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Sex Study: Week 1--Hook, Line, and Start Sinking

by curiousguy92

Sex Study: Week 1--Hook, Line, and Start Sinking

I was leaving my 8:00 am class yesterday morning when a flyer on the bulletin board caught my attention:

"Seeking heterosexual male students to participate in sex study. Participation will be compensated with cash. Subjects must be accepting or tolerant should any homoerotic situation arise, as there happen to be no women on our staff. For more information, call 555-4500."

The flyer had those little tear-off phone number slips, so I took one. The whole "homoerotic situation" thing made me a little nervous. It's not like I have anything against gays, in fact, I have a gay friend. I just never wanted to and never plan on doing anything sexual with a guy. I decided to call the number anyway, because I need the extra cash. I mean, who doesn't when they're in college?

It was still ringing when I got off the bus in front of my apartment, which was fine by me. I don't exactly want to advertise that I'm looking into participating in a sex study. Finally I got an answer. The guy on the other end was really straightforward about it, and seemed personable enough. He laughed a little bit when I told him I was embarrassed about responding, but he assured me that everything would be discreet and that I had nothing to worry about.

As it turned out, the study was to test the effect of a certain type of music on a guy's orgasm and whether it would increase the intensity and volume over time. It wasn't anything I'd ever heard of, but then again, I'd never done a sex study before. The guy told me that the cash compensation would be $2000 for each week I participated, up to eight weeks. I thought to myself, "Shit, I could pay off so many loans with that!"

He didn't have to say anything else after that. I was ready to sign up. He told me that the study would take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 10:00 pm in the medical building that was just off campus. I thought that was an odd time and I said so, but he said it was just because that was the time slot they could get. I was preparing to hang up when I remembered the bit about "homoerotic situations". He laughed again when I asked, and said it would only amount to me getting jerked off by one of the scientists. Then I heard a -click-.

"Ok," I thought. "I can handle that. It's not really anything more than I used to have Katie do."

With my mind at ease, and my finaincial future looking up, I went to work on my chem homework and forgot about the sex study until it was time for me to go in.


When I got here, they had me fill out an informational sheet and a liability form. Both were reasonable, so I got right to work. It was pretty standard stuff, plus a few questions that pertained to the study.

Name: Jordan Brown
Age: 21
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 170 lbs
Build: lean
Race: white
Sexual Orientation: straight
Penis length: 8.25" (yeah, I'm kinda pround of that one)
Penis girth: 6"

Then it gave a short description of what the study was about, and it matched up exatly with what I had heard on the phone. It was all pretty easy, and they sent me to wait in an individual room. It was maybe 10 minutes before the scientist came in.

"Hi there, umm, Jordan, right? I'm Dr. Martin, but you can call me Jack."

I was impressed by Jack. He obviously worked out a lot, and I wouldn't have been surprised if that body got him a different chick every night. Jack had me strip down and lie back on the loveseat they had sitting in the room.

"You've got a pretty good body, Jordan. Nice definition on the abs there."

"Thanks! To be honest, I kinda wish I had your body. You look like you're ripped under that labcoat."

Jack chuckled, and then said, "Maybe someday you will have my body." Then he handed me an mp3 player and said to just loop track 1 and jerk off until I came. That seemed easy enough, so I got right to it, but not until Jack had left the room.

The audiotrack must have worked, because I shot a bigger load than I ever had before, and it was so intense that I doubled over from it. After I had shot, and showered in the little stall that was in the corner, I noticed that Jack had come back into the room.

"How are you feeling?" he asked.

"Good! That audio track really worked, because that's the best orgasm i've ever had."

"Oh, just wait. They get even better. We have a different audio track for each consecutive week of the study, and each is designed to take things a little bit further than the last."

"I can't wait then!" I said, obviously showing how excited I was about getting paid to jerk off. Jack told me he was glad I was enjoying the study and led me out of the facility. I would absolutely be going back on Thursday.


Thursday went exactly the same as Tuesday, only Jack was right: the second orgasm was even more intense than the first. I didn't know I could shoot that hard or that much, but the music in that audio track was sure doing wonders. Jack was waiting for me again when I got out of the shower. He asked how I felt again and I told him that I felt great. I almost felt like I could jerk off like that again right then and there. Jack laughed at that last bit, and I had to join him because it was pretty funny.

He walked me out of the building again, and I waved goodbye as I thought, "The way this is going, I think I'll stay for the whole eight weeks."


Saturday was a little bit different, but that was my fault. I stripped before Jack came to get me set up because I was so eager to start jerking off. I was just finishing taking off my boxers when I heard a noise and turned around, bumping straight into Jack and spilling his coffee all over his lab coat and shirt.

"Shit!" (That was me)

"No, no. It's ok, Jordan. Labcoats are easy to come by, and I never liked this shirt anyway." With that, Jack took off his labcoat and started unbuttoning his shirt. This guy was even more impresive with his shirt off. I mean, it's not like I was ogling him, but I couldn't help but look. He had the biggest pecs I had ever seen in my life, and through his wet, coffee-stained wife-beater you could see his deeply cut eight pack. I think I swore.

Jack just chuckled and set me up on the love seat with my mp3 player, before going to find a new labcoat. I started jerking my dick, thinking about what it would be like to have muscles like Jack's. After maybe twenty minutes I was out of my mind and I shot the biggest load yet. That orgasm had to have been ten times as intense as the last one. I went cross-eyed for a few minutes, I think.

I stumble over to the shower, and as I was soaping up my dick started to plump up again. I would have jerked it again right there, but I heard the door open and close, so I knew Jack was sitting out there waiting for me.

Sure enough, there he was sitting on the loveseat, his ridiculously defined pecs peaking out of his new labcoat. "How do you feel?"

"I'm still horny. I don't think I've ever been this ready to go another round. My dick started getting hard in the shower, right after I shot the biggest load ever."

"That's good! It means you're making progress. But in the scientific community, we use words like 'cock' and 'cum'."

"Oh. Right. Well, my cock has never felt so good, and I've never seen so much cum in my life."

"There you go! Gotta use the right terminology." With that, Jack walked me out to the parking lot and handed me an envelope with $2000 dollars in it.

"Will we see you next week, Jordan?"


"Good man! Don't jerk your cock until you come back, ok? We need you to only do it here for the sake of the study."

I agreed, but it was going to be hard, considering I already had a massive boner. As I left, I think I stole a glance at Jack's pecs.

To be continued...


Re: Sex Study: Week 1--Hook, Line, and Start Sinking - dirtyjack

Great start! Love how things are building nice and slow. Like to see Jordan become less and less inhibited and maybe Jack is horny and suggests that they stroke one off together - just two buddies jacking off - perfectly normal - no big deal.

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