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Halloween Boy.

by Dell675

Halloween Boy.

I had an interesting situation with my six year old at Halloween two years ago. The costume my son was wearing had an up the back zipper which made it hard for him to get into and out of. (Had I thought about this while making it, it would have had a front zipper...I'll know next time.) This presented a problem when we went over to Grandma's four days before Halloween and dressed up to show her that Sunday. Just after getting it on, he had to potty. I didn't think it was urgent so I asked if he could wait. We almost didn't get things taken care of in time after quickly showing it to Grandma.

Knowing his tendency to get a bit excited, I foresaw disaster and figured we had better do something. There wouldn't be time to fix the costume, so I had to do something else quick. It didn't take long to come up with an ideal. He could just wear a diaper. I was a little hesitant suggesting it because he hadn't worn a diaper during the day for a little over 2 years, and it's been just over a year since he's worn one at night. As we were driving home from grandmas, it took a bit of persistence, but I talked him into it. We stopped at the grocery store a few miles from our house so I could get the supplies. He just trailed along as I got a cart and put a few other grocery items we needed into the cart before heading down the baby needs aisle. He didn't pay much attention as I picked up some Luvs size six as well as some wipes, powder and lotion. I figured I shouldn't take any chances with him getting a rash. I didn't know whether or not I could find the old bottles of them, if there still were any around the house. So, I just bought new ones. He followed along the whole time as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

That night while he was taking his bath, I got everything ready in the den. I put his costume on the couch and cleared off the coffee table that was right in front of it. I got the diaper changing mat from off the changing table we had in storage and laid it out on the coffee table. Then I laid the lotion, wipes and powder on their sides on one end, with the package of diapers sitting on top of them in an attempt to hide them a bit knowing he might object to anything other then the diaper. I gave him about 10 more minutes in the bath to play, then went up to help bathe him. When he was finished, I dried him off and then carried him down to the den still wrapped in his bath towel. I told him we needed to try one of the diapers on to make sure it fit. There was a bit of second thought when I grabbed the package from off the coffee table, opened it up, and pulled out a diaper as he stood there watching. I think him seeing the babyish Barney prints on the front is what caused him to hesitate. But after I reminded him of a few recent wet pants accidents, and told him lots of kids probably had similar costume problems and would be doing this too for Halloween, he went along.

I sat the diaper on the table next to the lotion, powder and wipes, then put the package underneath the table. He just stood there looking right at me as I unwrapped the towel and let it drop to the floor. Then I directed him onto the table. He didn't protest one bit as I opened up the bottle of baby lotion, squirted a good amount into my hand then lifted his legs high in the air with the other hand. He squirmed a bit when the cool lotion came in contact with his skin but I continued rubbing it all over his bottom. Then after lowering his legs, I applied another good amount to his front, and even rubbed a little on his belly and down his legs a bit. As I finished, I pulled a baby wipe from the container and cleaned off my hand before grabbing the diaper. I opened it up and held it in one hand while grabbing his ankles with the other hand and lifting him up. After sliding the diaper into place, I lowered his legs and spread them out a bit. Then I pulled the diaper up into position and taped it into place. If anything, the diaper seemed to be a little too big on him. But, I figured the extra padding of a larger diaper might be good if he were to actually wet it.

I lifted him off the table into a standing position and then proceeded to put on his costume to be sure no one could see the diaper. This was one of his worries as we talked about it earlier in the car. There was a slight bulge, but not too noticeable. I told him it was fine. I would have to say that the crinkling of the plastic diaper was much more noticeable then the bulge, but luckily he didn't take notice of it. I let him stay in his costume for another hour until it was time for bed. He didn't say a word, but did give a little bit of a strange look when I helped him remove his costume, and then slipped his PJ bottoms on him without taking off the diaper. All I told him was that there was no sense wasting it. He had been having a few accidents in bed each month for the past year since being out of night time diapers. I knew there was probably little chance he would actually have an accident that night with it on. But I figured having him wear the diaper wouldn't hurt.

The next morning as I got him up for school, I was surprised to find a wet diaper as I pulled off his pajamas. I ended up just carrying him down to breakfast in only his wet diaper. After he ate, I put him on the coffee table, removed the wet diaper, and used some wipes to clean him up. I let him run ahead of me up to his room and then helped him put on his school clothes. He sat and watched cartoons until his ride came to get him.

When he got home from school that day, I gave him a snack and then looked over his schoolwork. I let him watch cartoons for probably another hour before going in to make a suggestion. I started by explaining that the diapers were thicker then underwear, and perhaps he should take the next few days getting used to wearing them before he had to walk to all those houses on Halloween night. He agreed that it was different walking in a diaper and thought it might be a good idea to practice.

I had purposely left all the diaper stuff in the den. I quickly removed his shoes, pants and underwear as he sat on the floor. Then I guided him over to the coffee table so he could lay down on the changing mat. I slid his shirt up so it was bunched up under his arm pits before getting him diapered just as I had done the previous night. I helped him back off the table then helped him put his pants and shoes back on. I then let him sit and watch cartoons some more before stating that he wasn't getting much practice just sitting there. I suggested that we should take a walk down the street a ways and then come back. He was a little hesitant to go, but after I told him that no one would know he was wearing a diaper, he agreed.

Tuesday and Wednesday after school, we did the same thing. We walked a bit further each day. Monday and Tuesday afternoons, he would ask when he needed to potty. I would take him to the bathroom, pull his pants down to his ankles, then remove one tape on his diaper and pull it away as he stood in front of the potty peeing. Then I retaped the diaper when he was done. On Wednesday afternoon when we had gotten back from our walk, I decided to do some searching in the garage for about an hour before dinner while he watched cartoons. He had waited until Tuesday night to inform me that they would be wearing their costumes to school Halloween day. He asked about what he would do If he needed to potty, and I just told him I would figure something out. It didn't take long for me to find the package of left over Pull-ups I was looking for. There were only 3 left in the package, but I knew he would need at least one for school the next day. I didn't think it was a good idea for him to wear a diaper since he wouldn't be able to take it off. I was hoping I could find them instead of having to go buy a whole package of Pull-ups.

While looking for the Pull-ups, I hadn't told him where I was and didn't know he was looking for me until he opened the door to the garage and ran to me crying. After he settled down a bit he explained that he needed to potty and he couldn't find me. I told him it was ok and asked if he had wet the diaper. He only nodded. I told him that it was ok, and that accidents happen. As I was removing the wet diaper, I told him it was probably a good thing that he had the diaper on. I sensed that he might protest a bit if I put another diaper on him but he didn't say a word as I applied the lotion and placed another diaper under his bottom. When I was finished, I didn't bother putting his pants or shoes back on. He just resumed watching TV while I finished in the garage and then prepared a quick dinner. Shortly after dinner, I told him it was time for his bath. I told him I wanted him to go to bed a little early tonight and get a good nights sleep since tomorrow night was Halloween and he would need his rest. He agreed to it and without being asked to do so, laid down on the changing mat so I could remove his diaper.

I let him pee again right after his bath that night. Then we went downstairs to put his diaper back on. I let him have a big glass of warm milk before bed in hopes it would make him go to sleep a little faster since he would most likely be excited about the next day. Normally I wouldn't let him drink much before bed, but I decided it would be ok since he was wearing a diaper. The next morning, his diaper was soaked. But he didn't seem to mind it one bit. After I cleaned him up, he was a bit surprised when I held open the Pull-up instead of his underwear. I told him he would need to wear this and then get the teacher or another classmate to unzip his costume when he needed to potty. I gave him a note to give to the teacher explaining that she may need to help him with the zipper, but didn't mention the Pull-ups.

On Halloween day, when he got home from school he immediately asked me if I could put a diaper on him. I soon found out why when I removed his costume and saw the wet Pull-up. I checked the costume to make sure it hadn't leaked, but luckily there were no wet spots. I had him wear only a diaper, a tee shirt and his socks the rest of the afternoon because I didn't want him to get the costume dirty. When he was finished with his snack, I told him he should take it easy this afternoon and rest up. I suggested that he try to lay down for a nap as well. He didn't much like the idea, but after a little coaxing, he agreed. I checked on him about 5 minutes after he had laid down, and he was asleep. He only slept for about 30 minutes before coming back downstairs. It was almost 5 p.m., so I made a quick dinner before getting him ready to go out. I asked if he needed to potty before putting his costume on, but he said he didn't need to go. We ended up heading out a little before dark.

Goblins and ghosts were everywhere and it was a good thing that I had feared the worst and prepared for it. We hadn't been out more then 20 minutes before he needed to pee. He asked what he should do about it, and I just made it his choice. I told him he could just use the diaper and we could keep going, or we could try to hurry home. He stood for only a second before deciding to use the diaper. We took the next 10 or so minutes finishing the rest of the houses on that street before heading back and going to all the houses across the street from the ones we had already done. We arrived home, but he wanted to go out for a bit more. I told him we should take about a 10 minute break and change his wet diaper. He whole heartedly agreed.

While we were back out, I did see one little cowboy that looked about 5 years old who looked like he should have had a diaper on. His little cowboy pants were obviously wet. We were out for another 30 or 40 minutes before getting back home. All in all it was a great time, I allowed him to eat a little candy that night before bed and even ate a couple candy bars myself. It was only a little past his bedtime when I kissed him goodnight. He immediately fell right to sleep.

The next morning, his diaper was wet again. I decided to conduct a little test after I had removed his wet diaper and cleaned him up. I told him to dress himself while I went to prepare breakfast. On the couch I had neatly stacked his school clothes and next to them, I placed a pair of his underwear and also a Pull-up. I positioned myself in the kitchen so I could have a clear view of his reaction. He turned to look at me, but I glanced down quickly. I looked up a few seconds later to see him pick up the Pull-up and start to put it on. He put on his shirt, then his socks, and then his pants leaving the pair of underwear on the couch. I didn't say a word to him as he ate his breakfast and then headed out the door when his ride got there.

When he got home from school, I asked him how his day was. He said it was fine and he was happy that it was the weekend. It wasn't until after his snack, that he informed me that he had an accident at school and asked me if I could change him. I took my time cleaning him up after ripping the sides of the pull-up to remove it. I was almost sure I would get a reaction when I started putting lotion on his bottom. But, to my surprise, he just laid there and allowed me to do it. I pulled another diaper out of the Luvs package and not a word was said as I put it on him. In fact, he seemed to enjoy it.

I certainly didn't mind changing diapers, so I decided to just let him be the judge whether to wear them or not. For the entire weekend, he stayed in diapers. Several times he had accidents. I knew that they weren't really accidents but said nothing about it. Monday morning came, and instead of getting out a pair of underwear, I just put him in the last Pull-up. I knew it was what he wanted to wear to school that day.

While he was at school, I made a trip to a nearby discount store. I stocked up on Luvs diapers, Pull-ups, Lotion, and Wipes. I also purchased a large bottle of baby oil as well as the new lavender scented bedtime bath and lotion. As I was leaving the baby area of the store, I passed a shelf with bottles and pacifiers. We had given all his bottles and pacifiers away a couple years before so I decided just to get one of each to see what would happen if I offered them to him. I joked to myself on the way home that if this continued, I might just need to set the nursery back up. I wasn't sure if I wanted this to go that far. But, after thinking about it for a while, I decided to just let things run their course. If my son wanted to be a baby and have a nursery instead of a big boy room, I'd probably allow it.

It's now been 2 years, and he's still wearing Pull-ups to school and diapers the rest of the time. He made no objection to the bottle or pacifier. He doesn't drink from a cup anymore except at school, and often times he has his paci in his mouth. Shortly after starting him on the pacifier and bottle, I pulled the highchair out of storage and put it in the kitchen. I didn't even have to say a word. As soon as he saw it he wanted in it. I even went as far as purchasing a large car seat for him. Two weeks later while he was at a friends house all day one Saturday, I decided to get the baby furniture out of storage and convert his room to a nursery. When he got home from his friend's house, he informed me that the Pull-up he had worn was wet. I carried him upstairs and into his room. He had one of the biggest grins I have ever seen on him as soon as he saw it. I had neatly arranged all of the diaper supplies on the changing table. I put him on it, removed the wet Pull-up and put him in a diaper. Then I put him in the crib for a nap. Later that night I used the lavender bedtime bath and then the lavender scented lotion. He seemed to love it and we still use it after baths.

Last Halloween his costume was a Teletubbie. I know some of the kids at school probably gave him a hard time since it was such a babyish costume for a second grader. But it was what he wanted and I had agreed to it. The large costume did hide his Pull-up quite well that day. It's only early October, but the Halloween items are now in the stores. I told him the other day he needed to decide what he wanted to go as this year so I would know in time if I needed to make a costume for him. Today he gave me his answer. I should have known what it would be. He wants to go as a baby this year. He told me some of the boys went as babies last year and he wanted to be like them. I'm not sure if I'm going to agree to it or not. I don't think the school would allow him to just wear a diaper and shirt to school. Maybe he can just wear one of the blanket sleepers I bought for him. I could pin his pacifier to his sleeper with a ribbon. Maybe the other kids won't give him too much of a hard time. He'd have to wear a pull-up instead of a diaper I'm afraid. I don't think his teacher would want to be taking off his diaper when he needs to potty, nor would she probably want to change a wet one.

I know I should just say no and make him pick something else for his costume this year, but I have trouble saying no to him. He's such a great kid, even if he is still just a baby. No matter what he wears as a costume, underneath he'll be wearing a diaper that night. And just like the last 2 years, I'll probably be changing it when we get back home. If he does go as a baby this year, maybe I'll suggest he ride in a stroller too.


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