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The Interface

by rushadeeno

Chapter 1

“Congratulations, Mr. Powell, you’re hired.”


Brought back to the present, Alex reflexively put on an appreciative smile, looking his new ‘employer’ in the eye as he stood up to shake the older man’s hand. “Thank you Mr. Taylor,” he replied with a well-rehearsed British accent.


“You won’t regret this.” Which was a lie, of course. If Alex did his job right, Gordon Taylor, billionaire CEO of Taylorsoft was going to be furious. If the tabloids were right, it was going to be event that Alex had no intention of being around for.


‘Jared Powell’, as the 50 year-old CEO knew him, knew that getting the job would have been a given. With recommendations as long as his arm, it was only a matter of time. Which was why Alex had been hired in the first place. A personal secretary with the keys to the man’s office was too big an opportunity for the company’s rivals to pass up. Having done this kind of job for the past few years, Alex had gotten a bit of a reputation when it came to doing this sort of thing.


The two men, dressed in full business suits were sitting in the sunlit top-floor office of Taylor Tower, overlooking a dense metropolis crowded with floating cars. Alex had been surprised that the old man had invited him for the final stage of his interview in his own private office, clearly the man needed a better security officer who would have otherwise warned him against this. For a few brief seconds since he shook hands with the older man, Alex had wondered if he’d been invited here because the game was up- the way Gordon had grinned at him when he’d entered the room had seemed almost knowing, in a way.


As Gordon went on nonchalantly towards the drinks cart, Alex caught his breath, sitting back on the rather expensive-looking leather sofa he’d been on for the past twenty minutes.


“Eve,” he whispered softly. “I want a visual capture of every angle of the room I look at.”


As he did so, the metallic patch behind his ear began to let out an almost inaudible whirr as a feminine voice inside his head replied, “Acknowledged.”


Through his eyes, a quick flash of captured images streamed across his vision before being filed away at the bottom left of a screen visible only to him.


“Is that the 3.0?”


Once again snapped back to the present, Alex quickly looked back up towards the businessman who was now handing him a glass of wine.


“I’m sorry?” Had the man been talking to him while he had been taking pictures? Did the man notice he was using it?


“I mean your interface. It’s the 3.0 isn’t it?” Gordon explained.


“Ah, yes sir. How did you…”


“I make it a point to know all my products, Mr. Powell, or can I call you Jared? Since we’re going to be working closely from now on, it might be simpler for us to call each other on a first name basis. You may call me Gordon.”


“Yes sir, I mean Gordon. Sorry I’m not quite used to this. My older employers…”


“Weren’t me, now lighten up. I was only asking because I was going to give you this,” as he said this, Gordon reached into his pocket and pulled out a metallic patch that looked roughly similar to the one Alex had on.


Alex struggled not to gulp, recognizing immediately what it was. “Is that…?”


“The 4.0, yes. Or, one of the earlier prototypes, at least. It won’t be out in the market for a good long time while my workers tweak around with some of the design flaws, but otherwise it should still be a lot faster than the one you have. I figured all my employees should have the latest ones.”


This was almost too good to be true. “Wow… I mean, thank you sir, I mean, Gordon. I didn’t expect this.”


“Well you can expect a lot more benefits so long as you do your job right. I’ve taken the liberty to upload certain rules and protocols you’re going to need. Take the rest of the day off to familiarize yourself with it.”


“I’ve gotten quite attached to my old operator, though,” Alex muttered. “Can I…”


“Don’t worry, you can transfer him? Her? Judging by the way you look, it’s probably a her, am I right? Anyway, yeah, using a regular terminal you should be able to transfer her, don’t worry. We wanted our customers to have attachments like yours to have an easier time with our latest product,” Gordon explained.


Still unable to believe his luck, Alex pocketed the new interface with the calmness of a trained professional. That was half his job done already. And all he had to do was dress well and pretend to be someone he wasn’t. How did this guy get this far without being robbed blind? He could only wonder.


“Thank you, Gordon,” he said, taking a sip from the glass he had been offered.


“Well, we have a few more minutes to burn before I’m due for my next meeting. So why don’t you tell me a bit more about yourself?” Gordon suggested, settling back in his armchair across from where Alex was sitting.


The next half hour passed by with relative ease. Now that he had been given an interface, and was due for an employee’s keycard in the lobby later, there was no need for him to rush his job anymore. Regurgitating the rehearsed history he’d planned for the past few months, it wasn’t that hard to convince Gordon that he was just another secretary who’d come looking for one of the most prestigious jobs in the country. He almost felt bad for the man, the way things were going. Not only was he due to see his latest invention stolen by his rivals mere weeks from now, but he almost seemed genuinely interested in the fictional


‘Jared Powell’. Despite his intimidating presence and the way he was portrayed as a fierce, no-nonsense kind of person in the media, Alex could not help but feel that the man was genuinely the kind of person who got to know his employees.


That, or the numerous rumours about him having private meetings with men when his wife wasn’t around were true.


Still, neither Alex nor his real employers were interested in gossip, all they wanted was the interface, and the schematics, and Alex was already halfway to being paid. He left the building a happy man, driving straight home to his paid-for apartment across town.


“Welcome back, Jared Powell.” The computer’s monotonous voice greeted him as he stepped into the room.


“Lights,” Jared ordered simply, taking off his black jacket as he made straight for the terminal. “Eve, send a message to the big guy. Tell him I have the product, and will have the schematics by the end of the week.”


“Acknowledged,” Eve’s voice chirped in his ears. Sitting down at his desk, Alex took off his own interface and placed it on a glowing panel next to the screen. As he removed it, the giant ‘SENDING MESSAGE’ icon flashing across his vision disappeared abruptly. Then picking up the newer one from his pocket, he placed it next to the older model, initiating the transfer while he went on to take a shower.


Only thirty years-old, Alex’s real apartment would have put this one to shame. Having paid for multiple other houses and apartments around the country using the money he got off performing jobs like these, these days he was mostly in it for the fun. He would have retired happily six months ago, but his plans had gone south when the girl he had been dating for the past five years turned him down. So now here he was, going through the motions to pass the time until the next big one showed up.


Eve’s voice and avatar was modelled slightly after her, a testament to Alex’s inability to let things go. In the past few months he’d sent her messages at least twelve times, never getting any response. He wondered briefly if Gordon’s comment about how his interface was predictably female had anything to do with what team he was ‘batting for’. Again, the thought was quickly pushed from his mind as he entered the shower. He wasn’t interested in the man’s private life. And the general assumption that people with interfaces modelled the operator after the ones they loved or desired was a bit of an oversimplification, anyway.


He came back into his bedroom, towelling off his naked form as he checked back to progress of the transfer. Done. That was faster than he’d anticipated. Almost impatient to check out what new things had been added, he put it on immediately, his clothes an afterthought as he sat back on the bed.


“Starting up. Neural interface 4.0 welcomes Alex Banner,” Eve’s familiar voice greeted him almost instantly as a sleeker image of the Taylor company logo flashed before his eyes. A document detailing the new features appeared right next to it, but Alex figured he could sift through it later. Plus it was something his employers had more interest in anyway. What he was interested in more now were the rumours that-


He gasped with surprise as a screen showing his new messages popped out without being verbally prompted. Curious, he tried generally visualizing a picture from his stored images at the back of his mind.


And almost immediately, the interface retrieved it, now flashing an photo he and the ‘real’ Eve had taken in Hawaii years ago.


“Well I’ll be damned,” Alex muttered to himself, his lips curving into an amused smile. “The rumours were true after all.”


The idea that you could give commands to systems by just thinking it had long been the technological Holy Grail as far back as Alex could remember. Now it would appear that Gordon Taylor had actually achieved that. With this new revelation, Alex’s new asking price has just effectively doubled.


Still his job was only halfway complete. If there was anything Taylorsoft tech was notorious for, it was for being ridiculously difficult to tamper with. So until he came back with the schematics, the item itself was more or less useless to the people who were going to pay for it.


“Damn,” he thought to himself. “Guess this means I’ll be giving this baby up, soon.” It was a neat enough toy. He could imagine himself getting used to it. But a toy was a toy. By the time Gordon or, whoever released their first model out into the market, he would have more than enough money to buy one for himself.


“Eve,” he began, bringing his mind back to business, “Does the 4.0 have an in-built connection to the office’s main server?”




Like stealing candy from a baby, Alex grinned to himself. “How long will it take to bypass the protocols and get into the security feed?”


“Approximately 20 minutes,” came the reply.


“Wow.” Genuinely impressed now, Alex immediately put back the t-shirt and shorts he had been taking out from the closet. He didn’t know if it was because the building had really REALLY bad firewalls, or if it was because the new interface’s processing power was just that good, but it seemed that things had been sped up a lot faster than he would have imagined. The 3.0 would have gotten him what he needed in days, trying all possible routes while covering its tracks, making it necessary for him to attend at least those few days of work in order to avoid arousing suspicion.


Now even that could be gloriously circumvented.


“No television movie and pizza for us tonight, Eve,” Alex chuckled to himself, reaching for the stealth gear stashed at the back of the closet. “Tonight we go make ourselves rich.”


With the layout of the building, guard routes and cameras downloaded into the 4.0 by the time he had driven all the way back to the office, sneaking back up to Gordon’s office proved to be a simple task. And so it was that Alex found himself closing the door behind him, inside the office for the second time that day. With the security cameras in the room itself already shut down, he walked past the leather couch and the drinks cart towards the spiral staircase leading to the loft overhead. Sure enough, the CEO’s terminal was sitting in plain sight near a marble white slab that probably served as the old man’s main desk.


“Well then,” he muttered, sitting in the man’s leather office chair. “Let’s get started.”


The terminal powered itself up simple enough, quickly displaying the anticipated ‘Password’ screen. Almost verbally commanding Eve out of habit, Alex was once again pleased when the program he’d designed for working out passwords based on marks on the keypad and running quick calculations started without being prompted. Not only that, it once again exceeded expectations and brought results in mere seconds.


“Amazing,” Alex muttered under his breath. “I’m really going to have trouble letting go of you. Now let’s see… Urgh. People who use their birthdate as their passwords deserve to get hacked.”


From that point it was smooth sailing, with the folder labelled ‘4.0’ even conveniently left on the desktop. Unfortunately for Alex, having gotten so used to things going smoothly for him, the idea of his targets having traps laid out for him never even crossed his mind. Nor did it even strike him as odd when, just as the folder started copying, he began to feel a weird tingle run down his spine.


“Warning, unknown software detected,” Eve’s voice rang in his ears. That had never happened before. He’d heard of viruses for interfaces before, but he’d designed Eve specifically to be powerful enough to usually ward them off without having to notify him.


“What?” Switching back to the interface, his vision filled with Eve’s desktop, shrouding out the terminal in front of him. From the interface’s point of view, the file was still transferring, but apart from that, something seemed to be installing itself without permission.


“Terminate installation process,” he tried saying in his mind, to no avail. Even speaking out loud, nothing seemed to make a difference. The red installation bar underneath the file transfer was progressing a lot faster than the transfer too, meaning that whatever it was, he was about to find out soon.


“Eve, report!” he tried, figuring that if he couldn’t shut it down, knowing what it was would be a good start.


“Operator control…” Eve’s voice was beginning to become distorted somehow, becoming deeper and deeper. “Compromised.”


And then, all Alex could see was black.


Startled, his first impulse was to take off the interface. As he reached behind his ear for the device, however, the device suddenly came back on, and he was once again shown the desktop along with the file transfer still ongoing.


“Greetings,” a masculine voice greeted him. “The Shaw operator protocol has been successfully installed.”


"What? I didn’t ask for-


“User control has been subverted. Neural interface calibrating to fit user brainwave patterns,” the voice continued.


“What? Abort!”


“Negative. User not in list of identified moderators,” came the response. There was another unpleasant tingle running down the back of Alex’s spine, which was soon followed by a series of violent twitching running down his fingers.


Alarmed, Alex tried to will for the interface to shut itself down. When that failed, he tried verbally commanding it to do so, his desperation making him shout loud enough that if anyone had been in the corridor they would have heard him.


“Interface override established,” Shaw’s deep voice intoned. “Shutting down vocal access.”


And just as immediately, Alex’s mouth clamped shut. “What the fuck?” he thought. His further attempt to remove the interface was met with Shaw intoning,


“Shutting down limb motor control.”


And with that, Alex was suddenly for all intents and purposes, paralyzed. Unable to open his mouth, move from his chair, lift a finger or even shut down his interface, which felt like it was throbbing against the back of his ear and sending jolts of electricity at random intervals down his spine.


“Report!” he shouted desperately in his mind.


“The personnel control program has been successfully installed in this unit,” Shaw’s cold voice replied. “Awaiting further instructions.”


“Well shut down!” Alex tried.


“Negative. User not in list of identified moderators.”


Realizing that he was well and truly fucked, all Alex could do was scream at the back of his mind.


“Shaw, report.” Another voice suddenly spoke out in the darkness.


And all of the sudden, the lights in the office suddenly went on while the interface display went down, allowing Alex to look straight past the desk to see Gordon Taylor standing with his arms crossed in front of the staircase. There was an amused grin on his face that gave Alex the chills, whatever air of warmth he had exuded earlier in the afternoon now completely gone.


“Administrator access granted,” Shaw’s voice rang in Alex’s ears. “Establishing link with administrator’s interface.”


In the dim light of the office, Alex thought he could see a light on Shaw’s on interface blink slightly.


“Hello, Mr Powell. I never imagined you’d be such a hard worker that you’d be working extra hours the day before your employment even began,” Gordon’s voice echoed inside Alex’s head without the man even moving his lips.


“Mr… Mr Taylor! I’m sorry, I was just checking to see if I could…”


“Steal my company secrets, Mr. Banner?” Gordon chuckled, immediately ending whatever feeble attempts Alex had at a defence. “You didn’t really think I wouldn’t run the best background check I could afford, would you? And believe me, Mr. Banner, I can afford a lot. I could have cut you out at the first preliminary interviews, but you seem to have garnered quite a reputation in your line of work. So naturally I decided it would be best to meet you in person.”


“So… you actually let me in, knowing who I was?” Alex gasped.


“Of course. What better way to test out my new security system? I gather you’ve already gotten acquainted with Shaw,” Taylor replied. “Now all that’s left is for me to get acquainted with you, Mr. Banner. And believe me when I say we’re going to be very close, you and I. Why don’t you follow me back to the sitting area?”


"Like hell I-


“Motor override established.”




And just like that, Alex found himself standing up and following behind Gordon, albeit a bit jerkily. It appeared that whatever bizarre it was that Gordon had installed which was somehow manipulating his body, he could still resist it to some degree. And still he found himself sat down against his will, back on the same couch as earlier that afternoon, with Gordon sitting across from him with his legs crossed. It was almost as if Gordon was recreating the scene from the interview.


“I also gather that you have noticed that the 4.0 has the unusual ability to interact with the user’s physical responses as well as the mental ones,” Gordon continued, chatting calmly as though it were a casual conversation being had over dinner. “I’ll have to admit that it was a technological blunder on our part. Completely accidental at first, but once we realized it, I thought, why not go a little further? The result is what you have on you right now, Mr Banner. Quite impressive, don’t you think?”


“Listen, I’m sorry about this, but you have to let me go!” Alex pleaded.


“And why would I do that?” Gordon leaned forward, his expression a facade of mock interest.


“Because… because it’s wrong! Because I’ll turn myself in to the police and tell them who sent me! It’ll ruin them!” Alex offered.


“Oh don’t worry about that. My so-called rivals are going to be ruined anyway, and you’re going to help me,” Gordon said rather cryptically.


“Help? Yes! I’ll help! Just let me move again!”


“Well… as tempting as that prospect is, there’s still the issue of your loyalties, Mr Banner. Your reputation seems to imply that money seems to make them, how shall I say, more fluid?”


“Money is the last thing on my mind right now,” Alex reassured him.


“Of course it is. But I’d prefer it stay that way. I’d like our partnership to be more… permanent, if that’s alright with you. But if you look at the time, Mr Banner, we seem to be outside business hours. And I’m not really an ‘all work, no play’ kind of person despite what the tabloids would have you believe.”


“What are… what are you…”


“Shaw, begin personality installation lambda-three,” Gordon commanded.


And all of a sudden, the display was switched back on, disrupting the view of the old man in a suit, stroking his goatee and replacing it with the desktop again, displaying yet another installation bar.


“Accessing user memory storage and pleasure centres,” Shaw’s monotonous voice continued.


“What the…”


And before Alex could utter another protest, a violently fast stream of images seemed to pour across the interface display, drowning out everything else. To the outside world, Alex’s eyes were beginning to roll up to the back of his head as his body started spasming uncontrollably on the leather couch like a fish on dry land. All these sensations were lost on Alex, however, as all he was allowed to take in were the images, which gradually became more and more clearer to be images of naked men of various shapes and sizes. He also gradually began to become aware of an unexplainable heat of some kind beginning at the pit of his stomach, radiating downwards towards his groin.


“Installation paused at 50% completion. Administrator input required to proceed.”


Allowed a brief reprieve inside his mind, Alex could barely begin to comprehend what was happening to him when he suddenly felt the warmth of someone sitting beside him on the couch, putting an arm around his shoulder.


“Enjoying the ride so far, Mr Banner?” he heard Gordon ask.


“What are you doing to me you sick fuck?” Alex shouted back.


This response was rewarded with another firm hand clamping down on his crotch, groping him enthusiastically.


“Proceed,” Gordon whispered in his ear.


And just like that, the bar started moving again. This time, the stream of images began to depict more than one men, often with them touching each other. Sound clips of various growls and guttural moans accompanied them, and for what felt like an eternity to Alex, those were the only things that were allowed, along with, again, that unbearable heat pulsating around his nether regions.


‘Shit,’ Alex thought to himself, finally grasping what was happening. ‘He’s… trying to reprogram ME.’


“I hope you don’t mind, it’s a minor tweak to start with,” Gordon said. “I got the impression that ‘Jared Powell’ would probably serve my interests better if he shared them, so to speak.”


“I’m…not… Jared Powell,” Alex hissed through gritted teeth, dimly aware of his cock beginning to harden in his pants.


“Also a minor detail we can take care of later,” Gordon assured him, stroking the back of his head softly. “Now shush. Be a good boy and pay attention while Shaw rewrites your brain.”


Alex would have screamed, begged, shouted back if he could. As it was the data stream seemed to intensify as the bar neared completion, the images growing more lewd and graphic. Videos were beginning to pop up on every side of his screen, depicting even more scenes which were obviously gay porn. As much as Alex wanted to, he could not look away, being powerless to do anything to the interface he had so naively linked to his brain. With each throb of his cock within his pants, it became harder and harder to focus on thoughts of resistance, of clinging on to thoughts of the many women he had bedded over the years.


Eventually it was like trying to stand against a tidal wave of information being fed into his brain directly, and all he could do was let it happen, moaning softly as the hand stroking his head began to feel more and more comforting.


“Sexual orientation reprogramming complete,” Shaw’s voice announced suddenly, and as Alex’s vision was returned to him, he found himself gasping for breath as though he’d been running a marathon, sweat dripping down the side of his face.


“What…what the fuck have you done to me?” Jared gasped in between breaths.


“I just made a few modifications is all. The first of many, to be sure, but let’s see how well you’ve taken to this one first,” Gordon said. And without any warning, a hand cupped Alex’s chin, turning him to face the older man directly. Before Alex knew what was happening, the man’s dry lips were suddenly pressed against his in a rough, domineering kiss. Unable to physically struggle, Alex wanted to cringe internally, but found it impossible as that tongue entered his mouth. Suddenly the tightening in his groin was becoming unbearable, all he knew was the heat coming from the man’s mouth, and the fact that he was leaning even closer to him, placing one hand on the man’s chest as his head tilted upward to allow the taller man more access. It was, as far as he could remember (and he seemed to be drawing a blank when trying to), the best kiss he had ever had. One that suddenly made him feel complete like he’d never felt before. It made him want to touch more of Gordon, made him want to be touched, made him…


“Well,” Gordon grinned as he ended the kiss. “Looks like it’s going well so far.”


And all too soon, the memories of why he was here came rushing back. “N…no, you… can’t do this to me,” he struggled to speak. “Let me go…”


“It’s alright, Jared,” Gordon assured him, “That’s what the second program is for. Shaw, begin the second installation.”


“Acknowledged.” Hearing Shaw’s voice was like a death knell for Alex. Only able to watch in horror as yet another bar appeared in front of his vision, he began stammering random protests and apologies, words that eventually slurred into meaningless gibberish, and eventually total silence as the data stream began again. This time the images were less lewd. They seemed like a series of photographs, videos and sounds from places he’d never been, and people he’d never met. They were extremely detailed. When he saw images of a bar he’d been to last week (no, wait, when had he ever been there?), he could taste the bitterness of the lager he’d had, smell the floor cleaning product that was still strong in the air, could see the labels on each bottle behind the bar counter. Even the college which appeared in the images immediately became familiar as though he’d spent years there, the faces suddenly recognizable to him as old friends, some lovers even. He instantly remembered the first cock he’d sucked- his history professor-


‘No! I never went there! I never studied history!-


His protests might as well have been whispered in a loud concert. Before long, again, all Alex could do was accept the data as it poured in, suddenly remembering how he’d been a slut in college, sucking as much cock as he could get his hands on, remembering applying for this job because he’d fantasized about the silver fox Gordon Taylor more than many a night while under the covers with various other sweaty, older, hairy men.


“Memory installation complete.”


This time when Alex’s vision was returned to him, he was suddenly aware of Gordon’s hand on his chest, pinching his right nipple. Somewhere during the installation, the man had somehow unbutton his shirt without him noticing, and was now grinning at him with a look of unmistakable lust.


“Well then, Jared, how was that?” Gordon asked.


“I’m…” the protest died in his mouth. Wasn’t he? Then why did he remember so many people calling him that?


“It’s okay if you’re a little bit confused now, Jared. We still have one last step to go before you’ll be all perfect for me. In the meantime, I thought there was something I could give you now as an incentive to stay on for the rest of what I have planned for you.” This vague offer was punctuated by the sound of a zipper being pulled down.


Alex gulped as he heard it, even without looking he knew that it wasn’t his, which meant…


He suddenly felt nervous. He’d wanted to see it for so long that he hadn’t imagined that this would happen on his first day on the job-


‘No! That’s not me! I don’t want to see-


That stream of thoughts ended the moment Gordon tilted his head to finally look upon what he was offering.


Even though it was still clothed, straining against the fabric of a pair of black briefs, the sight made Jared’s heart skip a beat. Before he even knew what was happening, he was leaning towards it, his mouth hanging open.


“That’s a good boy,” he heard Gordon say. It made him blush. He did not deserve to be called that. Not yet, anyway. Gingerly, he stuck his tongue out, running it along the length of the tented up fabric. The taste and scent of sweat and male musk made his heart race. He wondered if his boss had been wearing it all day, finding himself wishing it were so.


‘What am I doing?’


He enclosed his mouth over the tip, allowing the tight material to soak up his saliva. He wanted nothing more than to taste skin, but he wanted the older man to know how much he appreciated the opportunity. He would take his time. Gently he began coaxing it to harden further, applying pressure with his tongue, swirling it round where the head was, eager to hear the other man moan with approval.


“Mmm… eager, aren’t you?”


“Mmhmm,” Jared affirmed as he began peeling the man’s briefs off, eagerly awaiting the firm hard reward that lay within. Immediately treated to the potent scent of pre-cum, wafting up towards his nostrils, Jared shuddered visibly, licking his lips as he delved back down, taking it straight as far up his throat as he could manage.


Feeling Gordon’s hot cock inside his mouth gave him a sense of peace. He was used to this, he thought. Having done this so much in college, it was one of the only skills he had a fair amount of confidence in. Determined to prove to his new employer that he had been worth hiring, he began licking and sucking as though his life depended on it, using every trick he had learned. Before long he could hear his master’s deep, guttural growls of approval, a hand on the back of his head to egg him on. Encouraged by the sudden burst of pride he felt, he began stroking along the rest of it with his left hand, his right exploring as much of the man’s chest he could reach by slipping through that shirt.


“Now boy, let’s finish this,” Gordon whispered between moans. “Shaw, begin the storage process and delete once transferred to my interface. But try not to distract our new employee. It would be a shame if he had to start over.”


Still focused on his task, Alex wasn’t aware of the third progress bar appearing on the interface display, kept so small that it was barely noticeable. This time, instead of information being poured in, it was being transferred. His entire life flashing before his eyes, he chose to ignore it and focus on the taste in his mouth, and the promise of hot tasty manseed that he would soon have pumped down his throat.


‘Transfer complete. Beginning deletion… 3%…’


The thin line between Alex and Jared began to blur, then disappear completely. More and more memories of being anyone other than Jared Powell, Gordon Taylor’s personal secretary and secret sex slave began were beginning to dim and fade out. As the memories were erased from Jared’s mind, his movements on Gordon’s cock began to hasten, growing less and less restrained as what little amount of hesitation Alex had had on sucking cock was soon gone forever.


‘Memory deletion complete.’


And then Alex Banner was gone forever. All there was now was the older man’s cock, and a hunger that Jared was all too familiar with and all too eager to see sated.


Gordon came with a howl, not even needing to hold Jared’s head over his cock to have his new employee eagerly gulp down load after load of hot white cum. Even as he finished cumming, Jared seemed far too engrossed in his task to stop, continuous sucking and kissing the gradually softening member as Gordon lay back on the sofa, sighing contentedly.


“Shaw, go through Alex Banner’s files and delete anything we don’t need. I just need the names of the people who sent him, and just enough of his personality that we can get Jared here to pass off as him long enough to give them the interface,” Gordon said. ‘With the added bonus of having Shaw built in, of course,’ he thought to himself.




Looking back down at his new secretary, Gordon finally managed to get him to look up from his cock, staring up at him with a look of pure adoration in his eyes. “Well then, Jared? I think I’m going to enjoy having you around.”


“Thank you, sir,” Jared grinned.


Gordon opened his mouth to remind the boy not to call him that just as he had this morning. But then again, there was a nice ring to it. It was definitely something he could get used to.


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