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Chip set...

by Haxsaw

Chip set...

Notice: The idea for this story was actually written by someone with the handle "Dark Mind." I am writing my own version of this Science Fiction piece. I do not claim any credit for the story idea.
Francisca walked with Haxsaw to the chamber. The chamber was just a footnote within their minds. It was really a room with air pumped into it. The walls were lined with sound deadening material. Francisca was wearing her usual tight blue jeans and a pale blue tee shirt. Haxsaw opened the door and Francisca followed.
It was mid-afternoon and classes were out. At The University of Maine Haxsaw had connections. The group project was held with contributions from the Technology Lab for construction of the Chamber. The deans of the Math Lab, Science Lab and the Wood Creeps Lab put in their skills as well. A think tank of computer specialist from across the Campus made the software application. From Neville Hall the mainframe computers sent out the finished signals to the Chambers's on-board micro-computer. Haxsaw's connections were secretive Government men who never made eye, let alone revealed their names. All conversation and meeting were addressing them as Mr. Stark or Mr. Slims. Haxsaw knew enough to understand these as not typical North American surnames. Haxsaw realized the money was real. The University of Maine would receive the grant.
Ended up monies were from the Howard Hughes Advancement Research Group. In reality, the group never existed. Haxsaw didn't care. He held the key that activated the chamber.
The chamber door closed. It was set up at old North Stevens Hall. North Steven Hall was an early Twentieth Century classroom building. The flooring outside the chamber was worn carpetting. The hall outside seemed very non-describable with dull sheet rock walls in a dusty hallway. Haxsaw was sure the Chamber locked well.
"Yes," Francisca replied. She acted nervous. It was the way she fiddled as she undressed. Often she bit her bottom lip. Francisca stood in her bra and panties. Her shoes and pink socks were already kicked under a large, stainless steel table. Haxsaw reached out and clutched her. They kissed, briefly. Francisca giggled, then hushed herself. Haxsaw left the room, to give her privacy.
Francisca stripped naked, then lay atop the table. Amidst the table was a length of plasma sheeting. It was as long and wide enough to be like a liner, beneath her frame. Motion sensors activated. The upper part of the Chamber lowered. Francisca lay flat, arms at her side. What appeared as an elongated lid to a pressure cooker concealed her completely. This was the upper part of it. It clamped upon the stainless steel table well. Haxsaw re-entered the room.
"I have already loaded the material in the Chamber," he said with too loud a voice. He wanted to be sure she heard him, at this point. Haxsaw went to the micro-computer and inserted the key he fished from his pants pocket. He took a seat and waited.
At the back end of the room were vats, loaded with material. The University of Maine Science Lab had worked with other Labs to make what was called, "Flexi-Steel." It was completely movable steeling. That was how it was described. The Science Lab was told it was part of a body armor project for U.S. Military Soldiers. That could have been true. For now, the occupant of the chamber was not looking to be bullet proof. A squishy, flowing sound was made as the vats emptied. Various lights flashed from all about the room. The micro-computer was receiving signals. The Chamber was flashing external lights as it followed protocol. Within the lid covering Francisca, machinery was working.
Within the lid the magic was starting. Compression sheets lay down on her. Her face, neck and breast were receiving the silvery fluid. Due to the nature of the sheeting, her breast seemed to become more upright. The sheeting within the chamber was actually releasing the silvery fluid over Francisca. The plasma membrane beneath her reflected the special material coating her body. It caused the Flexi-Steel to seep under the bottom of her nude form. It was causing her to be completely sealed. Haxsaw had had talks with Francisca before. At age fifty, she craved to submit to a good man. After obtaining a stable relation with her, he offered the chance to try this experiment. Francisca was quick to say, "Yes."
Haxsaw was inspecting the checkered tile on the floor. Some of it was chipped on the edges. He had the key back in his pocket. A half hour later Francisca was coated completely. An extra ten minutes and the coating cured. The lid lifted to the Chamber.
A silvery, nude body raised from the stainless steel table. She shifted and stood on the floor. Haxsaw told her to remain standing. Everything on Francisca was coated, save for her black hair. Haxsaw peeled the edges of the thin plasma membrane. Much like removing wax paper from a cookie sheet, Haxsaw pulled off the plasma sheeting from off Francisca's back, from head to foot. He let it fall to a corner of the room. A fresh sheet of plasma would be used, next time. Francisca stood and blinked a few times.
"Well, dear," she answered, "the thing feels like some kind of all over girdle or something."
Haxsaw returned to the desk where the micro-computer was set up. He removed a silvery band from the desk. He was instructed to place this atop the head, after completion.
"What?" she asked.
Haxsaw hushed her, fitting the band across her forehead. It went around the top of her head like a sweat band would.
"What is this for?" she asked and pointed at it.
"Oh!" Haxsaw exclaimed, "It was part of the experiment. I think it reads body temperature."
She and Haxsaw chatted. Francisca commented many times how different she felt, being a make believe robot. Haxsaw once told how much fun it would be to leave the Chamber and walk around Campus.
Francisca lay a hand atop her breasts. "No! Just get me a mirror. I really want to see myself, not expose myself!" She giggled as Haxsaw reached into the desk again. He found a small mirror and handed it to her.
"Oh my word!" she declared. It was more like she discovered a hidden secret or there about. "I cannot recognize me anymore!" It was then the chip within the band across her forehead kicked in. Francisca dropped the mirror. Shattered glass littered the flooring. Haxsaw grinned. Now Francisca was receiving thousand of bits of information, enough to cloud her thought pattern as she became void of real idea. Haxsaw smiled. After all, he held the key. He dressed her and drove them home. He loved this new job. Oh, if only hypnosis was this easy!


Re: Chip set... - Haxsaw

Hello... it is Haxsaw. I comment on my piece. Seeing it appears the written piece is to be crowded out... I want thank the many who read it, in such short time. Your collective interest drove me to make the other sections. Regarding my mediocre recording at this site, I may need let Mark Andrew Runnells pass on. Perchance, he may live in other stories. Thank you to all who read my simple, little story. I am not good at this yet impressed interest was shown.

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