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Th Rebirth Clinic Continues Imagine... So Far into Woods a rape fantasy!.......

by EMG

Th Rebirth Clinic Continues Imagine... So Far into Woods a rape fantasy!.......

Imagine... So Far into Woods

To a woman, a rape fantasy is "Somebody really, really wants me."
To a man, a rape fantasy is "Didn't even have to buy her dinner!"

What follows is a fantasy world. If you find yourself confusing fantasy with reality, even occasionally, please do not read the story.

For Elisabeth, who trusted me with this fantasy.

We walk along a path, holding hands, and talking. Engrossed in conversation, you don't realize that we have walked far into woods. So far, so alone, that no one could possibly hear us... We come to a clearing. You're surprised to find a log cabin, stacked cordwood, and other supplies there. Enough food and wood to last several weeks. A dog is tied to a tree, watching our approach, wagging it's tail exuberantly, waiting. The dog knows me, and you realize immediately that I have prepared this place for us. You start to ask a question but I cut you off. "Do exactly as you are told. Be silent. Stand still. Look at the ground." All pretense of respectfulness suddenly gone, my gaze moves over your figure. I look directly at your breasts, then our eyes lock. "Life will get very unpleasant if you refuse me anything. You are here for my pleasure and I will use your body in any way I choose. Disobey and you will be punished." Panicky, you look for a place to run, but before you can act I seize you by the hair. Struggling against overwhelming strength, you are pulled over to a post that is set firmly in the earth.
"Let go!" I push you to the dirt. Before you can organize your defenses, a collar secures you to the post. You have been leashed!
"No one knows you are here, my Love. You are helpless." Half standing, you reach for the collar, clawing at the hasp, but it is locked. You slump to the ground, defeated.
Dangling the key before you, I smile. "You have not obeyed. You have spoken without permission. You tried to remove the collar, and even now you don't look down." Your helplessness now obvious, you cast your eyes down. I kneel beside you and slowly reach for your breast. You don't dare move a muscle. Finding the nipple, I squeeze gently. "Good girl, my Love, but you will still be disciplined for your earlier disobedience. You may moan and squirm, but do not speak or try to protect them during your punishment. Later, for my pleasure, you will strip off your clothes and over the course of the night you will allow me to explore your body. You will have no secrets, no boundaries, when I am done with you." Resigned to your fate, you pray that I will not demand the ultimate submission...

Naked except for panties, blindfold, and the collar that assures your helplessness, you have been slowly stripped Now even that skimpy cloth is cut away. I touch you. Everywhere. You kneel with knees spread, head and arms thrown back, eyes closed, waiting. Breasts exposed. You are a beautiful woman. I run my hands over your body, pausing to explore a curve, then probe an opening. I examine your breasts. Squeeze them, pinch them. All of your curves are handled, all three openings penetrated. Forced to cooperate with all the intrusions, you're ashamed that a stranger knows the depth of your pussy and the tightness of your ass.

It is a chilly night and you are thankful that I have posed you near the fire. Soon the punishment will begin. You have obeyed every command since your submission, but now you are faced with the need to disobey, for although you have been commanded to be still and silent, the need to pee grows stronger. What will the punishment be for that embarrassing transgression? As you wait you smell food cooking and hear me moving around you. There is a large box next to the tent. I open it and get something out. I come close now and stop, standing over you. You listen intently, trying to anticipate what I'm about to do, but you hear nothing. Suddenly you feel your right nipple pinched and you flinch. More from surprise than pain you almost cry out but you control yourself. Chest heaving, only your breathing betrays your shock and discomfort. I leave again and you are surprised that the nipple is still being pinched. A clothespin? Returning, I command you. "Hands behind your back. Lean forward. Not too far. Let your tits hang. I remind you to be still and silent, or you will be bound in this position and additional punishments added." Breasts hanging, arms pulled back, I tighten your blindfold and the manhandling begins. First I lift your left breast, hefting it, gauging how hard to strike. A slap, then a pause as it jiggles. I move to your right breast and repeat your ordeal.

You realize the the ordeal you will endure. Made to beg mercy or struggle to protect them with futile movement. There is no good choice, only submission. Resolving to obey utterly from now on, you do not flinch as your breasts are slapped, then pinched. A different place each time: the top, the nipple, the side. Blindfolded, you don't know when or where to expect it. Each time harder than the last, trying to make you cry out. Additional clothespins are fastened to your nipple. Testing your limit. Trying to make you squirm. I stop just as you are about to flinch, and you know that I am playing with you. I could make you flinch any time I want. Make you disobey. Impose additional punishments. Each time there is a pause between breasts. I'm in no hurry to finish your punishment. You stand still, breasts hanging, fully exposed, vulnerable.
Your nipples harden, and you are ashamed at your arousal...

"Stand. Answer `yes' if you understand. You will do whatever you are told."
"Yes." Even blindfolded you are aware of my huge erection.
"I do not need a reason to manhandle you. I may do it for my pleasure or to test your submission."
"Be silent. Kneel. Place your chest on the blanket and raise your ass into the air." Walking behind you I sit, watching as you assume the position. "Hands above your shoulders, keep your tits on the blanket. Spread your knees and your feet. Wider." Completely opened, you have never felt so naked. You know that I can see your most private parts, can reach out and touch you there, and even if I am rough there is nothing you can do to stop it. Vulnerable, too, to penetration. You wait, heart pounding. "A man can take a woman's' hips two ways. No submission is required. You could struggle and I would still have my way. The submission is when you stay still and open, allow the man to have you, to take his time with you."
(`Will it be my pussy or my ass,' you wonder.)
I move around to your front and kneel. "The mouth, on the other hand, cannot be taken by force. A woman must cooperate. Opening, sucking, using her tongue and her lips." Pausing to let this sink in, then, " Open your mouth, woman." You have no choice but to suck this man off. Parting your lips, you wait for the musky smell of cock to fill your nostrils. I reach back and grab your hair, controlling you completely, but instead of the violation you expect, I gently place food in your mouth, then caress your hair. I am playing with you...

(I have never been so utterly dominated in my life. Even so, I have been cared for, fed, kept warm. Although he is stern and demanding, he is also almost gentle with me. The punishments are unpleasant, but he could have really hurt me, and didn't. Funny, but I feel safe here with him, huddling before this fire, waiting for his next order. I want him to fuck me. Any way he wants. God, I have to pee...)

(I knew she was submissive. I knew it the first time I heard her voice. So soft, gentle, it reeks of submission. I took a chance taking her here, I could have been wrong, but I wasn't. She creamed her panties when I punished her. I bet she'll provoke punishment if I don't give her enough. Look at her. She's relaxed. She trusts me. She's even teasing me, looking at my cock like that. It's time to see how she services me...)

"Get up." I walk over to the post and sit, leaning against it. "Come here. Kneel before me, one leg on either side of my legs. Move down a little. Good. Look at my cock. You will blow me now. If you don't please me I'll cram it up your ass."
Startled by that threat and sure that I would do it, you almost forget to answer. "Yes."
"Begin. Slow and gentle." Obediently, you lean over me. Slowly you wet me, going deeper with every stroke. Over and over you plunge down on me. "Stop." `No! Not my ass' you think. But that is not what I have in mind at all. "Let me show you how I like it. Keep your head still, let me fuck your mouth. Keep your lips on me. Let my cock slide on your tongue." I begin to move. One shallow thrust, just parting the lips, then withdrawal. A deep thrust, lips parting and sliding down the length of the shaft, I find the back of your mouth. A short pause before I withdraw. I continue until you have the rhythm. Shallow, deep, hold. "Stop. Move toward me. More. Spread your pussy lips and let my cock rest against your clit." You obey, thrusting your hips against my cock. It feels wonderful, but you know already that you won't be able to cum like this. Just a tease. "Lean forward. Put your hands on the post, above my head. Do not move your hands, feet, or knees. Keep your cunt on my cock but do not fuck. You may squirm and moan all you want, but do not speak except to acknowledge an order."
"Yes." Your breasts are tender from the discipline of the disobedience, and you hope I'll be gentle with them. I have you right were I want you. Ready to suck cock on command. Submitting to discipline for no reason other than my amusement. My Love, you are my toy. I take a nipple in each hand and squeeze, just to show you that I can do anything I want.
"Move back down and suck it some more."
"Yes." You begin again, doing the work that is a blowjob. You taste your own juice on me. I grow harder, and you know you are good.
"Stop. Give me your tits again."
"Yes." Again you spread yourself and put your clit on my cock, hands on the post. You wait to be handled. This time I'm much rougher than I have ever been. You thrash and moan, but you're careful to obey, to keep your hands on the post, your pussy on my cock. You begin to pump your hips, sliding your pussy against me. You can almost cum, but not quite. I stop, let your breasts hang. I watch them jiggle as you pant, hips slowly pumping. For the first time in your life, you're a slut. My slut.
"When I cum hold my load in your mouth until I order you to swallow. Don't spill one drop. Finish me." I grab your head and push you down. It's the first time I have forced you to suck it. Very hot for you now, I thrust up, fucking your pretty face. One shallow thrust, one deep one, a short pause. Faster, rock hard. No more pause, just shallow, deep, shallow, deep... I get loud, moaning, ordering you to suck cock. The thrusts are all deep ones now, over and over. Your mouth is mine. Screaming, I explode in your mouth, pumping my salty, slippery seed into you. When I am done throbbing, I command you: "Suck out every drop. Milk it with your hand." You comply, taking it all into your mouth. "Give me your tits again." You can't answer because of the load you're carrying, and you wonder if you'll be punished. Maybe a spanking... Your clit rubbing on my cock, your breasts being handled, and the strong, pungent taste of my cum drives you wild. I pinch your nipples. "Swallow." You take my seed into your belly as your hips grind. You thrust forward and back on my cock, desperate to get enough friction to cum. Squirming, too, as I slap and squeeze your tits, you misjudge, and still-hard cock plunges deep into your soaked pussy. Shocked by the sudden entry, your orgasm explodes and you loose control, screaming, all thought of obedience forgotten as you fuck wildly for your own pleasure. When you are finally done you're shocked to realize that you have pissed all over me!...

(I can't believe I did that! I never would have dared provoke him so. When I am done cleaning myself I will kneel and silently offer him my breasts, and hope that is enough...)

(I never expected that! I knew she would have to piss, allowing me to play at being very angry, demanding penance. But what penance is appropriate for a sex slave that fucks without permission then pisses on her master?...)

Turning toward you, I see that you are kneeling, head back, breasts thrust out. You are so sexy, so beautiful, naked but for the collar. I am pleased by this act of contrition, but that is clearly not enough. Walking over to the box, I get out several large pillows and ...

"Look here, my Love." In the flickering light of the fire, you can just make out a large log with pillows arranged to make a chair. On the right of the chair is a collection of...what? Straining to focus, you make out a collection of dildos, a small paddle, and lots of leather. Leather what? Taking some of the leather, I walk over to you. Silently reaching down I grab a nipple and pull you to your feet. "Be silent. Turn around. Hands behind your back. Touch your left hand to your right elbow and your right hand to your left elbow. Stay." Using the leather, I bind your arms. "Turn around. Pledge your obedience."
Hesitating, unsure of what will satisfy me, you blurt out: "I will obey you."
"You haven't convinced me, my Love. Lean forward. Try again."
The threat is clear. Pledge convincingly or your breasts, already sore from earlier discipline and the blowjob, will be handled again. "I will obey you. Do what you want with me, I will submit." Seeing me reaching for your nipple, you fall to your knees, eyes cast down, desperate to appease. "Discipline me, fuck me without foreplay, use my body. Command me. Test me. Anything you want. I will never resist. I am your Slut." I pause, letting you feel the humiliation.
"Silence. You are disobeying, my Love. You were told to stand and lean forward. Do it." Struggling to your feet, you assume the position. I reach for your nipple, you don't dare move. Pulling, leading you by your breast, I take you to the chair. I sit and place a large pillow on my lap. "Lay over my lap. Ass up. Knees together. This way, so my right hand can spank you and my left can squeeze your breasts." I watch as you take the position. Placing a large pillow under your head and shoulders, your breasts hang in the air, suspended between the pillows. "Are you comfortable, My Love?"
"Yes, Sir."
"This is for pissing on me." Whack! It stings! Whack! Whack! Over and over you are spanked. Whack! Your ass grows pink and hot as the spanking progresses. Whack! Whack! I pause to oil your cheeks. Oil that soothes, but that will also make the next blows sting more. Whack! I leave my hand on your ass, rubbing you. Taking my time. I draw back. Whack! Rubbing some more, soothing. Motions repeated. Soothing massage, stinging spanks. Loving touch, strict discipline. Like a mantra it repeats. You remember the paddle. He's not using it. `Perhaps if I resist he will paddle me'...
I slide my hand between your thighs and spread your legs. My hand rests on your inner thigh, high up your leg. "Keep your knees apart. Expose your pussy. I control which of your holes I will use, and when I will use them. This is for fucking me. You may say whatever you want. Beg me to stop, I want to hear you grovel. But keep your legs open, do not protect your pussy." I slide my hand up, softly rubbing your exposed lips. Drawing back, I lightly slap your pussy. Whack! A pussy spanking!
"Oh, God." Whack! "Please, no!" Whack! "Anything you want." Whack! "Please stop! I'll suck you off!"
"You'll do that anyway, Slut." Whack!...Whack!...Whack!... Taking my time, I rub you between strikes, gauging how hard to spank and testing for wetness. You are very wet. Not too hard, not too easy. I draw back. Whack! Defiant now and determined to regain your dignity, you pull your pussy away from me and close your legs. Holding you tightly around the waist, I open you forcefully. Jamming a finger in your ass, I pull your hips around, forcing your pussy back into the air, and begin again, much harder this time...

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Exhausted, you have long since ceased your struggles. The spanking continues, gentle slaps on tender flesh. Now that resistance has ceased the spanking is gentle again, more symbolic of your utter submission than true punishment. I follow each slap with a tender, erotic caress on your vulnerable pussy. You begin to moan. Soft moans are punctuated with short, sharp gasps as a slap interrupts the caress.
Caress... Spank.
Moan... Gasp.
Louder moans as tension builds, the muscles of your stomach and vagina slowly tighten. I sense your impending climax and move to your ass, not letting you cum. You willingly rotate your hips. The finger in your ass no longer required, I slowly sodomize you with it. Your pussy completely accessible now, I continue the pussy stoking/spanking. This time, mercifully, I don't stop...

It's a hot summer day, sun shining and a cooling breeze blows. I am washing you in cool water. You relish firm, strong massage on your soapy body. A full body massage. Totally relaxed, trusting, you allow me to move you. My massage is expert. I move your bones, testing the limits of your freedom of movement, not exceeding comfort, just pleasant extension. I pull on your arms and legs. Cradle your head, pulling gently, rocking it back and forth. Stretching, then rubbing one muscle group, then it's complement. It feels wonderful. Special attention to the parts made tender. Gentle, healing, loving touch. Thumbs press into the soles of your feet. Face massage: Lips. Temples. Forehead. Eyes lightly circled. Sun warmed water poured over you, rinsing. I admire your clean, supple body. Supporting your head, I lean over you, hand resting easily on your throat, and press my lips to yours. Our first kiss. And another. Moving around. Nibbling, kissing, licking, tasting, I move down your body. I nibble on your breasts, then continue downward. Somehow, you find the strength to open your legs. Knees rise as I find your pussy. Such a wet kiss, gentle and loving, it's hard to believe I'm capable of spanking you there. Sun beats down, heat builds, you begin a slow grind, sweating. When you're ready, I mount you. You are wet and your swollen pussy offers no resistance as I take you. Deeper. Soon I have filled you, and I push just a bit more. You are stretched, my cock testing the depth of your pussy. I finish mounting you: I place your arms above your head, and firmly pin them there. Pushing your breasts together, I lay on your chest, my weight supported by your fine tits, crushing them. My other arm slides under you, to your ass, and I insert a finger to control your hips with. You feel how it is to let a man have you completely. Masculine strength controlling you, you're impaled on cock. My withdrawal is rapid, two-thirds of the way out, then a slow, teasing entry, repeating the filling, then the final shove, testing your depth. Again and again I repeat the fucking. Each thrust fills you completely. Impaling you. Stretching you. As passion builds I withdraw less and less, staying deep inside, moving less but pounding harder, until I withdraw not at all. I just thrust, rocking your hips no matter what you do. Every push stretches your pussy. You gasp as I pull completely out, then plunge home, pounding your cunt. Again and again I roughly pound-fuck you. I return to the deep fucking style. Alternating my technique, stretching, then pounding. You open your legs, the only movement available to you, and beg me to stop. I pound you harder as waves of orgasm roll over you. Lovely tits. Pounding. Desperate kisses. Stretching. Powerful. You shudder as I spill into you. No one hears our screams...

"My Love, I'm hungry. Would you stoke the cook-fire before you come back?" You return to the campsite and eye the fire. It's almost out. You throw on a few sticks, then go over to the cooler. You lift it, take it out into the woods, and mischievously hide our food. Then you silently walk over to the post and fasten the collar to your neck. You kneel, arms back, leaning slightly forward, waiting...


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