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Dominative Little Brother

by Animebaby

Dominative Little Brother

Being a 17-year-old, you don't find that much threatens your lifestyle at home any longer. I was the oldest of two kids so I naturally figured I had less to worry about. I knew I should've been more alert though. My younger brother Grant was very gifted however. He was able to get his hands on things that made little sense for a kid of 14-years to have in retrospective.

However, I found myself laughing when he came home with Hypnosis tapes. What a giant load!

"You're not serious? What do you need those for?" I asked him, with chuckling hinted to be in my next spoken words.

"Laugh all you want Mike. This stuff works. So you'd better watch it or you'll end up a big old diaper sissy under my control!" Grant stuck his tongue out. He was very blunt and to the point. I hated that about him.

"Whatever." Was my last reply as I walked past him and made my way to my room. Things were going normally. I didn't believe in the so called hypnosis he had aspired to, as all the other things he had come at me with didn't work at all. I actually giggled slightly when I saw him sneak in my room at night and start a small tape. All that seemed to do was make me sleepy...

The very next day, though, I found myself getting up, dressing, and heading to school with pretty high expectations. The first class was Gym, which happened to include classes of Freshman and Juniors. This meant that my brother would be there too. When I changed out into my Gym shorts and was told that we were to play a game against each other, I was thrilled. It was always fun trouncing my kid brother.

Grant, however, grinned at this. He never did so before today. I heard him mouth the words "B-function, type-P" in my direction. It just made me raise an eyebrow. I didn't understand that that was some sort of trigger until after the whistle blew. I immediately shivered and felt myself go limp a bit.

"Okay Mike. I've got your attention. Let's start off with a nice pee." Grant whispered. I twitched but nodded. In seconds I felt myself open up and release the contents of my bladder. It spread into my briefs, shorts, and all over the floor.

Everyone around was shocked by the sudden development. A natural blush appeared on my face as I realized that I wasn't in control of my actions. I spaced out as I felt myself being forced to stand straight.

Everyone around me began to laugh and the Gym teachers approached me with anger rather then concern. I then suddenly tore off my shorts and started to do a potty dance in my briefs.

"Mikey Gotta gooooo!" I whined, now teary eyed. Grant smiled. "Here that! Grant's gotta go! Help him out everyone!" Grant shouted. He went up to me and tickled me. A lot of the other freshman did this as well. I squirmed, blushed, and reacted with sudden jolts.

However, eventually I felt the back of my briefs fill with a large mess. Grant sealed the humiliation by giving me a messy wedgie in front of everyone.

The rest of the day was a blur. For some reason, that moment stuck with me. However, when I was in control of my senses again, I was in a diaper.

"Wh-What?! Where am I!? What did you-?" I shouted, now frantic. I was shhed by Grant.

"It's okay baby. You were just having a space out." Grant said sitting my up. My face flushed red when I realized where I was. In the middle of the school cafeteria, surrounded by kids of all ages.

"G-Grant!? Why are-?" I began.

"Because! I want a baby brother! Enjoy the diapers!" Grant laughed. All I could do was sit and blush, frozen in disbelief as my diaper filled with pee.

I'm known as Mike, the baby teen now. It's all because of Grant, my now dominative little brother... or big brother...


Re: Dominative Little Brother - JackMann40

Wow! What an AWESOME story!!! One of my dreams! :)

Re: Dominative Little Brother - seattleworld

you need to continue

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