slipped off his underwear with the other and smiled apologetically into the camera. Double-checking that his mic had been muted the whole time, Darren returned to swinging his hips to the music coming from his speakers. Letting Alex go from his thoughts, he went back to taking chat requests, and lost track of time.

An hour later, Darren's playlist ended and his stomach started to grumble. Sweat trickled down his skin despite the cool air washing over it. Dancing wasn't something Darren considered himself good at, but it did make him sweat. Deciding that now was as good a time as any to end the stream, he typed out his goodbyes in the chat, waved, and shut his camera off. He began packing away his equipment, threw his costumes in a laundry basket, and took his toys to the sink to clean. As he entered the kitchen, his home security system detected his move to a new room and turned the music back on. Darren carefully cleaned every toy he owned over the sink, going as slowly as he could to ensure each one would be ready for his next show. After he finished, he stood and enjoyed the music until once again, his playlist ended and the music stopped. Thinking gently to himself that he'd need to find new tracks for that playlist sometime, he headed off to the upstairs bathroom to shower.

The music stopped. Darren was bent forward, one arm keeping his body upright against the wall of the shower. The water chilled him to the bone, but Darren had grown to like it. A few moments blurred past as Darren got out of the shower.

The music stopped. Darren was listening to the music on his phone though his earbuds at work. It helped him keep focus so he could finish his jobs more quickly.

The music stopped. Darren was in front of his camera, naked on all fours, panting like a dog for whoever had made the last request. Anger flared up inside him as he heard a knock on the door. He supressed the rage long enough to politely excuse himself from his audience for a few moments. Getting up, Darren dressed himself and headed to the door.


Alex spun the fork in his hand like a toy as he skipped up to Darren's door. He loved finding new silly things to use as his 'new part' for the home security system. This had all started when Alex actually had fixed the device, but he had added a new part too. The new one just played subliminal messages through the speakers in whichever room Darren was in, every day, all the time. It had allowed him to change Darren's beliefs and perceptions slowly, in any way that Alex wanted. Alex had been working on Darren for months now, and he was finally ready to see if Darren had taken in everything he needed to. It had all been leading up to this.

Alex knocked on the door. A few moments later, Darren answered the door, seeming ready to bellow in rage.

Alex quickly held up the fork and spun it in Darren's face, crying, "I can fix the security system now!"

Darren's face went slack. He seemed to stop and think for a moment, emotion fading from his face.

Alex hesitated, then remembering what he needed to say. "You want me to come inside now."

Darren paused a moment, then nodded.

Alex nearly jumped in amazement. Climbing back to his feet, he said, "You belong to me now."

Darren paused, then nodded again.

"I own you."

Darren paused, then began to shake his head, as if waking up.

Eyes widening in alarm, Alex ran to the security system panel and pressed a few buttons. A new track began to play.


The music stopped.

Darren remembered that he'd invited someone over to fuck him on camera today. He opened his eyes and saw that his friend was already here!

"Hurry up and take you clothes off!" Darren cried. He ran back to his set and stripped off his own. He began typing to his chat, eagerly letting them know of the new arrival. A few moments later, his friend entered the room. He was completely nude except for a set of noise-cancelling headphones, with animal ears on top. In Darren's mind, it was a really hot look. He arched his back as his new friend mounted him from behind. He thought lazily that this felt far better than he'd imagined it would. His mind drifted off...

The music stopped. His performance was over, it was time to... clean the toys? No, something was different today. It was time to move to the bedroom and obey Master. Darren had to move to the bedroom now, he remembered. He began walking, his Master's hand wrapping itself around Darren's cock as Master took the lead up the stairs.

The music stopped.

Darren woke up next to... Alex?

...No, he realized as a new track began playing. Master! It was Master. And Darren obeyed Master. Master was asleep now, so Darren must relax and listen for now. So Darren relaxed.

The music stopped.

Master was awake, smiling down at Darren as he typed a command into the security system.

The music stopped.


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