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A Dark Night

by the_high_flyers

A Dark Night

I have heard about a story of a woman, She was seventy years old widow with a grown family. She was living alone, on a small pension and social security. Her life seemed to her barren and hopeless.

She heard about the hypnosis but never tried. This time she decided to try. She had nothing to lose. She began to the process frequently with all the feelings she could muster. She visualized that "she is wanted, she is loved, she is happily married to a kind, loving and spiritual-minded man. She is secure and fulfilled". She kept on doing this many times a day for about two weeks. One day at the corner drugstore, she was introduced to a retired pharmacist. She found him as she needed. Within a week he proposed to her and now they are living happily together.

The intelligence within her subconscious mind brought both of them together in divine order. She conveyed her ideas to the subconscious mind by repetition, faith and expectancy and this became the greatest miracle for her.

happened with a man whose young daughter was suffering from arthritis and psoriasis. They tried many treatments but nothing could be happened. The man was despair and over and over he said, to himself and his friend "I would give my right arm to see my daughter cured". One day the family was out for a drive. They had the accident their and the right arm was torn off at the shoulder of a man. When he came home from the hospital, he discovered that his daughter's arthritis and skin condition had vanished.

Your subconscious doesn't know right or wrong, good or bad. It executes at your word. So never say anything negative for yourself. Be careful about your words. Never ever try to play with your subconscious mind.

happened with a man whose marriage and career were both in serious trouble. His problem was his constant irritability and bad temper. He was concerned about this himself, but if anyone tried to discuss it with him, he exploded in anger. He constantly told himself that everyone was picking on him and that he had to defend himself against them.

To counter this negative suggestion, his doctor advised him to do hypnosis. Then he started putting positive suggestion through hypnosis on his subconscious mind. Several times a day, morning, noon and at night prior to sleep, he was to repeat to himself. After a month, his wife and his coworkers remarked on how much easier he was to get along with.

made his health perfect. He overcame an advanced case of lung cancer by hypnosis. The method he used was to visualize all that things what he want to do after overcoming his problem. After practicing a month, he had a remarkable healing. The technique he used is a simple, straightforward way of visualizing the idea of perfect health. Now he is perfectly all right.

she did it all by hypnosis


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