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Baby Alan discovers hypnosis works

by babyalan

Baby Alan discovers hypnosis works

As Alan began to come awake he became aware of the thick cloth pinned snuggly about his hips. As he woke even more he realized that the thick diapers he was wearing were very wet and this realization made him so very happy. He slowly openned his eyes and the first thing to come into view was the large mirror that was secured to the ceiling above the crib he was lying in. He could see the outline of his thick diapers under the pink romper he was dressed in. He smiled as he looked at his reflection seeing the infantile outfit he was dressed in. In addition to the pink romper he was wearing matching baby booties and had thick cloth pink mitts covering his hands. As he gazed into the mirror above him he gave a moan of pleasure as het wet his diapers once again. When he finished wetting again he looked at the clock that was on the wall above the changing table and saw that is was almost 7 PM and he new that his Mommy would soon be in to change him.

As he waited for Mommy to come into the nursery he reflected on how much he truely enjoyed these times he spent with her and how she seemed to love putting him into nice thick soft cloth diapers, pretty plastic panties and cute infantile looking big baby outfits. He had been coming to Mommy once a month for the past 9 months now. Each visit followed a similar path. Once Alan was in the house his Mommy would strip him of the adult clothing he was wearing and take him to the bathroom for a nice soothing baby bath. Alan would always arrive by 7 AM and would spend the rest of the day being treated as Mommy's complete baby. He would have many spoon and bottle feedings during the day because Mommy wanted her baby to use his diapers many times during the day because she loved being able to change his diapers and with each change pin Alan into very thick changes of soft cloth diapers and then cover them with pretty plastic panties. During the day Alan would be put into the crib for at least 3 naps each visit and sometimes 4 or 5 naps. During each nap Mommy would make sure that sweet soothing baby music was always playing in the background. Alan had wonderful dreams while he napped with the music playing. He would dream of being Mommy's complete baby in every way and being totally helpless for his Mommy. then each visit would come to an end with Mommy coming in to remove his baby clothes and diapers at 7 PM so Alan could return to being an adult married man until the next month came and he could once again spend the day as Mommy's thickly diapered baby.

Alan saw the door open and watched his Mommy walk over to the crib and at the same time noticed that the clock read 7 PM. Alan smiled up at his Mommy as she slid the side of the crib down and picked Alan up to take him to the changing table. despite alan being a fully grown man at 5'10" his Mommy was very big at 6'10" and was very strong so she really had no trouble carrying Alan around as if he was a real baby. This always made alan feel even more babyish.

Mommy layed Alan on the changing table and followed her normal routine. Fist she removed the thick mitts covering his hands. Next she removed the cute pink romper. Once the romper was removed Mommy removed the pretty pink plastic panties that were covering his very wet diapers. Next Mommy removed the four pink headed diaper pins that were securing Alan's thick diapers and then pulled the top of the diapers away from his front. Mommy then took alan's ankles in one hand and lifted his bottom up off the changing table so she could finish removing the wet diapers so she could put them in the diaper pail. alan always felt so helpless and infantile as she did this, feeling how powerful his Mommy was as she easily lifted him off the changing table. With the wet diapers removed she proceeded to clean alans groin and bottom with baby wipes.

It was at this time that Mommy deviated from her normal 7 PM practice. Before alan realzed what was happening his mommy had lifted his bum back off the changing table and had slid a fresh change of very thick soft cloth diapers. In no time at all Mommy had alan fully powdered and pinned into a fresh diaper change. Alan was very surprized at this and finally was able to ask "Why are you putting me into more diapers Mommy? It is time for me to go back to my normal life as and adult married man Mommy."

"Don't be silly my precious baby," his Mommy said smiling down at Alan. This is our nineth month together and every Mommy knows that it takes nine months to make a baby. Since this is our nineth month together you are now my baby. there is no more adult man Alan, there is only my helpless little infant Alan now," his Mommy happily told him.

"Mommy, you can't do this to me," Alan said with a tear in his eyes. I HAVE to go back to my wife and my adult life Alan pleaded." And with hat Alan reached down to to un-pin the diapers Mommy had put on him.

But before Alan could reach the first of the four diapers pins his Mommy said "You can't take off your diapers because my little infant Alan has baby hands!" And upon hearing those words Alan found that indeed that he had no control over his hands and in fact could not open the diaper pins.

Alan began to panic and jumped from the changing table and ran as best he could to the living room. However with the thickness of the diapers he was wearing it was really not much more than a quick waddle. As he got to the center of the living room he heard his Mommy saying "My little infant Alan has baby legs." with that Alan suddenly fell to the floor unable to walk or even crawl.

Alan rolled onto his back and began to cry in ernest now. Why are you doing this to me? I am not really a baby! am an ADULT man. I don't NEED to be in diapers!" Alan cried.

His Mommy came over and nelt down next to him and gently said "Of course you need diapers my precious infant and you are going to need your diapers forever because my little infant Alan has a baby bladder and my little infant Alan has baby bowels." With these words spoken Alan suddenly found himself helplessly wetting and messing his diapers.

Alan's crying became even more intense as he defiantly said to his Mommy "You CAN'T keep me this way. I will find someway to call the police and they will come and save me," Alan wailed.

"So you want to call the police?" his Mommy asked. "Well let Mommy help you," she continued as she pulled the phone down off the coffee table and set it down beside Alan's head. "Here, Mommy will use the speaker phone and Mommy will even dial 911 for you." With that his Mommy pushed 911 on the phone keypad. But before the first ring had finish Alan heard his Mommy say "my little infant Alan has baby talk."

The next thing alan heard was "911 emergency this is a recorded line" from the phone. "What is the nature of your emergency."

Alan tried to call for help and say that he was being held against his will but all that came from his mouth was "goo ga doo ca ga ga goo goo ga ga goo."

The emergency operator repeated her request and again all Alan could speak was sensless baby babble. At this point his Mommy picked up the handset and told the emergency operator "I'm so very very sorry but my severrly retarded husband managed to get the phone and somehow dialed 911. I do appolgize as he only has the mental ability of a 6 month old infant." she explained.

"OK Ma'am" the operator replied. But we will have to send an officer to veryify that. They should be there in a few minutes."

"Of course," Mommy replied. "I will expect them." With that she hung up the phone and put it back onto thwe coffee table. Then looking down at Alan she smiled saying "well mommy bet get her baby some fresh diapers because we don't want to have the police have to see and smell your wet and messy diapers."

In a flash mommy was back with a nice dry thick fluffy change of diapers, baby wipes, plastic panties as well as two baby bottles. As she cleaned Alan up and pinned him into his clean diaper change Alan's crying had subsided as he began to accept that this was now truely his fate. Mommy then put Alan into a pink baby style t-shirt, matching booties and replaced the thick mitts onto his handes to keep him out of trouble. She then lifted him on to the couch, laid him across her lap and began to feed him the baby bottles she had brought out.

Alan was just starting on the second bottle when there was a knock at the door. "Come on in, the door is open," his Mommy replied to the knock. Mommy then looked up to see two female officer walk into the living room. While they were very proffessional Alan could see a surpirzed look on their faces as they saw the oversized infant being fed a baby bottle by his Mommy.

His Mommy explained that, "my husband had a severe stroke a year ago that left him with the mental and physical ablilities of a six month old infant. I just could put him into an institution and decided to care for him myself. So as you can see I have gone from being his wife to being my little infant Alan's Mommy."

Then one of the police officers bent down and gave Alan a little pinch on the cheek saying "you are such a lucky little baby to have such a wonderful Mommy to take care of a big infant like you."

With that the officers gave there condolences to his Mommy about the burden she bore and left. As alan heard the door close behind the officers Alan new his fate was now sealed and that he would indeed spend the rest of his life as his Mommy's helpless 6 month old diaper dependent infant. As he lay in his Mommy's lap drink the last of the second bottle he found himself helplessly wetting his diapers and wondering just what was in the music he had been listening to during his naps for the past nine months.


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