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Alice giggles -short story-

by alenk

Alice giggles -short story-

Giggle, slave, giggle.

Those were the words that sprang up before Alice's eyes, and she obeyed them. Every time she did, she felt wonderful oh so wonderful.

Today, master was so nice to her. He had taken her to the basement and locked her in a pink latex dollsuit. He placed a nice colorful visor over her eyes, and put some nice earphones in her ears. No music came out, but was replaced by the sound of a woman going through constant orgasm, moaning heavenly.

In her pussy and ass master jammed 2 nice vibrators; he called them 'keys', and every time she obeyed the commands given to her, they would vibrate in unison, making her all the happier.

Suck masters cock, slave

The new orders made her jump with joy, and she tried to feel around for master's cock, before feeling his hand grab Alice by the hair, pulling her mouth to his cock.

"Good girl, Alice." Was all he had to say.

enter an endless orgasm, slave.

And so she did.


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