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The weekend reatreat part 1- Friday Night

by hypnotizedslaveboy

The weekend reatreat part 1- Friday Night

One late winter afternoon I looked out my car window to see a beautiful platinum blond staring at me from her limousine. When our eyes met she waved and smiled as I smiled back to her. Her deep blue eyes were so mysterious and alluring. They seemed to be pulling me in. I could almost here a whisper “Come closer…. Closer…” Suddenly I realized the light had turned green. She took her right and I kept going straight. My mind started thinking about getting back to work and finishing up before I got off work tonight. My long stressful week was coming to a close on this Friday and I was ready.
I parked my car and made my way into the building. I walked past the vacant receptionist desk and past the boss’s office and into the big room filled with cubicles. I found my way through the maze and as I sat down and looked at the blue background of my computer screen I thought of the platinum blonde’s blue eyes. I shook the thoughts out of my head. I was trying to work harder than usual to get the promotion I had been so desperately working for. So far everything seemed to be in order. The promotion was on Monday, after the weekend. I was the most likely candidate. 5:00 finally rolled around and as everyone else left I kept working to finish what I had started. My determination was a key factor into my eligibility for a promotion. Finally at 6:24 I finished and began to head out to my car.
As I walked outside I saw the limousine from earlier today parked in the empty lot. The window was rolled down. Her arm, wrapped in a dark black fur coat, reached out and her fingers motioned for me to come to her. I made my way to the car- completely spellbound- and over looking at her face. Staring straight into her piercing blue eyes. A scent seeped outward from the window and seemed to go from my nose straight to my brain, wrapping around my very brain and letting her control it. “Darling what ever are you doing here so late at night?” asked the blond. “just getting off work,” I responded. “Get in my vehicle darling. Let us go for a ride.”
“B-but I have to be somewhere,” I stammered. I said that but my body was already motioning to unlock the door. “Plans can wait. I cannot,” the blond said in a deep and sultry tone. Between the scent and her eyes I had no choice. I opened the door and got into the limo. I climbed in next to her and had a seat. “Julia drive,” commanded the blond in a very authoritative tone. The car started to pull out of the parking lot. “I looked back to my car with worry in my eyes. The blond could see it. “Darling don’t worry about it. We will be back here shortly. Just let Irina take care of you,” Irina said wrapping her furry arm around my shoulder and turning my chin towards her face with other hand. As she did her beautiful perfume became even more overpowering and I could feel my mind melting.
It was here that I saw her gorgeous figure outlined by a shiny black mink coat that rippled up and down her body. Her blond hair was curled at the bottom and fell softly onto the big black fur collar. Underneath the coat I could see she had a skimpy black blouse on that ended midway down her thighs. She had on long black boots that glimmered brighter than her fur. “Silly boy, my eyes are up here.” She said and I stammered as I looked up to make eye contact. She put her finger on my lips “Shhh… You don’t have to say a word. All I need you to do is listen.” I nodded, staring intently at her blue eyes.
Her eyes almost spun like whirl pools drawing me in. “Honey I want you to just relaxxxx around me. Go ahead and just let that stress from the work week flow outward and drain from your body. Every time you take a deep breath we will relax another part of your body. Now take a deep breath and hold it. All the tension, cares and worries are just flowing from your feet. Good. Let all that air out. Take a deep breath in and let all the tension flow out from your legs. And breath out. Such a good boy you are! You feel so relaxed don’t you?” I nodded. All I could see were her eyes. Nothing else mattered. The more relaxed I became the more focused I was on her eyes. It was like it was instinct. She didn’t even have to explain it.
“Now my little pet go ahead and take another deep breath completely relaxing your core. And hold it. Hold it. Not go ahead and breath out. Breath in deeply and now I want you to relax your chest. Hold onto all that air and now… Breath out. Good little pet. You are getting so tired I can tell. Now Your arms are already pretty limp and loose at your sides but go ahead and take another deep breath in and feel all the tension, cares and worries draining away from your arms. And now breath out. Now all we have left is your neck and head. Breath in deeply puppet and feel all the tension drain. Your neck and head go loose and limp. Your jaw is slightly slack. You are breathing deeply and relaxing. And you love this feeling don’t you?” I nodded. “You will reply ‘Yes mistress’ from now on to every question or command I give. Do you understand?”
“Yes mistress,” I replied mindlessly. “Now my little toy your body is completely relaxed but we want to take it a step further and relax your mind. Your mind needs to be more like putty. Look forward for Irina.” I turned as I replied “Yes Mistress Irina.”
A screen folded out of the ceiling in front of me and the black screen turned on. I saw before a perfectly shaped black and white spiral pattern. It swirled endlessly on and on. My eyes stared at the center as the pattern spun towards infinity. My mind practically went numb staring at it. “Now watch the pretty spiral go round and round and round and round. It pulls you down with it darling. You can’t not watch. This spiral is all you see and my words are all that you hear. I am going to count down from 10 to 1. When I reach 1 I will snap my fingers and your eye lids will slam shut like a vault and you will be in a deep hypnotic state where my words are the absolute truth. Do you understand?”
“Yes Mistress Irina,” I muttered, already feeling the power of her hypnotic spell.
“Good.” She happily responded. “Now 10. Falling, Falling, Falling into trance as the spiral pulls you down deeper and deeper and deeeeeeeeper. 9. Feeling yourself sinking back into the nice soft, plush velvety cushions behind you as you sink and sink and siiiinnnnnk. 8. Deeper and deeper the spiral pulls you down with its spinning round and round and round making you so tired. 7. Beginning to become even more tired. Becoming so droopy drowsy tired. Your eyelids becoming heavy, heavy, heeeeeeavyyyyy. 6. It is soooo hard to keep them open. But you must keep looking at that spiral because Mistress Irina tells you to. 5. You mind is almost gone now. Falling so much deeper with ever number now. 4. You are spinning more rapidly getting dizzier and dizzier, sleepier and sleepier. You are soooo ready to just fall straight into that hypnotic state and let my commands guide you. It is soo hard to think for yourself. That is why I am going to take over for a bit. 3. Even deeper now. You have so much momentum falling so deeply down into my power. But you still have so much more deeper to go my pet. Just keep sinking and falling and sinking and falling. You are sinking and falling right into my power like a good little pet. 2. So ready to fall completely into my power with the next number. Your mind can hardly await the next number. You are soooooo ready to just fall and sink right into my power. But just keep sinking and falling and let the spiral send you down deeper and deeper like a good little toy. So happily sinking and so anxiously await the next number- 1 *SNAPS* SLEEP.” My eyes slammed shut.
“SLEEP *SNAPS*. And every time I say ‘SLEEP’ *SNAPS* and snap my fingers you fall 1,000 times deeper into my power. This will also be your trigger word for putting you back into trance. Whenever you are out of trance and I say ‘SLEEP’ and snap my fingers you will instantly fall into this state and be open to every little suggestion I give you.”
“Julia park the car” I heard Mistress Irina say. “Yes Mistress,” Julia replied. “Now come around to the back.” I heard the car door open close and then the back door open and close again. “Darling I want you to forever equate my voice to utter and sheer bliss. Julia help me unbutton his pants. Oh yes honey I have noticed that bulge you have had this entire car ride and now I am going to use it to my advantage.”
My pants were open and now hanging down around my ankles. My bare butt was now resting against the soft pluch cushions. “Julia suck.” Mistress Irina instructed. All of a sudden I felt Julia’s moist wet lips around my penis, sucking with her tongue. “Good girl now just keep sucking him while I give him instructions.”
“Darling I want you to experience the weekend of a life time at my supervisor’s massage and makeover parlor. This will be the weekend of a life time believe me. At the end of the weekend you will feel like a whole new you.” I hear a glove snap. “Now I am just going to help you release dear so stay relaxed.” I felt her arm move downward towards my ass. I felt a finger poke at it and then sharply shoot into it. I felt so stimulated between Julia’s sucking and Irina’s poking. Pretty soon she found that special spot and massaged it a bit with her finger. I couldn’t hold back any more. I released all of my cum in Julia’s mouth. She licked it all clean and swallowed it all. Irina then pulled her finger out.
“My little puppet this is only the tip of the iceberg. I am slipping the address into your pants pocket. You can open your eyes now but you will remain deeply in trance.” My eyes opened to see Julia putting my pants back on. She got back up to the driver’s seat and started the car. Now little puppet you WILL come tomorrow at 8:00 sharp. The weekend will be a great one that you will think of as the weekend that changed your life. You will remember none of what happened tonight in my car out of trance. You will simply think that I talked with you about coming to my massage parlor for a weekend retreat. Now get out.”
“Yes Mistress.” I simply responded eating all the words she had given me and sending them straight to my brain as the absolute truth. I stood there in the cold staring at her in the limo.
“When I count to three you will be wide awake, out of trance, forgetting that the trance ever took place. 1. 2. 3.” *SNAP* I instantly awoke being clueless as to what took place.
“Good bye Darling! See you tomorrow at 8:00 A.M.!” Irina’s voice exclaimed as the limo drove off. I could make out her hand waving at me out the window. I waved back still a bit confused as to what took place. I look at my watch and realized it was already 9:00. I got into my car and drove home.
When I arrived I threw off my pants and then realized I had a note in there. I opened it and read it: “Come to Ivana’s massage parlor at 8:00 A.M. for a weekend long retreat. Get relaxed and rejuvenated in less than 48 hours! Don’t worry about any luggage. We will take care of you! At the end of the weekend you will be a whole new you!” I shuddered at the last bit. It Sounded strange. But I was already committed to going and the thought of not going never crossed my mind. I kept reading and saw the location and address. It was a bit far out of the city.
I got into my bed and turned off the light. “A nice weekend away from the city. Just what I need. I can’t wait for tomorrow.” I thought to myself. And with that I turned off the light.


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