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Mistaken Identity

by jessielynn

Mistaken Identity

"Its terrible, doctor," John told me. "I just can't get rid of
this feeling." John had been a regular patient of mine for years now.
His therapy had gone no where and I was getting impatient.

"Let's take it slowly," I told him calmly. "Tell me from the

"Well, I can't get rid of this feeling I don't belong in this

"What do you mean," I probed patiently. John had often come to me
with abserdities. Once he came dressed all in black insisting he was a
vampire. Another time he had come to me dressed in furs telling me of
his adventures as a fox. This was not new for John.

"Doctor, I'm a woman!"

"John, remember...we promised each other we would speak of reality,
not fantasy.

"I'm serious! After all this time, I have finally fingured out my
problem. I'm suppose to be a woman but I'm trapped in the body of this

"And why do you think this?" My patience was leaving me rapidly.
My fingers began drumming on the side of the chair.

"Remember what I told you when I left my wife. I told you it
didn't feel right. I couldn't put my finger on why. The sex was good,
the company was great. I just needed something else. I needed a man!"

"A man now. What will it be next," I mumbled to myself.

"What did you say?" John said, snapped out of his discourse.

"I think I have finally figured out your problem," I said angrilly
getting up from my chair. "I think you have a serious identity crisis!
Take some time by yourself and learn to accept who you are. Your body
is all you are. There is nothing else. If your body says your a man,
then you're a man! Accept it!"

"Accept it, huh?" John said, himself rising. "We'll see who needs
to accept things!"

"John, I didn't mean anything..." I said, trying to calm the
situation. "I only said..."

"You said enough, mister. And to think that I trusted you with my
secrets for so long. You'll be sorry, sir. You'll be sorry." With
that, John ran out of the room and out of sight.

I took a deep breath. I had never blown up at a patient before.
Though I had never had a patient as stubborn as John. All my other
patients required one or two sessions to get their lives together. They
needed just a bit of coaxing before they rearranged and started
accepting their life. But John! John had been my first patient and
after ten years had continued to visit me. "There, maybe now he'll
finally accept himself for who he is!" I told myself aloud.

Turning around, I phoned my wife at home. Naturally she was gone,
but I left her a message. "Hon, I am coming home now. I know its the
middle of the day, but I just had a dreadful encounter with John and I
need some time to relax. See you soon. Love you!"

"Debbie," I spoke into the intercom. "Cancel all my appointments
today. I need some R&R."

"That's fine..." she replied. I grabbed my coat and went home.

* * * * * * * *

I had not been there long when the door bell rang. I was sitting
in front of the television in my boxer shorts. A beer in one hand and
the remote in the other. "Just a minute," I called, swearing to myself.
Why did they have to come now! Opening the door, I saw the one person
in the world I had least expected to see...John!

"Hi, Doctor. I just thought I'd stop by and tell you how sorry I

"John....hi!" I said, nervously. "Thanks for the apology, but
really I am the one who needs to apologize."

"No," John said. "If only I had taken your advice so many years
ago and accepted who I was, I wouldn't be in this prediciment right

"You know, John," I told him. "You do have a point. This is what
I've been trying to tell you all these years. Acceptance is the first
step to recovery."

"Yeah, you're right. And just to show you how sorry I am, I
brought a bottle of wine over to toast and celebrate."

"Oh, John. You didn't have to do that."

"Yeah I know but I did. Could you get me two glasses?"

Going to the cupboard, I grabbed two wine glasses. "Why don't you
come and sit down in here," I said, motioning to the couch. "And here
is the wine glasses for you."

"Great. Say, where's your bathroom?"

"Right down the hall. Feel free."

"I think I will. Wait one moment."

John left to visit the toilet. I sat there on the couch, stunned
at my patient's miraculous recovery. Who would have thought that
screaming at him would have solved the problem I had patiently been
trying to fix all these years. John came back with a smile on his face.
"I'm back."

"Great," I said. "Shall we toast?"

Pouring the wine into two glasses he carefully handed me one while
he took the other. "Let's toast to a new relationship, shall we?"

"Great. A new relationship." Raising the glass up to my mouth, I
downed the wine and sat back.

John looked at me closely, then grabbing the wine and handing me
his glass he said, "Well, I'd best be going now."

"Thanks John for the wine," I said as I stood to usher him out.

"No," he said with a smile. "Thank you."

As he replied, I felt a curious rumble in my stomach. I dropped to
my knees, clutching my stomach. John just smiled above me. "What have
you done to me," I mumbled in pain.

"Now you will understand an identity crisis first hand. Have fun!"
And with that, he walked out the door, laughing as he drove away.

The pain in my stomach increased in intensity. I sat down on the
couch and massaged my stomach. The asshole had poisoned me! Why had I
been so stupid! No matter, I thought as I reached for the phone. As my
hand touched the phone, I felt a strange tingling feeling starting at my
fingers and working up my arm. Looking closely at my hands they seemed
soft and smooth. Definately not the hands that had worked hours in the
sun as I had done before school. These hands were manicured, almost
feminine. The tingle moved up my arm and into my shoulders. As it
moved, my body began to rearrange itself. My muscles that I had worked
for now deflated and the skin around them became smooth. The tint of my
skin grew paler in color and the temperature cool. The tingle in my
hands stopped at my shoulders, but a tingle in my legs grew in
intensity. First at the feet where my worn nails suddenly grew fuller.
The hair on my feet and the hair on my legs grew paler and shorter. The
tint of my skin matching the tint of my arms. As the tingle stopped at
my calves I realized with horror that my legs had become feminine! The
legs that I had admired and adored on my wife were suddenly attached to
my own calves.

The pain continued to mount in my stomach as I dragged myself to
the bathroom. I could feel a faint tingle in my face, and I was afraid
of what I would see. Looking myself in the mirror, I watched as the
hair on my face disappeared. My face rounded out and my lips grew
fuller, more red. My eye lashes grew longer and two dimples became
obvious on my cheeks. Then my hair! I had always hated long hair and
had been known to shave off all my hair at one time. Now it grew like
wildfire. Thick blonde strands pushes out of my head and fell down my
shoulders. When it was all over, the face I looked at was no longer my
own but a beautiful blonde female.

I had no time to adjust to this change when the more dramatic
changes started to occur. The pain heightened even more in my stomach
and I sat myself down on the toilet. Pulling my pants down, my bowels
emptied themselves at a rate I had not known of before. As they did,
the tingle increase and centered itself on my torso. The tingle began
first at my chest which had begun to ache. Pulling up my shirt, I
noticed my nipples slowly growing larger and more erect. Two mounds of
flesh then pushed them out. I cupped them in my hands, hoping to hold
back the growth, but they pressed my hands outward. Until at last, I
had two large breasts hanging from my chest. Again the medicine took
effect as my hips began filling. I felt myself struggle to stay seated
on the toilet as my ass and my hips both took on weight. The last of
the changes in my breasts and hips were just finishing when the pain in
my stomach knocked me off the toilet. Grabbing my stomach, I began to
moan and howl in pain. My groin felt like it was on fire as a strong
pulling sensation could be felt in that area. Just as the pain mounted
its fullest, I passed out on the floor in a pool of sweat and blood.

* * * * * * * *

I woke up hours later to the sound of someone coming in the door.
"Honey, dear? Are you there?" It was my wife! I sat up off the floor,
a pool of blood and sweat around me.

"I'm right here, dear." I called. As I yelled for my wife, I
cupped my mouth. Something did not sound right. My voice had gone up
several octives and sounded quite feminine. Grabbing my things, I ran
into the bedroom just as she rounded the corner. Locking the door, I
looked through her clothes. So many things to wear. How could a woman
ever decide!? Finally I chose an outfit I knew I would fit into. I
long skirt with a sleek top.

"Honey, are you there," my wife said as she approached the bedroom
door. "What's wrong?" Rabbing one of my wife's bras and a pair of her
panties, I tried to fit my newly formed body into them. The panties fit
but I'll be damned! The bra was too small! Looking at the tag, I took
note of the size. 34B. Great, I thought as I slipped the dress.

"Dear, are you okay?!" My wife said at the door, now panic

"I'm fine" I said, trying to sound not quite so feminine.

"No, there's something wrong. Open this door and let me in."

"I can't do that," I said gathering up my clothes. Turning toward
the mirror, I looked into the image that I would see now for the rest of
my life. A young, twenty-something year old woman stared back at me.
If I had been male, I would have found her extremely attractive. Even
as a female looking at this woman who appeared to be me now, I found
myself slightly aroused. Her hair was just the right length, little
past the shoulder. Her face curved in just the right ways with those
dimples highlighting her features. Her breasts were just the right
size, larger than some but now extremely large. And then her
legs...well any man would have died to have a girl with legs like these.
But what was I doing inside this body?

"Honey!"My wife yelled. "Let me in, now!"

"All right, dear," I said again trying to sound masculine. "But
you must promise not to be mad at me."

"I'll be mad at you if you don't let me in."

"Fine," I said and unlocked the door.

The look on my wife's face at that moment could have been sent in
to a television studio. The genuine surprise and astonishment
frightened me. "Where is my husband," she said to me.

"Dear, its me. I'm your husband."

"My husband," she said regaining her composure, "My husband would
not be pretending he wasn't something he wasn't. He was always big in
accepting responsibility. Now tell me where he is and I won't call the

"Honey, its me."

"My husband would have had the decency to come to me before he
borrowed my clothes. I don't know who you are lady, but I'm calling the
police!" she said and made her way to the phone.

"Stop!" I screamed, my high pitched female voice startling me. My
wife shook with fear. Then regaining my own dignity I said, "Lady, I'll
leave you."

"You tell that two-timing son-of-a-bitch that he will never lay his
hands on me ever...got that...ever again!" Crying in her hands, she
walked me to the front door and slammed it behind me.

* * * * * * * *
So there I was, struggling. Alone and frightened clutching my
wallet in one hand and on the street at that. I thought of taking the
car at first, but figured she'd just call the police on me. Truthfully
I had more confidence convincing my wife of my little problem than the

I wondered around town deep in though, trying to decide what my
next move might be. In stories I had once read of such people, they
usually went into stip dancing or prostitution. Neither of these
options were options for me, and yet returning to my old way of living
seemed hopeless. First I had to find a warm place to sleep at night. I
had seen many homeless people sleeping under trees and such, but that
life was not one for me. Instead, I took my place hiding out at the
library. I had always been fond of books and took the time at night
after the guards left to read. One of the books I read told about a
young psychologist who went into school counseling. Seeing the
potential in such a plan, I decided, after much thought, to try my hand
at counseling at school.

Sitting in the waiting room for my appointment, I peered down at
the application. I had decided already to use my old home address when
filling this out, but had not decided on a name. Since my real name had
been Martin, I decided on a fancier feminine name and wrote down : "Ms.
Maxine Jacobs." I had known a classmate by that name in case anyone
wanted to peer into any records. At last it was my turn and I was
ushered into the interview room.

I won't bore you with details. The interview was a success! The
superintendant was highly impressed with me and my credentials, though I
believe that my body helped out in the interview. I took the job the
next day and moved into my new apartment the following day. The task of
furnishing and clothing myself overwhelmed me. Sitting on my floor, a
neighbor of mine approached and introduced herself. "Hello. My name is

A beautiful woman of thirty with eyes of blue and mousy brown hair
came and greeted me. Had I been the man I once was, I would have
probably been openly attracted to her as I now found myself secretly
attracted. "My name is Marti...I mean, Maxine. Maxine Jacobs."

"What brings you to this area, Maxine?" she asked me.

"I...well...I...Just got a divorce. Messy subject. Don't really
want to go into it."

"Really? Me too, though my reasons are a bit stranger than most.
Say, you seem to require some assistance. Are you new around here?"

"Sorta...new..." I said.

"Well then. It is my duty as neighbor and friend to assist you in
your new life. First we need some furnishure."

"No, first I need some clothes..." I interrupted.

"Clothes, huh? We can do something with clothes. Let's get you a
whole new wardrobe. You can't be seen in public wearing that?!"

With that, Lisa lead me around town and across town to every
clothing store in the county. I never knew or understood how difficult
buying clothes was for women. I told Lisa my husband had done
everything for me, which gave her permission to baby me. Just the
treatment I needed. Soon I was rolling with a few new professional
outfits, some homely clothes, and a really nice dress to go on the town
with. "There...that oughta do it for you."

Next Lisa lead me around the furniture stores and for a little less
than a hundred dollars bought me my essentials. I insisted on paying
for it, but Lisa would not give in. "I have to treat my new neighbors
right," she told me. At the end of the day, I had a complete wardrobe
and a furnished apartment.

Life went well until one fateful day. All women remember their
first period, but few remember their second as I do. Sitting at my new
desk, I began to feel a warm feeling move down from my crotch and down
my legs. Looking down I saw a faint stream of blood flowing into my
shoe. "Damn, my period!" I said to myself and tried to causiously make
my way to the bathroom. My stealth failed me and I was ambushed by the
principal as he was returning to his office.

"Maxine, I have some questions for you..."

"Not now sir..." I pleaded as I ran to the bathroom.

"Maxine are you okay," I heard him shout back. Deperate now and
embarassed I walked into the bathroom and sat down in a stall. Pulling
down my pants, I noticed a large red stain on my panties and the trail
of blood grow wider. I tried to clean it up with toilet paper, but it
just didn't work. Then the pains began again. The same stomach pains
that I had had during my transformation continued to haunt me as I sat
on the toilet. Needless to say, I spent the rest of that day and into
the night sitting on the toilet. Only when I was sure no one could see
me did I venture out and into my car. My dress was ruined as were my
panties. I showered myself off, holding my stomach the whole time. The
pains ached but were nothing like I had felt before. Rolling some
toilet paper up in a large ball, I layed down and slept through the

The next morning I awoke to another ruined pair of panties. I use
to think that periods only lasted a little while, but mine seemed to
last forever. I ended up just sitting on the toilet, wiping myself off,
and frequently showering. I took four days off from work and went
through almost 50 rolls of toilet paper before my ordeal was through.
It wasn't until a week later that I overheard in the bathroom the
correct method for dealing with one's period. The next day I bought a
box of pads and kept one in my panties at all times!

A month later, while having lunch with Lisa, I was advised to begin
dating again.

"Maxie, you need to start at it again," Lisa told me.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, you can't let this past guy run your life forever. You
need to start dating again. You know, seeing other guys. Maybe that
will get your mind off of him and bring you back to reality."

In the two months or so since my transformation, I had not thought
much about dating and this was the first time that Lisa had brought it
up. "Sure, Lisa. What should I do?"

Lisa rolled her eyes. "Well, first get that dress you bought the
other day..."

So, per Lisa's suggestion, I proceeded to go out that weekend to
the local single's bar. Walking into the bar, I saw the reaction my
dress had on the men. Eyes romed up and down my body. I heard whistles
behind me and knew what they ment and signaled. I was hot meat here and
I'd better be careful. Walking up to the bartender, I ordered a drink.
I looked around, judging which of these men would ask me out when off to
my right I heard a voice.

"Excuse me, lady, but I couldn't help but notice how beautiful you

"Thank you," I responded.

"Might I buy you a drink."

"Why, of course," I said, enjoying this new company. The man was
average height, tall broad shouldered and dressed well. He looked like
a man I would have hung out with in college. After a few minutes of
chit chat, he said, "Why don't we leave this place and go to my place.
It's...quieter...if you know what I mean."

"Sure, I'd love to," I said, my knees now nocking together. I
understood what he must be feeling, the lucky devil. I was a prize for
a man like him. He could parade me around and have the guys envying him
for years to come. But tonight it was sex. Just plain sex is what he
wanted. No relationship yet, broad. Just come here and show me a good
time. Then later I might call you...might that is.

I really didn't care much. I was trying the acceptance rule I had
always lived with. If this is the body in which I find myself, I had
just better get use to it, right. Enjoy the sensations while they last
now. The man, Tom, took me up to his room. He had a nice suite with a
wet bar and kitchen attached. "Welcome to my pad," he said. "Can I
interest you in a drink?"

"No thanks," I said as my anxiety mounted once more.

"So," he said, approaching me. "Can I release you from your


"Your clothes, madame," he said as he began to kiss my neck.

"Oh my clothes." A pit had begun to form in my stomach as I
realized what it was this man wanted. Sex! I had always wondered how
women could love men the way they do. It seems so disgusting to me.
And it was this disgust that was forming the pit in my stomach. Tom
continued to kiss my neck, now running his hands down my back and on my
butt. I felt a tightness grow in my crotch and a moistness soak my
panties. Still my brain yelled back at me. "Martin! Yo! Martin!
You're male, Martin. What are you doing with this man then?" His hands
began to squeeze my butt, slowly at first and then more firmly as his
lips reached down on my chest. With his tongue, he worked his way down
until he touched my breasts, first one and then the other. The
moistness grew in my panties and a faint moan proceeded from my lips.

"Tom, stop! I don't want to do this anymore. Tom please." I
pleaded with him. If I were in his shoes, I would not have stopped
either for the voice I used was one of passion and abandon. It
encouraged Tom and he laid me down on the floor, now kissing and sucking
my breasts. I closed my eyes, the feelings overwhelming me. Then as I
was about to accept, the feelings stopped. I opened my eyes and saw Tom
unbuckling his belt. "Now, my dear. Why don't you do a little of your
own action?"

"What do you mean," I said nervously.

"Do what you do best," he said now lying naked on the floor beside
me. I turned around and began kissing his chest. The moistness in my
panties stopped and I felt a sick feeling begin to build in my stomach
again. Kissing his chest, I moved down his neck and kissed his mouth.
"You missed a part," he said, stopping me. Looking down I understood
exactly what he ment. Moving down to his penis, I kissed the head at
first and then massagued the shaft. The look on Tom's face showed his
approval, but I knew exactly what he was feeling. Taking the head in my
mouth, I licked the top gently. I was about to stop when Tom thrust
himself in my mouth. My throat gagged as my mouth closed over his
penis. Rocking his body and holding my head down, he moved himself in
and out of me until at last, at fucking last, he came inside my mouth.
Thick mucas filled my mouth as I tried to spit it out. Unfortunately,
because of his hands on my head and his rocking motion, most of it went
down my throat. I coughed and gagged, struggling from his grip.

Pulling my clothes up, I made my way to the door. "Where are you
going, darling," he said, jumping up. "I haven't pleased you yet."

"There will be no more pleasure for either of us now, Tom.

Despite Tom's cries to stop, I ran down and out of the building,
hitched a cab, and made my way back to the apartment. There on the bed,
I cried myself to sleep. I felt so dirty and so used. I hated how that
man looked and the way he acted. I was never attracted to a man before,
because I wasn't a woman! I was a man, damnit! I had always been a man
and I would forever be a man despite what this body told the world!

Weeping loudly, I awoke my neighbor, Lisa, from her slumber across
the hall. Knocking, she opened the door and ran to my side. "What's
wrong Maxine," she said, holding my head.

"I hate men!" I cried on her shoulder. "I hate them, I tell you!"

"Shh...I know, dear. I know. Things will work out eventually...."

I felt so secure in her arms. I could have sat there forever, and
we did sit together most of the night, holding each other. The next
day, Lisa would not let me out of my sight. With the exception of work,
we never left each other's side. I wanted to stay inside and lament all
day, but Lisa insisted on taking us both out shopping. She said that a
little money spending would be best for the both of us. Frankly, I was
ready to just call it give up, but she insisted on living it out. "I've
gone through worse in my life," she told me. "You'll live through it."

The next two weeks were wonderful with Lisa. We hung out together,
watched movies, played games, and had a grand time. We both seemed to
like the same movies and enjoy the same activities together and it
wasn't long until the two of us became inseperable friends. It was that
time that Lisa suggested we move in together. "Just think," she told
me. "We could save on rent! Besides the two of us have been living
together now since you moved in. Its just been unofficial."

So we moved in together. Frankly I never thought anything of it.
We were just two women who were sharing the same room, and the same
life, and the same bed. It never really dawned on me until Lisa
suggested on sharing one bed. Then I thought that something was up.

"Let's clear out my bed and put a dresser here," she said.

"Yeah, but where will you sleep," I said, curiously.

"With you, of course," she replied, matter of factly.

"With me?"


So we shared beds as well. She had her side and I had mine. It
did clear up space in the room and the money we made on her bed gave us
the money to buy a nice new dresser.

It was one night in October, nearly six months after my
transformation, that things started to get a bit weird. Maybe it was
the wine we drank that night or the romantic movie we watched together,
but laying on the bed with Lisa, I felt a strange feeling running up and
down my leg. Looking down, I saw Lisa running her fingers up and down
my leg while her eyes remained fashioned on the television. Shrugging
to myself, I looked back to the screen. The hand on my leg soon moved
up my leg and began to massage my calves. A faint moisture began to
build in my panties and I closed my eyes to savor the feeling. "What
are you doing, Lisa." I asked her.

"Nothing, darling. Just relax."

Nothing soon became something as she began to run her hand up and
down my buttline. The moisture really began to build now and I could
tell that Lisa was no longer paying much attention to the movie. Moving
her hand, slowly, she moved around to the front of my panties on which I
was laying and began to touch my vagina, massaguing my clitoris, and
then running her hand down into my vagina. I turned around, the feeling
getting too great. Lisa's face shone brightly as she etched her back
down toward me and started kissing me. This kiss broke my resistence.
All the identity that I had built up in the last few months suddenly
disappeared. I was now male, making love at last to a beautiful woman!
Taking her tongue in my mouth, I began to kiss hard and passionately.
Lisa moaned in response, her body now experiencing the willingness of my
own. Turning her around and laying on top of her, I started to take off
her top while still kissing her lips. Kissing down her neck, I moved my
own head down onto each one of her breasts. Her nipples reacted to my
touch and my tongue as I gently massagued each and every one of them.
Then, at just the right time, I moved my head down her stomach.
Unbuckling her pants and stripping her of her panties, I gently touched
her crotch and made my entrance secrure.

Just as I was unbuckling my own pants, something occurred to me. I
paused and looked down. My mind had been remember how I made love as a
man and had forgotten my new body was not male but female. Curiously I
paused and looked down at her. Lisa took this opportunity. Grabbing my
shoulders, she turned us around and sat on top of me. Unbuttoning he as
I had her she moved down my neck and took my breasts in her fingers.
"How I shall show you how women make love," she said. Taking my breasts
in her hand, she gently squeezed and sucked first one and then the other
of them. My panties grew wetter by the minute. Deep in my mind,
though, something happened. A new realization occurred to me. This
wasn't the way it was suppose to be! This realization was soon quelled
by a new growing feeling in my crotch. Looking down, I could see Lisa's
head peeking out from my crotch. Her tongue grazed in and around my
vagina and clitoris, making me moan load and long. A feeling grew
within me, a strong feeling unlike one I had ever experienced before.
Lisa continued to throw herself into me, first her fingers and then her
tongue. Finally she built up a rhythm using both her tongue and her
thumb, one rubbing my clioris while the other was embedded deep within
my vagina. The feeling built and built until I could not hold it any
longer. With high and loud moans I felt my whole body tense up and then
release. Lisa did not give up her actions though. With even more
abandonment, she continued as I continued.

Eventually Lisa stopped her actions, but I continued. The pulsing
in my vagina was something entirely new to me. Looking over at her, I
felt nothing but hunger and lust for her. Pushing her down, I did the
same thing she did to me, pushing my tongue far into her vagina. It
took her just a few minutes to achieve what must have been a mindblowing
orgasm. She released her juices all over my face and still I continued.
Finally she pulled my head off and began to kiss me feverishly. Lust
still grew within me as I kissed her neck and breasts once more.
Turning around, she faced my feet and I her feet. Then together, we
continued to please each other. Over and over again we both came,
sometimes with our fingers inside each other, sometimes with our tongues
inside. In either case, we experienced many orgasms that night until we
finally fell asleep, our fingers still imbedded in one another.

Now, this could be the happy end to the story, if I had not woken
up the next morning. At six o'clock I awoke, still cradled naked beside
Lisa. Turning over I looked at the clock and peered in the mirror.
There, before me, lay two lesbians naked together after a wild night of
sex. I stood up quickly, my mind revolting at this new thought. I
couldn't have become a lesbian! After all this time couseling gay and
lesbian peoples, I had become what I most feared and hated. There was
only one thing to do now. Move out and find some santity someplace

Thankfully Lisa is a deep sleeper and slept through the morning. I
imagine she awoke and cried. You see, I left her a note trying to
explain my point but hoping not to disturb her too much. You see, I had
grown to love her. But being a woman, it was wrong to love another
woman. I had to either remain celebate or find a man who would love and
take care of me. Knowing my own revulsion with men, I knew I would
remain celebate for the rest of my life.

So I began to dive into my job more. I had become quite good at
counseling and school counseling was better yet. I told young men to
grow up and young women to stay young. I was getting pretty good at my
job until one young man came into my office. He complained of not
fitting in and asked for my advice. I gave him my usual speech about
accepting his role in life. Then he turned at me and grinned. "Say,
you're the man my daddy made into a sissy, aren't you?! We were
wondering where you had gone!"

"I don't know what you are talking about," I exclaimed.

"I think you do! I thought you looked too pretty for your own
good! I'll be seeing you around, mister."

* * * * * * * *

"After that kid left, I decided that for the first time in my life,
I needed a shrink. Things had gotten too strange. So I came here."

"I see... now tell me again, who do you think you are?"

"My name is Martin Jacobson. I was born in 1950 in a little

"That's fine.... Tell me, miss. What do you know about identity


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