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Uncle Charlie's Weekend Visit

by cumslutsissy

Uncle Charlie's Weekend Visit

It was sometime in the beginning of April and the Lutzs' were preparing for their yearly visit from their favorite Uncle Charlie. His stays always ended up being so much fun but the details were always a bit hazy for the Lutz family. This time, Charlie said he has an extra special surprise for every last one of the family members. Dan and Lisa (Mother and Father), Sara and Kris (Son and daughter) couldn't help but feel an overwhelming excitement for Uncle Charlie's visit and surprise.

Friday evening finally came and the Lutz's were about to sit down to dinner when the door bell rang... "He's Here" said Dan. He opened the door and a thirty something old man entered looking just a cheery as they all remembered. "Hello family!!" he exclaimed. "Uncle Charlie!!" the kids ran and hugged him. As he hugged the children he couldn't help but notice Sara had developed into quite the attractive woman, at only 18 she had very large breasts, and Kris...oh, now about 20 was physically fit and very successful with women. His brother and his sister-in-law were quite attractive themselves...one big attractive family for me to play with thought Charlie.

"So Charlie" said Dan as they all sat down to the dinner table. "What's this big suprise you have in store for us?" "Well my impatient brother, you will have to find out in good time." Said Charlie. "Can't you give us some hint Uncle Charlie?" asked Sara. "Yeah, come on." Kris played along with every one else. Charlie looked around quite complacently..."Well I suppose a hint couldn't hurt at all.., I want to shake things up around here a bit." He was met with queer looks. "What are you talking about Charlie?" asked Dan. "Well I've been learning a new type of life skill....Im a hypnotist, and a damn good one at that." Charlie said, with a smile spreading across his face. "Charlie quit screwing around, and hypnosis is a pile of shit" Dan said. "Dan!! Watch your language around the kids" said Lisa. "Mom, were adults now, its not like we dont say that" said Sara. Charlie looked at the discord that was happening and then spoke "Oh Sara, I think your mother and the rest of your family are going to be a little more...he pondered his next words...open." he chuckled to himself. "Charlie, Im getting pissed and I don't think you should stay here tonight." Dan tried to exert dominance until Charlie yelled "Sit down and shut up!"

The Family quieted down and just stared at their Uncle who was now looking quite devious. "The best part of looking at all your nervous faces is knowing that you already have zero control of any situation that i place you in." Their looks became even more concerned. "In fact , I should thank every last one of you for helping me become this powerful." "You see, I have been installing commands on every one of you for years now, ever wonder why when I leave you can barely remember any detail or event of the weekend but still have an overwhelming feeling that it was an amazing time and you needed me back as soon as possible?" Charlie had complete command over the room. "It's now time to change every last one of you." The family could barely move but wanted to protest anyway the could. Dan shouted his brothers name but i was to late. "WON PEELS!" Charlie screamed. And it was all over...

Three hours later the family all came to. All with new concerns and many question. Like why were they all naked and tied up? Charlie entered the room smiling. "Oh, Family, this will be so much fun." Charlie walked over and untied The whole family, but they were still not moving. "Ok family, I believe all of you wish to see what I am capable of." and with that Charlie dropped his pants and took his cock out...Dan yelled "Charlie what the fuck do you think your doing?!" Silence!" Charlie screamed and all of the sudden Dan couldn't make words any more. "I said i want a more open family and now you are all going to be open about your sexualities!" "Ive explored all of your minds and I know every last secret." Lisa, you wish that Dan wasn't such a pussy and would use yours more. Dan, you have a deep seeded desire to suck cock, Sara you wish to explore your sexuality and now that Ive made you bisexual it shouldn't be a problem at all. And last but not least...Kris, you were quite the little homophobe, but I've taken care of that and all of you have no clue whats about to happen" "After all, the incestuous family who plays together, stays together!" Lets start with you Kris, cause you were the most fun to toy with"

"Crawl to me boy" commanded Charlie. Kris couldn't stop himself and began to crawl over to his uncle. In his mind he knew he wouldn't enjoy what was about to happen, but he couldn't stop moving. He stopped at his uncle's feet. "Yes Uncle Charlie" Kris asked flatly. "Boy, I want you to kiss the head of my cock...NOW" with those words, Kris leaned up to it and began planting small kisses on his cock and worked his way down the shaft." "Oh that is great and quite humiliating" said Charlie. "Now Sara, Come join your brother." Sara crawled over to join her brother and began kissing Charlie's cock too. "Doesn't your sister look so very hot kissing my cock, Kris?" All Kris could do was nod his head. "Well do you know what your supposed to do with cute girls?" Kris looked longingly at his sister and all the sudden he knew what he wanted. He leaned in and began to passionately make out with Sara, shoving his tongue deep in her mouth. "You two have fun and do anything you'd like to each other." Charlie said with a sense of satisfaction. "Kris and Sara lay on the floor and continued to make out while they felt each others bodies.

Lisa and Dan looked horrified but Dan couldn't help but notice his cock stiffening. Lisa noticed to and it was at that moment that Dan began to touch his throbbing cock. "DAN WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!" Lisa screamed. "Oh Lisa, he's just realizing his new desire to have sex with his entire family and it's clearly turning him on like nothing else." Charlie said. "Dan, please you have to fight it!!" Lisa pleaded. "Lisa, i think you don't fully understand the situation, Ive made him into a severely perverted man who's sexual fetishes are so disgusting.." Charley said. "Watch what I mean." Charlie walked towards his brother and said "You know that ass licking fetish you have?" Dan just nodded. "Well put it to good use and lick my ass now...brother" Charlie turned around and placed his ass at his brothers face, and Dan began to rim his brother with no remorse licking every inch of his dirty hole. "Lisa this is what Ive done but I don't think you realize your new place..." "Stare at your sons cock...do you not have a desire to taste it...and suck it dry of all cum it can possibly hold?" Lisa now knew it was true and began to inch to where her son and daughter lay entwined. Lisa turned he son over and looked into his eyes. "Your cock..NOW" Lisa then wrapped her lips around his tool and began to bob up and down. Not missing a beat, Sara began to eat her mothers pussy.

Charlie knew this was all his doing and his hypnotic spell was to strong for any of them to break. Charlie also knew that this was his new home and he was going to have many more adventures even more devious than this one with his brother and his family. And as Charlie took his place behind Sara's hot snatch he knew this was going to be very interesting.


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