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Domestic Hypnosis

by Jeshi

Domestic Hypnosis

I've been living with my boyfriend now for a few years. But I've been turned on by hypnosis as long as I've been able to be "Turned on". I haven't told anybody, and I've never actually been hypnotized in person. Only by recordings from hypnosis websites. But I really wanted to be hypnotized by my boyfriend, even though I knew he didn't know anything about hypnosis.

But I went through with it anyways, This is how I got my boyfriend into hypnosis.

Telling him was easy, convincing him was the hard part.
I went right up to him and said "I have a confession, I have a hypnosis fetish." There was a pause. "Really? That's kind of an obscure fetish." Was his reaction, We'd been together for a while so it wasn't very awkward. But it seemed to have made him curious. "So what exactly about Hypnosis do you find...sexy?" He asked me. "Well, It's kind of like Bondage of the mind." I replied. "Explain" was his immediate reaction. "Well, When you're being tied up willingly, you're showing that you trust the other person completely, and letting yourself be put in a position in which they can do whatever they want with your body without you having the ability to stop them. Being able to let go and trust your lover 100%. When you're being hypnotized willingly you're showing that you trust the hypnotist completely and are willing to let them do whatever they want with your mind. It's sexy knowing that I can always be what you want because you could always hypnotize and fix any problems you might have. And being able to submit and obey and let go is really hot" Was my explanation.

There was another pause and I could tell my boyfriend was thinking.

"So you want me to hypnotize you? I have no idea how...And I mean, I don't know if I'd really get into it" He said. "Think about it, you could have complete control over me. Or just as much control as you want. If theres anything about me that bothers you, any kind of little thing that isn't big enough for you to bring up but would change if you could. Then you could change it. And whether or not I knew you changed it would be up to you! And it can also serve as a gateway to all sorts of other kinky stuff!" My boyfriend was convinced, he wasn't excited, but he was convinced enough to learn hypnosis. I told him that if learning hypnosis was too much he could just pick out files but he said he wanted to go ahead and learn it himself. I guess he didn't want another hypnotist in his territory. I kind of like that about him.

He picked it up really easily and after just a few week my boyfriend decided he wanted to test his skills.

I told him that I've been hypnotized a lot over the past and have lots of suggestions from various files already, and that he might want to "Clear the slate" after he puts me under. He didn't tell me whether he would or not. I guess he wanted everything to be a surprised.

And so his induction began.

"Okay, So just relax, deep breaths in and out..." I'd heard it a million times and it took minutes for me to sink so deep I can't even recall what he was saying. I woke up about an hour later. I was really horny. I ripped my clothes off and I was pleasantly surprised to find that my m-boyfriend was already undressed. He tackled me onto the bed and we engaged in some of the hottest sex I've ever had!

I fell asleep in his arms and he whispered soft relaxing words into my ear as I drifted to sleep.

I woke up in the morning, and I don't remember anything after the sex. So I assume nothing else happened and I just fell asleep. I was naked in bed and when I got up I was about to pick up my clothes from the floor but I just couldn't do it. I felt like I couldn't touch my clothes. I left the bedroom naked since it was a weekend anyways and I didn't have any plans. My Ma-boyfriend was shirtless and making breakfast, even though it was my day to make breakfast. My cock immediately became hard at the sight of his bare chest.

"Good morning hottie" I greeted him. "Good morning to you too" he replied, his eyes obviously tracing my body, he smirked as if something was really funny. "Nude day today?" He asked. "Sure, why not" I replied. My Mas-boyfriend picked up the pepper shaker and put some on the omelet(for 2) he was making. "No stop, You're supposed to put the pepper on after it's done cooking." I tried to correct him. We quickly got into an argument about when you're supposed to add pepper. "If you put it on after then you can adjust how much you want on it" "If you put it on before then it's cooked in better!" "But then it tastes stronger!" He got upset and snapped his fingers and then- What was I talking about again? I forget where I was going with this, my memory's a little fuzzy...Something about morning... Oh yeah! "I'm thinking of going out shopping today." He told me. "Sure, go ahead." I replied. Normally I'd go with him but I couldn't go out in public without clothes. After we finished eating our breakfast, My Mast-boyfriend left the house to go shopping. I mostly just lounged around the house until he got back.

When he got back he had a few shopping bags with clothes inside. "It's really weird, I just can't put my clothes on today." I told him, Still completely naked and a little cold, it was winter after all. "You know why?" He asked. "No, I really don't" I replied. "It's because you wear boxer shorts, they don't show off your body enough so you have to be naked to make up for the lack of revealing...ness...in the past." For some reason this made perfect sense to me "Of course!" I exclaimed. "I actually figured this out earlier today, which is why I went shopping." He revealed that the bags were filled with enough briefs to replace all of my boxer shorts. "Great!" I exclaimed! We unwrapped a pair and I tried them on, a little bit small..."Perfect!" My Maste-Boyfriend exclaimed. He was right! They were a perfect fit! A good healthy bulge pushing out. He stood up and put his hand on my crotch. Perfectly normal.

"Sleep" He said in a strong deep voice. I fell over limp into his arms and drifted deep into trance.
I woke up on the couch. I saw my Master sitting in a chair on the other side of the room. I saw his erect cock and my eyes immediately became fixated on it. I was wearing all my clothes again, except with my new pair of briefs underneath. "Now, you're awake right now. But even though you just woke up. I'm going to hypnotize you again. But using my cock. I'm going to Dicknotize you" We both laughed. "That's so cheesy" I replied. "I love it." Despite this, my eyes were still stuck on his cock. "So just keep your eyes on my cock, as if you would even think about looking away. And relax." He began to use his hand to move his cock back and forth...back and forth... "Notice every detail, the length, the width, the girth, all the veins and the head...All of your attention on my cock, and my words. Just letting your eyelids get heavier...and heavier...and heavier... but you can't close your eyes, you must not close your eyes, because you have to keep staring at my cock". He switched from moving his cock back and forth to making gyrating motions with his hips, an even more mesmerizing motion. "It's getting almost impossible to keep your eyes open now, barely managing...When I snap my fingers your eyes will close shut tightly, but you will still see my cock in your mind, despite your eyes being closed." He snapped his fingers and my eyes closed. But I could still see everything clearly as if they had still been open.

"Now see in your minds eye, how my long hard thick cock, is getting bigger. Burn this image in your mind. For you know that my cock is bigger then you once thought it was. It's a full 34cm in length, and it doesn't sacrifice girth. From now on when you see my cock, you will see it was 34cm long and thick enough to be more then satisfying. Now see in your minds eye, my cock moving towards you, Open your mouth and suck on it" I began to suck on Masters cock. It was so hot. "You know you have to obey me. You're always in the mood for sex if I'm in the mood for sex. I can command you to give me a blowjob at any time and you'll be perfectly willing to do so. It doesn't matter when or where or why. It's completely natural for you to suck my cock on command. You won't think theres anything wrong with it. It's common sense, a natural reflex. I tell you to suck my cock, you suck my cock. As automatic as your heart beating. Or swatting at a fly when it buzzes close to your ear." "Now feel my cock cum into your mouth, swallow it and make these suggestions permanent." I swallowed. "Now wake up"

I woke up and opened my eyes to find that I was still seated on the couch and Master was still on the other side of the room. "You're right, I did enjoy hypnotizing you" he said. "Heh, You're really good at it too, I actually thought I was giving you a blow job." I replied. "Well, How bout you give me a real one now?" I didn't even say "Sure" I just immediately got up and walked over to Master, got down on my knees, and began to suck his cock. Our relationship had been awesome ever since.


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