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Chip set II

by Haxsaw

Chip set II

Haxsaw pulled on the steering wheel. The short, four door sedan was turned up his driveway. His house was in the same state the university was. He glanced at Francisca. She was looking forward yet not noticing anything outside the car. She was silent and in her own world. Haxsaw grunted, placed the transmission is park and shut it down.
The driver's door was open. A tone beeped a long time as he stood, then yanked the key from the ignition switch. He walked over to her door. He glanced about the yard. The grounds were surrounded by heavy, old tree growth coverage. Seen another way, it appeared his house was plunked down within trees and greenery. He opened the door and helped her out.
Francisca was all silvery. It was drier, appearing like vinyl yet showing her every curve. He had found he needed only speak and she obeyed. Even when her eyelids occasionally blinked, these was silver coated. Her flowing black hair seemed more dynamic. After all, it was the one remaining natural part of her now. As she stood at attention, staring out daunted, Haxsaw noticed her bust line was more upright, more tight and firm. He commanded she follow.
After unlocking his little two story, barn style home he ordered she follow. He made sure the door locked. Once inside, he flipped on the outside light. One pane in the hurricane lamp glass outside was with a blue film inserted. From afar it appeared more like a lone Christmas tree light. Haxsaw returned to his lady in waiting.
Francisca, daunted yet submissive, shed her clothing, completely. Haxsaw gasped. It was one matter to see her in the Chamber. That was some large, dingy room in a basement. Here, under the
bright radiance of a ceiling light fixture complete with clear, reflecting glass shielding, he could see new form. Francisca was with more upright breasts. Even her waistline seemed narrower. Haxsaw looked about. Her buttocks seemed to be, lifted? Yes. Yes they were.
He eyed her dull, silver body. Francisca was with no belly button. Haxsaw just smiled. He asked how she felt.
After a few moments, Francisca was weeping. Her head bobbed forward. In short, she collected herself.
"This, you put on me. The band. I can't think... right. Please. Let me out! I never knew this would happen." Haxsaw watched. After Francisca stopped the flow of tears, he ordered her stand at attention. He next ordered she relax.
He cooked them a light meal. While Francisca sat and relaxed in the kitchen, Haxsaw boiled some brown rice. He also heated onions, sliced carrots and ground beef. He next blended it all, poured them cups of milk and served the dish.
After supper, he and Francisca kissed. They were on the sofa, in the living room. He occasionally massaged her breasts. She was breathing heavily and kissing back. Haxsaw kept checking his watch. He carried her to bed and they made love. Afterwards, he took her upstairs and they quickly showered. He noted Francisca did sweat through her silver coating. He had her dressed and they went downstairs.
"You know, dear, I love using you. How did you feel?"
Francisca became alert as she gazed into his eyes.
"At first, I had little control."
"Hmm, is this okay?" Haxsaw remembered it. Her flesh was like a robot or a living mannequin. Maybe some guy dreamed of having sex with a robot or grown toy yet it seemed queer as a three dollar bill to him.
"In meeting you I found I am very, very submissive," she replied. "I really was willing to do anything my husband told me." Haxsaw was listening and looking well into her eyes. In making love to her she seemed as she was, a cybernetic creature. The girlish appearance of a warm body was far from her countenance. Her body was tighter. She seemed to crave him more. Above a table lamp at end of the sofa hung an original Wellington work.
"Now, as you command me so, I am thrilled to be so submissive. It is the band. I cannot think freely... unless you ask me something, dear. I wish my late husband could have used this on me then!" She leaned her head forward, upon Haxsaw's chest. "I was frightened. Now it all comes together. Thank you." She leaned forward, as if struggling. She kissed him. Her silvery arms wrapped about Haxsaw's shoulders. Her cool, silvery lips kissed his. A knock came at the door.
Haxsaw excused himself and raised from the sofa. It was about time. It was the two men.
"Have her back, when done?"
"Sir, once we are done testing she will be returned as she was before the experiment." The other gentleman spoke.
"We want you find another girl for next testing. With the Chamber set up and the campus receiving payouts, get more subjects." Haxsaw had Francisca dressed already. He only needed order her go.
She drew near him and hugged him tight. Haxsaw noticed she trembled. He told her it was for her own good. He told her had more American girls did this, divorces would be less. He kissed her and told her to follow the men to their waiting car.
Haxsaw stood outside his door as the now shadowy figures in the early evening drew into an idling van. He could listen as it shifted. He was intent as he heard the crackling of tires over gravel. It drove out into the awaiting street. Haxsaw watched until they were no longer visible. Haxsaw was lonely but only for a moment. As soon as a girl answered his E-mail ad, he could get her. He would send out free sound files, to help her relax. Once the subject showed her true nature, he would use it against her. The next step would be the Chamber. It was always the Chamber!


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