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A special visitor

by GoddessRaysa

A special visitor

A Special Visitor

Lisa was excited. In a few minutes her new friend would arrive. One week ago at a party she met Diana and they talked a lot that night almost forgetting it was a party. They sat outside in the garden and it was a hot summer night. At 3 o'clock Diana had to leave the party because she should work very early. They talked about everything and Lisa felt she had known Diana forever. A couple of days later Diana called and it all ended up in Lisa inviting Diana over for dinner. In their phone conversation they among other things talked about sex and Lisa felt even closer to Diana although she didn't knew why.

Lisa had lighted a lot of candles in her apartment and dimmed the electric lights to a minimum. This felt good she thought.
Lisa was dressed in a long silky dress in red and black. The doorbell rang and she opened the door. Outside Diana was standing in a long dark pink dress and looked smashing beautiful in the summer evening. "Welcome Diana" Lisa said. "Thank you" Diana replied entering. At the dinner they again talked like they had known each other for years. When Diana wanted to tell Lisa something important she touched Lisa's hand gently and that made Lisa feel her body shiver a little. After the dinner they ended up in the sofa in the living room. After a lot of talk Diana suddenly stopped Lisa who was telling Diana something about a dress Lisa just bought. "Do you think I'm beautiful" Diana asked. Lisa was surprised. "Yes indeed, why?" she replied. "So beautiful that you would kiss me?" Diana asked. Lisa, still surprised blushed heavily and nodded. "Speak up, girl" Diana said. Lisa told Diana that she was kissable. Diana kissed Lisa gently on her lips and let her tongue wanderer inside Lisa's mouth. Lisa felt her body became very soft. Diana looked deeply in Lisa's eyes and said "I feel that I've known you forever. Do you have the same feeling?" Lisa said that she also felt so. Diana then asked Lisa "Do you trust me?" Lisa nodded and whispered a soft "yes". "So much that you would give your body and mind to me sexually?" Diana asked. Lisa was surprised by her own answer when she said she did trust Diana that much. Then they kissed for a while.

Diana suddenly stopped and raised herself from the sofa taking Lisa's hands. "Come with me" she said. They went into the bedroom where it was a bit dark because the only light came from a lot of candles. They again kissed and then Diana, in a soft voice, ordered Lisa to strip naked. While Lisa did that Diana disappeared. When she came bag she had a big leather bag. She looked at Lisa's beautiful young body (Lisa was 24 years old) and sad down on the bed ordering Lisa to kneel before her. Diana again asked Lisa if she trusted her and Lisa again said yes. Diana asked if Lisa ever had submitted to another person before and Lisa said no. "Well, I guess it is my job to form you as a sub" Diana told her. Lisa felt a tingle in her body. Diana ordered Lisa to put herself over Diana's knees. "I have to give you a small punishment because you not always answers my questions" Diana said. Then she softly spanked Lisa bottom. Lisa moaned mostly because she liked the feeling. Diana spanked her a bit harder telling her she had a beautiful red bottom. After a while Diana stopped telling Lisa to kneel again. Diana caressed Lisa's breasts and nipples at first gently and then a bit harder. Lisa again moaned with joy. Diana kissed the right nipple and very softly was biting it. Then she kissed the left nipple and then she was biting the nipple very softly. "Do you still trust me?" Diana asked "Yes Mistress, I trust you with my heart" Lisa answered looking into Diana's eyes. Diana ordered Lisa up on the bed and she should lay on her back. Diana found some ropes in the leather bag and tied Lisa to the bed spread eagle so she couldn't move and placed a blindfold over her eyes. Lisa had a new fantastic feeling within her. Diana caressed Lisa's body softly playing with her soft tits and then her pussy. She softly spanked Lisa's tits and then her pussy. Lisa had never been so wet and horny before. Diana really knew how to touch her. Suddenly she heard something and felt a new kind of pain. A bit harsh kind of pain. Diana was whipping her pussy. Lisa wasn't afraid, more likely surprised and more horny. Diana hit a bit harder and Lisa moaned a bit louder. After a while Diana stopped and Lisa felt another kind of pain. It was hot candle wax. Yes, it was hurtful but Lisa felt like she soon would come in orgasms if Diana didn't stop.

"You are not allowed to climax without my permission" Diana told her. The hot wax was covering both her tits and then she felt the hot wax hitting her pussy. She screamed but not because it was bad but because she loved the feeling. She felt the wax hitting her clit and far away she heard Diana's voice "Slave girl, you are allowed to come" and then the orgasms came rolling down her body making her scream again. When she surfaced she felt Diana's fingers all over her body. Diana was sucking her nipples and she felt she was still very wet and very horny. She was still blindfolded and felt Diana lifting herself down over Lisa's head. "Lick and suck my pussy, slave girl" Diana ordered. Lisa used her tongue the best she ever had and soon she heard Diana
moaned louder and louder. Lisa let her tongue deep inside Diana's pussy and not long after Diana climaxed again and again.

Both was laying in the bed very close together. After climaxing and a rest Diana found 2 glasses of white wine which they drank in silence still caressing each other. "Well slave girl, would you be mine for the rest of the night?" Diana asked. "Yes Mistress" Lisa answered. "And for as we both like in the weeks and years to come, slave girl?" Lisa smiled and felt a great love "Yes, of course Mistress, I will be Yours" They kissed knowing a joyful and sexy future laid in front of them....


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