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The Rebirth Clinic Continues I Was an Egyptian Physician

by EMG

The Rebirth Clinic Continues I Was an Egyptian Physician

The Rebirth Clinic Continues
Reincarnation Stories
I Was an Egyptian Physician

This vivid full color dream came to me after I'd received the first degree of "Free Masonry" in 1966. The ceremony must have triggered a past life memory.

I was an Egyptian physician healing the rich and famous throughout all of Europe. I helped heal King Henry II. I traveled England, Holland, France and Italy always commanding high fees. This required me to have a heavy guard because people were aware of the gold I always carried.

As a result of the gold, I was kidnapped in France and held for ransom. My family was trying to overcome the plague at the time. Their health and the demand for thousands in gold delayed the ransom. I was tortured and given little food and, by the time the money arrived from my family, I was dead.

This dream is supported by a hypnosis regression I had years later.

The Building of a Pyramid

Back in the late 1960's, I was receiving the Masonic degrees, which seemed to trigger vivid reincarnation dreams. The first three Masonic degrees are based on the building of King Solomon's Temple, so I guess it's not surprising that the ceremonies could bring up past life memories. After the third degree, I had this full color vivid dream.

My brother and I were standing outside an entrance to a pyramid. I remember the feeling of the cool shade the pyramid provided. I wanted my brother to leave but part of me didn't want him to leave. I had a job to do and was dreading the dirty deed. I was supposed to go back into the pyramid and, with a large wooden mallet, knock out a wedge which would seal some rooms back in the pyramid along with the workers who were inside.

Then I was to come back out and hit a wedge that would seal the outside of the pyramid. As my brother was leaving, I heard a tremendous roar of falling rock blocks inside the pyramid and realized that the deed was done. I thanked God I didn't have to do it. So all I had to do was seal the outside of the pyramid. My brother had no idea of what was going on or he would have had to die.


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