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Life of Lonliness

by john_987_468

Life of Lonliness

Chris was never really a popular guy. He was an average looking guy, of average height, he just never really stood out. When he was younger he had a close group of friend and used to have fun like anyone else. When he reached high school though he and his old friends drifted apart, he tried to make new friend but found he was too shy to talk to anyone new, so he drifted through his high school years feeling very alone. After high school he decided that like everyone else he was going to go to college, he felt that it would be a fresh start and he would be able to make some friends. Unfortunately nothing changed when he reached college, he was still alone. He saw people and tried to work up the courage to talk to them but his self doubt and awkwardness always prevented him from talking to people. In the end he gave up trying and accepted his loneliness.

One day Chris was walking through town after one of his lectures, since he didn’t have anyone to hangout with, when he ran into a girl he liked called Kate. Kate was a gorgeous girl who had went to his high school and was now at the same college as him. She had long brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. He had never had the courage to talk to her and always became shy and nervous when she was around. He was too busy thinking about how much he wanted to talk to her that he didn’t notice that they were now face to face.

“Hi Chris” she said with a wide smile, “I know we’ve never really talked much but I was wondering whether or not you’d like to come back to my place for a coffee?”

Chris stood for a minute, not believing what he had just heard. After a while all he could say was, “Sure”, his voice hoarsely muttered.

“Great”, she replied enthusiastically, grabbing his hand and starting to walk him back to her apartment.

They walked in silence as she happily led him by the hand whilst he stumbled along behind her, wondering if this was all real. He couldn’t believe that the girl who he had lusted after all of these years would actually talk to him let alone ask him to her place for a coffee. After about half an hour they finally arrived at her apartment. She led him inside and up to her door, which was the only apartment on the top floor of the complex. She opened the door and led him inside.

“Now you just make yourself comfortable on the sofa” Kate said as she made her way to the kitchen, “I’ll just make us the coffees.”

Chris made his way over to the couch and sat down. He was still a bit dazed but had begun to recover. He was just wondering what they could chat about when Kate entered the room carrying a tray with the coffees on it. She placed it on the table and handed Chris his coffee.

“Drink up now” she said smiling. Chris returned the smile and took a large sip of the coffee. His head immediately started to feel funny; he put the cup down and went to stand up. There was something wrong with his legs, they felt weak, he fell back onto the couch and the room started to spin.

“Sweet dreams” whispered Kate as all consciousness left Chris.

A few hours later, Chris slowly woke. He felt very dazed and confused as he slowly opened his eyes. He found himself wearing a long nightgown and tried to get up only to realise that his hand and feet had been tied to the bedposts. He struggled and then tried to scream only to realise that there was something covering his mouth. Chris realised that there was something wrong as he couldn’t feel anything. He studied his body and realised that his skin appeared to be hairless. He noticed that his nails had been manicured.

Suddenly the door opened and in stepped Kate and two other girls, both gorgeous. One of them, Kirsty, was quite small but had long wavy blonde hair. She was wearing heavy makeup but was still very good looking. The other, Sarah, was quite tall and had very straight shoulder length brown hair. She had very sexy looking tan. All three of them were wearing short nighties and fluffy pink slippers. They were all smiling and giggling whilst looking at Chris.

“Hey, you’re finally awake”, Kate said with a big grin, “How’re you feeling?” she said mockingly.

She strolled over to her dresser and took out a camera. CLICK. The flash went off, catching Chris in his humiliating state.

“Oh, don’t worry, we already took loads whilst you were sleeping” smirked Sarah from the doorway as Kate and Kirsty made their way over to the bed and sat on the edge, on opposite sides, surrounding Chris. Chris was breathing heavily through his nose as Sarah too position at the foot of the bed, completely entrapping him.

“Now you may have noticed a slight numbness in your limbs” said Kate whilst playfully stroking his arm “but that was just a side affect of what we gave you and will wear of soon. Now we’re going to remove the tape over your mouth. If you scream we will distribute all the photos we’ve taken of you to everyone you know, course’ that isn’t a lot of people so we’ll also distribute them to everyone at college so that everyone will laugh at you. So are you gonna scream?” she said, already knowing his answer. As tears formed at the sides of his eyes, Chris shook his head.

The three girls smiled and Kate gave a nod to Kirsty who sexily crawled her way up toward Chris’s head. She sat herself upright and slowly peeled the tape of his mouth. She scrunched it up and threw it on the ground before resuming her position further down the bed with a playful smile on her beautiful plump red lips.

“So how do you feel?” Kate smirked. Chris started to speak but found that his throat had closed up. Kirsty got up and waltzed over to the nightstand and picked up a glass of water. She slowly poured some down his throat. She put the glass back and remained standing next to the bed.

“Thanks” Chris said but he quickly grew fearful. The voice that spoke wasn’t his. It was more high pitched, more girly sounding but still not quite like a normal girls voice.

“What’s happened to me?” said Chris frantically as he re-examined his body realising that his chest looked slightly larger normal, his arms and hands looked smaller, more dainty. From what he could see of his legs they were shorter and more feminine. His feet also appeared to be smaller. He could also see what looked like blonde hair on his shoulders. What panicked him the most was that when he looked down at this crotch, it looked as if nothing was there. The three girls were in hysterics at his reaction. Kate was half drooped over Chris laughing very hard. Kirsty was slumped against the wall trying to regain herself and Sarah was holding a very shaky video camera, from all her laughing, filming the entire thing.


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