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Russian Roulette

by forecastdown

Russian Roulette

The six of them found an empty table in the corner of the bar and sat down. Rick was a little nervous. His five acquaintences from his high school days looked radically different from how he remembered them… “Giddy” was the word for it. His girlfriend Tracy had been closer with them, and was the one that convinced Rick to tag along for one of their Friday-night drinking sessions. As Rick surveyed the group, he felt uncomfortable—sexual innuendos and racy remarks were thrown left and right throughout the night, and Rick really wasn’t into that sort of thing. He felt like he was back in high school.

The game his friends had been babbling on about sounded a lot like Russian Roulette. When Tracy pulled a mock revolver out of her purse at the table, Rick couldn’t hold his tongue any longer.

“Okay, what is going on here? This is crazy. You guys don’t actually play Russian Roulette, do you?”

“Nah, this gun doesn’t shoot bullets,” Tracy explained. “It can’t hurt you at all. In fact, you’ll probably find it feels pretty good. John over there came up with a safe alternative—these capsules,” Tracy explained as John handed her a container of them from across the table. “It’s just a fun way to ‘live on the edge’ without actually risking anything. I promise it’s safe. You can even watch me load them if you’re still nervous.”

Rick wasn’t overly enthusiastic about the idea, but he couldn’t insult his girlfriend by leaving halfway through the evening, and the game did look pretty harmless. After some more convincing, he decided to entertain them. Tracy loaded the gun with one small capsule and locked it in.

“There are six of us, so one will definitely get it. We’ll keep going at it…until there’s only one left,” Tracy said with a coy smile. “As always, winner gets the spoils.” Her last line was met with raucous applause. Rick wasn’t positive, but he felt like everyone else knew something he didn’t.

Tracy went first. She held the gun up to her head, trying to hide her anxiety…or was it excitement? Rick’s interest in the gun was piqued. Why would she get this excited over a little capsule? Does this mean anything more? he wondered. Tracy pulled the trigger. Nothing happened. For a second, Rick thought he saw disappointment flash across her face.

“Well, I guess it’s not my turn,” Tracy concluded. “Rick, you’re up next!”

Rick hadn’t even begun thinking about his own turn with the gun—he’d been too wrapped up in watching Tracy. She handed him the gun. It felt smooth and cold, lying there in his hands—a mystery wrapped in metal.

”Well,” Tracy edged, “go on! Give it a shot!” She giggled at her own joke.

Hesitantly, Rick held the weapon up to his forehead. Everyone looked on in anticipation. He’d seen the soft little capsules Tracy put into the gun, so he knew there wasn’t any immediate danger…but he couldn’t help but feel anxious.

“Come on!” someone shouted. “Get it over with!”

Rick pulled the trigger.

He felt the flimsy capsule break against his forehead. Suddenly, his face was engulfed in a cloud of smoke. It smelled like cinnamon. Rick started coughing, trying to avoid inhaling the strange gas, but soon he needed to breathe. As the odd vapor filled his lungs, he began to feel…warmth. It spread out from his chest to his arms, his legs, his face—in seconds his entire body was wrapped in this cozy insulation. The warmth extended down to his groin and seemed to concentrate in his cock, which immediately responded to the sensation. Rick’s member grew hard and he was engulfed in arousal—more powerful than anything he’d felt before. He needed sex, he needed it. The vapors were still floating around Rick, and as he breathed more in, they began to rise upwards into his head. Rick felt his thoughts become cloudier, his thinking foggier. Thoughts became harder to form. Words were forgotten. Thinking became so difficult that Rick quickly stopped trying and succumbed to the simplicity the gas had instilled. His eyes became visibly duller as the effects solidified, and just moments after the capsule first broke, Rick had one (just one, as he didn’t have room for any others now) thing on his mind: sex.

“Aha, Rick! You’re the first one! Soooo lucky!” Tracy said enthusiastically. “I guess you’ve kind of figured out what the capsules do. They make you really horny, really dumb and really obedient—basically, they make you a bimbo sex toy for the night! John over there came across them in his research, and we’ve been playing this on Friday nights ever since. The winner gets a motel room and calls the shots for the rest of the night—great way to burn off some stress! The effects will wear off by morning, don’t worry…though a bit of it might linger. I kinda think it’s made me a little ditzier, but it’s so fun I don’t really care anymore!”

Rick heard a lot of words coming out of Tracy’s mouth, but he didn’t really know what they all meant put together like that. All he could think about was his hard, dripping cock. He absentmindedly started pawing it through his jeans and a smile slowly spread across his face.

He tried to piece some words together and tell the others. “Uh-I-I’m horny… When…we fuck?”

Tracy giggled. “Soon, honey, soon. Wait until we finish the game. Until then, Rick, I’d like you to sit there patiently. Don’t cum—we want to have fun later, remember!”

As soon as Tracy uttered that statement, Rick knew listening to her was the right thing to do. He folded his hands in his lap and resisted the urge to stroke his cock until the game was over. He tried to follow the events of the game, but it seemed really confusing, so he gave up and started thinking about fucking with everyone at the table. That was easier. Rick felt good. This was a fun game.

Tracy took the gun from the table and put another capsule in it before passing it off to Brandy, and the round started back up again. Before long, everyone but John was a dim, horny fucktoy, eagerly awaiting the rest of the night. Rick and a friend named Robert were fondling the blissful Tracy and another blonde, two other guys were stroking each other’s cocks with looks of ecstasy on their faces… John smiled to himself as he guided his friends into the van.

“Best discovery ever,” he chuckled. It was going to be a good night.


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