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eddies change

by jessielynn

eddies change

Chapter 1 : A change for the better

"Dammit Eddie, will you get off your back side and do some work around here" shouted Suzi, Eddie's wife of nearly 5 years.

Eddie looked up from his place on the sofa "OK OK jeez you don't have to yell at me like that."

"Well what the hell do you expect me to do, you lounge around the house all day doing nothing, while I work my butt off at work to feed us both and then I have to come home and do the work here too!"

"Hey, it's not my job to clean the house babe, your the girl not me."

By this point Suzi was positively seething with anger. Eddie was 25 with a skin head and had been out of work for nearly a year, and he had done nothing but lounge around and spend her money. Just last week he had spent a large amount of Suzi's savings on a computer just so he could spend hours on the Internet looking at the adult web sites.

The next day at work, Suzi started to think about the problem, what could she do to make him help out. She had already threatened to walk out on him.... Twice and that had not worked and she could not bring herself to throw him out on the street so she decided to think it over while pretending that everything was allright with Eddie.

When Suzi apologized to Eddie he suspected nothing and resumed his casual loafing and slobbing.

That night Suzi started watching a program on TV about women who forcibly feminize their husbands. About 10 minutes into the program Eddie came in and settled down next to her and reached for the remote control.

"Don't you dare touch that remote Eddie, I am watching this program."

"Hmph, how could any man let that happen to himself, They must have been real sissies to let that happen to themselves." But while Eddie was ranting on with his macho crap, Suzi noticed Eddie's growing erection.

The following day Suzi started thinking about Eddie's reaction the previous night. So, he won't do any work because he is a man. Well maybe it is time he had a change for the better.

That following night when Eddie was down the pub getting drunk, Suzi logged onto the Internet and started looking for ideas on how to carry out her plan. She looked at various sites of dominant women who used a variety of techniques from Humiliation to C.P. but nothing sounded right.

An hour into her web surfing she came across an advert


Having trouble with a runaway son?

Do you have a runaway son, always in trouble?

All methods of feminization catered for.

Ask for Mistress Jessica on 0171-324-244

for a free consultation.

That looks interesting I will phone her tomorrow, Suzi thought to herself.

When Suzi got to work the following day, she phoned the number on the Internet ad. After a few seconds the phone was picked up and an extremely feminine sounding voice answered.

"Hello, this is Mistress Jessica's house of feminization how may I help you?"

"Hello, I would like to make an appointment to see Mistress Jessica as soon as it is convenient" Suzi replied.

"Mistress Jessica has an opening in her schedule at 3:00, is that ok?"

"Perfect, I will be there" Suzi promptly put the phone down after noting the address, she noticed that the address given was just a few blocks away. With a look of satisfaction on her face returned to her work.

When it was 2:30, Suzi finished work early and left for her appointment with Mistress Jessica.

When she arrived Suzi noticed that the address given was for a fetish shop called 'Jessica's Fetish Wares', once inside she approached a salesgirl that looked like she could be the dictionary definition of femininity.

"Hello, I am here for an appointment with Mistress Jessica at 3:00" Diana said, noting the name on the girls badge as Melissa.

"Of course, please go up the stairs behind the counter Mistress Jessica is expecting you" Melissa replied.

Suzi climbed the stairs and entered a large spacious room that was decorated with exquisite taste. She turned to see Mistress Jessica walking towards her, Mistress Jessica was dressed in a black leather miniskirt and sheer white blouse and black patient ankle boots with a 4" heel.

"Welcome I am Mistress Jessica, you must be Suzi" Jessica reached out her hand and firmly shook Suzi's.

"What is it you have come to me for?"

"It's my pig of a husband, he has done nothing but lounge around and spend all my hard earned money for close to a year now. he constantly puts women down and I have had enough of his chauvinistic behavior and attitude." Suzi replied.

"Yes I am familiar with your problem and I have a well tested solution."

"How can I be sure it will work though?"

"Did you see my salesgirl Melissa downstairs?"

"Yeah, a bit flouncy and feminine though!"

"That was my husband Mark until 5 years ago, now she is my submissive sissy slave and subservient to all true females."

Suzi let out a slow whistle. "I never would have guessed, what did you do to her?"

"I'll do better than that, I will let Melissa tell you." Jessica walked over to an intercom by the door, "Melissa close the shop and come up here."

After about 5 minutes Melissa appeared through the stairway door, moving with an exaggerated sway to her walk "Sorry I took so long mistress but I was..... serving some customers"

"Melissa, this is Mistress Suzanne." Jessica said.

"Hello Mistress Suzanne" Melissa said and curtsied.

Jessica crossed her legs and said "It's Time to Begin The Masquerade"

Instantly Melissa's poise and grace vanished and despite her impeccable appearance, she began to look like a man in a dress instead of an attractive young woman. "Please Jessica, haven't I suffered enough...."

"Silence" shouted Jessica and Mark instantly stopped talking. "Now tell Suzi how and why you were turned the feminized sissy that you are now!"

"Five years ago Mistress Jessica caught me cheating on her with 5 other women, I didn't find out that she knew until it was too late. Once she found out, Mistress Jessica decided to feminize me to teach me a lesson. So she spent a month studying hypnosis and finding out about certain chemicals that can induce a sleep-like state that that makes the mind highly susceptible to subliminal messages. One night when I had gotten in late, I told her that I had been working late at work. When she made me a drink she put some of the chemicals in my drink. I soon began to get sleepy and went up to bed, Mistress Jessica placed a pair of headphones connected to a tape player on my head and played a tape she had recorded with instructions on that would impress a new persona onto me. When I awoke I was Melissa, and I have been Melissa ever since."

Jessica continued, "However there are some things I did not program into her, such as a liking for sucking cock and her flirtatious behavior towards men. Mark still does not believe me when I tell him this though."

Jessica turned back to Mark "End The ShowMark"

Immediately a change came over Mark, and he was no longer Mark but Melissa. "Melissa, go down stairs and re-open the shop then resume your duties"

"Yes Mistress" replied Melissa and she swayed out of the room and down the stairs.

Suzi started to smile in a truly wicked way, "Well I'm convinced, lets work out the details and the price"

The following Saturday Suzi started shopping for a new wardrobe, normally Suzi wore fairly feminine items in flowery prints made of silk and lace. When she returned home, she noticed that Eddie was out. Probably getting drunk she thought to herself. Suzi went up to their room and unpacked several leather business suits that she had bought.

Over the next four days Eddie started to notice the changes in the way his wife was dressing and acting. The fifth day after she started working on her plan Eddie was waiting for her to come in from work and he was drunk, when Suzi walked in he lurched up to her "Hey babe, why'd you start dressing like that. You know I don't like it when you don't dress feminine like a woman should" he slurred.

This really got Suzi irate and she gave him a slap and he collapsed in a heap on the floor, she went to bed locking the bedroom door behind her.

The following day, she made a show of being sorry about what she had done and gave him some money for a trip to London. Eddie seeing nothing wrong with this happily took the money and left for London.

As soon as Eddie left, Jessica came round and they started preparations, Suzi made some phone calls from work and had all her husbands cards for their joint accounts cancelled and Mistress Jessica used her contacts to have all other avenues of financial support cut off. Once this was done they set about re-decorating the guest bedroom in feminine pinks and pastels, with lacy and outrageously feminine decorations.

When Eddie returned home, Suzi greeted him with smiles and hugs. "Why don't you settle down while I get you a drink."

"Sure babe, it's been a tiring day. You know I didn't think I could get round that many hookers with the amount that you gave me!" Suzi gave him a dark scowl and stormed off to the kitchen where Jessica was waiting.

"I can't believe the nerve of that guy, boasting about how many hookers he made it with. Is the formula ready yet?"

"Ready to go, now comes the fun part!" Jessica grinned.

Suzi returned to the lounge and gave Eddie his doctored drink, "Here you go sweet heart, drink up"

Eddie was so thirsty he did not notice the slight discolor to the lemonade Suzi had given him and finished it in one go. Suddenly Eddie began to get dizzy and began to sway a little, "What's happening, why am I so sleeeeeepppppyyyy....." and Eddie collapsed.

Jessica entered the room, and together they carried Eddie up to the guest room and placed him in the bed with it's new pink satin covers, sheets and pillows. Suzi pulled out the new pink stereo she had bought and plugged it in and attached a pair of headphones to it and placed them in Eddie's ears, inserted a tape and pressed play. "Lets leave our little sissy to sleep and wake her in the morning." Suzi said.

Jessica turned to Suzi and spoke "You know there are things I could still teach you that he could not", Jessica took Suzi's hand and pulled her towards her room.

In Eddie's room the began to play Suzi's recording.

"When I count to 50 you will enter a deep deep sleep and you will hear only my voice" When the voice reached 50 the instructions began"You are subservient to all real women especially me whom you will now address as Mistress Suzanne and Mistress Jessica. The following instructions will only take effect when I or Mistress Jessica say Sissy's Home, you will return to your male self when we say Eddie's Back and you will re-enter this hypnotic state when we say Sleep Sissy. You are no longer Eddie Cole, you are no longer male. Your name is now Edele, a submissive sissy slave. You find women's clothes an exceptional turn-on and you would never dream of being without your make-up, you love to dress and look like a woman and to flirt with men you will lead them on only to dump them for someone else. The feel of Satin and Silk arouses you, you are especially turned on by extremely feminine clothes and uniforms that show off your submissive nature. At all times Edele will have full access to eddie's memories. but no matter how aroused you get you cannot cum until I or mistress Jessica say you can. The instructions repeated another 3 times then continued "When I count down to 1 from 50 you will return to normal sleep." When the voice reached 1 Eddie, now Edele entered a normal state of sleep.

When Eddie woke in the morning he blinked a few times and rubbed his eyes, not quite sure if he was seeing things correctly. He could have sworn he was in an extremely feminine room, he looked again and saw that he was. He climbed out of bed and went into his and Suzi's room to find some clothes to wear and found all his clothes had gone.

"What the hell has that bitch done with my clothes, when she come home there is going to be hell to pay." Eddie said to himself.

Eddie went downstairs in one of his Suzi's dressing gowns as his was gone, and pulled out a catalogue. So she thinks she can get away with throwing out my clothes does she, I'll just get some new ones.

Eddie picked up the phone and called the order line, "Hi I'd like to order some clothes but I need them today if possible, my wife chucked all of mine away."

A male voice on the other end replied "Tough break, first I will need your credit card details for payment."

Eddie read out his credit card details, "I'm sorry sir, but your card is no longer valid"

"Shit, the bitch must have cancelled my cards." With that Eddie hung up.

What the fuck am I going to do now, Eddie thought.

Just then Suzi walked in behind him, "Having trouble dear?" Suzi asked with a patronizing tone in her voice.

"What the Fuck have you...." Then Suzi interrupted Eddie "Sissy's Home"

Immediately Eddie's personality shifted and his voice became soft and feminine, Edele had taken over Eddie's body.

"Mistress why am I dressed in these horrible clothes and, Ugh I have no makeup on and my legs and arms are horrible and hairy!" Edele had a truly shocked look on her face.

"Never mind that, get up stairs and have a bath and shave your body immediately!" Suzi snapped.

"Of course Mistress Suzanne." With that Edele rushed upstairs and ran herself a bath using scented bubble bath.

Within Edele, Eddie tried desperately to exert some control over his body but could not do a thing to stop the inevitable. Edele slowly covered her legs with shaving foam and slowly drew a razor across, Eddie watched in horror as his body hair was slowly stripped away from his body and his face was clean shaven. Next Edele carefully applied moisturizing cream. Climbing out of the bath Edele patted her body dry.

Suzi called to Edele from the guest room, "Edele come in here when you are done in the bathroom"

"Yes mistress" Edele responded as she started to spray perfume on herself.

Edele entered her new room, "Now isn't that better Edele?"

"Yes Mistress, I feel much better now."

"Edele the bags on the bed are for you, open them and put the clothes on." Suzi ordered.

When Eddie inside Edele saw what was in the bag he tried with all his will to stop what he knew was to come.

Out of the first bag, Edele pulled out a white satin Waist Clincher and proceeded to put it on. "Mistress, could you please lace me into my Waist Clincher?"

"Of course dear, you do realize you must ware this until your waist is trained" Suzi replied and pulled the laces on the back of it tight, knocking the wind out of Edele. "Yes Mistress" Edele replied. Edele's waist was reduced from 36" to 28", a full 8" off his waist.

The next bag yielded a pair of silicone breast forms, Bra and a pantie girdle that had hip and bottom pads. Carefully spraying the adhesive on the breast forms Edele pressed them to her flat chest and put on the Bra. The pantie girdle came next, she carefully pulled it up her legs and tucked her male genitalia inside and out of sight.

The second to last bag contained a 16" pink satin mini skirt with flowery patterns, a silver silk blouse and a pair of white sheer hold-up stockings. Edele slowly pulled the stockings up one leg then the other, savoring the silky feelings of the stockings. She then pulled up the mini-skirt and put on the blouse.

In the last bag were a pair of white patent leather pumps with a 3" heel, Edele squealed in pleasure at the sight of these and immediately put them on her feet. "Thank you mistress, these gifts are perfect!" Edele jumped forward and embraced Suzi in a hug.

"Enough of that, we still have work left to do!" Suzi snapped, but secretly enjoying the hold she had over her husband.

"Of course mistress I still have to fix my face up, but I don't have any makeup" Edele said unhappily.

"You can use mine until you have some of your own." Suzi replied.

"Thank you for transforming me from my male self mistress" Edele replied and moved into Suzi's room.

In the back of Edele's mind Eddie was cringing in humiliation at what he was being made to go through. What have I done to deserve this Eddie was thinking to himself, still not aware of the way he acted towards his wife.

Edele sat down and began pluck her eyebrows into a thin feminine arch and then began to apply makeup to her face, luckily Eddie had very fair beard growth which was covered with foundation easily. Once the layer of foundation had been completed Edele applied a soft pink lipstick and a similar shade of nail polish. It was all crowned with the addition of a long, slightly curly auburn wig

In the end Edele looked about 5 years younger and totally feminine. "You look beautiful my dear" Suzi said, then added "Eddie's Back

Immediately Eddie took control of his body once more and stumbled in his heels. "You bitch, I'll kill you"

Eddie lunged for Suzi, "On your knees sissy" Suzi ordered.

Eddie, unable to control himself collapsed to his knees in front of Suzi. "What have you.." Suzi interrupted "SILENCE!", Eddie found himself unable to resist the command and fell silent.

"You ask how and why I did this? How I did it is with hypnosis and subliminal programming. As to why I did it, I got fed up with you, always longing around and spending my hard earned money on worthless crap. Well apart from the computer which was instrumental in finding a way to punish you!" Suzi continued "And finally I am fed up with your sexist attitude! You may now talk, but insult me again and you will be sorry."

"Please give me a second chance, I will change I promise!" Eddie pleaded.

"You know you look quite cute pleading on your knees while dressed like a sissy! You cannot have a second chance, and yes you will change whether you like it or not!"

"But please!"

"Enough, we are going shopping!" Suzi ordered.

"But I can't go out like this, not dressed like a ....." once more Suzi interrupted him "Sissy's Home"

Once again Edele was kneeling before Suzi.

Chapter 2 : A trip to the shops.
Suzi decided to take Edele into the city on the train as that had the most potential for humiliating her sissified husband. Sitting in front of Suzi and Edele on the train were a couple of rough looking men who were looking Edele up and down, and Edele in turn was loving the attention and Suzi suggested that Edele should flirt with them. Suzi spotted a ripe opportunity for humiliation as one of the men started to stroke Edele's nilon covered thigh, Edele moved over to sit on the lap of the man who was stroking her thigh and started to fondle his balls. At that moment Suzi leaned over to Edele and whispered in her ear Eddie's Back. Just as Eddie's personality was shifting back the man took Eddie in a passionate embrace and gave him a long wet kiss (with tongues) which Eddie could only return with great reluctance.

"Come on Edele, that's enough of that we have shopping to do!" Suzi ordered.

"Yes Mistress" Eddie mumbled with embarrassment so that the men would not notice that he was not a girl.

When Eddie stumbled off the train he muttered to Suzi, "That was a rotten trick to pull Suzi"

With that Eddie got a sharp slap round the face, "You will address me as Mistress or Mistress Suzanne Sissy, or do you want me to impose Edele on you?"

"No mistress anything but that, she is so feminine and embarrassing!" Eddie said desperately.

Suzi smiled at that and whispered in his ear "Sissy's Home"

"Come along Edele, keep up" Suzi commanded

Suzi lead Edele into the town centre where all the major shops were. They went into a shop that had fashions for younger people. Once in there Edele seemed to come alive with enthusiasm, She picked out one long black satin skirt with a flowery design on it and a plain pink satin mini skirt. Next Edele picked out two scoop necked satin blouses, one in black and the other in fuchsia. Finally she picked out a long pink satin dress that looked as if it were intended for a prom and a pair of matching high heeled sandals. Perfect thought Suzi, I could not have come up with a better selection myself, they are all extremely feminine and will embarrass Eddie immensely!

"Come along Edele, lets get you to a changing room to try on your selections" Suzi ordered.

When at the changing room Suzi once again whispered the trigger phrase in Edele's ear, "Eddie's Back".

"Why did you let me select such feminine items Suz... Mistress Suzanne?" Eddie corrected just in time.

"But they really suit you honey" Suzi said with a smile, "Now try them on dear!"

"But... but... OK if you insist" Eddie said unhappily.

"Cheer up Edele, that's an order" Suzi said

Immediately Eddie felt a kind of 'forced' happiness invade himself, "I will wait outside until you are ready.

Eddie opened the curtains wearing the long black skirt and the fuchsia blouse, "Why, don't you look cute in that outfit Edele!"

"Please don't call me that mistress, it is so embarrassing!" Eddie mumbled.

"Why so embarrassed, Edele is who you are now there is no going back!" Suzi said, " Next outfit.

Eddie cringed a little as he closed the curtain and changed into the next outfit, he was wearing the pink miniskirt with the black blouse. Suzi clapped, "Very nice, why don't you try on the prom dress!"

"Please mistress, don't make me. I'll do anything!"

"Yes you will do anything, and what you will do is try on the prom dress" Suzi ordered.

"Yes Mistress Suzanne" Eddie mumbled.

Suzi was smiling now, I never managed how enjoyable humiliating my husband could be she thought to herself. Eddie seems to be taking a bit of a long time, "What is taking you so long?"

"Please don't make me....." Eddie started to whine, "Shut-up and come out you little sissy" Suzi shouted.

A couple of the girls in the changing rooms laughed at this, much to Eddie's humiliation as he came out of the changing room. "You look perfect EDWARD", Suzi put the emphasis on his male name to make him feel even more humiliated. "Right, get changed back and come out" Suzi ordered.

By the time Eddie came out of the changing rooms, word had gotten round the store of the Sissy in the changing rooms.

"Come along, lets pay for these." Suzi said.

"But I can't wear these, I'm a man!" Eddie whispered.

"Don't be silly, have you looked in the mirror?" Suzi snapped, "You don't look much like a man to me!"

Suzi walked up to the checkout, "I would like to buy these for my little sissy here!"

When the girl at the checkout smiled, Eddie cringed. "Say thank-you to the lady Edele!" Suzi ordered

"Thank-you for letting me shop here mistress" Eddie said quietly.

"Your welcome, come back any time" the girl said with a grin.

"I..." Eddie began, "Of course SHE will" Suzi said, and lead Eddie out of the shop.

Once outside the whispered Sissy's Home in Eddie's ear and Edele returned once more.

"Oh, thank-you for all the nice new clothes Mistress Suzanne" Edele said in a happy voice, "Can we buy me some makeup now?"

"Of course dear" Suzi replied, knowing full well how much Eddie will be embarrassed with this.

After a five minute walk, Suzi and Edele came up to a cosmetics and accessories shop. Once inside Edele's eyes opened wide in excitement and she began to pick out colours she liked left, right and centre. All of the colours were pinks, pastels and reds. Finally they had a salesgirl pick out the correct foundation for Edele. When they left Edele had a full selection of makeup, lipsticks, eye shadows, mascara, foundation, nail polish - the works. She also now had pierced ears and several pairs of earrings and necklaces and a tiara to go with the prom dress.

Next they went to a Lingerie store and bought several sets of Lingerie for Edele and more pairs of tight's and stockings. Edele also picked out two pairs of pajamas, both in extremely feminine patterns and two satin nighties.

"Where are we going now Mistress Suzanne" Edele said in an exited voice.

"We are going to see my friend Mistress Jessica" Suzi replied

After a ten minute walk, Suzi and Edele reached Jessica's Fetish Wares and entered the shop.

"Good afternoon Mistress Suzanne" Melissa said, "Mistress Jessica is upstairs, please go up."

Once upstairs Suzi embraced Jessica in a hug.

"Hello Jessica, you look well" Suzi said.

"I am and...." Jessica paused, " My god, is this Eddie?"

"Indeed it is!" Suzi said with a grin on her face.

"My how adorable she has become!" Jessica exclaimed.

"Edele, this is Mistress Jessica" Suzi instructed.

Edele went to her knees and grovelled before Jessica, "Hello Mistress Jessica, it is an honor to be in your presence!"

"How cute, you have done a really good job with her programming Suzi!" Jessica said.

"Yes, we have just been shopping and my little sissy chose some really cute outfits." Suzi said, "Why don't you model your outfits for us dear"

"I'd love to Mistress" Edele said with joy.

"You can use the room out back to change Edele" Jessica said.

While Edele was getting changed Suzi and Jessica carried on talking, "I got Eddie really embarrassed on the train, Edele had started flirting with a couple of 'macho' guys and started to grope one of them when I changed her back into Eddie. And just when the guy started to giver her a long wet kiss too!" Suzi exclaimed.

"Oh, how perfect is that!" Jessica exclaimed, "that must have crushed his ego!"

Just then Edele came out in her prom gown, sandals and Tiara. Walking with an exaggerated sway, but with a joyous look on her face.

Jessica started clapping and started to speak, "The dress is perfect for her, and so feminine too!".

Edele showed off the other two outfits and came back in dressed in the clothes she had come in.

Jessica walked to the intercom, "Melissa shut the shop and close the blinds" turning to Suzi and Edele she spoke, "Shall we go downstairs and see what else we can find for your little sissy?"

"Why not, come along Edele" Suzi instructed.

Once downstairs Jessica walked over to a rack, "I think I have the perfect thing for your little sissy to do the housework in" Jessica said pulling out a pink satin maids uniform and a pair of matching ankle boots with a 4" heel and padlocks round the top.

"Oh, you are right that is perfect for her" Suzi said, "Edele go and try this on in the changing room"

"Melissa, go and help her!" Jessica instructed

After a few minutes, Edele and Melissa reappeared. "Edele you look sweet in that maids outfit" Suzi said as Melissa handed the keys for Edele's padlocks to her.

Suzi thought for a moment, "Sleep Sissy" Suzi instructed and Edele entered the trance-like state that allows further instructions to be applied.

"Edele, whenever you are dressed in your maids uniform you will always have an unresistable urge to complete the chores given to you. Doing your chores will excite you sexually. Only when the chores are done will you be able to remove your maids uniform. Whether Edele or Eddie, if you try to remove the uniform before your tasks are done will bring you great pain as if you are trying to pull your skin off.Wake up Edele."

Edele blinked as if confused and returned to normal. "Edele, your chore for today is to clean the house when we return home. "Suzi pause and with a wicked grin said "Eddie's Back"

Eddie regained control, "Why is it so drafty...... Mistress" he added just in time.

Suzi pointed to the mirror. Eddie walked over to it and saw looking back a beautiful young woman dressed in a pink satin maids uniform with lots of ruffled petticoats under the skirt, a pink satin cap and pink patient leather ankle boots with padlocks attached to the top.

"What the hell have you got me wearing now bitch!" Eddie shouted, forgetting the consequences of his actions.

"Why if you don't like the maids uniform, just take it off" Suzi said with a grin.

Eddie not noticing the tone in Suzi's voice went to pull off the cap and yelled in pain as he felt his hair pulling out, not understanding he tried to pull down the dress and received another terrible pain as if he was trying to pull his skin off. "What have you done bitch, glued it to me!"

"Nothing of the sort you little pansy, it is simply that until you have completed your chores trying to remove the uniform brings great pain to you. And I have told you about being disrespectful" Suzi shouted and gave him a hard slap round the face that sent him to the floor. Sissy's Home

Edele returned, "I'm sorry mistress it won't happen again!"

"See that it does not!" Suzi commanded.

Turning to Jessica Suzi spoke, "Why don't you and Melissa come over tomorrow for dinner?"

"We'd love to" Jessica replied.

Suzi payed for the maids uniform and called for a cab, as they had bought too much to carry back. All the way back Edele wore her new french maids uniform.

As soon as they got home Edele turned to Suzi , "Shall I clean the house now mistress?"

First you will put away all your new purchases, then you will clean the house. Once you have finished, remove your uniform and put on one of your new lingerie sets and a nightie and come into the lounge.

After two hours Edele appeared in the lounge wearing her waist clincher, a pink satin teddy, panties, nightie and the ankle boots still locked to her feet. Edele walked up to Suzi, "How may I be of service mistress?"

"Service me Edele" Suzi commanded.

Edele pulled down Suzi's panties and put her head under her skirt, she began to give oral sex to Suzi. Edele must be hot, she's driving me wild thought Suzi. Just as the thought left Suzi's mind a multiple orgasm hit her. "You may cum Edele" Suzi said and Edele's body shook with a violent orgasm from all the sexual energy that had built up through the day and she then came in her panties.

Edele you have messed up your panties, clean them immediately!" Suzi ordered.

Edele looking ashamed pulled off her panties and started to walk away to wash them.

"I didn't say you could leave, clean them with your mouth."

With that command, Edele buried her face in the panties and devoured every last drop of semen in them and put them back on. Edele gave a happy smile as she licked away the last remnants of semen around her mouth.

"Eddie's Back" Suzi said.

Eddie's eye's widened at what he had just done and the taste of semen in his mouth. "Oh my god, did I really just do that?"

"I just wanted to see your reaction" Suzi said. "Anyway tomorrow Jessica and Melissa are coming over for dinner, You are to wear your new gown and act as the proper hostess"

Eddie just gave a groan.

"Sissy's Home" Suzi said.

Chapter 3 : Eddie's video debut.
The following morning when Suzi woke Edele up she gave her instructions, "Edele you will put on your maids uniform and clean the house, once you have done that you will prepare dinner for six o'clock in the evening. Just before serving dinner you will change into your gown, sandals and tiara"

"Yes Mistress Suzanne" Edele replied and went to her wardrobe and got out her maids uniform.

Suzi walked into the siting room and sat down to watch telly, something that she had not been able to do for years. I have to admit she thought to herself, I should have done this long ago.

When six o'clock came, there was a knock on the door, and Edele answered dressed in her pink gown, sandals and with her new tiara on her head. Edele was glamourously made up and looked stunning.

"Please show us in Edele" Jessica said.

"Of course Mistress Jessica" replied Edele.

Suzi and Jessica embraced each other and Edele led them all to the table, there were four plates with roast chicken and several bowls containing various vegetables on the table.

After dinner Suzi whispered into Jessica's ear, and Jessica began to grin. Suzi turned to Edele "Eddie's Back"

Jessica addressed Melissa, "Melissa why don't you go and help Edele freshen up"

Just before Melissa got up Jessica whispered some instructions into Melissa's ear. Melissa began to smile.

Eddie reluctantly followed Melissa up the stairs to his new bedroom.

"I have set up a video camera in Edele's room for just such an occasion as this, to record just a little extra to control my sissified hubby with. We can watch it in the lounge." Suzi said.

Suzi and Jessica moved into the lounge, closed the curtains, turned on the telly and started to watch what was happening in Edele's room.

Melissa removed Eddie's tiara and started to remove his gown, not wasting any opportunities to run her hand over Eddie's feminized body. Melissa now removed Eddie's panty girdle, releasing his rock hard cock. Leaning over to Eddie Melissa whispered in Eddie's ear and Eddie's features went blank for a few minutes. Moving down his body, Melissa began to suck on Eddie's hard cock bringing him higher and higher but then she reluctantly left his cock and rolled him over. Before Eddie knew what was happening Melissa had shoved her rock hard member into Eddies But hole and started pumping away both Melissa and Eddie climaxed at the same time. But being far from spent, and driven by subliminal command they entered a 69 position and started sucking away at each others cocks and finally exploding in each others mouths and swallowed deeply. The moment that happened Eddie returned to his male self again. Eddies ego was finally crushed and defeated with the realization that he had enjoyed sex with another man, albeit a feminized one and it had been Eddie as Edele had not been reactivated.

Suzi and Jessica came in and stood in the door looking at their sissies. "So Eddie, how do you feel?" smirked Suzi as she walked over to the hidden video camera. "You see, I have recorded your entire session with Melissa so that if you ever disobey me again I will begin to circulate the tape around everyone you know. Your life would be over."

"Sissy's Home" Suzi said and Edele once more came to the front.

Suzi continued to speak, "Edele, starting tomorrow you will begin your new duties. You will awaken at six o'clock each morning, take care of your makeup, wig and dress in your maids uniform. You will then make me breakfast and take it to me in bed. After that is completed you will follow whatever instructions I have for you, is that clear?"

"Yes Mistress Suzanne" Edele said.

Chapter 4 : Slave to the future.
In the morning when Edele had made Suzi breakfast she awaited further instructions. "Edele fetch me our club catalogue and then do the washing up followed with the ironing."

"Yes mistress" Edele replied and walked off.

While Edele was taking care of the chores Suzi got dressed, picked up the catalogue and prepared to go to work. "Edele once you have completed your chores you will go and do the shopping, There is a card with your name on that you can use in the lounge."

"Of course mistress" Edele replied.

At work Suzi started looking through the catalogue at clothes for Edele. These would be for a final humiliation of Eddie.

That afternoon when Suzi returned home she was greeted by Edele, dressed in her new black full length satin skirt and satin fuchsia blouse. "Edele follow me to the lounge" Suzi ordered.

Edele closed the door and followed Suzi, "Eddie's Back" Suzi said.

"What do you want now Mistress, haven't I been humiliated enough already?" Eddie whined.

"No, you haven't now shut up and take out Edele's switch card"

"What do you want me to do with it?" Eddie asked.

"You are going to order some new clothes dear, after all you can't live with just three outfits!" Suzi smiled. "I am going out for a few hours, take care" but just before she went she bent over to whisper some instructions in Eddie's ear. And as with Melissa, Eddie's face went blank while he received them and showed no knowledge of having received them. On her way out Suzi chuckled to herself "He thinks that he will be able to get away with ordering male clothing, wait till he sees what arrives!"

Eddie started to think that Suzi had made a mistake, "Silly cow" he said to himself, "I can now order some male clothing"

Eddie picked up the catalogue and the phone. Shifting uncomfortably in his clothes he dialed the number for orders.

"Hello how may I help you?" it was the same male voice that had answered when he last phoned up.

"Hi, I phoned up a short time ago about some replacement clothes because my wife threw mine out?"

"Of course I remember you, how have you managed with no clothes" said the voice.

"Just barely, I now have a valid card once more and need some clothes delivered ASAP it is an emergency. " Eddie read out the switch number.

"Yes the number is valid, what do you need?"

Just as Eddie was about to tell the man what he wanted, now I'll be able to get out of here if that bitch doesn't turn me back into Edele he thought.

That evening when Eddie was making dinner, as for some reason Suzi had not changed him back into Edele Suzi called to him. "Eddie there is a package here for you."

"Why don't you open it Eddie" Suzie said with a smirk.

Thinking he would be caught with male clothing he hesitantly opened the package. Inside was anything but what he thought he had ordered. He pulled out 5 outfits, and none of them were what he had ordered. The first outfit he pulled out was a red velour mini-dress with no sleeves and an oval hole above the bust area, next came another mini-dress, this one was black and had short sleeves, two thick white stripes across the bust and slits up the side of what little skirt there was. Third in the box was a two part set of white silk sleeveless tunic and a dark blue silk mini-skirt. Fourth was a red silk 'V' neck tunic with a short black cotton skirt with lace trimmings. Last of all was a dark red 'V' neck Tee with a white tennis skirt and a long black coat/cardigan with a feathery trim. There was also a pair of black patient 2" pumps, a pair of pink trainers and a pair of black leather boots with a 2" block heel.

Eddie looked shocked at what he was seeing. "Not what you expected dear, perhaps you expected male clothing?" Suzy enquired "you see, just before I left I gave you a small hypnotic command that would make you and always will make you choose female clothing instead of male clothing when you order from the catalogue. But you will never realize what you have really ordered until it arrives." Suzy chuckled "I can just imaging when you told the operator that you were desperate for some clothes and order female items instead of male!" with that Suzy spoke the magic words, "Sissy's Home"

Edele gave Suzie a hug, "Thank-you for the new clothes Mistress Suzanne, they are perfect. In fact I think I will go and try them on now!" with that remark Edele picked up her new clothes and footwear and went upstairs to try them on.

Just as Edele disappeared up the stairs the phone rang and Suzi answered, "Hello, Suzi Cole speaking."

"Hi Suzi, it's Jessica here. I'm just phoning to see how your sissy is doing."

"Just fine Jessica, I played a little trick on him this morning that worked out better than I had expected. Why don't you come round and see the results."

"Can't wait, I'll be right over." Jessica replied, Suzi put down the phone.

Suzi walked up to Edele's room, "Edele, Mistress Jessica is coming over to see me. You will run a little fashion show for us and show of your new outfits, but leave the red dress till last."

"Yes Mistress Suzanne" Edele replied.

As Suzi started leaving, as an afterthought she added "Eddie's Back, Eddie as it was you who ordered the clothes I think it is only fair that you display them."

Suzi walked out of the room without waiting for a reply and went downstairs to wait for Jessica. After ten minutes of waiting there was a knock on the door and Suzi let Jessica in.

"Where is Edele then?" Jessica said with a smirk.

"Just getting ready, would you like to join me in the lounge?"

Suzi and Jessica sat down in the lounge and started to talk, "I thought it would be much better for Eddie to model his new clothes as it was he who ordered them."

"He ordered them?" inquired Jessica.

"Yes, I have given Edele a switch card for shopping with and I told him to get out the card and order some more clothes for his new wardrobe. I then told him I was going out for a few hours, but just before I left I gave him some extra commands. They would make him order female clothing as he would undoubtedly try to order male clothing when I went out, but Eddie would only remember ordering the male clothes he wanted. Earlier when the package arrived on express delivery Eddie was expecting the male clothing he thought he ordered, you should have seen his face when he saw a package full of female clothing!" Suzi started to chuckle.

"Did you tell him what to order?"

"Nope, I left that to him, that is what makes is so funny. He selected his clothes as if he were in his Edele persona." Suzi replied whilst still chuckling.

Just as Suzi finished Eddie appeared through the door wearing his red silk 'V' neck tunic with short black cotton skirt with lace trimmings and his new black pumps, his face was red with embarrassment. "How do I look Mistress Suzanne" Eddie asked meekly.

"Why you look cute in that outfit Eddie, don't you agree Jessica?" Suzi said.

"Absolutely" Jessica said and pulled out a camera and took a photo of Eddie.

"Now be a darling and change into your next outfit" Suzi instructed.

When Eddie turned to leave, Jessica continued her conversation with Suzi. "Has she been trouble when she is Eddie?"

"Not since our little trick yesterday and the mail ordering this morning!" Suzi said with satisfaction, "He seems to be calming down allot, How was Melissa when you started feminizing her?"

"Rebellious, until I put her on hormones. Now she has quietend down and her figure has developed well too!" Jessica said.

"Amazing, I never would have guessed. Are they difficult to get hold of?" Suzi asked.

"Not very, I can get them in a variety of strengths and forms if you are interested."

"Yes, how quickly could I get a result?" Suzi asked.

"Within a month there should be visible signs." Jessica said.

Feeling pleased Suzi replied, "Excellent, I'll do it. How soon can you get some for me?"

"I have some in stock at my shop for my 'special' customers. I can let you have some tomorrow." Jessica said.

"Good, how much will I owe you?"

Jessica thought for a moment and then replied, "You can settle with me once you have seen the results on Edele."

"Thank-you, can you drop them by my office tomorrow?" Suzi asked.

"No problem" Jessica said.

When they looked round they saw Eddie come through the door, "Ah, Eddie do come in and show us your next outfit please." Jessica said with a smile.

Eddie walked in wearing his dark red 'V' neck Tee with white tennis skirt and long black coat/cardigan with feathery trim, on his feet were his pink trainers. "Pose for us Eddie" Jessica said with a smirk then took another photo.

Eddie sighed and placed his hands on his well rounded hips and had an indignant look on his face. "That's enough of that young lady" Suzi said in a raised voice, "It is not becoming of you to loose your temper, and if it happens again you will be sorry! Now go and change into your next outfit like a good girl." Both Suzi and Jessica smiled at the way Eddie's shoulders slumped in defeat when he walked out.

"I am so glad I came round Suzi, I haven't had this much fun since I feminized Melissa!" Jessica exclaimed.

"I wish I could have seen it!" Suzi said, "But I have to say, he probably deserved it more than Eddie."

"You're probably right there" Jessica laughed, "But I am curious about what way you would punish Eddie"

"Full media exposure and circulation of our video tape to his family and friends. At the end Eddie would have no choice but to be Edele." Suzi said.

Eddie came through the door and gave no indication of having overheard the conversation, he was wearing his white silk sleeveless tunic with dark blue silk mini-skirt and white pumps with 3" heel. Eddie was holding his right arm and looking miserable. Jessica took a photo of Eddie. By this time Eddie realized there was no way out of his new life.

"Eddie if you don't cheer up I may decide to punish you, this is your last warning" Suzi snapped.

Eddie tried to make himself look happy, but failed miserably and slowly walked out of the room.

"You know, if he carries on acting this way I may just expose him for the sheer hell of it!" Suzi complained.

"It could be interesting to see the outcome though!" Jessica said.

"You have a good point there, did you ever expose Melissa?" Suzi asked.

"No, it never got to that. I didn't think it was necessary" Jessica commented.

Hearing Eddie coming down the stairs Suzi and Jessica finished their conversation and waited for the sissy's entrance. "This is Eddie's last chance" Suzi muttered.

Eddie emerged wearing his black mini-dress with short sleeves, two thick white stripes across the bust and slits up the side of what little skirt there was. On his feet were his black pumps with 2" heels. Suzi noted that he still had not improved his attitude to a satisfactory level.

"You've had your chance little sissy, your punishment will be carried out but you will not know what it is until it is too late." Suzi snapped. "Now go and change into your last outfit."

Eddie with a red face left the room, Suzi turned to Jessica. "What the hell, I would have done it eventually anyway!".

"Well, I will be reading the papers when you expose him!" Jessica exclaimed.

In Eddie/Edele's room Eddie was muttering to himself, "Damn, what does she want from me? and why is she making me model them for her friend."

Eddie sighed in resignation and pulled off his black minidress and put it away. I must try to persuade Suzi not to punish me Eddie thought to himself, so it seems I must give everything i have got.

Eddie picked up his red sleevless minidress with keyhole above the bust and examined it for a moment, noting the large oval hole in the back

Eddie heard Suzi shouting up the stairs, "Hurry up sissy, we are waiting."

"Yes Mistress Suzanne" Eddie shouted back down the stairs.

Well, I can't wear a bra with this one Eddie thought to himself. Eddie after a moment of trying managed to remove his bra, and feeling secretly releived that his breast forms were glued to his chest. Eddie then pulled on the dress and noted how the tops of his breast forms looked through the keyhole.

Hearing Eddie coming down the stairs, Suzi and Jessica finished their conversation and waited for Eddie to make his enterance.

"Wait till you see his last outfit!" Suzi whispered

Eddie took a deep breath before he did what he knew he had to do.

Eddie entered the room walking with what he hoped was a feminine sway and a sexy and seductive smile on his face. Coming to a stop before his mistresses he posed with his hands on his hips and keeping his smile.

Jessica started clapping, "I see what you mean Suzi, doesn't she look nice in her dress!" Eddie blushed at being refered to as a 'she'.

"Indeed she is" replied Suzi and turned to Eddie, "There, you see what you can do if you put your mind to it Eddie?"

"Yes mistress, I should have acted this way before." As Eddie was speaking he noticed the video camera was recording him.

Suzi noticed him looking at the video camera "Yes Eddie, just getting a few more home movies of my feminised hubby!"

"Mistress, are you still going to punishe me for my poor performance earlier?" Eddie asked.

"I don't know yet, I haven't decided. But given your last performance I may decide not to." Suzi said, "Now, Sissy's Home"

With those words Edele regained control, "Edele, I want you to change into your maids uniform and serve me and Mistress Jessica with drinks."

"Yes Mistress" Edele replied and walked off.

"I don't know about you Suzi, but I enjoyed that Immensly." Jessica exclaimed, "Are you going to punish Eddie or not?"

"Of course I am, I just wanted him to be lulled into a false sense of security. When he sees the paper he will be finished." Suzi replied.

Chapter 5 : Full exposure.
The following day at work Suzi was visited by Jessica, "I have the hormones you requested Suzi, I have them in capsule form so you can give theme to Eddie and say they are vitamins. That would remove any reason to refuse to take them."

"Good idea Jessica, I don't want him to realise what is happening until it is too late. It will be all the more embaressing for him when Edele starts to revel in her change." Suzi remarked.

"Have you given any more thought on how you are going to expose her?" Jessica asked.

"Given that Eddie is fairly well known in town but not very well liked, I think I may be able to inerest the local papers in the story." Suzi said, "In fact I think the editor of the local tabloid has a grudge against Eddie."

"Perfect, how will you handle it?"

"Well, I have a few contacts, so I will rent a room in the town hall and call together a selection of reporters from various tabloids and gossip mags. I will then reveal Eddie to them in a new slinky dress that I plan to get for him in his Edele persona, I will then show our home video's and photographs. Once they have seen all, I will change Edele back into Eddie for proof." Suzi explained.

"Your a genius!" Jessica exclaimed.

"Yes, and by the time I am through everyone in town will know of Eddie's little secret." Suzi said with satisfaction.

The following saturday Suzi had prepared the room she had rented at the town hall, in one corner was a large screen behind which Edele waited. After waiting for ten minutes the reporters arived as well as the editor with a grudge, "If you will all come in and sit down, I will begin." Suzi said.

Suzi whispered something to Jessica and then addressed the assembled reporters, "Around two weeks ago, my husband Eddie who some of you may know as the local 'sexist pig'" a few chuckled wet round the reporters, "crossed me for the last time, having been out of work for nearly a year, and done nothing but lounge around and spend my money. Just three weeks ago he spent a large amount of my life savings on a computer just so he could spend hours on the Internet looking at the adult web sites. Finaly I had enough and decided he should make a change for the better." Suzi paused and then continued, "May introduce to you Edele."

Edele came out from behind the screen weaing a red satin dress with a low back and shoe-string straps, on her feet were a pair of red mules with a 4" block heel that sowed off her toe nails that were painted cherry red. She was wearing a short auburn wig brushed back and her makeup was glamorously applied. In short, Edele was a vision of femininity and showed no signs of being male.

Suzy continued, "Edele was once my husband Eddie until I decided to feminize him, a number of reasons factored into my decision to do this to him but the main reason is his atitude towards women. Edele was created using a combination of hypnosis and subliminal commands, she is submissive to all real women and will obey my every command."

The editor with a grudge spoke up, "How do we know this is really Eddie she sounds and moves so femininely, you also said that you have some revealing evidence."

"I am coming to that" Suzi turned to Edele, "Edele, bring over the TV and video please"

"Yes Mistress Suzanne" Edele replied and pulled them over and pluged them in.

"Are you able to change her back into Eddie?" asked one reporter

"Of course, I can switch her between Eddie or Edele with a simple trigger phrase as well as induce a hypnotic state to give further commands and conditioning." Suzi replied, "Edele has been on a course of hormones since early this week as well, so In about three month's time she should no longer need figure shaping garments."

Suzi walked to the video and played the most recent video of Eddie modeling his new clothes. When the video finished Suzi addressed the reporters once more "When I filmed this I had left Eddie in control of his body to make it more embaressing for him."

"You mentioned on the video about punishing him" said one reporter.

"Yes, Eddie had begged me not to reveal his secret so for his punishment I wanted everyone in town to be aware of his status as a submissive sissy transvestite slave." Suzi explained.

"That's certainly a start, have you got any more?" said the editor.

"Yes, the second video is by far the most embaresing for him. I have run this video through my computer and blurred out the second face to protect her tough. But first I think Eddie should watch this."

Suzi walked over to Edele and whispered in her ear, "Eddie's Back" and Eddie returned.

"Eddie, sit down" Suzi ordered.

"Yes Mistress" Eddie said in his normal voice.

"My god, it really is him. I will have to put this on my front page" the editor exclaimed. Inside Eddie felt he could shrivel up and die.

On the TV Eddie's encounter with Melissa appeared, a hushed silence fell on the gathered reporters as they watched Eddie making love to and being made love to another sissy transvestite.

When the reporters left they all agreed to run a story exposing Eddie as Edele.

Sitting quietly at the back of the hall, Eddie began to cry. Suzi came up to him, "Stop crying this instant you little sissy, you are messing up your makeup" Suzi shouted and gave him a slap round the face. "

"Youv'e ruined my life now, you know that don't you?" Stated Eddie.

"Of course, now you will have no choice but to be Edele." Suzi said.

"Why don't you just leave me as Edele then?" Eddie said with a spiteful voice.

"Don't tempt me, anyway I want you to remain this way. For now anyway. Sissy's Home"

Edele immediately regained control and wiped her eyes, "I'm sorry Mistress Suzanne".

"Good" Suzi thought a moment, "Sleep Sissy" Suzi instructed

"I am speaking to Eddie, You will be unaware of any physical changes coming over you unless I direct your attention to the changes. You will now wake up.

Chapter 6 : Time flys when serving your mistress OR New beginnings.
Three month's had passed without Eddie having been returned to control of his body. Edele had changed a great deal, she was no longer wairing her waist clincher or breast forms. Now, thanks to the hormones had an hourglass figure and 'C' cub breasts. After the expose' in the papers exerybody in town knew about Edele now and many of the stores were visited by her regularly.

Suzi, used to having a domestic servant in Edele and not having to do any work decided to phone Jessica. "Hi Jessica, Suzi here"

"Hi, how are things going?"

"Fine, I was wandering if you wanted to come over I am just about to reveal to Eddie his physical changes before I make him Edele forever." Suzi said.

"I'm coming over and I'm bringing my camera." Jessica exclaimed.

After about ten minutes Jessica arrived. "I can't belive it has been nearly three months since I last saw Edele, How has she changed?"

"Wait and see." with that remark Edele appeared thriugh the door.

Jessica gave a wolf whistle and smiled, "She certainly has changed hasn't she!"

"Yep, no padding or corsettry what so ever. Those are all her own curves." Suzi said.

"Her own hair too I see." Jessica observed.

"Yes, she only wairs her wigs on 'bad hair days' now. She has also had surgery on her vocal chords to make her voice sound naturaly female." Suzi turned to Edele, "Eddie's back"

Eddie regained control, "Why have you left me under for so long mistress?" Eddie asked.

"So you didn't spoil your supprise dear!" Suzi smirked.

"What do you mean supprise?" Eddie asked, not noticing that his voice was higher than usual.

"Listen to your voice!"

Eddie listened to his voice carefully, "My god what have you done to my voice?" Eddie said in his feminine voice.

"That's not all, strip and look in the mirror." Suzi ordered.


"I said STRIP"

Eddie stripped and saw his reflection in the mirror, a reflection of a beautiful young woman with curves in all the right places. "Get dressed, NOW."

Eddie got dressed again, "You see, Eddie Cole no longer exists physically OR legaly there is only Edele Cole. So you see, your life is gone, even your family has disowned you. Do you want to be Edele now?"

"No, I wan't my old life back." Eddie demanded.

"Sorry, not happening, Sleep Sissy"

"When I next change you into Edele you will never again be Eddie, the trigger phrase that turns you into Eddie will no longer work. You will be forever Edele, my submissive sissy slave. You will wake up now.

Eddie regained conciousness, "What did you just do?"

"The next time you are changed into Edele will be the last time for you will be forever Edele and Eddie will be gone. Forever." Suzi said with great satisfaction.

Eddie made a desperate lunge for Suzi, "Sissy's Home"

With that phrase Eddie disapeared forever and there was only Edele left.

Inside Edele, Eddie cried out in torment as he knew he would forever be Edele.



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