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Kitten Part One

by rubberdolltami

Kitten Part One

Ah the beginning of another work shift. Andrea was beginning to regret moving to the city. Her first job at 18 was a little less glamorous than she had first expected. Warehouse Manager had sounded fairly important when she was living in her parents basement. Now she knew that the only thing she actually had to manage was her spare time. If she had known that Warehouse Manager actually meant midnight security guard in a boring warehouse she probably wouldn’t have rushed into the unfamiliar city to start her new life.

Andrea had never gotten along with her parents, as she didn’t fit their blinkered view of what a woman should be. Not that Andrea wasn’t attractive, she definitely was in a petite cute way. Her height, tiny waist and average chest made her look like a cute young girl. No it wasn’t her looks that her parents didn’t agree with it was more her attitude. Andrea would not be a submissive little thing to be told what to do by a big strong man. No, Andrea would make her own life, find a man who appreciated a strong woman and show her parents a thing or two. But first she had to get to work.

After punching in and making sure that everyone had left the front office’s (Not that people would be there at this ungodly hour) Andrea stretched out on her chair and pulled out a computer engineering for dummies book from her backpack. The one advantage of the job was that she was all alone for 8 hours, she could read to her hearts content, and when she could afford college she would be ready.

It was about 4 hours into her shift when Andrea thought about doing her nightly patrol up and down the aisles of boxes. The warehouse was huge and it would normally take her about 2 hours to walk the entire building. Also in the almost non existent night lighting the warehouse employed it could be a bit of a spooky place. That’s why these video monitors were such a godsend. Why walk through the dark when you can sit down, relax and have the monitors do the walking for you.

Andrea had worked there for almost 6 months now and the most exciting thing to happen was when she dozed off and almost fell out of her chair. That’s why she was so surprised when she caught some movement on camera #19. Just a shiny flash and then gone.

“Must be my imagination…” Just in case Andrea thought she better check it out. After all if some punk teenager broke in and vandalized something she might as well start looking for a new job.

Grabbing her stun gun, handcuffs and flashlight she began her trek through the huge warehouse. Down the stairs, into the warehouse Andrea carefully made her way around boxes twice her height, using her flashlight to peer carefully at the floor and surrounding area. Andrea had learned the hard way to always keep an eye on the floor as workers tended to forget to clean up after themselves in a warehouse this size. Something was definitely going on, Andrea could almost swear she could hear someone saying something and some sort of soothing music, but anytime she tried to listen to what the voice was saying it would disappear only to come back again as soon as she concentrated on something else. Andrea, paused in her trek to camera #19 and thought about the strange voices and music. This is the kind of thing that I should probably call in, but... maybe it's nothing, yes it is definitely nothing, I should go back to my office and go to sleep. As if in a trance Andrea turned 180 and began to walk back towards her small security office. She probably would have continued too, if she hadn't slipped on whatever it was that the afternoon workers had spilled on the floor. Falling to the ground in surprise Andrea's hands shot out in front of her to break her fall. This worked but it also meant that the flashlight clattered against the ground loudly, blinked out and rolled under the warehouse boxes, it also meant that Andrea had some nice painful scrapes on her hands to show for her absentmindedness.

"Shit, that hurt!" Andrea cursed quietly and shook her head to get her bearings. What was going on here, last thing she remembered she was going to check out those strange voices and music and now she was halfway back to her office.

Crawling slowly towards the closest box Andrea winced as she put her scraped palms on the ground. She rolled on to her side and tried to see if the missing flashlight had rolled under the box while putting as little pressure on her scraped palms as she could. Stretching as far as her small arms could she reached around blindly but came up with nothing other than a dusty sticky shirt sleeve. The warehouse wasn't pitch black but it was very dark, with emergency lights only every second isle or so.

"Great just great, now i have to investigate this garbage in the dark." Andrea whispered quietly "and I'm probably going to get in trouble for the missing flashlight too"

Standing up Andrea took account of her situation, strange music, lost time, broken video camera, slipper floor, very dark warehouse. Now a smart girl, or boy for that manner, would head straight back to the office and call for help, but Andrea wasn't going to let a bit of daydreaming, clumsy tripping and paranoia let her become the laughing stock of her new job. Standing up Andrea walked slowly and carefully down the dark aisle that led to Camera 19. Trying to be as quite as possible she was almost at the camera when she heard voices once again. These definitely weren't the same voices she had heard earlier these voices..well more like a voice and a high pitched grunts sounded, more real. Andrea strained to hear where the voices were coming from.

“I think I heard something, is the trance still running? Be careful with that. Stupid slut!”

From the sounds of it they were just around the corner and they probably weren’t teenagers. Andrea snuck quietly up to peek around the corner. From the looks of things she was half right. Once of the two looked to be in her early thirty’s but the other looked the same age or younger than Andrea. The woman and the girl were carrying a large box, with what looked to be a speaker on top, between them. Andrea could easily make out the eerie music now, it was coming from the speaker resting on top of the box. But the music was instantly forgotten when Andrea looked closer at the two women. Andrea couldn't help but gasp when she saw them. It was what they were both wearing. The girl wore what looked to be shiny black rubber hot pants, and a tight latex shirt with the word CUM-SLUT written across in bright silver letters. On her feet were knee high latex boots that must have had 6 inch heels. Andrea couldn’t make out her face as a tight rubber mask hid all of her features minus the two pigtails coming out of the top of the mask and a shiny red ball gag in her mouth. Andrea found herself wondering what kind of crazy person breaks into a warehouse dressed in something that Sexy. She corrected herself. Not sexy just bizarre and crazy. She knew that regular girls like her didn’t wear things like that. Quickly snapping out of it she reminded herself that the poor girl did not look like a willing participant in this robbery. Andrea then turned her attention to the other lady. She wore a skin tight black latex catsuit with a pair of knee high leather boots and fingerless gloves. She looked perfect for the part of a dominatrix. Andrea found she could get lost in that figure the way the light shined off of her perfect latex clad ass and her large firm breasts. Andrea was not a lesbian but this woman was stunning in her latex catsuit. Again Andrea forced herself to snap out of it. She had seen latex in movies like Batman Returns and Underworld, but she had never seen anyone wearing it in real life before. The way it fit everything like a second skin, moved and shined was the most sexual thing she had ever seen. But now was not the time to get lost in those perfect curves.

Taking a deep breath Andrea jumped out into the open stun gun held high. “Freeze!” Both the woman and the girl quickly turned to face Andrea. In fact the young girl was so shocked that she dropped the container they were carrying and a loud crunching noise was heard from inside the box. Andrea had expected a look of fear or panic on the women's faces but instead was greeted with a appraising smile.
"Ahhhhh a new little girl come to join the ranks." The Woman looked at her and said something that Andrea couldn't make out, the next thing Andrea knew she was on her knees.

"Silly little girl, soon to be silly little rubber girl, you should have just turned and gone back to your office like the words told you, now.... well now your mine."

End of Part One


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