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Virgin taken by a t-girl

by SensualLover

Virgin taken by a t-girl

Tony stepped off the train into Centraal Station, it was his first visit to Amsterdam and he was surprised by how clean and efficient everything here was. He couldn’t remember why he had chosen this trip and it felt almost like someone else had sent him but surely that couldn’t be the case. Sure he had always been interested in travel and Amsterdam had been somewhere he would have considered going to as his sensual and erotic desired naturally drew him to places with a seedy and steamy reputations but he was sure that he had been planning to head for the hot and hedonistic playground of Ibiza, so why was he here now on a warm spring day?

Overcoming his sense of wander he slowly and unsurely headed out of the station and into a maelstrom of noise and movement, the exit from Centraal Station was a chaotic scene of bike, pedestrians and trams, crossing the first hundred yards or so to the road his hotel felt both dangerous and exciting dodging through the swarms of people, darting cycling with the sound of tram bells ringing and electric motors wiring up as these road ships slid off for destinations all over the city. Once over this initial obstacle he quickly located his hotel, a typical euro box affair of neatly identical rooms fitted into the historic exterior of a building once used as a warehouse for goods brought into the city on the adjacent canal. The room itself was clean and comfortable if a little minimal but that was fine as he, like the majority of the cities visitors, was not he for the luxuries of a five star hotel but the excitement of this liberal city.

After a quick wash he headed out into the city again not wanting to waste a minute of his time here and after a couple of minutes walking found himself entering the narrow, crowded alleys of the Red Light District. This first street was infused with an aromatic odour emanating from the doorways of the many small coffee shops lining the pavements whilst an number of small bars seemed surprisingly quite considering the day was progressing gradual into the twilight of dusk. Adjusting the pulse of the city Tony let himself be drawn along with the flow of a stag party, deeper into the heart of the Red Light District, the spacing between the properties lighting the street gradually reducing as he went on and the nature of the business shifting until virtually all the establishments were shops openly displaying their selections of sex toys, videos and magazines. Briefly Tony passed, turning to the display of one of the shop, his attention drawn to a selection of beautifully crafted glass dildos and plugs with wonderful strands of vibrant translucent colours worked through the soft curves and bulges of the toys. Despite the strong urge to go in and purchase one of these lovely toys there was a stronger urge to press on and explore further so reluctantly the shop was left behind with a fleeting promise to himself to return and shop later.

Walking on Tony was surprised to see a sex cinema amongst the shops openly advertising the films playing, this would be unheard of in his native country, but here not only the titles were given but for each screen was a poster showing shots of the stars stimulating each other. The screen titled bizarre showed a girl tied to benches having clamps attached to her labia and another chained to a large wooden cross having hot wax dripped onto her ample tits. Again, despite his natural desire to enter Tony felt a stronger need to press on, drawn towards an as yet unknown destination by something beyond his control. His journey now lead him right into the heart of the district the windows and doorways now giving over to the glow of fluorescent red lights, a few of the windows were empty but most contained gorgeous women standing in provocative poses, a few flirting with passersby whenever they caught the eye of a potential customer. The flow of traffic here was slowed to a crawl as the groups of men and the occasional couples meandered passed the girls window shopping or just taking a voyeuristic pleasure in the scantily clad women on display. Suddenly, catching him looking at her a particularly statuesque girl, probably in her late twenties and with the look of a Scandinavia, all blond hair and blue eyes, banged on her window and gesticulated to him to come over but much to his surprise, as this was normally just the sort of woman he was drawn to, she had no effect on him and he wandered on almost fighting his way through the crowds out onto the sides of one of the canals and over a small, brick built bridge. Turning to walk along the side of the canal he noticed that the mix of windows to shops had shifted again and that now there were more leather on display in the shop windows than toys. He also noticed that the windows with girls in had blue lights fitted as well as the normal red, however none of the blue lights were in use. Turning off the canalside again he moved on into a side street, this time the road was less busy and now the adjacent houses had lights on, on two floors the each accessed short flights of stairs leading ever up or down from the street. Here also the lights had changed as well as having the red bulbs illuminating the windows the blue lights were also on casting a strange tone onto the street.

The first few of the windows he passed showed only thick, red velvet curtains drawn across the windows but at the third property a beautify oriental girl was standing. Tony suddenly knew why he had been drawn here and had to have this goddess in-front of him. Stopping, he slowly let his eyes run down over her body taking in the neat, well groomed bob hair cut, the small delicate face with its small dark red lips set in sweet smile. Moving down her alabaster white skin passed the powder blue bra, housing small but perfectly moulded breast in what he guessed were a B cup, and across her flat, softly trim stomach to her matching blue panties, partially hidden behind her pale little fingers. Smiling at her he approached the doorway to her and as she parted her hands to open the door he noticed the distinct shape of a soft cock housed in her panties. Expecting to be horrified and flee Tony was shocked when instead something compelled him onwards to her and found himself negotiating to spend an obscene amount for 30 minutes in her company.

Rapidly and skilfully the girl flicked the curtains across and led Tony into the small room filled by the bed, chair and small table it contained. He was surprised by how soft and subtle the lighting in the room was with everything bathed in a gentle red hue from a single light fitting in the ceiling. The girl introduced herself as Alexia in heavily accented but well pronounced English. She then asked him if he had ever spent any time with a t-girl and if he knew what he wanted. Truthfully he answered that had had previously only been with women and that he didn’t really know why he was here but felt something strong, wilfully guiding him to her and that he didn’t know what to expect but that he somehow felt he could trust her to find ways to pleasure him. He was watching her face as he said this and was astounded when a knowing smile spread slowly across her wonderful lips.

Turning the girl led Tony to the back of the room and into a small wet room at the back suggesting that he would feel more relaxed if he showered first. Quickly he rushed through the shower barely noticing the gentle soothing of the soft, warm water and richly lathering gel as he rushed to get back to this enchanting woman. As soon as he turned off the water she opened the door to the wet room and stepped in with a luxurious towel and started drying his neck and shoulders with a gentle but firm motion, feeling him relax under her touch she moved her drying action down each arm in turn and then onto his chest where she seemed to linger longer than necessary to dry him but Tony felt in no rush to move this sensual massaging action on. After a few minutes however Alexia turned her attention to his back and then down each leg, eventually returning to his core to rub dry in bum by reaching around him, as she did this she dipped her head down and gently suck the head of his now semi-erect cock into her warm wet mouth, feeling her taking his cock into her mouth made Tony instantly come fully erect as he savoured her lips gently working around his cockhead.

Satisfied with his state Alexia then led Tony over to the bed and gently pushed him back until he was lying on his back across the width of the bed with his head virtually dangling over the edge. She then stood over him beside his head and he got his first real view of her hard cock now pushing past the top of those delicious blue panties and again to his surprise he felt his excitement leap as he savoured the firm purple head and red glands. She then briefly dipped down and up deftly stripping off her panties and then straddling legs over his chest she dropped her mouth down over his cock, this time taking about half his length into her mouth and slowly bobbing up and down working her lips over his shaft. Gripped by an overwhelming curiosity Tony reached out, taking her cock into his hand and running his fingers lightly over the tip a few times before drawing it to his lips and running his tongue up and down across the head. Sighing Alexia released his cock briefly to encourage Tony to open his mouth and feel how good it is to have a cock slid into your mouth, eagerly he accepted and followed her suggestion and was amazed to find she was right and that he loved the feeling of her sliding in and out of his lips. Initially she limited the amount of cock she was sliding into his mouth so he only experienced the tip and first inch but realising that he was pushing up for more she increased the length of her stroke until she was pushing 4 or 5 inches into him and could feel she was reaching the entrance to his throat. Not wanting to push a novice too far she tried to limit him to this and was shocked when suddenly he lurched his head forward at the end of her down stroke causing her cock to slip firmly into his throat accompanied by a muffled groan of joy from Tony and a rather louder grown from Alexia.

Seeing how excited this had made Tony, Alexia stopped working on Tony’s cock and for once just enjoyed the sensation of someone taking her deep into their throat, a rare treat for her. However being a skilled professional she knew she needed to limit her time to a few minutes before drawing herself away and returning her concentration to Tony’s pleasure. Having seen his reaction to taking him in her throat she felt she knew what he needed and walked around to the other side of the bed, picking up a condom and a bottle of lube on the way. Kneeling on the floor between Tony’s feet she pumped a little of the lube out onto her index finger and slowly inserted began rubbing the wet slippery gel over the bud of his arse. Feeling the delicious sensation Tony allowed himself to be drawn down the bed and his legs parted as far as his muscles would allow, eager to please this wonderful woman. Having been arranged to her liking he then felt Alexia then apply some cold lube directly to his arse and again using her index finger slow began working it into his tight hole. Initially he felt the need to resist her probing finger but soon decided that the sensation felt to good especially as her finger slid in further and deftly flicked against his prostate, sending a wave of pleasure coursing through his already enflamed body. Soon Tony was writhing in a state of delirium as her skilled finger worked firmly over his now engorged prostate and she decided it was time for him to progress to two fingers which was soon achieved with the help of further lube.

Tony was astounded by how well his body was being played and he was desperate to cum and kept reaching for his cock but each time Alexia gently slapped his fingers away with her free hand telling him to wait and just enjoy the feeling for now. Tony found himself pleading with her for more and more but at this she slowed the working of her fingers, and laughingly she asked what he meant by more. Suddenly as if someone had flick switch in his brain Tony found himself pleaded with her to fuck him, to take that delicious hard cock and ram it into him as far and hard as she could. Taking her que Alexia slid the condom over her cock and pressed it against Tony’s virgin arse and to his shock he felt his first dick pressing slowly into his arse. Panting in a mix of pleasure and pain Tony felt every inch of her cock working its way inevitably into him, slowly by persistently forcing its way forward, deeper and deeper into this rectum. When it felt like he was full to over flowing she slide back out as slowly as she had initially entered until he could feel her glands catching on his inner sphincter. This time she slid back in a little quicker and harder and deeper but still taking her time to allow him to adjust. Gradually she increased her tempo and stroke until she was thrusting fully into him and his screams of pleasure deepened to an animalistic grunting.

As his pleasure build Tony suddenly became aware that Alexia now also had his cock in her small hand and was busy stroking it in time to her thrusting deep into his bowels. A few moments of feeling the exquisite combination of a hard cork stroking all the dedicate nerves of his arse and the firm manipulation of his rock hard cock had Tony balancing on a precipice of pleasure. Suddenly he felt a strange pulsing sensation on the walls of his arse as Alexia stopped thrusting which tipped him over the edge into the most powerful orgasm he had ever felt. After he had stopped cumming he reluctantly felt Alexia pull out of him and then watched inquisitively as she scooped his cum off his abdomen and guided it to his mouth and told him to lick it off which he readily complied with. After Alexia cleaned him up and hurried him to dress Tony found himself being thrust out onto the street. As soon as he landed outside the familiar voice of his girlfriend shouted over to him. Bewildered Tony stood there confused as she rushed over to him, what was she doing here and why isn’t she screaming about him being turfed out onto the street by a hooker.

Reaching him he was even more amazed to find his girlfriend push him back against the wall and kiss him deep and hard and ask “Well how was it, do you know how hard I have work these last few months to train those controls into you? I bet you loved it you dirty bastard, next time I want to watch you taking a huge cock into you sweet arse.”


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