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The Ghost Nanny 2

by obedientsissy

The Ghost Nanny 2

This is a work of fiction and has adult content. Reader Descretion is advised.

Nick started crying and pounding his fists on the floor. The girl quickly shoved the pacifier back in his mouth and secured the strap. "Okay, this will keep baby Nicky's hands from holding things or opening anything." she said as she taped his fingers to his palms with surgical tape. Then she put pink mittens over them. This just made him cry a muffled cry. She then took him to a swing-like chair that is had bungee cords that led to the ceiling. She lifted Nick(Baby Nicky) into the swing. He could only touch the floor with the tips of his toes. He felt a cold precence enter the room. He got shivers down his spine. He felt something touch his toes and then the swing started to bounce up.
and down. "Hello Baby Nicky. My name is Nanny Elision and you only address me as such if you talk like a big boy you will be punished. Your punshment for acting so bad is you will get to choose from either 50 spankings, getting an enema, or let nurse Madison come up with one. If you want nurse Madison's punishment nodd your head." Nick knew he couldn't take anymore babying or spankings so he hoped the nurse would be merciful.
He nodded once and was taken out of the swing by the nurse. She put him in the stroller and rolled him into the nursery and locked him to the changing table. She took the dirty diaper off and set it beside his face. He could smell it. It smelled terrible. Then she went in a closet to get something. She came out with more diapers and a big bag. She pulled out the butt plug and put it in the bag then pulled another one 4 times bigger! She slowly slid it in his anus and he tried to scream but was muffled. She then took it back out and shook her head. She powdered his ass and then played with his cock and when he struggle she smacked his balls. He started to cry and she led him up to an orgasm but didn't let him cum. "I have a better idea. You are going to be a girl so your going to take it like a girl." She lubricated his ass and then went into the closet again. She came out with a strap-on!
Nicks eyes opened wide in horror. She slowly walked over and removed the pacifier and stuffed her panties into his mouth and covered it with duct tape. The panties tasted nasty and sour. "Do you like the taste? I pissed in them for you." His eyes opened wide and almost barfed in his mouth but he didn't. She releases the restraints then quickly pulled over a padded bar with his butt facing up and locked him in. He then smelt something nasty again and realizes what she was doing. She re-applied the tabs of the dirty diaper around his head so his face was in his own mess.
To be continued.......


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