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All Dolled Up Pt 5

by EMG

All Dolled Up Pt 5

Chapter 5
Hearing Kyle’s words, Chloe sat up, and went to work putting on the bra and panty set. Once it was on, she crawled up to a kneeling position, her mind still blank and empty.

“Get off the bed and stand up in front of me.”

“Yes, Sir.”

She climbed off the bed and stood at attention, waiting for Kyle’s next command.

“Where’s Chloe’s ring?”

Maid Barbie held out her hand.

Kyle took the ring, then, he slowly circled her, looking at her. Chloe was a beautiful girl, and seeing her like this, this open, this obedient, it was all he could do to keep from ripping his own clothes off. He removed them slowly, though. He was in control, so he had to act like it, at least a while longer. When he was nude, Kyle sat down in the chair.

With Chloe’s ring still in his hand, he simply said, “Blowjob.”

Maid Barbie’s face was still expressionless. There was no lust, no true desire for this. It was an order, and she would follow it. That was absolute, but as her tongue made contact, Kyle suddenly wanted more. She had excellent technique. He could feel his body respond to her mouth, but he wanted it to be as pleasurable for Chloe as it was for him. Kyle didn’t want Maid Barbie, but he didn’t want Chloe either. He wanted Chloe’s passion, her enthusiasm, matched with Maid Barbie’s obedience and submission. He might cum this way, but there had to be a better way.

Kyle could feel his arousal beginning to ebb, even under Maid Barbie’s ministrations, but he also felt something else. He could still feel the ring in his hand. The idea took only a moment to form. Would it work, though? Or would it somehow damage Chloe in the process. He felt his arousal begin to surge anew.

Kyle knew that this was all in her mind, all of it. If he put the ring on, it should combine the two outfits in some way. There were no guarantees that it would be the combo that he hoped for, but given that Kyle couldn’t bring himself to stop Maid Barbie, he had to hope that she wanted this as much as he did.

He had her raise her right arm, and then, he slipped her ring back onto her finger.

The change was immediate. Her eyes brightened. He could see a blush form on her face, and for a moment, it looked as if she might pull away. After only a moment, though, she went hungrily back to work. This was no longer a lifeless doll fulfilling a duty. This was a girl on a mission to do her best to obey. This was Maid Chloe.

Kyle’s arousal surged forward, and he knew that he couldn’t last long like this. He began pushing her off of him, and with an almost audible ‘pop,’ she pulled back to a kneeling position in front of him.

Kyle could only manage to say, “Naked! On the bed! Now!”

“Yes, Sir!” a very enthusiastic Maid Chloe replied.

Kyle was amazed at Chloe’s grace as she somehow managed to make stripping and climbing onto the bed seem as if it was only one action. She lay on her back, looking at Kyle. It was a welcome look, one he had seen once. Though, it seemed so long ago now.

Kyle felt himself moving forward. He was on the bed. He was on top of Maid Chloe, looking down into her eyes. They kissed.

“Am I the perfect doll yet, Sir?”

“In every way.”

They both knew what would happen next. Neither rushed. This wasn’t about urgency. It was about pleasure. Maid Chloe’s mission in life was to obey and please Kyle. Kyle’s only desire at that moment was to give Chloe more pleasure than she had ever experienced.

Each touch was savored. Every inch of both of their bodies was explored, memorized. Nothing existed beyond Kyle’s bed. Nothing mattered. Still, all too quickly, it was Maid Chloe who was on the edge now.

“Sir, I’m going to cum!” she squeaked out.

Kyle didn’t respond. Instead, he reached down and pulled the ring off of her finger.

Maid Chloe’s face dulled.

“You won’t cum until I do.”

“Yes, Sir.” Her voice was breathless but in control.

It was an order that he could have given Maid Chloe, but this also once again showed his control. Feeling the control he had like this only intensified the rush Kyle was feeling. He kept going for a short while longer, and as he felt his own orgasm approaching, he slid the ring back in place.

The pleasure seemed to engulf Maid Chloe. She knew that she wouldn’t cum until Kyle did, and yet, she felt as if she couldn’t hold it any longer.

“I’M CUMMING!!” Kyle screamed.

Maid Chloe’s scream came only a second after Kyle’s. After the pure tidal wave of pleasure had passed, Kyle collapsed on the bed.

“Playtime’s over, Chloe”

Given that Chloe was already nude, she only blinked, and she was back. She rolled back on top of Kyle and kissed him again.

“Thank you,” she said, “I wanted to say something, but I just couldn’t find the words.”

“I’m glad I could help. Now, if you don’t get off of me, we might just have to do that again.”

Chloe’s grin turned wicked, “Is that a promise?”

“No, it’s a threat. I don’t think either of us could survive another round right now, do you?”

“I could think of worse fates...” Chloe remarked as she rolled back onto the bed next to Kyle.

“True, but what about your other outfits?” Kyle asked.

“Other outfits?” Chloe mumbled.

“Later. Sleep now.”




“How did you know about combining the ring and one of my outfits?”

“It just made sense. Without the ring, you’re a lifeless, blank doll. You fill a role, but it’s not...”

“Not what?” Chloe sighed.

“Mmmm... not, I don’t know. With you the ring, it works though.”

Chloe heard, but sleep was closing in. Neither could manage another sentence, and they feel asleep, together on Kyle’s bed, at last.

After a couple of hours, a knock at Kyle’s door awakened them.

“Sorry interrupt or whatever, but do you two want dinner? Or are you just going to wait for breakfast?” Sarah yelled through the door.

Kyle was the first to move, but soon after, they were both dressed and headed into the kitchen. Sarah was sitting at the table with a smile.

“Well, Chloe, I bow to the queen. If I’d gotten Kyle that excited that night, we’d have woken up everyone in the house.”

Chloe looked like the cat that ate the canary right then, and just as it looked like she might say something, Kyle broke in.

“Chloe, I think you need to go home tomorrow morning.”

Chloe’s smile vanished, “Tomorrow morning? I didn’t think I was going to go until around New Year’s Eve. I want more time with you.”

“And you’ll get it... when you get back.”

“But Christmas?!” Chloe responded, trying desperately to avoid leaving so quickly.

“We’ll exchange gifts in a few minutes. Sarah can help you pack, if you need her to, and this will be a great present for your family tomorrow morning, won’t it?”

Sarah was pouting, “I suppose. It’s not like I really have a choice, but I don’t have to like it.”

Kyle leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.

“That’s my girl.”

Chloe still looked unhappy.

“I just don’t know if I’ll be able to make it that long without you. You know how I am now.”

“Yes, Chloe, I do, but I think I can help you with that, too,” Kyle replied.

The rest of dinner was spent in relative silence, and soon, they were opening presents. None of the gifts themselves were all that impressive, a book, a CD, and a few other small things, but Kyle was sure to save the best for last. It was a small box with a beautiful, hand-tied bow. The tag showed that it was for Chloe.

Chloe carefully slid off the bow and opened the box. Inside was one of the outfits that she had bought a couple of months before. It was a pair of incredibly short and thin pair of spandex bike shorts and a top so small and tight that it was more like a sports bra aside from the small amount of fabric that did go down below her breasts.

“Kyle, what’s this doing in here?” Chloe asked.

Kyle’s only response was, “Wind-up Barbie.”

Chloe simply seemed to relax. Her hands were rested on her lap again, and her eyes were open. She didn’t even really look hypnotized.

“That’s all!” Sarah exclaimed, “I thought she’d go limp or fall forward or at least close her eyes. Are you sure she’s even under?”

“Chloe, what are you thinking?”

“Nothing,” Chloe replied in a blank and monotone voice.

“Wow,” Sarah said, “I believe that. So can anyone do that or...”

“Just me,” Kyle stated.

“I just never expected... she went under so easily. Will that happen to me?” Sarah asked.

“Maybe. Remember, though, I’ve been working with her for over two months already.”

Kyle turned back to Chloe.

“Chloe, take off your ring and hand it to me.”

As the ring came off of her finger, Chloe’s face seemed to lose all expression. Her face now just seemed blank. It was hard to point to certain differences, but the overall effect was clear. Sarah’s eyes widened, but she remained silent, watching. When Kyle held her ring, he continued.

“You know that the outfit in your lap is one of your special outfits. This is your Exercise Barbie outfit. Tell me, have you ever seen a Barbie that wasn’t in great shape?”

“No,” was Chloe blank reply.

“That’s right because Barbies need to stay in shape for their owners. It good for you to stay in shape, and it makes me much more pleased with your body. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes. It’s good to stay in shape.”

“And this outfit is special, like your ring. I and only I can say, ‘Exercise Barbie,’ and you’ll put this outfit on as you would all the others. However, you also are able to just put it on. Unlike your other outfits, anytime you put this outfit on by yourself, you’ll change into Exercise Barbie, and when you remove it after your workout, you’ll simply change back. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Good. Now remember the other rules I gave you for your outfits. This exercise outfit can be worn underneath other workout clothes if you can’t wear just this. However, you should always be able to get to this outfit at some point during the day. That means that you’ll need to have this outfit with you wherever you go because you are going to exercise as Exercise Barbie at least 30 minutes every day. How long will you exercise every day?”

“At least thirty minutes, as Exercise Barbie.”

“Like your other Barbie outfits, Exercise Barbie has a special interest. She loves to exercise. The high she gets from working out is almost orgasmic to her, and it isn’t just about doing the exercise. She loves to stretch, bend, and tease anyone around as she does her workout. Flexibility, grace in motion, stamina, and a toned body are her goals.”

Kyle heard a small moan come from Sarah’s direction. He ignored it.

“And Chloe,” Kyle continued, “From now on Sarah is safe. If it is just the three of us in the house, you’ll wear your outfits as intended.”

“As intended.”

“Do you understand fully everything I’ve explained to you about Exercise Barbie?”

“Yes, I do.”

“I’m going to put your finger back on, as I do, you’ll feel not only Chloe’s personality come back but also your awareness. This time, you’ll remember exactly what’s happened, and know everything about your new outfit.”

Kyle slowly slid the ring back on her finger. He wasn’t sure if she was back, until he noticed her blush.

“Thanks, Kyle. I do love my new outfit. I may even try it out in a bit, but first, you said you could help me handle being away. How?”

“That outfit. How often will you become you put it on?”

“Like you said, at least once a day.”

“And why was it going to be so hard being away from me?”

“Because I’d have to keep up the pretense that nothing has changed the whole... Ok, I get it. Sorry.”

Kyle and Sarah laughed.

“I thought you’d catch on eventually. This will give you a time to remind yourself what you really are and just be yourself every day, even at your parents’ house,” Kyle said.

“Don’t feel bad, though,” Sarah commented. “At first, I missed it too.”

Sarah turned to Kyle.

“And, why am I safe now? I thought you’d want to keep this separate from me.”

“Well, when Chloe leaves, we’re going to start working on your fantasy. I think both of you should get used to being around each other in not much, if anything at all, given what I think your fantasy is. Besides, we’re going to have other house guests in a couple of weeks. If they get involved, who knows? This may just be easing you into being comfortable around more people.”

“Ok, I just wondered...”

“I’ll bet you did Sarah, but we’ll deal with that wondering later. Chloe take off your ring. Exercise Barbie.”

He said it so casually that both Chloe and Sarah were caught off guard when Chloe went to remove her ring. As she went blank, her hands began moving to her clothes. First, her shirt was over head and then on the floor. Her pants dropped soon after. Sarah was doing her best to look anywhere but at Chloe. Chloe’s bra and panties were added to the pile as she slid out of them.

Needless to say, it didn’t take a great deal of time for Chloe to dress in her new outfit, and the moment it was on, Chloe no longer seemed as blank. She seemed... perky? She bounced a couple of times on the balls of her feet. Kyle couldn’t keep his eyes from wandering down to her nicely bouncing tits.

“Hi! Do you want to work out with me, Sir?” She said with a smile on her face.

“Sir?” Sarah asked.

“Well, I am still her owner,” Kyle replied, with a slightly evil grin.

“But no, Barbie, I’m afraid that I can’t right now,” Kyle said looking back to Exercise Barbie.

“Barbie, this is Sarah, and I do think that she’d love to try this. Wouldn’t you?”

Sarah back up a little, “I don’t know. I really don’t think tonight’s a good night.”

But Exercise Barbie wouldn’t take no for an answer. As Kyle excused himself, Barbie was showing Sarah the best stretches to warm up with. Apparently, Chloe had been to the gym before. Although, knowing the way she looked, it wasn’t much of a surprise to Kyle.

Kyle left them to their workout for almost an hour before he went back to check on them. Both lying on the floor finishing their cool down, and both girls were gleaming with sweat. At some point, Sarah had apparently shed some of her own clothes, as she was now just in her bra and panties, showing off more than even exercise Barbie was.

“Wonderful, you two, so how was the workout?”

“Great, Sir! I’m not in the best shape, but if I work out like this every day, I should be in great shape really soon! I’ll also study up on more effective and efficient way to train my body.”

“Good, Playtime’s over Chloe, and put your ring back on.”

Slowly, Chloe stripped once again, and when she was nude and blank, she took the ring that Kyle was offering. Once she had it on, she blushed and quickly gathered her clothes and began putting them back on. Sarah on the other hand was still lying on the floor without the slightest hint of embarrassment. Kyle sat on the floor next to Sarah.

“Well, I didn’t even have to say anything to you, for you to get more comfortable it seems.”

Sarah looked up.

“I’m too tired to even take offense at that, but you’re right. Seeing Chloe that way made it easy for me to get more comfortable.”

Kyle was grinning, and Chloe was almost dressed.

“What are you grinning about?” Sarah asked.

From behind, Kyle he heard Chloe’s voice, “Yeah, you either know some big secret, or you’ve still got something else up your sleeve.”

Kyle rolled up his sleeves, “Nothing up here, so I must know something. Sarah do you want to get dressed, go change, or just stay as you are?”

Sarah glanced at Chloe who was now fully dressed.

“I think that I’ll run and change. I’ll be right back.”

She jumped to her feet and was up the stairs in a second.

“She was suddenly a little shy after spending 45 minutes that way,” Chloe said as she sat next to Kyle.

She leaned her head on his shoulder and took his hand in hers as she went on, “So what’s the big secret, something to do with Sarah, I assume?”

“Yeah, but I’d rather talk with her about it, first. Do you mind giving us a while?”

“No, somebody said that I have to pack to leave tomorrow morning, slave driver... I guess I need to get started on that.”

After a quick kiss, Kyle stood up and helped Chloe to her feet.

“You’re wrong, though,” Kyle whispered in her ear.

“About what?” Chloe whispered back.

“I’m not a slave driver, yet. I’m just a doll maker...”

He let that hang in the air for a moment as they looked in each other’s eyes. Then, with a playful swat, he sent her upstairs. Chloe passed Sarah who was on her way back down.

“Did I miss it?” Sarah asked.

“Nope,” Chloe replied, “he’s all yours for now.”

A knowing look passed between them, and Sarah said, “Thanks, Chloe.”

Chloe nodded and disappeared into her room.

Sarah walked back down, and seeing Kyle on the couch, she sat down beside him.

“So what’s the big secret?”

“Your fantasy.”

Sarah gave him a puzzled look, “My fantasy is the big secret? I know that I don’t have a lot of details to tell you, and I know you said that it was way off what Chloe’s was. I really think you must be wrong, though. Why else would her fantasy have awakened mine like it did?”

“You tell me. What was it about Chloe’s fantasy that awakened yours? You didn’t even really know that she was a doll. How could that be it?”

“Well... I suppose that’s right...”

“Let’s try something else. You’ve been a lot less shy recently. The last time I noticed that you were your old, quiet self in this house was the morning that we talked with the guys. There was something different in your voice.”

“True. I was trying to keep the guys from finding out.”

“Finding out what? That you were involved too? Or wanted to be involved? Would that have changed anything?”

“Well, not for you, but if I had... They would have...”

“Sarah, they would have seen what I already have, what you told me. You were very specific about what you thought other people wanted from you. You locked yourself in your own prison. By assuming that no one would like you in the least if you weren’t willing to sleep with them...”

Sarah’s eyes widened.

“I wouldn’t let myself open up to anyone, until you...”

“Correction, until you had sex with me. I fulfilled something in your mind. I had already used Chloe. Like you said, you found a kindred spirit in her. If it was ok for her to open up, it was ok for you, but there was one thing you had to do first.”

Sarah smirked.

“And I’d say ‘we did it.’ Pun intended.”

“I’d have been disappointed in any less.” Kyle replied, as he shook his head.

“So what does that mean my fantasy is?”

“Well, let’s walk through it. You had to sleep with me to open up to me, and by doing that, it also freed you up around Chloe. Mainly, I think that was because of her connection to me.”

“Probably true, so is my fantasy that I want to have sex with every guy and girl on the planet to get over being shy? Should we get the phone book and start with the A’s?”

“Come on, Sarah. You’ve already told me once. You were practically screaming it. Think. What did you tell me about high school? How did people think of you?”

There was a long awkward pause, but Kyle was determined to make her say it.

“They...” Sarah stopped and her eyes widened.

“There, now you know.”

“But, wouldn’t that still mean that I’d have to...”

“No, it means you’d be willing. You wouldn’t be allowed, though.”

“Allowed? Oh right, because...”


Chloe, who had at some point returned, was laughing.

“Ok, so what’s the big secret? It must be something if you two aren’t even talking in complete sentences anymore.”

“Go ahead, tell her, Sarah.”

Sarah stood up, ran over, and hugged Chloe.

“I’m going to be a sex toy!”

“A sex toy?” Chloe asked, glancing toward Kyle.

“A mindless, sex toy,” Kyle responded.

“A mindless, sex toy... and we can start tomorrow?”

“As soon as Chloe leaves, after all, I’m sure you’ll want to say goodbye, too.”

“Oh, I will,” replied Sarah, “and Chloe, thank you. I know it can’t be easy to let Kyle do this, but I really appreciate it.”

“It’s fine. I don’t think one plaything would have ever been enough for him anyways, and as long as he keeps coming back to me, that just tells me how special he thinks I am.”

“Hey girls!” Kyle said, a little more loudly. “I’m sitting right here. Besides that’s enough bonding for tonight. Tomorrow’s a big day all the way around. We all need to get some sleep.”

Sarah and Chloe looked disappointed, but they nodded their agreement.

As they turned to head toward the stairs, Kyle called after them, “Chloe, when you’re ready for bed, don’t forget to come by my room first.”



Chloe’s pace quickened up the stairs, and Kyle was barely back to his room before Chloe made it there. Like so many times before, she was wearing a robe, but it was hard to tell if anything was underneath.

“A robe? I’m fairly certain that Sarah wouldn’t have minded if you made one more naked run down the stairs.”

“I know, but I thought that I might need to convince you to let me stay after the chanting. That’s why I wore this.”

And as she said, she let her robe fall to the floor.

It occurred to Kyle that no matter how many times he thought Chloe couldn’t get be any sexier, he always seemed to be wrong. He had seen her nude form over a hundred times, and this time was as amazing as if it were the first. It wasn’t her body, though. The creature standing in front of him seemed confident and shy, adventurous and submissive, all at the same time, and yet, she was hesitating. It would have driven Kyle wild from the start if it weren’t for this feeling in his gut saying that something was bothering her.

Her attitude was different. It wasn’t hard to imagine what was wrong. She was leaving, leaving her brand new boyfriend and owner with another girl, a girl that he would train into a sex toy. Chloe had to know that he would have to fuck Sarah, more than once, while she was gone. It wasn’t a thought that Kyle dwelled on, but he also wasn’t dreading it. Sarah was sexy, and he looked forward to seeing if he was up to doing what he planned. None of this, though, changed his feelings for Chloe in the least. This was a gift that she had given him, a world of experiences that she had opened up for him.

It was something that only his own absolute devotion to her could ever hope to repay. Even so, here she was, standing there, trying to decide how to seduce him, how to leave him with a night so memorable that nothing that Sarah might do could compare. Still, she stood there, just inside the door.

“Getting nostalgic?” Kyle asked.

This seemed to shake Chloe out of contemplation. She made her way to the bed and slowly crawled up next to Kyle. She began to pull at his clothes, pulling off his shirt and then his boxers.

“Maybe a little nostalgic. You hadn’t seen me drop the robe in a while. Then, I was wondering if you really wanted me to finger myself and chant or if there was something else you’d like to do with our last night. When I walked into the room, you smiled, and I knew you thought you’d get lucky tonight.”

Kyle pulled her close.

“No, I never, in my whole life, thought I’d get this lucky.”

To Be Continued...


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